Cross The Rubicon. AntiRacist Youtuber Activist Lee Williams Life is in Crisis… destroyed by the Evil Racists of the Maori Party.

Watch Lee here

This Blogpost is a shout out to Lee Williams, asking him to contact me so that I can do what I can to help him in the current crisis he is going through as a direct result of Maori Party activists attacking his job at Synlait Dairy Company.

I only know Lee from watching his You Tube videos, and from Social Media, yet by the very nature of ‘You Tube’, the life of a Youtuber becomes a public spectacle and from watching this dramatic saga unfold on you tube and in mainstream media reports, I am becoming concerned about how well Lee is holding up under this crushing pressure that all this is having on his life.

Lee has been suspended from his job as a direct result of Maori Party Activists slandering to his employers as being a White Supremacist.

I have herd that Lee’s marriage is on the rocks.

Go Fund Me… wrongfully/ unjustly took $7000 dollars which his friends and supporters had donated to him to help him through this time of trouble, and maybe get him a ticket to go visit his Dad in Britain, and we can be sure this happened as a result of more nasty Machiavellian Political foul play by Maori party activists.

Now that all these thunderbolts have hit Lee all at once it is little wonder that watching Lees latest videos we see a man in crisis.
The last thing I want to do now is lay another trip on him , yet the last two videos I watched make me fearful, I see a man spiraling downward… a man who needs help/ support… esp from friends… and yet it appears the Maori Party have relentlessly continued to persecute Lee so that now there are some sort of ‘Police matter’ unfolding… yet I am in the dark about this.

It takes a deep seated malevolence and an absolute absence of scruple to stoop to this level of personal attack, esp because to destroy a man’s livelihood does not only affect him, but innocent parties like their children also suffer when Dad looses his job.
History declares Socialist Marxist willingness to practice unconscionable deeds for their own ends.
And when you consider all the dire Social statistics of the Maori Demographic, what hope is there when this is the caliber of their leadership?
What sort of Character and Mentorship do these Radical Racists provide to Maori Youth?
They are a far cry from the likes of Sir Aparana Ngata, or Martin Luther King, Booker T Washington, or even the Elder Statesman Nelson Mandela!

Back to the focus of this post… it looks as if things continue to get worse for Lee, and I am worried about him.
Having been through a personal crisis myself years ago, I know how hard it can be to walk a wise path when you are in complete turmoil.
I fear if Lee does not manage to pull himself out of this ‘nosedive’ he is heading for disaster.

Lee needs to know that there are people here in New Zealand who understand what he is going through, that we believe in his cause, and we know what he is going through is because of the Evils of those who have attacked him because he speaks out against their evil racist schemes.

New Zealanders should be outraged at what Maori Party MP Debbie Ngarewa-Packer and her Radical Activist friends have done to Lee!
It is disgusting, and there must be some sort of legal redress sought.
Lee needs a group of supporters to help carry some of his burdens during this time of crisis.

Message To Lee.

Lee, You are a fighter, and I hope you know you have support of people like myself, because we understand what you are going through, We know your life is in turmoil, and we know you are the target of a vicious smear campaign from the real racists… the Maori Party.
Yet We … your supporters need you to follow some advice… you need to calm the fuck down a few notches.
I know your life is up shit creek… and I’m not surprised this is taking it’s toll on you.
It is Disturbing to watch how you are handling this… I can see you are in Crisis mode.
I know you are battling for your own survival, yet if you cant maintain your composure on Youtube, you harm your own cause… this works in favour of your enemies.
It’s no shame to know when you need time out to get your shit together.
Please take a break off you tube until you have ‘collected yourself’ together… no shame in that.
Instead start to work with some of your close supporters to help you work through this business and stay in touch with your support base…. one step at a time.
Your ‘Fonza’ crew should be able to help you Youtube with a bit more composure.
Believe me when I say I mean you no offence.
I know you want to wake up the apathetic voters to what these evil racists are doing… yet you are heading for a break down if you carry on like this.
I don’t want to see that.
My advice is for your own good, and for the cause that we both care so much about… Ending Racist Government, One Law for All, Equality, and most importantly… fighting this fight peacefully, and with dignity…
Give me a call 0276630331.
I am willing to help you in any way I can.
I want you to beat this nasty crap… yet to do this you must not allow your pain to cloud your better judgement.
The righteous path is yours!

Tim Wikiriwhi.


Not sure if this is related to what Lee mentioned in one of his last videos (Below) … If so… we can only speculate what ‘the video’ was as it has been taken down.

Article… Māori Party questions police response to white supremacist video, lodges complaint


Update: 5-6-21.
A friend of Lee has reported that Lee is doing ok, and that he has received some donations from supporters directly into his account.
Also the last video Lee produced was positive in seeing that he has regained his composure.
Nice one Lee.


This meme above is a perfect example of how the Left purposely conflate dissent against their policies and activism as being ‘Racist’.
Morons will read this Meme (above) and believe anyone who disagrees with that shirt is a racist white supremacist rather than a what they really are ….Freedom and Justice lovin Anti-communists… not racists… not White supremacists at all. That is a Slanderous lie. A Delusion. Yet it works so well on the brain dead Leftist zombies and the Fake News Mainstream Media.

To see what an actual White Supremacist looks like read:

14 thoughts on “Cross The Rubicon. AntiRacist Youtuber Activist Lee Williams Life is in Crisis… destroyed by the Evil Racists of the Maori Party.”

  1. I just had a coffee with Lee. He received several thousand in donations directly to his bank and it looks promising for a big payout for wrongful dismissal. He has been energized by the experience and has told me he is excited for the next chapter of his life. MAGA Mike

    1. Wow thanks Mike for this update!
      I hope he does get a decent pay out.
      Still he needs to watch what he says because that could affect him getting justice.
      By this I don’t mean stop his activism, only that he takes care not to appear a Loose Unit.

      1. Thank you for this brilliant article and your support of Lee.
        NZ needs more men who dare to stand up against tyranny like you !

  2. Such sleazy and corrupt writing. You really just fulfilled an agenda hidden as concern, righteousness but couldn’t hide your bitchiness. Always playing the victim. Lee faced consequences of his actions. People, all races aren’t going to stand for that crap from anyone anymore. We don’t want to work with people or drink or eat or play with racist scum any longer. Lee has arrived at this point in his life because of his intolerance and racism and hate for religious faiths. Lee started this journey by slagging off muslims and Islam., when the trump comedy show erupted into the world stage Lee jumped on that, vowing he would ‘serve trump in a militia” if he could. When trump was booted Lee lost lots and lots of viewers, Lee is going for popular views by heavy right voters and the worst of them. So a few months ago Lee picked up and ran with the hate on Maori theme for attention. He’s a douche that USES racism because it’s popular, and he isn’t. To address the claim this was started by the Maori party is disgusting because it’s all Lee’s agenda to promote that claim. There were and are many people working in the background to de platform Lee, myself being instrumental in the buildings blocks that have lead to the current situation for Lee. Lee was baited into making more and more inflammatory videos to “own the lefties”…. comments were left on his channel by multiple accounts posting to be outraged and incensed. Obviously playing to Lee’s attention seeking nature he continued to be bolder and brasher. Lee was being played. Having to outdo the last video he would be more creative and insulting. Till the right set of circumstances fell into place and then BAM! His info and where to put it was delivered to those who were angered at the right time. So no, Maori party didn’t do this, myself and others used the circumstances. This information has been posted on other social media platforms where it was viewed by those connected to Lee. Lee still, like yourself falsely blame the Maori party. Because it suits the agenda. Lee is scum, no sympathy for him at all, want to be a poster boy for racism, pay the price. Lee likes to portray himself as tough, well once again his ego got the better of him, Lee was manipulated into this position.

    1. @rubitard slayer – Yes, “tard” is seemingly a fitting name for you. You Leftist-minded “double-digiters” are certainly consistent in terms of low-IQ, mentality, and wretchedness. It’s revealing to see this low intelligence and vileness on display… published here by you for all to see.

      Allow me to help you peak through the blindness that your Leftist mental illness has imparted upon you… Start by looking at your own “scum” words written here… Do you not see the irony in them? Almost certainly not. Do you not see how vile a person they show you to be? Sadly, your Leftist mental illness prevents you from seeing how far gone you are… even as you EMANATE anger, disgust, and contempt you can’t even perceive how demented and evil these make YOU! Do you REALLY see yourself as being righteous? Oh the irony!

      And look at your reliance upon lies and strawman fallacy… Look at your calumnious nature… Look at your self-righteous pride, even as you commit violence toward someone you deem to be lesser than you. For what? Offense at words, ideas, and truths?? How weak and pathetic this makes you.

      And most importantly, look at your dehumanizing language! Have you even noticed how far down the path of MORAL DISENGAGEMENT you’ve traveled? Look up those words low-IQ-one, as they have special psychological meaning, and there is a long historical record of the kind of evil that associated with them! You are so far gone that you do not even realize that the people YOU demonize still view YOU as a deserving human being, as flawed as you obviously are. Do you not see the irony in this, even as this truth acts a mirror clearly reflecting the bitter truth of what YOU really are?!

      Oh the hypocrisy in so much of what you wrote!! It is YOU who is the racist, and this is provable. Yes, you Identity Socialist, YOU ARE RACIST – this is codified within your Leftist intersectional religion. And, it is YOU who behaves like the Nazi… Yes, your Leftist mental illness prevents you from seeing your brand of “enhanced” National Socialism, even though it is before your very eyes… it prevents you from seeing your brand of fascism… your brand of Marxist oppression… your brand of discrimination and neo-Racism – all combined into a novel contemporary form. Oh the irony, and projection, as you falsely label Lee Williams what YOU really are.

      Much more intelligent people than you see you for what you really are – You are a low-IQ, pathetic, self-righteous, calumnious person, who embodies and emanates the worst of humanity, and feels righteous in doing so… so it is of no surprise that you would be thrilled and proud to be engaged in your version of “Judenjagd” persecution. Indeed, you and your ilk would fit in well with any number of historical tyrannical models!

      Here is some final vision for you, blind, wretched, self-righteous one… When the political pendulum swings, as it inevitably does, and you become the hunted and hung, even the Centrists will take little pity upon you, and instead simply look away.

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