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Haggling about the price


There is a famous anecdote about a conversation Winston Churchill once had with a woman at a party.

Churchill: Madam, would you sleep with me for five million pounds?
Socialite: My goodness, Mr. Churchill … Well, I suppose … we would have to discuss terms, of course …
Churchill: Would you sleep with me for five pounds?
Socialite: Mr. Churchill, what kind of woman do you think I am?!
Churchill: Madam, we’ve already established that. Now we are haggling about the price.

The moral of the story is obvious. If you sleep with someone for money—any amount of money—then you are a prostitute. Even if that someone is Winston Churchill.

Even though it was Winston Churchill, it was rather a cruel trick he played. But not as cruel as testing recreational drugs on animals. And that brings me to the point of this post.

The government has played a cruel trick on those in the drug law reform movement who give the thumbs up to the Psychoactive Substances Bill.

Government minister: Activist, would you accept significant drug law reform if it meant some limited amount of animal testing?
DLR activist: My goodness, Mr. Dunne … Well, I suppose … we would have to make submissions to the Select Committee, of course …
Government minister: Would you accept significant drug law reform if it meant that thousands of the nation’s beloved family pets are made to suffer slow, agonising deaths?
DLR activist: Mr. Dunne, what kind of drug law reform activist do you think I am?!
Government minister: Activist, we’ve already established that. Now we are haggling about the depth of your depravity.

Five pounds or five million pounds? If you accept animal testing—any amount of animal testing—as the price of drug law reform, then you are a sadist. Even if the drugs are really, really good.

Now, I’m not suggesting that any of my friends in the drug law reform movement are sadists. But I am suggesting that they’ve been cruelly tricked. And I am suggesting that they think carefully about how far down this particular slippery slope they’re prepared to slide. And I’m suggesting that after they’ve thought about it they claw their way back up to the moral high ground.

Vote AGAINST the Psychoactive Substances Bill

Dear MP,

Please vote AGAINST the Psychoactive Substances Bill.

Animals must not experience suffering for economic or entertainment reasons.

It is morally abhorrent to me, as it is to John Banks and all right-thinking people, “that animals will be in pain and will die all in the name of people wanting to take drugs on the weekend.”

Not in my name.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Goode
Christian libertarian (who wants to take drugs on the weekend)


“Stoner Dog” is just an Internet meme. Let’s keep him that way!

Please email your MPs today with your message, here is a list of names and email addresses.


John Banks <>

(OK, so John Banks doesn’t need any convincing, but you could try to convince him it would be a good idea to legalise cannabis. He’s been known to change his mind on human rights issues before.)


Russel Norman <>
Metiria Turei <>
Steffan Browning <>
David Clendon <>
Catherine Delahunty <>
Julie Genter <>
Kennedy Graham <>
Kevin Hague <>
Gareth Hughes <>
Jan Logie <>
Mojo Mathers <>
Denise Roche <>
Eugenie Sage <>
Holly Walker <>


Peter Dunne <>
Brendan Horan <>


Jacinda Ardern <>
Carol Beaumont <>
David Clark <>
Clayton Cosgrove <>
David Cunliffe <>
Clare Curran <>
Lianne Dalziel <>
Ruth Dyson <>
Kris Faafoi <>
Darien Fenton <>
Phil Goff <>
Chris Hipkins <>
Raymond Huo <>
Shane Jones <>
Annette King <>
Iain Lees-Galloway <>
Andrew Little <>
Moana Mackey <>
Nanaia Mahuta <>
Trevor Mallard <>
Sue Moroney <>
Damien Oconnor <>
David Parker <>
Rajen Prasad <>
Grant Robertson <>
Ross Robertson <>
David Shearer <>
Su’a William Sio <>
Maryan Street <>
Rino Tirikatene <>
Phil Twyford <>
Louisa Wall <>
Meka Whaitiri <>
Megan Woods <>


Hone Harawira <>


Pita Sharples <>
Tariana Turia <>
Te Ururoa Flavell <>


Amy Adams <>
Shane Ardern <>
Chris Auchinvole <>
Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi <>
Maggie Barry <>
David Bennett <>
Paula Bennett <>
Chester Borrows <>
Simon Bridges <>
Gerry Brownlee <>
Cam Calder <>
David Carter <>
Jonathan Coleman <>
Judith Collins <>
Jacqui Dean <>
Bill English <>
Chris Finlayson <>
Craig Foss <>
Paul Foster-Bell <>
Paul Goldsmith <>
Jo Goodhew <>
Tim Groser <>
Nathan Guy <>
Claudette Hauiti <>
John Hayes <>
Phil Heatley <>
Tau Henare <>
Paul Hutchison <>
Steven Joyce <>
Nikki Kaye <>
John Key <>
Colin King <>
Melissa Lee <>
Sam Lotu-Iiga <>
Tim Macindoe <>
Todd McClay <>
Murray McCully <>
Ian McKelvie <>
Mark Mitchell <>
Alfred Ngaro <>
Simon Oconnor <>
Hekia Parata <>
Jami-Lee Ross <>
Eric Roy <>
Tony Ryall <>
Mike Sabin <>
Katrina Shanks <>
Scott Simpson <>
Nick Smith <>
Lindsay Tisch <>
Anne Tolley <>
Chris Tremain <>
Louise Upston <>
Nicky Wagner <>
Kate Wilkinson <>
Maurice Williamson <>
Michael Woodhouse <>
Jian Yang <>
Jonathan Young <>


Asenati Lole-Taylor <>
Tracey Martin <>
Denis O’Rourke <>
Winston Peters <>
Richard Prosser <>
Barbara Stewart <>
Andrew Williams <>