A Salute to a Kiwi Hero. Don Brash.

Don The Freedom Fighter. With his fall New Zealand lost its best hope of economic recovery, improved property rights, greater personal freedom, and racial equality before the Law.

I Salute You Don. You stepped forward in the time of your country’s need and did your best to bring economic sanity to the table and halt our spiral downward into the abyss. You opposed Waitangi Racism. You opposed The Green Scam of ETS. You sought to end the stranglehold of the RMA, and you even dared to question the popular bigotry and oppression of the war on drugs. You did not fail in my book. You are a hero. It was the one eye media and the Sheeple of New Zealand, and the Luke warm whimps in your midst whom failed you and themselves. Please dont regret your Idealism. Do not think you ought to have pandered to the Sheepish mentality. Be proud that you made your appeals to Reason and justice.
Tim Wikiriwhi.

Don The Stoner. This image appeared after Don Brash bravely declared he believed Cannabis ought to be decriminalised. Truly a Legendary appeal for Liberty and Justice.




“I will give Thee Power and Glory”… saith Lucifer.

The Devil offered Christ all the Kingdoms of the world if he would but bow down before him.

A low vote count can be very devastating to a person or party standing for election.
No doubt many Act party members are moping about, licking their wounds.
There can be many reasons why election defeats occur and those involved in such situations discuss ways to improve their chances of election next time, yet there is a very evil temptation that must be avoided at all cost.
The thing to beware is the notion that principles must be sacrificed for the sake of popularity… Compromise is the road to hell.
Many Power hungry Politicians are Poll driven sluts!.

Humanity is in peril. The stormy world of politics needs an immovible lighthouse to shine its light in the darkness

The Libertarianz Party will Stoically endure all. They have faced election defeats for a decade and a half, yet have always resisted the temptation to soften their bid for freedom and justice. I have stood for Parliament and council both as a Libertarianz Party Candidate and as an Independent, yet have never changed a single policy. My principles are not for sale. Having no lust for power for its own sake. I see no point in striving to win election if the price must be to forsake and betray my values. Yet it is amazing how many parties and individuals do just that. If you read the National party constitution you would think they were the Libertarianz or Act party, yet in reality they are today virtually identical to the Labour party. Via compromise after compromise….step by step they deserted their original/ foundational ideals and now represent the very opposite convictions. For the sake of Political power they sold out. Thus my message to Don Brash and the Act Party is Don’t blame your principles as being ‘the problem’! Don’t fall into the trap that you must ‘water down’ and compromise your Ideals…for popularities sake! No! You must be resolved. You must improve how you get your message across to the public… but stand rock solid… immovable upon the principles which define you and distinguish you from the National Party…lest ye become light blue. Here is a short list of things you cannot compromise upon without selling your soul to Satan.
1. Be resolute in regards to the RMA. Liberty and Property rights are an essential for a prosperous and just Nation.
2. Be resolute in opposition to the ETS. It is a giant socialist scam attempting to cripple industry and growth, and control of the Means of production.
3. Push for the decriminalization of Cannabis. This is an extremely important Law and order issue. The gains that such a reform would make to our society is Monumental.
4. Stand firm upon Ending Waitangi Apartheid. Racial Equality before the Law is a fundamental of Justice. The Waitangi Gravy train is a heinous disease that ensnares Maori in Racism and socialist dependence and corrupts race relations.

Thus Act must spend the next three years working to gain back support. I suggest you push harder…not softer upon these righteous policies… or Quit….and leave the field clear for the Libertarianz Party. Those are the only two moral options you have.

I may have only recieved 101 votes yet I wont be changing my principles.
St Paul said “I have fought the Good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith…”

Christian note: Of all people, Christians ought to be aware of the evils of selling out the principles of justice for Popular support. We are warned about the evil of compromise many times in the scriptures. For example “Broard is the way that leadeth to Damnation, and many there be thereon; Narrow is the way that leadeth to life and few there be that find it”, and again “Let God be true and every man a Liar”, and again What profit a man should he gain the whole world but loose his own soul?, and again “Ye cannot serve both God and Mammon”. The Utilitarian Principle of the greatest Happiness is actually an Anti-Christian Atheist Doctrine designed to opposes Christian Values and Idealism.
Of course this does not mean a Christian cannot make compromises on non-essential questions and be accommodating with the desires of others, as long as this does not compromise essential principles. As far as values go Integrity to truth and justice ought to be much higher up your hierarchy than the lust for power (Integrity to truth and justice ought to occupy the very highest tier and be a defining characteristic of your being!). Do not deceive yourself that you may Compromise yourself to gain power, and that when it is within your grasp that you will then wield it with resolute integrity. Remember ‘Power tends to Corrupt’, thus if you are prepared to make compromises to gain power, undoubtedly you will be prepared to make more to keep it. Tim Wikiriwhi.

The Hydra.

The Hydra of Democratic totalitarian Parliament. The 120 tyrants.

The predicament of the tiny Libertarian minority living under a Socialist Mobocracy provokes contemplation. Firstly If Democracy ever delivered Justice, it would be accidental to the happy circumstance that the majority of Citizens were truly enlightened human beings whom value Liberty and equality, self reliance, and limited government, above vested interest, envy, and favoritism. For that to happen the individuals of the society must hold Private convictions, values and ethics which underpin the belief in the sanctity of individual rights, the justice of liberty and self responsibility, and the binding objective morality of Law as being more than merely an arbitrary and pragmatic convention.
Because the Majority of New Zealanders of 2011 don’t come close to holding such personal convictions, Having been utterly brainwashed it is impossible that our democracy will deliver Justice, instead the tyranny and foolishness that will emerge will reflect the Unenlightened barbarous values of the Masses.

Hitler was elected into power by appealing to the common Phobias and Bigotry of the masses (The same ploy that Winston Peters uses) .

Now I expect the tally of Libertarian votes, even if we loosen the definition and stretch it to include the votes for Act, and ALCP to be well under 5%. This is truly a frightening thing to contemplate. It is an outrage. It is a figure that you might expect of a tiny group of New world Missionaries having landed upon a Island full of uncivilized savages. That this is the current state of affairs in a Nation considered to be among the most civilized Nations of the world is staggering. It tells me much of what is mistaken for ‘Civilisation’ in our country is actually ‘Coercion’/ Control/ suppression, not real ‘Civilisation’ at all! ( I have been told that there was great ‘Order’ under Gadaffi in Libya, and little theft yet does that make His regime ‘Good’ and the resulting society ‘Civilised’? )
And the reality is that Our Current Nanny state system is rotten to the core. There is a famous saying of Olde “The more corrupt the State, the more it legislates” and the façade of ‘Socialist civilization’ is constantly being shored up by the mass production of Bad and oppressive Laws, and by those other indicators of Corrupt Government… the growth of Bureaucracy, and the rapaciousness of taxation. We are heading for a collapse and social Chaos as surely and as inescapably as The Soviet Union was. And things will get unbelievably nasty the closer to the end we become. Forgotten is the Jeffersonian Maxim “He who governs best Governs least”

Such is Life. What is a Guy like me to do? I am but one man, and a member of a small group of Fringe dwelling social rejects. The frustration of knowing the travesty which is being acted out regarding holding elections… ‘Having your say’… the mandate of the Majority… Representative Government…. Etc yet missing the vital components of The rights, liberties, and responsibilities of the Individual, and the clearly defined limits to government power is very hard to bear. Members of minorities are effectively captive to the whims of the bigger mobs. Just principle counts for Naught. It is a very dangerous/ hazardous existence as Minorities are exposed to the constant danger of popular Oppressions and suppressions.

Corrupt Coups:Two Racist Radicals whom wanted to impose rasist Laws via force.

Speights Armed Racist Coup.

Frustration at spending years and years working within the system via activism and standing for election yet to no avail, Members of Minorities might be tempted to quit and accept their serfdom, or perhaps to try more extreme measures for eg The activities of Tama Iti and the Tuhoe Terrorists, who for those whom don’t know were a bunch of Indigenous racist radicals, and Green Environmentalist extremists caught by the Police having set up terrorist training camps in the Bush, and were planning Murder, kidnapping politicians, in an attempt to overthrow the government and set up a racist dictatorship. Now these guys are a bunch of Commy psychopaths, yet their ‘solution’ to the problem of Mobocracy and bringing about the changes to the government they wanted, is a tempting proposition to Frustrated minorities whom see no hope for their ambitions via the democratic process… An Armed struggle… A violent revolution.
This is exactly what happened in Fiji Re: George Speight and Mahendra Chaudry
At that time Army Chief and Hero of the Fijian people, Frank Bainimarama put an end to the coup and restored the Democratic government, only to realize that the democratic government was becoming corrupted and subverted by the very same interests whom were behind Speights racist Coup. For the sake of Justice, He then implemented a coup himself, stepping in and removed the corrupted government by force. Since then he has been working to restore a more just Democracy back to Fiji, one that will forbid racial segregation, one that denies indigenous favouritism, one that guarantees equality before the Law… yet this is a very difficult thing to accomplish when a vast percentage of the population is steeped in racist bigotry and wants a government that gives them special rights and privileges over and above a suppressed so-called ‘migrant’ population.

Righteous Coup: Commodore Frank Bainimarama first halted a corrupt Coup of George Speight and restored parliament but was forced to overthrew that parliament because it had become corrupted with a racist agenda.

Now for me it is very Sad that few people seem capable of figuring out what makes a Democracy just and what makes it unjust, what makes a Coup just or unjust, or even under what circumstances a dictatorship can be more just than a democratically elected parliament. The activity by the Racist Maori Radicals and Greens show that Minorities can be even more deranged than the deluded ruling majority yet this also shows being a member of a suppressed minority does not automatically equate to an injustice. What is harder for people to grasp is that Being a member of a suppressed majority does not equate to an injustice either! What matters are the ideals that underpin the Law…ie the justness of the Law. Majority Whim does not equate to justice. (this is the problem we Libertarians struggle with under New Zealand democratic socialism). Knowing this is true does not seem to be enough to convince many Libertarians of the rightness of what Bainimarama has done in Fiji. This is a great shame. He needs to be supported and helped to achieve his Nobel ambitions for Fiji. Bainimarama’s coup was the equivalent of the Police action which halted the ambitions of Racist Tama Iti and the Radical Greens. That Libertarians cannot figure this out just goes to show how the depth of the delusion surrounding democracy.

Yet again if having condemned the activities of Tami Iti, and endorsed the Coup of Bainimarama why do I not set about to being a just revolution here in New Zealand?
If I tell you… id have to kill you!
No seriously, though there are great injustices being perpetrated in our Nation, I have absolutely no desire to use arms to overthrow the government. I have much more longsuffering and endurance before even contemplation such an extreme and horrible solution. May that dreadful day never come! Consider the blood of the American revolution. It was a just cause, yet a Horrific ordeal! It is my hearts desire to pass through this life without taking the life of another human being… even my enemies…and I have a rock upon which I can Stand. My Christian Faith.

The Bible tells me to defend the oppressed, and always be found on the side of justice, and to testify the truth… yet it is not my job to save the world. I fulfill my moral obligations to my fellowman by my Christian Libertarian activism and standing for election thereby giving them a valid moral choice to make on polling day.

Many Christians don’t understand the great dispensational differences between what Christ taught and what St Paul taught, esp the fact that Under St Pauls Gospel we are not attempting to establish ‘Gods kingdom on Earth’. Christianity under St Paul is not a nationalistic/ legalistic political movement, but a call to individuals to join a voluntary association. The only political prerequisites being the liberty to practice and preach my faith. I don’t need political power to impose my Christian values upon an unwilling population. It is enough that I may preach the truth and leave my hearers free to embrace the truth, or carry on in their delusions. If they begin to oppress others, I will use free speech to condemn them. On private property I may build schools and churches… or sit at my computer writing condemnations against the powers that be and the follies of the masses. By these means I fulfill my duties to My God, and my fellow man. Things will have to get much worse that they currently are before I would ever consider violent rebellion. Without the support of a large proportion of the population, or a New Zealand equivenlent of Bainimarama ie support of the military any armed resistance would be a futile gesture. This is not a plausible option.

Martin Luther King and Ghandi brought about great reforms via preaching, activism, protests, and peaceful civil disobedience.

Though I suffer the foolishness and injustices of our corrupt Socialist Nanny state, I can find serenity in the knowledge that I have fulfilled my moral obligations by stepping forward and testifying the truth, speaking out against oppression and injustice, and that if the world goes to hell… that is not my responsibility. I do not have to convert the world to be ‘a success’. That is beyond my humble power. My Job is to sow the seeds, and in so doing I am peacefully living my Christianity in a lost world.
We have the examples of peaceful civil disobedience from Gandhi and Martin Luther King, whom managed to bring about great political reforms via peaceful means.
These methods are to be preferred to armed struggle.
Ultimately the Gospel of Democracy is being put to the test. The Christian ought not to be supprised reality proves it to be falce and that it is not the saviour of Mankind but ultimately testifies to the sin nature of Mankind. It shows that the lust for power drives popular government to abandon the principles of justice which would limit those powers.

a href=”http://blog.eternalvigilance.me/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/wolves-and-sheep.jpg”>

Democracy has been described as two wolves and a Lamb voting ‘Whats for dinner?’

The New Zealand Hero Activist Dakta Green.

ALCP Activist Dakta Green is currently serving a prison sentence as a consequence of his civil disobedience in relation to reforming Cannibis Laws. It is a dark time for him and many thousands of Kiwi whom are unjustly persecuted by the state for growing, smoking, selling cannabis. I hope that the ALCP get a good tally tomorrow. One that reflects the efforts of this Heroic Man and his collogues.
Yet because our nation is racing towards Absolute Tyranny and bankruptcy, the Time could arrive that a minority of resolute Liberty loving Patriots can no longer tolerate the injustice and will be duty bound to reach for their carbines and march towards Wellington. Because the right to bear arms is not merely for the means of self defense from violent criminals, but as a means to defend oneself from tyrannical and corrupt governments be they Kings or parliaments.
Of course the Corrupt powers that be will attempt to suppress any uprising that challenges their Regime and without the support of the people, or the army such revolts are virtually doomed to failure.
Thus the real revolution is an idological one which must first take place on the battlefield of Ideas, in the hearts and minds of the people. This is where the true battlefront is. This is why the Political manipulation of the masses via State control of the Education system is the ultimate form of political control. From this flows the political beliefs which permeate the media, and if the Media are devout Fascists… Hitler will always win elections and Justice and liberty will always lose.
Tim Wikiriwhi.

< Gadaffi was overthrown by popular revolt(with a little help from NATO), yet what made this revolution just was not the fact that it was popular, but that Gadaffi was a tyrant.

Cluas von Stauffenburg (Far left) was one of many Germans whom attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler. He planted a bomb, yet Hitler survived. Stauffenburg and many of his co conspirators were rounded up and executed.

Churchill was part of a Coalition that fought a world war to put an end to the tyranical ambitions of Hitler and The Japanese. Millions died in the process.

In a bid for Religious Liberty the Pilgrim Fathers left the Old World in their wake and set forth to found their own society in the New World.

The Late Great Charlton Heston, President of the National Rifle Association. The point of having an armed population is to empower them to defend their rights and liberties from tyranical Government.

Libertarians Penn and Teller ‘Bullshit!’


Go with the flow….
Banish all thoughts of Freedom, Justice, prosperity, self ownership, Individual rights, and the pursuit of your own happiness… Banish your Mind!
Fall into Line… with the rest of the herd…

I cant wait until Sunday. Not because I expect to be elected on Saturday, but because I have had a guts full of this Charade that is the New Zealand Democracy… the pretentious BULLSHIT filling the Media, The pig headed Ignorance and Evil spirit of suppression and willing subjection posessing the sheeple, The mania of political manipulation and compulsion infesting the Ballots, The Hypocrisy, The Fear, The Envy, The laughter. We are Doomed to ongoing Socialist Nannyism and injustice, to our headlong plunge into Debt, taxes, and poverty. People think I’m insane because I am frowning all the time.

How I will be voting

I was 18 in 1984. I voted under FPP for the local New Zealand Party candidate. Despite gaining 12.2% of the vote, the New Zealand Party gained no seats. I didn’t vote again until the first MMP election in 1993. Under FPP, red authoritarianism or blue authoritarianism, unmitigated, is guaranteed. For a freedom-lover, voting under FPP is a pointless waste of time.

I will be voting to retain MMP. I support reducing the number of MPs to 100, and a threshold of 1%, for the reasons given here.

Stephen Berry believes the necessity of strategic voting in Epsom for the last three elections is an example of a fundamental flaw in the current MMP system. “The purpose of MMP is to make our elections as democratic as possible. However the five percent threshold means voters in Epsom having to vote for candidates they do not support in order to affect the national result. I say the solution to this is to remove the five percent threshold altogether. If a party gets 2% of the vote they should get 2% of the seats in Parliament.”

Some critics of Berry’s advocacy for eliminating the five percent threshold point out this will mean there are more parties in Parliament and make it more difficult to establish a stable Government. Berry points out, “Totalitarian regimes are often more stable than democratic ones but that doesn’t mean they are a good thing. The purpose of having a democratic election system is not to ensure a stable Government, but to provide representation for voters. The most democratic way to do this is through proper proportional representation. I would even argue that a system which makes stable Government more difficult could be seen as a positive. This would make it more difficult for a Government to raise taxes, increase economic regulations and write new laws that violate individual rights.”

Berry is right that “the five percent threshold means voters in Epsom having to vote for candidates they do not support in order to affect the national result.” But … What good is it for someone to affect the national result, yet forfeit their soul?

With friends of freedom like these

last week I voted Banks and party vote ACT. I hate Banks. ACT isn’t good enough.

I’ll be voting for Act and I’ll utilize my Epsom electorate to candidate vote Banks. He’s an abominable piece of slime

… who needs enemies?

I will party vote for the ALCP. My electorate vote will be for the ALCP’s Mana electorate candidate—myself. :-)

The World is a Vampire.

In Booker T Washingtons Autobiography ‘Up from Slavery’ there is a story about a slave being sold. In retelling the event he said “There were five of us; myself and brother and three mules.”
That is as funny as it is tragic.
Liberty lovers are about as excited about the approach of Election Day this Saturday as Slaves at a market. We are painfully aware that no matter whom wins, our slavery will continue. We will be treated like Beasts of burden.
It is cutting to be surrounded by willing slaves, whom actually believe our slavery to Socialism is good and that Libertarians like myself are fools to believe in Freedom.
The absolute travesty of the Election process, esp the whore-ish sycophantism of the so-called ‘Free Press’ is unbearable! The Evils of state control of the Education system has resulted in the so-called free press becoming the Lap dogs of the Status quo. Thoroughly indoctrinated and certified by the State, they willingly peddle the Official line.
Our Country is marching towards destruction like Children enchanted by the Pied Piper.

You think Im exaggerating dont you…FOOLS!
I would board a Plane and fly away… yet what is happening here in our crappy little Hippy commune is happening the whole western world over. There is nowhere to run.
Thus I and my fellow Liberty lovers are trapped like rats. Dont get too close… We may Bite.
Tim Wikiriwhi

Prohibition is a Bad trip!

It has come to my attention that a young relative of mine, whom I love very much has just experienced a very terrible thing. He and a friend have been experimenting with illicit drugs, and just recently dropped some Bad E, and apparently his friend has suffered some sort of Brain damage. This is tragic!
No doubt many of his friends and family will be cursing the Drug dealer as ‘scum’ and will be hoping the Police bust his arse and throw him in jail for ever.

And there currently seems to be a lot of bad gear on the market. On the front page today’s NZ Herald is another story regarding ‘Tainted E’… ‘Ecstasy at Fairfield: 6 girls taken to hospital’

The experience of having a loved ones harmed by a toxic substance can make people become ardent prohibitionists, not understanding the reality that Prohibition is actually responsible for this tragic situation. The E being manufactured by dodgy people, out of dodgy ingredients processed using dodgy equipment. Thus these concerned citizens unwittingly perpetuate the very situation that will guarantee many more tragedies like this will happen. They probably are not aware of the fact that properly manufactured E is a relatively safe recreational drug.

Police Chief Richard Brunstom insists that ‘Ecstasy is a remarkably safe substance’


In their anger and pain, and desire for vengeance, many fail to consider the fact that Prohibition did not prevent this tragedy from occruing, nor will it ever work because the reality is most young people will experiment with drugs, and that because there is a huge market for them, Entrepreneurs will always seek to make a profit from supply.
Nor will many people consider the relevance of the government Ban of BZP Party pills, which took away another safe alternative to Black market substances.
The Waikato Times also ran a story about the school girls, and while they failed to mention that the ‘Pills were tainted, they unwittingly revealed the detremental effect of prohibition means that

…’ Because it is illegal, there is no control over the purity, amount, or type of ingredients in ecstasy
Symptoms of an overdose include death, seizures, vomiting, diarrhoea, nausea and confusion
– Waikato Times’

That Prohihibiton results in this chaos is one of the grim realities Prohibitionsts ignore.

Nor will they consider the Lessons of Alcohol Prohibition when Dodgy people brewed dodgy Piss using dodgy equipment, and that this resulted in ‘Tainted booze’ that poisoned thousands of people, explosions, and Gang crime.

Alcohol Probition made Al Capone Millions!

Thankfully Alcohol prohibition was abolished. Criminal Gangs no longer profit from it, Its sale is restricted to Adults with those whom sell to minors being prosecuted, and it is manufactured in a safe manor and to a high quality. It is in the interest of the legitimate brewery to manufacture good quality/ safe alcohol to avoid prosecution and to stay in business. Illness and Deaths from ‘tainted brews’ are virtually eliminated, yet if some bad brew was to hurt someone the fact that alcohol is legal does not prevent the Law from prosecuting the maufacturers.
Prohibitionists also fail to consider the corruption of society that Prohibition fosters amongst the Police, and others professionals, like chemists, Businessmen, Sports professionals etc, for eg a recent drug operation in Auckland netted two police


The chemist Ross Pulman, busted for selling Precursers for the manufacture of P


I am appalled that the Drug trade has been given over to the Underworld and such scumbags as will supply minors with Crap gear, yet I know the answer to Harm minimization lies in Ending the drug War, not escalating it. This view is now widely held… and yet the madness continues. I would like to remind you to the recent report by the Global commission on drugs which marks a milestone in the history of Law and order, and in the notions of how mankind ought best to cope with the reality of drugs in society. It is the work of a group of political heavy weights called The Global Commission on Drug Policy, in which they argue that the “global war on drugs has failed, with devastating consequences for individuals and societies around the world”. They say governments should explore legalising marijuana and other controlled substances. The commission included former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, former US official George P. Schultz, former US Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker, former presidents of Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, writers Carlos Fuentes and Mario Vargas Llosa, Virgin boss Richard Branson and the Prime Minister of Greece. The evidence they say leaves no room for doubt. The war on drugs must stop!


As a Christian Libertarian I reject the notion that oppressing drug users is a just or intellegent way to deal with drug use in society. I do not believe political force can substitue self-responciblity and personal ethics. Prohibition and persecution are not propperly Christian modus opperandi. Nor is it biblical to believe that it is possible to legislate mankind into a socialist utopia. And Drugs can save lives. There is no Eternal salvation in Drugs, yet they can bring temporal relief to misery, and a depressing reality and thereby keep people from insanity and suiside… until they find Christ.
Tim Wikiriwhi Libertarian Independent for Hamilton West.

Update: 2-12-11. Government Crackdown on Alcohol Kills.

Government Crackdown on Alcohol Kills.