The Coming American Civil War.

The Socialist scam is up.
America teeters on the edge of the Fiscal cliff… a National Bankruptcy of Mega Proportions, and knowing that their charade could not last forever President Barrack Obama has been preparing for collapse and Chaos.
Buying up amo and heavy armaments for the Police, FBI, Homeland security, Creating Concentration camps, and passing more and more Draconian Laws, of Search, seizure, and arrest, and Even assassination, all of which violate Constitutional protections of the peoples rights and liberties.

They have already used force to break up peaceful legal protests (the occupy movement), and used crisis to remove firearms from Law abiding citizens right when they needed them most for the own defense (Hurricane Katrina), yet His main ambition is to remove the 2nd amendment right to bear arms, via systematic accrual of prohibitive Laws… emulating the Nazis.

Using hype caused by any sensational event that terrifies the nation… school shootings, etc to rush through Tyrannical laws and Usurp Despotic powers is a time tested Machiavellian ploy of Wicked men in high places… seeking to maintain or extend their grip on power.
It works every Time.
Once spooked by some crisis, Terrified Sheeple beg the State to take away rights and liberties…to persecute and oppress.
When no crisis conveniently materializes of It’s own accord, The driven Machiavellian will orchestrate one, what is known as a false flag black op, The Reichstag fire in 1933 is a good example, The Nazis used the fire as a pretext to destroy their Political enemies… the Communists , and passed the Enabling Act …Hitler assuming the Powers of Dictator… ending Democracy.
Hitler also covertly orchestrated chaos in Czechoslovakia so that he could Invade, annex, and occupy it under the pretext of protecting the minority German population there.

It is in the light of such tactics and historical precedents, that I want to look at the Coming Civil Unrest which is about to befall America and a great portion of western civilization…any day now.

Unlike many Western populations whom have already been disarmed and left defenseless, America was born out of Armed revolution and Gun ownership is a matter of Patriotism for millions.
The Founding Fathers instilled the doctrine of ‘the Right of Revolution’… The right of the American people to take up arms against their own government if and when it becomes despotic…the only defence against tyranny being an armed and vigilant population.
Many will not surrender their arms easily… esp those whom have a healthy distrust of Government.
Since 911 and the infamous Patriot Act, Millions have been watching the systematic destruction of their constitutional rights and have been preparing to resist being dis-armed by an ever expanding Tyrannical State.

Barack Obarma Fears what the Armed population will do when the finacial collapse begins… He fears those Armed Citizens whom believe that Freedom and the constitution is worth fighting and dying for, and only hesitated from signing a UN global initiative which would violate the 2nd amendment because in doing so would have cost him his job in the coming elections.
He played Politics….biding his time….awaiting for oppotunity.

Excerpt from William Coopers ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ 1991

Was is convenient Happenstance for Obama that Anton Lanza went on a shooting spree in Newtown Connecticut December 15? He Murdered 20 School children and 8 adults, provoking outrage among the General public and esp the Anti-Gun lobbies whom want to overthrow the 2nd amendment.
Some people believe this atrocity was an orchestrated False flag Opp.
I find the idea incredulous, none the less using this Horrific event as a pretext, Barrack Obama and a bevy of Anti-gun Politicians have quickly moved to push for massive Gun restrictions, esp on Military style assault rifles… ie the sort of weapons that during a Civil War would be effective against the Government forces.
It has been reported that Anton Lanza did not use an assault rife in his killing spree, but several pistols. Police removed a rifle from the boot of his mothers car, yet this fact has not been allowed to hinder Obama and co, from pushing for Assault weapon ban.

Waco Texas 1993

We now await the coming conflict of 2nd Amendment Patriots against a Tyrannical government which has not only has brought America to it’s knees, but is also hell bent on taking away the Rights and liberties of the people.
Those who resist the Governments usurpations and refuse to hand over their weapons will be labeled Terrorists/ Enemies of the State and will be attacked by Government forces.
Remember Waco?
Many will be thrown into Concentration camps.
The rest will surrender their rights and liberties.

This is my last blog Post for 2012.
Western civilization is on the brink.
Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

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On the Origin of Panties

Did you know that all panties are descended from a single common ancestor? Strange but true!
However, scientists are at a loss to explain the existence of the first loinwear. Louse-based estimates date the hypothesised primordial undergarment to 105,000 B.C., but fossils of the postulated intermediate A-, B-, C-, D-, E- and F-strings have never been uncovered.

As usual, one only has to consult the sacred text(ile)s to see immediately that the Bible has the answer. The Book of Genesis explains that all panties are descended from the foliage of a living plant fossil called Ficus carica. The Bible also makes it clear that panties, like viruses, do not have the ability to reproduce on their own. They rely on their host, and their host’s reproductive organs (which they symbiotically “clothe”), to make further panties.

But, seriously … what do evolutionism (the godless theories of abiogenesis and evolution by natural selection) and warmism (the theory of anthropogenic global warming) have in common? Discuss. 🙂

Drugs during long term survival situations (Part II: Marijuana & other drugs)

“…I make myself unpopular here. Sorry, I just say what I experienced. Reality is not all clean and good or politically correct.

First I have to say we talk about long term survival scenario here. Few days of fearing for your life is problem, few weeks is crap, few months and more can easily take all will for survival from you and leave you empty.

It is hard to imagine and I never saw one of the “TV survival experts” do anything really long term…

…When the world breaks down around you, you want things to be normal. Even if you had bad life before in normal times it will feel like paradise to nightmare that happens outside or around you when you fight for your survival.

I do not do any drugs (besides coffee) and think drugs is for weak people… but if life slaps you around like it is hard to imagine, everyone becomes weak at some point.

So during the war marijuana was used to disconnect from horrors around you. When you find yourself with few friends in some safe building, basement, and if you have few cans of food, someone brings guitar and few bottles of alcohol and marijuana, you can start to feel an hour or two like nothing is wrong, people do not get shot outside, women do not scream in distance, peace is there again, at least for few hours, and for that small group of friends.

And when someone pass you small jar with hash „bubbles“ you can imagine almost that Jim Morrison came alive that night in that particular basement, in that small and unimportant city in Balkans, in the middle of civil war, and that he is gonna spend that night with you discussing about ridiculousness of life, and then play „The end“ song….”

Excerpt from: ‘Why drugs matter during long term survival’
It is a testimony to the vile Bigotry that underpins the persecution of drug users that the Author of the above piece thought it necessary to apologise in advance for what he was about to say… even though it was a Humanitarian piece.
I would argue that the benefits of such drugs as Pot are not restricted to such extreme scenarios, but hold good in general for times of struggle and stress… esp for the Poor whom are the most exposed to troubles and strife, and don’t have Yachts, Batches, or Hot Rods to get a buzz and relieve stress.
Thus (as usual) the Tyrannical war on drugs is primarily a War on the Poor.
Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.