‘Alien Weaponry’. Heavy Metal and New Zealand Woke State Promoted Art.

Above artwork is Alien Weaponry’s LP ‘Tu’.
Tu was the Old World Maori ‘God of War’ in whose ‘glory’ the Savage Pre-European intertribal wars were fought. Enemies were ‘sacrificed and eaten’ in honour of Tu.

New Zealand ‘Art’ is being systematically ‘steered’ by the Powers that be.

I suspect a current example of this is the ‘national tour’ of Kiwi Heavy metal band ‘Alien Weaponry’ in conjunction with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

They were due to appear in Hamilton at the Claudelands Arena last month… and again in Christchurch.
I have not herd how the shows went, yet I suspect the whole promotion of this band has been heavily State funded because their ‘Heavy Metal’ is heavy on Maori Te Reo and Maori themes.
Their music videos also appear very high budget.
I believe all this is because according to State Art Bigwigs this band is producing the type of ‘Indigenous Art’ the government has big money to promote.
Funds/ Tax loot other bands that embody different culture have no hope of receiving.

This is all in keeping with the Grand Woke social engineering scheme and who will be systematically installed at the top of politically acceptable art and entertainment scene in The Peoples Socialist Republic of Aotearoa.

Some may argue that Alien Weaponry are a class act who have earned the support they are getting.
I am not saying they are not a good and talented Band.
I actually like the video, and song ALIEN WEAPONRY – Kai Tangata (Official Video) | Napalm Records (embedded below) yet the whole process by which our Government is engineering our culture and Art is truly Totalitarian and anyone who is not concerned about this has no grasp of history.
In this sense artists can be unwittingly subtly exploited by Socialist Governments for political ends.
And often the artists collaborate willfully in the scheme.

Governments should have zero influence upon Art.

If anyone can confirm my suspicions… or nullify them please comment below.

Kai Tangata means ‘Eating People’… Man Eater…. Cannibalism.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

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