Epiphany. The penny drops for Don Brash…. Welfare is evil, and is destroying lives….and society.


Welfarism is Evil!
Don Brash has been reading….

I congratulate Don for these realizations (see his facebook post Below) …it’s just a pity he’s no longer leader of the National party. (Did I really say that?… hmmm…. no that cant be right!)
My point is that Oh so many leaders seem to ‘conveniently’ have such Epiphanies after they leave office/ positions of influence… where they may have been able to do some good.
No longer pandering to the powers that be, Police chiefs declare the war on drugs to be a failure…. after they leave office, etc.
Politicians get all principled…. after they are no longer soliciting votes.

They come out all Libertarian…. in their farewell address.
Yet still better late than never!

To be fair to Don…. He stood up for many Libertarian truths *while in office*, such as opposition to Waitangi Apartheid while leader of the National party.
He bravely spoke against Cannabis prohibition as Leader of Act.
And of course as a money man… hes always condemned the ‘borrow borrow, spend spend, mentality of the left.
All bold stands in today’s PC Brain dead Socialist lunatic asylum…all these make him a Stand out personality in the history of New Zealand politics.

My question is…. what will Don do with this latest realization?
It really is massive.
Lets hope this is stimulus for New and Greater activism!

Go Hard Don!

Tim Wikiriwhi.


Don Brash
3 hrs •
I have just finished reading a profoundly disturbing book. I bought it 10 years ago, but have only just read it. It’s called “The Welfare State we’re in”, and was written by James Bartholomew. It is about the effect of the welfare state on the UK. Mr Bartholomew concludes that “the welfare state has been a disaster for Britain… [It] has ruined lives and left people morally and culturally impoverished. It has left many depressed and alienated, too. It has caused some to become criminals – a waste of a life – and others to be the victims of criminals. It has spoiled trust between people and caused millions of patients to suffer and to worry. Tens of thousands have died prematurely. It has reduced the decency and happiness of the British people”.
And perhaps most worrying of all, he concludes that the people most adversely affected by the welfare state are the very people it was designed to help – the poor and those on low incomes.
I’m not going to try to summarise a 360 page book in a Facebook post but to me the book is utterly persuasive. He looks at the way in which healthcare, education, provision for support in old age, benefits to the unemployed, provision of “council housing”, together with the high taxation and slow economic growth which have inevitably accompanied the vast expansion of the welfare state, have made the intended beneficiaries of those policies worse off than had the welfare state never existed.
I have no doubt that this post will attract a number of people keen to denounce the book as written by some hard-right guy who just doesn’t understand how awful society would be without the welfare state. And no doubt there will be those who denounce me for praising the book, assuming I like it only because, in their view, I am a “hard-right” former politician. To those people I say: have the guts, and the integrity, to read the book before denouncing it. It is extremely compelling.
Mr Bartholomew has just written another book, this time called “The Welfare of Nations”, which apparently attempts to answer the question “If the welfare state is so bad, what should we do about it?” That is next on my reading list.

From >>>Here<<<.... Please take the time to encourage him to again Step up and *Do something* He's a mover and a shaker.... New Zealand desperately needs Guys like him to act. ************************************ Read more.... A Salute to a Kiwi Hero. Don Brash.

Don, you da man!

Universal Pride in Washington, Separatist Shame in Wellington.

Standing up for Justice more important than Personal Ambitions

Tim Wikiriwhi’s Submission to the New Zealand Government’s Constitutional Review. 2013

Why a new Constitution for New Zealand must protect the Individual from Mobocracy.

The Great Waitangi Debate. 2010

Saints of the Week (24th to 30th August)

PIMEN the Great (27th August 340-450AD)
pimenThe word pimen is Greek for shepherd, and Pimen the Great was indeed a great shepherd to the Roman Christians of the 4th and 5th centuries.  He is one of the more famous of what are called the Desert Fathers – those ascetics who lived in the Egyptian desert around that period, and whose sayings were collected into a book originally published in Coptic, but later translated into Greek.

Less strict than other ascetics of the time, he is more noted for being a teacher and spiritual father.  He refused to meet with the Governor when his counsel was sought, out of his own humility, and was very concerned with forgiving the sins of others.  “If you see a brother sinning, do not believe your eyes. Know that your own sin is like a beam of wood, but the sin of your brother is like a splinter (Mt. 7:3-5), and then you will not enter into distress or temptation.”

A monk once said to the saint, “I have sinned grievously and I want to spend three years at repentance. Is that enough time?” The Elder replied, “That is a long time.” The monk continued to ask how long the saint wished him to repent. Perhaps only a year?  Pimen said, “That is a long time.” The other brethren asked, “Should he repent for forty days?” The Elder answered, “I think that if a man repents from the depths of his heart and has a firm intention not to return to the sin, then God will accept three days of repentance.”

He was strict in his fasting and sometimes would not partake of food for a week or more. He advised others to eat every day, but without eating their fill.  Pimen heard of a certain monk who went for a week without eating, but had lost his temper. The saint lamented that the monk was able to fast for an entire week, but was unable to abstain from anger for even a single day.

Pimen had copious amounts of wisdom to dispense, and is worth reading even in the 21st Century as the most quoted Saint in the Sayings of the Desert Fathers.  He reposed in peace in 450AD aged 110.

MOSES the Black (28th August, 330-405AD)
StmosesIn the fourth century, there was nobody more gangsta than Moses.  Originally an Abyssinian slave in a pagan household, he broke free of his master and lived a life of murder, robbery and loose women, terrorising the Nile Valley with his gang of bandits.  He would egotistically challenge God to show his existence, since he felt that nobody could challenge or better him.

One day this bragging elicited a response – “The monks of Wadi El-Natroun know the real God. Go to them and they will tell you.”  Having thus been dared, and looking for sanctuary from a robbery that had gone awry, he took refuge in the monastery, and was eventually converted to faith in Christ and baptised by Saint Macarius.

Moses spent many years struggling against his old passions and temptations, but finally overcame them through ascesis.  He became one of the great Desert Fathers, leading a monastery of 500 men.  One story attributed to him relates to a monk who had greatly sinned, and Moses was invited to a meeting to discuss an appropriate penance, Moses refused to attend. When he was again called to the meeting, Moses took a leaking basket filled with sand. When he arrived at the meeting place, the others asked why he was carrying the basket. He replied, “My sins run out behind me and I do not see them, but today I am coming to judge the errors of another.” On hearing this, the assembled brothers forgave the erring monk.

Eventually he was ordained a Priest.  The story goes that when he was put forward, the Patriarch feigned racism, expressing shock at his black skin and ordering him to be cast out.  Moses simply obeyed with humility, at which the Patriarch called him back and declared him worthy of ordination!

Moses retained some of his prior fearlessness.  On one occasion, when bandits attacked the monastery, he overpowered them and dragged them all into the chapel, at which they converted!  But he also took to heart Christ’s admonition that those who live by the sword, die by it, and when the monastery was attacked again, he stood his ground, accepting martyrdom from the assailants as the completion of his salvation.

Moses is well beloved by many African American converts to Orthodoxy, as well as many others for his wisdom and transformation in Christ.

JOHN the Baptist (29th August, 1BC-30AD)
JohnforerunnerThe Glorious Prophet and Forerunner John the Baptist was the last and greatest of the Old Testament prophets, a wild, desert-dwelling man who urged the Jews of his day to repent in preparation for the coming Messiah.  He preached repentance through baptism, ceremonial Jewish washing which cleansed the penitent of his sins.  When Christ was revealed to him, he baptised Him also, though Christ was sinless, showing baptism as an act that transforms the material world and the individuals in it through the finally-revealed Messiah.  This act was the culmination of all the work of the Patriarchs, Prophets and Moses the bringer of the Law, and John was revealed as the greatest of these, who passed the baton from the Jews to The Jew.

His eventual beheading at the hands of Herod, traditionally held to be on 29th August, is well known from the Gospels.  He is often depicted in iconography as holding his own head on a platter!  He is also traditionally depicted in the resurrection icon in Hades with Christ, acting as a forerunner there also.  In Orthodox churches, his icon is always placed to the right of Christ (that is, on His left hand side) on the front wall dividing the altar from the nave, and he is often given wings to reflect his exalted status in the Church.  He is also the only Saint of the Church whose “feast” day is actually a day of fasting!

Saint of the Week (August 17th to 23rd)

IRENAEUS of Lyons (130-202AD, 23rd August)

irenaeusIrenaeus is the most pre-eminent scholar of the 2nd Century Christian Church.  Born in Smyrna as a disciple of the famous Polycarp (and therefore a spiritual grandson of the Apostle John), he travelled west to become Bishop of Lyons in what is now France.

His definitive text, Against Heresies, does exactly what it says on the tin – it is a voluminous work that rebukes, rebuts and corrects the various heresies of his time, including Gnosticism and Marcionism.  He does this by several means, including quoting from the Old Testament, confirming the validity of only four Gospels, quoting Paul’s epistles, as well as works like the Didache, 1 Clement and the Shepherd of Hermas.  But most crucially, Irenaeus cites Apostolic succession – that his teachings are the same as those handed down to him by the Bishops from the Apostles, and especially from Rome – the See of Peter and Paul.  He places great stock in his claim that what he advocates is unchanged from the Apostles, whereas the heretics have altered teachings.

It is in Irenaeus that we also see a developed Mariology, where she is cited as the New Eve, who restores with her obedience what the old Eve corrupted by her disobedience.  His writings show that, even a mere century after the repose of the Apostles, Church dogma was clearly defined and guarded, and that there was an established Orthodox Church.  It is also as revealing to note what is not discussed as well as what is disputed between Christian sects.

Irenaeus is thought to have been martyred, though details of his death are unknown, in 202AD.

First Baptist Church of Glendale…. Moral Legalist FAIL!

11169160_637490483054428_4468983800958490568_n (1)

^^^ THAT EVIL is one of the chief reasons why I don’t attend church… they are filled with Snakes,Hypocrites, and Chumps who go to church to feel superior to the rest of humanity.
*You wont find Salvation* in such places as Satan Rules there… not Christ.
Am I being harsh?
I have never set foot in the place… they may have Good intentions yet they are unintentionally paving the road to hell.
There are few enemies of Humanity with bloodier hands than Religious tyranny and persecution of infidels…(including Atheist tyrannies)

This is an age of Apostasy.
Nowhere in this age of grace are we Christians told *to compel* righteousness.

It’s a simple truth… yet sadly one that has become absolutely alien to a great portion of so-called Protestants.

To please God in this present age all our good works must spring from the heart… not from compulsions or fear of the human magistrates…or fear of hell.
Not to be able to make this simple distinction is a testament to gross ignorance on the part of so-called Christians and is the chief reason they have been involved in atrocities throughout the centuries… all under the Guise of ‘Piety’ and the common good.

Legalist Christians cause the gospel and name of Christ to stink among the very souls Christ came to save!
You are Pharisees and know not the Grace of God.

Christianity is the salt of the Earth *because it converts souls*… not because of Zealous legislation’s.
You want Society to become more Godly?
Get out there and Preach the Gospel of Grace!
Teach God’s love and forgiveness to sinners…. Don’t Persecute them… and feel all Righteous about it.
Satan appears as an Angel of Light, and his Wolves appear as Sheep… Ministers ‘of Righteousness’.


The snare he lays is Self-righteous Hypocritical Piety… Gross judgmentalism … Vicious hatred where their ought to be compassion… a Spirit of persecution… a lack of faith in the power of the Gospel…. and Gross mis-handling of the scriptures…

This is also why so many Christians foolishly support *Socialism*… yet True Christian Charity *Is voluntary*

Christianity is a Voluntary society… not a political movement, yet Satan has been able to deceived multitudes, because they fail to *Rightly Divide* the word of truth… causing them to completely miss what the Gospel of the grace of God means, and to become Pharisaic Legalists

download (1)
No Grace here…. Isis Zealots prepare to throw a Homosexual to his death… in accordance with Sharia Law.

What Light distinguishes you from the Witch burners of Old….from the tyranny of Isis?

Rediscover the great Truths upon which America was born!
Yes the sin about you is great, yet Tyranny is not the solution!

You have a much Higher calling!

Sadly the Bible teaches that in the end times the Church will dive into apostasy…. The Salt looses it’s savor … and the world gets ready to embrace the tyranny of the White Horse Rider…

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

Made in His Image: Bone, An Engineering Marvel by Randy J. Guliuzza, P.E., M.D. Institute for Creation Research


Very interesting….

“A key design feature shared by many 100-year-old barns and some modern skyscrapers is that the external shell carries the building’s load with a minimal use of internal columns for support. Internal floors and walls, if any, function in a structural way to stiffen the building. This resourceful design allows for a very strong structure with a maximum of interior space available for other purposes.

The bones in the human body capitalized on this design feature long before farmers and architects did. In fact, studying bone construction and function provides a mini-course illustrating important engineering principles.

Sophisticated Engineering Properties

A quality product begins with materials that have superior engineering properties. Bone is constructed much like reinforced concrete, in which a cage of steel reinforcing bars (“rebar”) is embedded. The reinforcing “rods” in bone are made from minute strands of collagen fibers, 360 of which could be put end-to-end in the width of a human hair.

Each fiber is composed of three substrands wound in rope-like fashion around each other so tightly that along the area of contact only the smallest amino acid would fit in the space between the strands. In order to work, this particular amino acid would need to be designated for every third position in each strand–which is exactly what is specified in the DNA code. Collagen fibers are linked so strongly that their resistance to being pulled apart in tension is actually greater than the resistance present in an equal amount of steel rebar…

Read more >>> Institute for Creation Research <<< Rodin-s-Thinking-Man-The-Thinker-Skeleton-Skull-Bones-Statue-Sculpture-Art-Decor

Read some stuff from Tim….>>> Biomimicry… Plagiarizing God’s designs.


Robo Fish Reality.

Russell’s Teapot really refutes Atheism not Theism!

One from Richard… Paley’s other watch

Doomed! Prison of our own device…


How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014

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Legalised Force attracts Thugs and Bullies like flies to…

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Tim Wikiriwhi’s Submission to the New Zealand Government’s Constitutional Review. 2013

Saint of the Week (9th to 16th August)

MARY the Most Holy Theotokos (15th August, 16BC-48AD)

Mary is the greatest mortal being who has ever lived, a model of human perfection that will remain unsurpassed.  To quote the prayer of Saint John Chrysostom, “It is truly meet to bless thee, O Theotokos, who art ever blessed and all blameless, and the mother of our God.  More honourable than the Cherubim, and more glorious beyond compare than the Seraphim, thou who without corruption barest God the Word and art truly Theotokos, we magnify thee!”

theotokosquicktoheaarWhy is Mary worthy of such accolades?  Because she was found worthy to bear the Son of God, and freely agreed to the task.  Because her virtue never faltered.  Because she carried God inside her body, and was united with Him in communion her whole life without failing.  Because she is the bridge by which God travels to us to save us, the Ark of the New Covenant, the new Mercy Seat, and the new Eve, who restores the communion broken by the old Eve.  She is the greatest of all the Saints, the first of the Christians, the mystical embodiment of Christ’s Church, and through becoming the Mother of God, she becomes our Mother in Christ also.  Giving props to Mary is essential to our Christian walk, and our proclamation and worship of who Christ is, since her role in His incarnation is indispensable.  And with that, as she leads us to her Son, she intercedes for us as a protectress to us all.

For more Mariological reading, here’s a good article on the subject by Fr Peter Gilquist, and here is my own garbled effort.

While there is some detail of Mary in the Gospels (as well as prophecies in the Old Testament, and references in Revelation if you are prepared to look), much of what we know of her life is based on oral Tradition, some of which is detailed in the Apocryphal book The Protoevangelion of James, which, while it is falsely attributed to the first Bishop of Jerusalem, still dates to around 140AD, and is regarded as fairly accurately reflecting the traditional narratives around her.  This narrative tells us that Mary was born in Bethlehem as the only child of two righteous Jews, the elderly Joachim and Anna (though this conception and birth, while miraculous because of their age, was not “immaculate” in the sense promoted by the Latin church).  At the age of three, she was dedicated to serve God in the Temple in Jerusalem, where, to the horror of Zachariah, the High Priest and her uncle, she is supposed to have run into the Most Holy Place and sat on the Mercy Seat!

Having served in the Temple beyond the death of her parents, she reached puberty and thereby became unable to remain in the Temple.  Therefore, someone was required to look after her, and the widower Joseph was chosen by lot to keep her in troth.

dormitionThe story of the Nativity should be familiar to most readers.  Despite her marriage, she remained a virgin (as Saint Jerome compellingly argues), and continued to support Christ even in His ministry.  When Christ charged the Apostle John with her care on the Cross, she remained with John as he traveled, living with him in Ephesus for a time.  However, Tradition holds that she later returned to Jerusalem, where the Archangel Gabriel forewarned her of her repose, and the Apostles were all miraculously translated (in the same manner as Phillip the Deacon was in the book of Acts) to her side.  She fell asleep on 15th August, around 48AD, and was entombed next to her parents at Gethsemane.  To this day, the Dormition of the Theotokos is the third most important feast day of the Church, after Pascha (Easter) and the Nativity.

As the story goes, the Apostle Thomas is supposed to have been translated to Jerusalem three days later than the others, and requested to be able to venerate the body.  However, when the tomb was opened, Mary’s body was not there.  The Church believes that her body was assumed to Heaven to be with Christ, as the firstfruits of our own bodily resurrection in Christ.

Most Holy Theotokos, save us!

We are at war with the ruling class


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (KJV)

We are at war with the ruling class.

We want freedom and prosperity. They want power.

We have empathy. They have psychopathy.

In evolutionary game theoretic terms, it’s a Hawk-Dove game. And Western statist democracy is an evolutionarily stable strategy.

There is only one way to progress to a freer, more prosperous society. And that is to upset the Nash equilibrium. Who’s with me?