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Is Intolerance a virtue?

The Meme (below) was posted to Gab Social media platform.
It makes a subtil claim appealing to Zeal… Zealotry… my retort to @Boomstick follows below.

Tim Wikiriwhi Responds…

@Boomstick Beware… This has no context, and is therefore deceptive in the extreme.
It’s claiming *Intolerance is a virtue!*
That cannot withstand any scrutiny.
Without some tolerance a person becomes a fanatic… indistinguishable from any form of fanatic… eg an Islamic extremist.
They would wholeheartedly endorse this claim.
Are you any better than they?

Now hear the enlightened truth!

Just as there are things that may be compromised, and others that may not be compromised, so too there are things that can, and ought to be tolerated, and others that ought not to be tolerated.
It is an equal wrong *not to tolerate what you ought* as it is to tolerate what you ought not.

Wisdom and Enlightenment teaches which is which.
Lower values can be sacrificed for the sake of higher values.
Treating others as we would wish to be treated ourselves… is natural justice.

Tolerance is guided by higher principles and convictions… it is not the abandonment of them as is claimed above.
A Tolerant man ought not to be a weak and an easily beguiled man, but show tolerance from a position of strength and vigilance.
And there is a line in the sand.

It is only by the embodiment of such values and principles than any man can claim to be civil and walk the higher path than the savage.

Intolerance is the hallmark of the Barbarian.
Intolerance is the hallmark of Tyranny.
Intolerance comes from fear.

Principled tolerance is in fact a symbol of courage.

” If it be possible, and as much as lieth in you, live peacably with all Men.”
Paul the Apostle.
Romans 12vs8.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

Act Party Free Speech National Tour of New Zealand. Hamilton Meeting 7-5-21

Update: Shout out to ‘The BFD‘ for reposting this on their website. here

Last night I attended Act Party Leader David Seymour’s Hamilton free speech meeting.
This was part of his nationwide ‘Free Speech Tour’.
It was held in the Wintec Bill Gallagher Center downtown Hamilton.
It was a full house, approximately 200 Hamiltonians came along to hear David speak.

David had already visited 12 other towns with similarly good attendance, which he said was a testimony to both New Zealanders strong democratic spirit, and also their concern about the current government’s drive to muzzle free speech.
In my opinion, this turnout is also a response to how David Seymour has been distinguishing himself and the Act party as ‘the freedom party’.
Up until the last election David Seymour was a lone voice in parliament speaking out against proposed hate speech legislation and other Socialist interventions rushed through into law ‘under urgency’ bypassing safeguards and due process.
It was David Seymour’s decision to take a stand on such issues, including standing against Ardern’s gun confiscations that was behind Acts success at the last election.
Many New Zealanders are far from impressed with Ardern’s quickstep march towards a Socialist Police State which is sharply at variance with the Kiwi spirit of freedom and self reliance.
In past decades New Zealand has suffered a decline in independence, and yet the pace with which Radical leftist ideology is being imposed under Ardern, has caused alarm even among many conservative thinkers and this was reflected in the audience.
Today David Seymour rightfully enjoys the position in the public eye of most outspoken member of parliament for free speech, and now has 9 other Act Party MP by his side.
It is a position he has earned, and should his team continue on this righteous trajectory I forsooth Act’s star will remain in ascension, and they will increase their presence in Parliament.

By design David told the audience that he wanted to keep the meeting to an hour in length including Q+A, which many people will have been happy with… not me!
I believe the importance of the topic easily justified double that!
There are many troubling aspects of what is going on that were not aired, yet I guess the difference between a public meeting, and a ‘Convention’ is that meetings generally are shorter.
This being so David’s speech was no lecture, but simple and brief.

He spoke about free speech as being an essential component of what it means to be a human individual, and that it’s suppression is an attack upon human dignity.
He spoke about free speech as being absolutely essential for a healthy democracy because free speech cannot stand where there is tyranny, and tyranny cannot stand where there is free speech.
He spoke about free speech as the enlightened means by which civil society openly discusses and solves it’s problems.
He spoke about how proposed hate speech laws threaten to suppress open discourse about politically charged subjects from fear of being visited by the thought Police, and getting flagged as being a person who has expressed ‘hateful opinions’… which could impact upon such things as job applications.
He committed the Act party to working to prevent any hate speech legislation becoming law, yet admitted that because the Ardern government enjoys a 65% majority in parliament there is probably little Act can do to prevent such legislation becoming Law should it be pushed through this term. In that case he committed Act to repealing any such laws that might shortly come into force, including the wordy ‘Films, Videos, and Publications Classification (Urgent Interim Classification Of Publications And Prevention of Online Harm) Amendment Bill’ which he described as Government ‘filters of online content’… and dangerous.
He said one means by which the repeal of any new restriction of free speech could be undertaken was via public referenda, yet to make that a reality would take a petition of parliament with 300 000 signatures. Not a small task… but do-able if those people who care about this issue… such as those who attended the Act tour meetings throughout the country, committed themselves to help them achieve these goals.
Thus David finished the formal part of the meeting with an appeal for active support for Act and their free speech initiatives, and also for financial donations.
Act party membership costs only $20 for 3 years… “A Bargain!” said Seymour… alluring to Act’s ‘market philosophies’ as the solution to so many social issues.

David Seymour has an engaging speaking manor, skillfully throwing in a joke and a laugh here and there.
When asked ‘why is there a distinguishable pattern and common theme between what is happening here in NZ and what is going on all across Western nations… does he believe a grand scheme was at work?’
He responded by pointing to the general dearth of intelligence within parliament, making it in his estimation highly unlikely they are mentally competent to participate in a grand evil conspiracy… rather their evil policies can simply be understood from their overt stupidity!
He does not appear to grasp that far be it their stupidity renders their adherence to a grand scheme unlikely… but more gullibly so!
They are following a well articulated socialist global agenda.
David said many top NZ bureaucrats and politicians are friends, and that no doubt they talk among themselves about what they hope to achieve… in their minds things they believe will make New Zealand a better place.
(My thoughts: They dream of imposing a Leftist totalitarian police state!)

One lady in the audience was a migrant from Great Britain and ex high court lawyer who spoke about how hate speech laws were wreaking havoc there. Seymour agreed and pointed out how far they had slidden remarking also how Britain had up until recently Laws prohibiting the intentional causing of offence, yet these were overturned by the public backlash, including outspoken activism by comic Rowan Atkinson. Seymour joked about how frightening it would be to be confronted by redoubtable Mr Bean!
I chuckled, because I think David Seymour himself bears amusing resemblance to Mr Bean!
Jokes aside, David Seymour and Act are to be highly commended for doing this tour and for making free speech one of their primary concerns this election cycle.

In the past David Seymour has taken many positions with which I strongly disagree, however as things stand there are no political parties that come close to Acts resolve to defend such a fundamental principle of liberty as freedom of speech.
It is under Jacinda Arderns power mad gaze, and she is hell bent on silencing all dissent .
Her ambitions are nothing short of overthrowing New Zealand’s traditions, values, ideals, and even our national autonomy is in danger as she imposes the dictates of the UN, for example the UN Global Compact for Migration which itself proscribes heavy censorship and prosecutions for anyone who complains about it.
We also know with certainty that Arden regime seeks to use the education system to indoctrinate future generations in such Radical leftist doctrines as ‘Critical Race Theory’ and ‘Transgender ideology’.
Both are an attack on the Christian foundations of Western civilisation.
These radical socialists in power first need to grant themselves the legal authority to suppress public opposition before they ramp up their globalist woke scheme… which is why hate speech, and ‘online harm’ legislation is such a dangerous Machiavellian precursor.
They want to make it illegal for parents to complain about the radical political indoctrination of their children!
These things being so Freedom loving New Zealander need to think hard about who they are going to vote for next election, and whether or not they will help David Seymour and Act succeed in their ambitions to ensure future generations of Kiwi will have the right to speak their minds in public.

Free speech is necessary is because free individuals will never agree on everything… even among friends.
‘Evil prevails when good men do nothing’
Act is far from perfect… far from Libertarian, yet as things stand I believe getting in behind them on this absolutely critical right… at this absolutely critical juncture in time… is the right thing to do.

Future Free Speech Tour dates:

13 May McFadden Center Christchurch. See here.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

The New Zealand Government is in the process of *Criminalising Speech*… making speech punishible under the Crimes Act.

P.S A new Free Speech Union has started up. I certainly will be investigating this further with a view of support.

New trade union launched to promote free speech.

The Free Speech Coalition is relaunching as a trade union under the name “Free Speech Union” and has successfully registered under the Employment Relations Act.

“That name is not ironic”, says Dr David Cumin, a founding member of the Union’s Council. “We think it says crisply just what is now needed to defend freedom of speech. We need to stand with people being intimidated, cancelled, de-platformed, piled on by social media, doxxed and threatened with bankruptcy if they seek legal protection.”

“Becoming a bona fide union is important because defending freedom of speech has come to need the collective solidarity, the mutual support, the kind of activism that made labour unions so important over 100 years ago.”

“For the last two years, the Free Speech Coalition has been campaigning to prevent the growth of anti-free speech case law and legislation. The Coalition was founded in response to the statements by the Auckland Mayor and actions of his Council in banning two controversial speakers from hosting a talk at a publicly owned venue. The founding members of the Coalition saw the greatest threat to New Zealand’s tolerant and diverse culture of free public discourse as coming directly from the power of the state.”

Read more here.
See Video below.

More from Tim.



Hitler, Christianity, and the Third Reich by Kerry Bolton.

I recently watched an exposition on Freemasonry that provoked me to spend some time surfing the net looking at what interesting materials I could find on the subject.
While searching the internet this evening, researching the Masonic Secret society, and the ‘Lucis Trust’… a Satanic organisation dedicated to ‘a New World Order’ that offers ‘consultancy services’ to the United Nations.

I watched a short You tube documentary on Alice A Bailey, whom the Lucis Trust claims as their Esoteric philosophical founder… several clicks later I was watching another video called The devils 10 Commandments located in the United Nations Building!!! A MUST SEE

Within the opening minute of this video it made what is purported to be a quote from Adolf Hitler on his plans for Christianity to give way to some sort of restoration of Germanic Old Paganism…

Quote… “The Old beliefs will be brought back again… The whole secret knowledge of nature, of the divine, of the demonic. We will wash off the Christian Veneer, and bring out a religion peculiar to our own race.”

The Nazis obsession with the Occult is well documented yet still this was not where I was expecting to be led.
Still as a Christian this quotation touches on a subject of interest to me, and anyone who has spent any time studying Hitler and the Nazis, that quote certainly embodies what ought to be well understood about the basic premises of Hitler’s fundamental beliefs. He was no Christian!

Putting aside for the moment my investigations into the Masons and the Lucis Trust, I decided to see if I could find corroboration on the net that Hitler did in fact make that statement… so I put that quote into Duck Duck Go and it listed some hits… one of which is the article by Kerry Bolton… ‘Hitler, Christianity, and the Third Reich.’
Found on ‘National Vanguard’ Website.

I am completely unfamiliar with the tenor of this site yet just from looking at the Websites Header gives me the creeps… It looks to me like some whack far right site… ‘New Consciousness, New Order, New People’ type jargon could hardly be mistaken for anything else… and yet I might be wrong about that… I simply do not have the time right now to investigate this sidetrack, yet browsing Kerry Bolton’s ‘Essay’ I found it a very interesting read. Well written, and worth making a blog about so that my friends and readers could check it out for themselves.

I have no clue who Kerry Bolton is or what his personal ideals and values are. I must write a disclaimer that I distance myself from any association with the ‘Far right’ to which he may subscribe or the website ‘National vanguard’.
It is simply a matter of ethics to correctly credit the authorship and website.
That is as far as Eternal Vigilance blog has to do with the source.

I am a Libertarian who is as opposed to far right socialist tyranny as I am opposed to far left socialist tyranny.
It is sad that We live in such times that make inserting such disclaimers a matter of self-preservation due to the threat of being ‘investigated by the police’ for simply sharing opinions and articles on the internet which they might deem to be ‘Dangerous’ or ‘hateful’… or from sources they have flagged as ‘Extremist’, etc.
Thanks to the censorship tyranny and surveillance of Jacinda Ardern’s Post-Christchurch Terror attack Police state … constantly hunting for ‘White supremacist Boogiemen’ Kiwi bloggers like myself are reaching the point where we will need to attach permanent disclaimers to any subject we write about that does not ascribe to the official Politically correct perspective… or our own views for that matter.

All this aside Bolton’s essay itself appears to me to be an objective history upon the subject stated in the title.
It is in fact one of the clearest and well reasoned articles I have read in a very long time on this subject.
I believe it to be a highly informative read that stands on it’s own merits.
He sites his sources.

As a student of Political history whose personal library contains many books on The Nazis, I find the article compelling, and truthful, and exposes the folly and ignorance of the many people who try and implicate the Nazis and Hitler himself as being ‘Christian’.
This dishonesty is committed by intellectually and spiritually twisted minds seeking to bring the Christian faith into disrepute.
Hitler was at his core a Machiavellian Liar and would mold his speeches and propaganda to suit his own immediate ends.
Any statements he made that appeared at face value to be supportive of Christianity was always a ruse by which he gained the submission of German Christians to his aims.
His real intents was always to destroy Christianity once his war ambitions were accomplished.
Anyone with half a brain can see that his deeds and modus opperandi were the very antithesis of Christianity.
Hitler was a type of the Antichrist, and his persecution of the Jews was Satanic.
He lifted himself up and committed great evils before God, whom visited him with Judgment and Justice.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

Read Full article here: Hitler, Christianity, and the Third Reich

Please follow the link (above) and read the full article.
Below are a few examples of Bolton’s assertions copied and pasted here for a record in case the original web source ‘disappears’.


“THE PLACE OF CHRISTIANITY under National Socialism has been a matter of contention, as with all else connected with that philosophy. Hitler has been damned as the devil incarnate by his Christian opponents, and heralded as a Jesus-like messiah by his Christian proponents. The 24th point of the NSDAP’s political programme even describes National Socialism as standing for “positive Christianity.” In order to access the real relationship of Christianity to National Socialism it is necessary to go beyond the propaganda of both pro- and anti-National Socialist Christians. (ILLUSTRATION: Adolf Hitler)

To do this the private pronouncements of the National Socialist leaders must receive greater attention than their public statements. An additional consideration is the actual practice of the National Socialist regime towards the churches. Hitler’s private conversations with his inner circle between 1941 and 1944, as recorded by Reichleiter Bormann, himself one of the National Socialist Party’s most avid anti-Christians as we shall see, provide the most insightful of sources in determining the real attitude of Hitler towards Christianity.”


Hitler’s analysis of Christianity is Nietzschean: “The reason why the ancient world was so pure, light and serene was that it knew nothing of the two great scourges: the pox and Christianity.” “Christianity is a prototype of Bolshevism: the mobilization by the Jews of the masses of slaves with the object of undermining society. Thus one understands that the healthy elements of the Roman world were proof against the doctrine. Yet Rome (i.e. Fascist Italy) allows itself today to reproach Bolshevism with having destroyed the churches. As if Christianity itself hadn’t behaved in the same way towards the pagan temples.”


“It is deplorable that the Bible should have been translated into German, and the whole of the German people should have thus become exposed to the whole of this Jewish mumbo-jumbo. As a sane German, one is flabbergasted to think that the German folk could have led themselves to such a pass by Jewish filth and priestly twaddle.”


The SS epitomizes the contradistinction between Christianity and the philosophy of the Third Reich. It was a Black Order in its own right, and Himmler envisaged the creation of an autonomous SS State which would be an example to the world of National Socialism. In 1937 Himmler instructed his chiefs to plan a counter-culture to replace Christianity, and it was declared, “the age of the final showdown with Christianity” had dawned, and one of the objectives of the SS was to provide Germans with “the proper ideological foundation” to replace it….


Martin Bormann, who became Hitler’s secretary and deputy after Hess’ abortive peace mission to England, like Himmler, Rosenberg, Heydrich, Hitler and most of the others at the top of the Reich hierarchy, also had a clear perspective on Christianity. The following is taken from Kirchliches Jahrbuch fur die evangelische Kirche in Deutschland: “National Socialist and Christian concepts are incompatible. The Christian churches build upon the ignorance of the men and strive to keep large portions of the people in ignorance because only in this way can the Christian churches maintain their power. On the other hand, National Socialism is based on scientific foundations. Christianity’s immutable principles, which were laid down almost two thousand years ago by Jews, have increasingly stiffened into life-alien dogmas. National Socialism however, if it wants to fulfill its task further, must always guide itself according to the newest data of scientific researchers.”

“When in the future our youth no longer hear anything about this Christianity, whose doctrine is far below our own, Christianity will automatically disappear.” “When we National Socialists speak of God, by God we do not understand, as do naive Christians and their clerical beneficiaries, a manlike being who is sitting around in some corner of the spheres. Rather, we must open the eyes of mankind to the fact that in addition to our unimportant earth there exist countless other bodies in the universe, many of them surrounded, like the sun, by smaller bodies, the moons. The force which moves all those bodies in the universe, in accordance with Natural Law, is what we call the Eternal, the Allfather or God. The assertion that this world- force can worry about the fate of every individual, every bacillus on earth, and that it can be influenced by so-called prayer or other astonishing things, is based either on a suitable dose of naiveté or on outright commercial effrontery.”

“In contrast, we National Socialists call upon ourselves to live as naturally as possible — that is, in keeping with the Laws of Life. The more thoroughly we know and attend to the Laws of Nature and Life, the more we adhere to them, the more do we correspond to the will of the Eternal; the deeper our insight into the will of the Eternal, the greater will be our success.” “It follows from the incompatibility of National Socialist and Christian concepts that we must oppose any strengthening of existing Christian denominations and must refuse to give them any assistance. We can make no differentiation between the various Christian confessions. Any strengthening of the Christian concepts would merely work against us.”

“To an ever-increasing degree the Folk must be wrested from Christianity and their agents, the pastors. Obviously, the Christians, from their standpoint, will and must defend themselves against this loss of power. But never again must Christianity regain an influence in the leadership of our folk. This must absolutely and finally be broken.”


More from Tim….







Ex cop appeals to law enforcement personnel to refuse to obey orders you know are evil.

Important note: The person who made the video (below) is Ex Police.
This Man saw from the inside first hand Commanders ordering the lower ranks to do things he knew in his heart were wrong… against the people they were supposed to ‘protecting and serving’.
Slowly he grew the courage to stand up and disobey orders he believed were wrong, and yet so many Cops are blind order followers… either because they are weak and fear of losing their jobs or because they literally don’t give a bean about the public.

The only reason I have used the You tube version above is because I can embed it here on my blog, while I am not able to embed the Bitchute copy.
Yet this video will probably be deleted by You tube so here is the link to the Bitchute version… If You’re A Cop, Listen Up!

Law enforcement is the legalised use of force, so not only can it attract virtuous and brave spirits seeking to make a difference in their communities, unfortunately it also attracts the worst types of personalities… Sadistic Thugs and Bullies who enjoy butalising the public behind the protection and authority of a uniform and badge.


I implore everyone involved in Law and order, and politics to watch this video and contemplate what this man is saying.

I am not *Anti-Police*.
I am Pro-Justice, Pro-Just Laws, and Pro-enforcement of just laws.
When the Police maintain their code of ethics and hold their duty as first being to *justice* and the people, not to the Political powers… then they are truly heroic and Nobel.
Yet when they loose this essential justification for their existence and begin to impose Political social schemes they cross the line and so easily become the tools of injustice and oppression.

I am promoting a peaceful stand for just Law and virtue, against the abuses of power that seeks to use the Police to impose Political Evils.

The video (above) is precisely the sort of message that will be flagged for censorship.
Because he is on a target range loading guns it will probably be construed to represent ‘a dangerous radical’ and ‘potential terrorist’, when in truth this good man is saying nothing that is a danger to the people whatsoever!
The Public have been manipulated to thinking of guns as being a threat to their safety rather than an essential tool to defend their lives and rights.

This Man is in fact boldly standing up for the people against the evil powers that seek to use the Police to impose their tyrannical agenda!
This brave man will be seen as ‘A danger’ to the Politicians who are in fact working against their own people.
They are the real danger, yet these politicians and corrupt Officials and Journalists will spin this around and make out that it is people like this guy are why *Guns should be confiscated* and their opinions *Censored and punished* under the pretense that such opinions are ‘harmful to the public good’.

Can you see how the Truth gets turned inside out?

At some point I expect myself to get a knock on my door because I share these sorts of dissident views.

Here is another post I have written on this subject. I have abandoned facebook and so the page it mentions is no longer available, yet the ethics I endorse in this post are still vital for a Civil and Free society.


Just as George Orwell predicted that the future will be ‘a jackboot stomping on a human face forever’, politicians like Jacinda Ardern, Andrew Little, Judith Collins, and their counterparts in all other western nations have been using the so-called Covid 19 crisis to ramp up their establishment of Police States exponentially.
Putting our nations in lockstep with the globalist Agenda.
It is a demonstration of what Lenin called ‘Useful Idiots’ that so many Kiwi fools still believe Jacinda Ardern’s regime is all about ‘Hugs’.

To appreciate how evil regimes paint good yet renegade cops who bravely stand up for just Constitutional Law as ‘Terrorists’ we can see what happened/ is happening in Venezuela.


Now the situation in Venezuela is extreme comparative to where we are at in Western Nations such as New Zealand, Australia, The US, Britain, Canada.
The Socialist Tyranny is out of the closet in Venezuela and in full swing and so Oscar Perez actions (and grim fate) must be understood in that context.
He stood up to the Socialist tyranny in the name of the Venezuelan Constitution
Though we have not yet reached this extreme we still should be cognizant of the fact that the oppression that is a reality in Venezuela today is very much akin to what Jacinda Ardern intends for us.
Socialist ideology dictating our future governance and crushing of our culture and rights, esp with regards to free speech, and gun rights.
Unless we the people, and Law enforcement personal of high integrity nip their political ambitions in the bud *Now* while it still can be done… it will soon be too late.
At some point Ardern’s Police State will come out in open warfare against us.
Deeming us to be ‘Enemies of the State’.

Lets get busy and ensure this nightmare does not unfold on our watch!

Only Morons fail to grasp that Political Machiavellians like Ardern have coldly calculated the urgent need to suppress free speech and confiscate all Guns so that they can impose their socialist agenda.
They already have these very programs up and running… with incremental legislative steps rolling out in succession.
Idiots believe these prohibitions are awesome… and for the public good.
The terms ‘conspiracy theorist’ and ‘dangerous radical’ have been coined to condition the public into turning against the very people whom are trying to wake them up.
The things I have written in this blog post are not wild hallucinations but *verifiable facts*.
There *IS* a conspiracy afoot by the very political operators I have named… and it’s not even a secret!

The insane thing is that so many people have been duped into thinking the Globalist NWO is all about ‘the salvation of humanity and the planet’ when in truth is is all about absolute power and *the enslavement* of the entire human race.
Talk about believing a false Gospel!
These people seek to eliminate all opposition… all free thinkers… All Christians… etc.
Satan laughing spreads his wings!

Ask yourself… ‘If the Devil really existed, and if humanity truly is a spiritually fallen race of beings… how would all this translate into history, and the real world?’????
It would look a hell of a lot like what is transpiring before our very eyes!

The Bible predicted all this.
It’s explanatory power to accurately describe the human condition and reality grows more convincing by the hour!
I believe it!

Yet still maybe you remain unconvinced.
Maybe you have misplaced personal ideological loyalties that forbid you from considering to possibility that the Bible might be true.
Yet still you cannot reasonably deny that there is a grand socialist agenda that is systematically establishing an evil global tyranny and that we must rally together and stand against it.
We must re-establish the Enlightenment principles of small government which is the servant of a Free and self-reliant People whose inalienable rights and liberties the government must respect.
We the people ought to possess the means to depose the government when it becomes despotic.


None of this stuff is a political mystery… the Whys, hows, etc of how tyrannies grow has been well understood for centuries!
Go study the American Declaration of Independence, and why the founding fathers enshrined the Second Amendment!

It is only a spoon fed indoctrinated/ lobotomised population that can be so deceived as to allow tyranny to propagate and flourish.
The battlefield truly is *in the minds* of the people.
The War is one by waking up *one soul at a time… with Facts and truth.

This is a time of crisis which requires people of courage, principle, and virtue… esp those in Law enforcement.
You have a greater moral responsibility than even the ordinary citizen because you will become the means by which tyranny is imposed upon the people, unless you do the right thing and refuse to follow evil orders.
This not only applies to law enforcement to all agents and employees of the State.

Remember the ‘Nuremberg defense’ whereby the Nazis attempted to escape justice and moral culpability for their War crimes and atrocities by claiming ‘they were only following orders’???


It did not save them. That was no excuse.
Nor is there any excuse for moral cowardice by Law enforcement in such times as we are facing now in carrying out orders that violate the rights of citizens.

Will you enforce corrupt anti-free speech laws manufactured by a corrupt parliament and arrest citizen dissidents who are speaking out against government corruption?

This is the sort of moral challenge you will face more and more.
Will you make the excuse that such corrupt laws must be enforced because they were made via a semblance of Due process?

We are facing dark clouds on the horizon, yet hopefully… for the sake of our children Freedom shall prevail. The only question will be were you on the side of the people, or on the side of the Nazi regime?

There will be a reckoning!
Either by God Almighty, or by the people.
Another Nuremburg Trial shall take place, either here on Terra firma or in the heavens.
Justice will ultimately be served.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.


New Zealand Lawyer Sue Grey doing some good work with respect to NZ Government Covid 19 response and ‘Vaccine’ roll out.

These are the sorts of videos (Below) the government does not want circulating on the net.
I believe we are fast approaching a day when the thought police will pay visits to people like Sue Grey… and to people like myself… and anyone who dares to share any information on the net that might sway others from believing the government’s position on subjects of this nature.

They don’t want the voting public to be aware of the real world affects their policies are having on real people… ignorance is bliss.

They don’t want the people to make truly informed choices, or exercise caution when it comes to granting their consent to be ‘vaccinated’ (they are not vaccines) or allowing their kids to be vaccinated.

I apologise that I am unable to embed them from Bitchute.



The content of both of these videos are of high value with regards to what is going on here in New Zealand with regards to the Ardern regime’s response to Covid 19.
Sue Grey is to be highly commended for make the videos and for her work in defense of the poor woman and child currently being locked up simply for exercising her Parental rights by refusing to allow them to perform their highly intrusive PCR test on her 6mth old child.

I wrote my own criticism of how Ardern has handled this supposed Pandemic at the government inquiry….


Covid 19 is not the only area in which Ardern’s Government is acting like some third world dictatorship… I recently read about the Draconian use of force against a woman who had suffered an assault at the hands of some male, who then had her new born child removed from her in the most brutish fashion simply because she exercised her right to refuse to go into a ‘Woman’s refuge’ accommodation at the behest of ‘Oranga Tamariki’.
This New Mum had done nothing wrong.
First she suffers an assault at the hands of some violent arsehole, next she has he child ripped from her hands and kidnapped by the State!

Read: Bereft Mum Broken NZ Herald 30 March 2021

What is disturbing about these stories is they share and expose an underlying callous disregard for the rights of New Zealand citizens… a contempt… by the minions of the NZ State that is precisely the sort of attitude that marks out oppressive tyrannies.
Obey or else!
This is the new normal, all the while Ardern sells her government as the most caring and transparent of all governments.
And this headlong fall into a Police state show no signs of abatement.

Should the new censorship legislation pass (and they will) , all it will take to issue take down orders to internet platforms like Bitchute will be for the government to receive a public complaint, and for it to be deemed to ‘probably be harmful’ to the public good by some thought police official’ and videos like these made by Sue Grey will have to be taken down out of Public view.
And there will be no redress for injustices caused by any such actions even if found to have been wrongfully censored.
Failure to comply will result in prosecution, and the Police may choose to prosecute any social media posts, or articles, etc they deem to be ‘offensive’, ‘hateful’. or ‘harmful’.


Ardern’s Government is pushing for greater censorship powers, amending laws already on the books that allow them to prosecute Social media users for ‘making threats’ and ‘causing harm’, so we know the real intent of the new Amendments is to take things far beyond this.
The Governments justification for what they are doing is a bare faced lie.
They simply want the legal right to force ‘independent platforms’ into taking down political opinions contrary to the official position of the Woke State.

Read this NZ Herald article from earlier this week Man charged for threatening to kill and causing harm to members of the Sikh community

So they *already* have the power to censor and punish threats and expressions of malice…

To my way of thinking, the most disturbing thing about what is happening is the apathy of the New Zealand Public.
Where is the outcry against the Ardern States massive power grabs and curtailment of Freedom?
Tyranny is running amok while the sheeple slumber.

I was sent this on social media as a comment to my latest blog as it also targets Sue Grey.

Leftist Bottom crawler and minion of Ardern Marc Daalder is trying to deplatform Peter Williams because he continues to question the official Ardern/ Globalist narrative on Covid 19 and vaccinations on New Zealand Radio.
According to how the Leftists work, he must be silenced.
No dissenting opinions can be allowed to reach the ears of the voting sheeple.
This snipit shows us Daalder is highly likely part of the systematic censorship going on in Radio…. probably neck deep in the axing of Banks and Plunket.

This is how these demons operate.
There is no sewer they will not wallow in for the sake of their own corrupt ends.
Truly revolting and malevolent.

What is interesting is that we can see from the video links above that Sue Grey is not ‘Anti-Vaxx’, but pro liberty and pro- free informed choice, and critical of the Draconian actions of the State with regards to how they are treating people.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

Did They Break Sidney Powell? What’s happening to her claims of massive voter fraud in the US elections?

Update: 4/4/21 in an interview by Dinesh D’Souza Sidney Powell Refutes the claims by Main Stream Media that were the basis of this Blog post and which are still circulating on the net.
So The blogpost below must be read in context of the time it was written
Though the primary basis of the post has now proven to have been malicious Mainstream media fake news, it still contains ideas of value, and is worth saving for historic reference of this dirty business perpetuated by the corrupt media for the sake of propping up an illegitimate government.

Update: 24-3-21. I have been told that Sidney Powell has called out reports of her motion to dismiss the Dominion lawsuit against her on the grounds that her claims were ‘not credible enough to be believed’ is Fake news and false.
We will have to wait and see… I cant find any reports of this to be able to substantiate what I have been told yet her Press releases are probably intentionally being suppressed/ have the breaks on…

This makes more sense, and if true I will have to add an update to my blog post.

Update: 25-3-21. I have found this from her Telegram account ….

From here

What is amazing is that what now appears to be a Fake News Story is still circulating on the net by every one, and as of yet not a single one of them has released a retraction.
I’m talking CNN, Washington Post, Newsweek, Yahoo, CBS, Business insider, etc etc.
They appear to be leaving the Fake news story up as long as possible to do as much damage to Sidney Powell’s credibility as possible.

Update: The first News article has appeared here Sidney Powell Dismisses Lawsuit Defense ‘Fake News,’ Doubles Down on Conspiracies
Yet it say’s ‘she is walking back what was in the court filing.’
Ie it does not admit any devious fake news was afoot, and goes on to sat she is “still sharing easily debunked disinformation with her supporters.”
The article does it’s best to link her with loons such as the Q movement.

General Flynn Speaks on the fake news attacks on Sidney Powell.


They Broke Sidney Powell. What happened to her claims of massive voter fraud in the US elections?
By Tim Wikiriwhi.

Something wicked is in the wind.
The math does not add up.
Faced with a 1.3 billion dollar lawsuit, and having her cases for Election fraud all rejected by the Supreme Court without hearing her evidence, apparently Sidney Powell has now retracted her claims of voter fraud.

“Lawyer Sidney Powell is claiming that reasonable people would not have believed her allegations of voter fraud and has moved to dismiss a lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems.

Powell, a lawyer who assisted former President Donald Trump in his efforts to overturn the Nov. 3 election results, previously claimed there was evidence that Dominion had rigged the election in favor of President Joe Biden. Powell is now claiming that “reasonable people would not,” have accepted “such statements.”

In retaliation against Powell’s claims of election rigging, Dominion slapped her with a $1.3 billion lawsuit for libel. Additionally, the city of Detroit requested that Powell be disbarred and fined over her efforts to contest the election…”

To Read more this article here

Powell’s new statements will have hit the 70 million Trump supporters like a comet!
Not to mention countless millions more world wide who like myself seriously believe that the Globalist Cabal seeking to oust Trump, and install Sleepy Joe Biden stole the election.
Many will assume they have been duped and that she has been lying the whole time.

Myself, being stubborn, and skeptical by nature, I prefer to mull over this new situation.

In light of this are we expected to now assume that Powell took cases to the supreme court for which she had no case to argue… no evidence?
That would render her a complete loon.
I don’t buy that for a minute.
I say we must take care not to fall for this attempt to discredit her claims of Election Fraud.
To do so is the very reaction the evil powers want.

Yet it will become more and more dangerous to speak about the fraud as the Evil powers that be seek to close the seal.

We are witnessing the start of something so diabolical now happening in the West, like we sat back and watched happen with horror to Hong Kong Dissidents and advocates for freedom and democracy under the murderous Chinese Communist Party Regime.
Satan laughing spreads his wings.

My reaction to news of Sidney Powell’s basis for defense against Voter Machine Company ‘Dominion’ billion dollar lawsuit was that ‘no sane person would believe her claims were true’ was one of great shock, disappointment, … but not surprise.
I have been fearing for her safety and resolve the whole time.
It was obvious to me the Evil powers would try and get to her… somehow.
It smells to me like the Globalists have broken her.
We can only speculate what sort of extreme means they have used to force her to submit and sell her soul to them.
The truth this is just business as usual for the Great Evil ones.
They Broke Bill Barr.
They Broke The Supreme Court.
The Evil we are facing is truly Satanic.
There is mountains of evidence.
Powell has a stellar reputation, there is no way she would ruin her own reputation unless under extreme duress.
Sadly what this does mean is that all the evidence she has been gathering will be destroyed.
Just at the beginning of this month she talked about people getting killed…. so this is what we are talking about.

Only at the beginning of this month Sidney Powell expressed her steadfast resolve in the face of the up and coming Dominion lawsuit and that it represented an opportunity for her, so whatever broke her resolve only happened in the last few weeks.

This article can currently be found here

I now expect all Sidney Powell articles and interviews about ‘Releasing the Kraken’ to be ‘Memory holed’… wiped off the net.

This level of Evil now at work ought to chill Parents, and freedom lovers to their core!
What sort of world will our children inherit?

The Real problem is that the Evil powers are moving to silence any dissenters who continue to suspect Election fraud… no matter where in the world they are.
This is a Massive Globalist Plot.
So The tentacles of this massive Evil can reach right down to the bottom of the world … right down to New Zealand and get our government and police to target even insignificant people like myself… for censorship… for crushing underfoot.
I believe we stand at the door to an anti-free speech Tyranny the likes of which we have never seen in Western Nations.

Never before has the will and the technology existed whereby the global State can target millions of individuals.
China has already set up their system… and its about to go global.

Real duress is coming to our gates… be ready to feel what tyranny is all about.
How much oppression will you endure for the sake of your beliefs and values?

To get Sidney Powell to bend the knee will have taken extreme measures.

The Globalists have their minions in every Government… and they are playing hardball.
Only Idiots today don’t appreciate how the Covid 19 pandemic has been systematically used to destroy what used to be our rights and liberties, circumventing legislative due process, even forbidding public protests.
No dissent is tolerated.

Look at what Canada has done to a Pastor who refuses to acknowledge their Unconstitutional Covid 19 restrictions as valid and binding!
They have put him in jail!

Rumble — Pastor James Coates of GraceLife Church in Alberta, Canada was imprisoned for holding an in person service.

If this does not alarm you… congratulations! You have been lobotomised and turned into a useful idiot!
A Zombie.

Even those of us still awake… still raising our voices… yet for how long?
They are coming for us!

Are you willing to go to jail for your beliefs…. for Freedom … for your rights?
Or will you crumble at the sight to armed police invading your home, rounding up your family, seizing all your computers, threatening and barking orders at you?

Do you have the nads to start publicly protesting if some brave Freedom advocate gets taken away?

What risks are you prepared to take for you Children’s future liberty and rights?

These are necessary questions for our times given the dire threats we Liberty lovers face from the Socialist tyranny that is consolidating around us… much to the glee of a large proportion of our deranged Family, friends, and countrymen.

If all of a sudden I start saying that I believe the election fraud claims were false… 99% probability I have come under duress and my courage has failed me.

If my social media Pages disappear, and my Blog goes, and all my writings disappear off the net, you can guarantee that I have been targeted for Black out.

As we speak the New Zealand government is moving to pass legislation that will pseudo-legitimise this stuff.

I wrote a public submission opposing this bill, which can be found here.

If this bill passes, all it will take to get all my Libertarian activism wiped off the net will be for some ‘Thought Police official’ to deem my opinions ‘harmful to the Public Good’.

As a Christian things are looking to me very much like we are witnessing the Rise of the Global Antichrist as predicted in the Book of Revelation!
Mock me if you like yet it is all falling into place before my eyes.

I wrote about this here


Evil prevails when good men do nothing.

Another high profile person standing to expose the Voter fraud is My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell.
How long will he be able to stand?
We should expect *something* to happen to him.

Pray for Pastor Coates

Where is the unified Freedom fraternity???
The hour is at hand to Rally, stand up and support those heros on the front line, and peacefully protest against the tyranny that is encircling us.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

P.S Epstein did not kill himself.

Must watch video below. Canada has a Globalist PM Trudeau, who is cut from the same cloth as NZ PM Jacinda Ardern.
Under Treudau Canada has become a police state.

More from Tim….











Freedom is being snuffed out as Globalists tighten the screws on their Political enemies… anyone who vocally disagrees with them.

Photo from here

I don’t care what People say about Alex Jones…. The man is a patriot Freedom lover and broadcasts a lot of truth.
Part of how the enemies of freedom work is to castigate their opponents as nut jobs so that they can then shut them down and the people will not even flinch.
Yes he has some wild ideas…. big deal…. who doesn’t?
Yet by far the majority of what he says is spooky accurate.
You just have to filter out the wheat from the chaff… and not be so foolish as to close your ears.
Weigh each claim on its merits… ditching the dross… but being smart enough to grasp when the facts bear him out .

This video below is important. esp because it is another example of information the Globalists (at Youtube) have done their best to blank out.

Click the link.


Before Trump, I said that The Obama regime was at war with the American people and now they are back to pick up where they left off under Biden.
They are today looking at creating laws to ‘break up Trump supporter networks’.
This is no joke.
Having swindled the democratic process (Biden/Ardern/etc) their next step is to label their political opponents dangerous ‘Enemies of the state’, shut down their coms, and round them up.
This began immediately when that Nut job Communist AOC said she was ‘terrified of being around Republicans’ and that they had ‘tried to have her murdered.’ re: the Antifa/BLM Agent provocateur’s who embedded themselves in the Capitol hill protests and caused all the violence for the purpose of making the pro Trump movement look like terrorists.
This is all part of a Machiavellian scheme that is being played out with frightening attention to detail.

Update link Watch: Hysterical “Squad” Member Gives Oscar-Worthy Performance While AOC Rubs Her Back
Grand performance! These people are inciting a tyrannical purge of their political opponents….
Yet are also the scum who cheered while America burned under the Antifa/ BLM riots.

The same meticulous process is being played out across western nations while their sheepish populations slumber.
Ardern has been sowing these seeds since the Christchurch attack here in NZ (dangerous hate groups/ white supremacists), and we are witnessing an escalation on silencing anyone who is critical of the expansion of Maori separatist powers.
They have just knock John Banks off his public platform for speaking the truth.
Like Trump, Not even Bank’s historical Mana has saved him… and he looks like a stunned Mullet… all apologetic… absolutely incapable of defending himself.
Where is the public outcry against this Cancel culture/ deplatforming?
Where is the backlash against the companies who threatened to pull their advertising from Mediaworks?

The freedom movements are state of lethargy and stupor.
Like stunned rabbits.

There is no freedom movement in New Zealand!

When will the people wake up and march on parliament?
Oh that’s right Ardern has already put ‘Covid 19 legislation’ in place to deploy the Army against us, and the police are already conditioned to looking at protests as criminal activities instead of the people exercising our legitimate rights!

We are in Deep shit.

The Beast system is right at our door now.

Only by genius and bold moves will there be any hope of us getting out of this mess.
We are at the point where Freedom activists must be prepared to risk our lives and liberty for the sake of the cause… just as has been the case in so many Nations where the socialists have the Power and rights have been crushed….

Photo Martin Luther King led a successful peaceful movement to end Race segregation in America.
Had he been alive today without doubt he would have outright condemned the Violent and Riotous Communist Hate Group Black Lives Matter.

We have historic exemplars to follow.
The Leaders of all the Great peaceful movements who shun violence at all costs… instead they faced the wolves as lambs… and prevailed.
True ‘Civil disobedience’ is not violent or destructive.
It is simply unity of action and non-compliance articulating unassailable reason.
All the physical power is on our enemies side… yet the Truth and Justice are all on our side!
They are spiritually powerful… and our greatest advantage.
There would be no hope of a violent revolution being successful here in NZ, in fact our enemies would profit greatly should some over-zealous fools attempt to start a civil war.
The Enemies may even *fake* such a situation as pretext to round up ‘the ringleaders and spokespeople’ of the ‘enemies of the state’.
Yet we still could win via peaceful and principled Activism and protest.
History shows this… and every time the Evil system meets a peaceful movement with Battons and tear gas… the more of the general public wake up to the true nature of the struggle.
And eventually ‘People power’ can win the day…
It is our only hope… yet we have no such movement….
We need to start one.

Read : Do the Math…Obama is waging a covert war on the American People.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

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NZ Libertarian voting New Conservatives, and ‘Yes’ for both Cannabis Legalisation and the Assisted Dying Referendums.

Read about the kind of guy New Conservative Deputy Leader Elliot Ikili is… here > Motorway rescue earns recognition

With regard to the up and coming referendum on the right to assisted death for the terminally ill, and to politics in general, a fundamental question asked by Libertarians is Who owns your life?
Answer: You do! Not society.

Upon that basis I believe a Yes vote for the right to assisted dying for the terminally ill is the moral vote because it is the only consistent position with the principle that (politically speaking) *you own yourself*.
Otherwise you become the slave/ property of society.

The above statement is clear cut, yet not without controversy.
The ‘No’ voters think this reform erodes the sanctity of Human life. So argues the New Conservative party.
I say it does the very opposite thing.
It removes power from the State and gives it back to individuals to make their own choices.

I myself am both a Libertarian, and a Christian, yet many Christians will not be able to reconcile my ‘Yes vote’ with how they interpret ‘Christian values’, and in fact many people… both believers and infidels can’t imagine how Christianity and Libertarianism can be coherently united and consistent in application.

More on these nuances later, first of all I want to talk about the curious mental gymnastics I am forced to engage in this election whereby my votes on both referendums will be in conflict with the expressed policies of the political party I have decided to support. New Conservatives.

I forgive people for this default starting assumption.
Hopefully those of you who find my decisions incredulous will take the trouble to read this post whereby I will do my best to extricate myself from being written off as a nutbar.

I know that my choices will win few friends, and will more likely annoy any I already have because splitting my votes will tend to draw the ire and consternation of *all camps*.
Nonetheless this is the course I am choosing to navigate.

We here in New Zealand live in chaotic times politically speaking, and the two referenda being run in unison with the national elections are two highly polarising subjects… which is why they have become referenda as neither of the two large parties have the Nads to legislate these reforms, or run with them as election policies.

The assisted dying referendum for the terminally ill has come about because of a bill presented to parliament by Act Leader David Seymour.

I will be supporting Seymour’s reform, yet I won’t be giving Act my party vote.

Even though Act have never been a great party, deciding not to vote Act this election was not an easy decision to make, as what other party even remotely represents my essential values?
On several key matters of personal freedom David Seymour had stood head and shoulders above the rest of parliament in how he conducted himself this election cycle, with respect to the issues of free Speech, and his opposition to the shameful way the new Firearms prohibitions were enacted.

In the light of these noble actions I was definitely leaning towards giving Act my vote and encouraging others to do the same, yet as time progressed, Seymour’s virtues became overshadowed by other unconscionable actions he would proceed to commit which have undermined my support.

With regards to the new abortion Legislation he not only supported late term abortions but also failed to vote for a proposed amendment that would have defended the rights of babies born alive after botched Abortions to receive medical aid rather than being neglected to die.
The whole basis of the pro-abortion arguments are that a woman is sovereign over her own body and the government has no authority to dictate what she does within her own body… yet once a baby has in fact been born… is *outside* the woman’s body, then they ought to have the full rights of an independent human being!
I consider these failings by David Seymour to be morally reprehensible.
And how disgusting that such laws were passed under a parliament led by a Woke PM who claims she entered politics ‘For the Children’!!!!
Seymour is fully complicit in this foul business.

I was also disgusted with the way he treated some of his most loyal candidates with regards to this elections Act party list, and I have always disliked what I see as a general lack of spine on some of the most important social issues facing our Nation such as ending the Race based seats in parliament, and his support for the UN Global compact on migration.

These are not attributes of a leader I can endorse.

In the not too distant past voting for me was a far less convoluted enterprise.
During the first decade of this new Millennium voting was relatively easy because New Zealand had a vibrant Libertarian Party for whom I could cast my vote with confidence, and for many elections in the second decade, I stood as a Libertarian Independent, and so obviously I at least knew which candidate I would support.. yet the question of where to place my party vote has never been an easy decision since the Libertarianz Party disbanded.

It is a matter of political folklore that the Act Party are a ‘Libertarian party’, yet this is to the largest extent a myth.
A myth that is mostly to the detriment of Libertarianism.
Politics in New Zealand truly is a confounding mess and almost madness to try and untangle… which causes many not to bother trying.

Act may have been founded with the aid of some Libertarian minded people, yet there were also many Ex Labour Party Neo-liberal Bigwigs like Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble, and so instead of advocating any Libertarian social reforms, Act quickly became a Crony Capitalist/’National Socialist party’ that supported some Free market Economics, yet maintained Welfare State socialism with regards to virtually everything else.

Take a look at the picture (above) that exposes how far the National party have drifted from their original charter!
If only they had remained true to their original aspirations upon which they were founded!

Act became the most Right Wing party of New Zealand.. to the right of National.. a lobby to bludgeon Left wing heavy Taxation Anti-Business ambitions of Labor and their more radical minions yet despite lofty rhetoric Act absolutely failed to stand for any reforms on individual liberty.
This has remained the case throughout their history perhaps with the one exception during the party leadership by the Great New Zealander Don Brash.

It was under Brash that Act came anywhere near a forthright stand on any law reform that was a matter of personal freedom, when Brash came out on TV in favour of ending cannabis prohibition.
His party associates like John Banks nearly had a heart attack!
Brash stint with Act was short, and any mention of Cannabis law reform left when he did.
Act has always and only played lip service to being the party of small government and personal freedom.
This is because apart from Brash the Party has been run by a bunch of Ball-less wonders.
The most disappointing for me was Jamie Whyte… because of all of them he knew better.
Most of them put money matters above personal liberty and social justice.

Act are not Nazis, yet their party is part way down a continuum at the end of which is full blown fascism.

Labour are not Communists, yet their party is well down the continuum at the end of which stands full blown Communism. Today under Ardern their policies and loyalties lie not with the interests of New Zealanders but with UN Socialist Globalism.

By labeling Act as ‘Libertarian’ the leftist media managed to confound Libertarianism with being Far right.
This is disgraceful slander.
Libertarianism is fundamentally different to every other political ideology.

Act’s alignment with *Fascism* rather than true capitalism and Freedom, is why the True Libertarians who initially helped found Act, quickly realised what was afoot and jumped ship.
They formed their own genuine Libertarian party, and so Act became just another Party against whom the Libertarianz party had to cross swords.

For more than a decade the Libertarianz Party fought valiantly for Individual liberty and rights against ever expanding Government encroachment, yet sadly after years of courageous activism they were forced to throw in the towel from lack of traction and financial support.

MMp’s 5% mark to get an MP into parliament is in my opinion far too high, and represents a barrier to breaking the stranglehold the two major parties enjoy.
The Political playing field is also heavily tilted in favour of maintaining the status quo, and New Zealanders themselves are heavily conditioned to their chains.
The Libertarianz party could not sustain itself against the overwhelming odds.

Freedom lovers failed to rally under their noble banner from a delusion of ‘wasting their votes’.
Well… I ask… where did casting your votes for other parties get our Nation?
Because New Zealanders did not heed the Libertarians on their Soap boxes, and rally behind them is why our nation now experiences the dawning of an era of Tyranny!

I implore Freedom lovers to not make the same mistake!
Stop voting for the very parties that have abandoned our values and taken our nation towards complete enslavement!

The demise of the Libertarianz Party spelled the end of New Zealanders clear choice between Freedom and various levels of Tyranny.
Between Justice and various levels of oppression.
Between fairness in economics vs heavy Political obstacles.

Libertarian minded New Zealanders were cast adrift… forced to swim about in a stinking cesspool, looking for the best place to put their democratic votes.
The political climate and darkened mentality of our times have made this a very dirty business.
Most of the wares on offer by todays mongers are of dubious quality.
The Libertarian pines over his ale, looking out upon a scene of chaos, confusion, and mayhem.

Is there any hope to be found?

The question of which political parties (if any) should the Libertarian now give their vote is a highly troublesome dilemma, as at a glance there appear only shades of grey tending towards complete blackness.
It is very difficult to determine whether *any* of the parties standing ought to be supported.

Trolley Problems © Steve Lillie 2016. Please visit

The closest way to describe what voting now entails for a Kiwi Libertarian is to liken the decision making process to solving a bunch of ‘Trolley Problems’ that will be familiar to those who have to some degree studied moral philosophy.
‘The trolley problems’ are designed to highlight the many complexities involved in dealing with moral dilemmas in which *means and ends* are far from ideal.
Solution tends towards making pragmatic determinations hoping for the best outcomes attainable via the least repugnant means… for the overall sake of committing the lesser Evil.
The trouble is the lesser evil is still evil.

Wikipedia discussion on Trolley problems can be found here

There is no space here or sense in attempting to fully articulate the conundrums involved. It must suffice to say this is an abhorrent ‘game’ for any Idealist to be forced to play, and being independent thinkers, the once united Libertarians have now fragmented… going their own ways… as each individual makes their own determinations as to how to solve the set of trolley problems presented to them at election time. This election is particularly significant as we also must vote on the two referenda.

In truth the most moral of men and woman, and the greatest leaders of history have had to face frightful moral dilemmas, and most of them have had to carry the weight of harsh criticism for the decisions they made from lesser mortals who would have been stupefied and paralyzed had they themselves been faced with the same crisis.
To shrink from tuff calls is symptomatic of Moral weakness.
One day we all will stand before our Maker and give account of ourselves, and it is He who shall determine the virtue of those who made tuff calls.

Two examples might be the decision to use the Atom bomb on Japan in 1945, another might be Churchill’s decision to ally with Stalin for the sake of defeating Hitler.
Both of these involve weighty moral dilemmas that provoke strong criticism to this day.

Given today’s circumstances I know a few Ex Libertarianz party members who today throw up their hands in disgust… and refuse to vote… the irony is that not voting… *is their vote*… to do nothing.
In the perspective of the Trolley problems not voting is the equivalent of never choosing to throw the lever… not intervening at all to try and mitigate any crisis that is unfolding, and allowing things to take their course… no matter how horrendous the result of their inaction might be, or how things could have turned out had they been brave enough to reach for the switch.

Most of us have heard the saying “Evil prevails when good men do nothing”.

For me *to automatically* determine to ‘do nothing’ is no escape from moral culpability in what ensues, it is in fact an abdication of moral duty… a most heinous moral failing… maybe the worst of them all!
Bible Theologians would call this ‘The sin of Omission’… and one example of this in the Bible is told by Jesus when asked about the moral duty to ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’.
He spoke of the predicament of the man who was beaten and robbed, yet the ‘Religious Jew’ walked past him without giving him any aid. It was only when the Good Samaritan came along that the man received care.
By doing nothing The Religious Jew was deemed to be wicked, and so *automatic inaction* cannot be the moral position…if there exists at all any plausible means of steering things towards a more desirable outcome without committing unconscionable evils in the process. ‘Not Voting’ cannot absolve a person from the resulting evils his inaction inevitably entails.
It’s like walking past our sick and dying country on the other side of the road as if it’s not your problem, rather than inconveniencing yourself and getting your hands dirty.

The reality is that though no registered political Party standing in October 17 is fundamentally a Libertarian party, there is still a broad range of parties standing and the fact is it still makes a massive difference which ones manage to get their hands on the levers of Power.
Lives are at stake!
Freedom is at stake!
Quality of life is at stake!
Our Children’s futures are at stake!

New Conservative candidate for Hamilton West Rudy du Plooy.

When I survey the Political landscape, despite the absence of a Libertarian party, judged by their policies and election campaigns certain parties do stand out as vastly superior to either National or Labour.
Some are worse, such as the Greens, and The Maori Party.
Some are no better such as NZ First, Top.
Many ex Libertarianz will be voting for Act, yet personally speaking of the two parties that most clearly articulate principles, and values that I considered honorable, it is the New Conservatives who come out on top.
Their forthright defense of Free speech.
Their rejection of 1080.
Repeal all the new and hastily enacted Firearms prohibitions created in the wake of the Christchurch terrorist attack.
Their defense of National sovereignty in opposition to UN Globalist slavery.
Their rejection of Ardern’s Covid 19 ‘elimination strategy, Lockdowns, and their absolute rejection of compulsory vaccinations.
No to carbon taxes, first 20k of income tax free.
Their rejection of ‘Transgender indoctrination’ in schools against parents wishes.
Their rejection of the UN Global compact on migration, etc all these clearly stated policies mean New Conservatives trump the Act Party by a country mile, and that is why I will be giving them my party vote, and having had a coffee with their Hamilton West candidate Rudy du Plooy last week I will also be giving him my candidate vote.

It is fitting that here I discuss one of NC’s most important policies, and examples of their party’s integrity and courage and that is their forthright call for the end of Treaty separatism and the race based seats in parliament.
Rudy is an immigrant from South Africa and so he has experienced the evils of Apartheid and appreciates just how violent and unjust Racist politics and bigotry can become.
That is why his party is calling for racial equality before the law.

The Treatment of White South Africans currently going on over there is appalling! Yet not a peep is raised about it by our Woke PM Ardern… because ultimately socialists like her support the oppression of White people.
Many of her own policies are heavily prejudiced against Pakeha New Zealanders, and for all her talk about humanitarian migration, she remains silent in opening New Zealand’s doors to help more oppressed white South Africans… because they are white.
This too despite the fact that White South Africans integrate well into our society as they share common traditional values… yet these are the very values socialists like her are determined to destroy.
Statistically speaking Ardern wants Less white people in New Zealand, and she can turn a blind eye to the fate of white farmers there under the contemptible socialist bromide that they are paying the dues of the white race for the past apartheid regime.
By Socialist math two wrongs do make a right.
Hence Ardern has little conscience about supporting Racist legislations under the pretense of ‘De-colonising’ New Zealand.

In New Plymouth which is a hot bed of Radical Maori separatist activism the NC candidate Murry Chong has heroically weathered a Tempest of outrage for his forthright stand against attempts to further entrench fraudulent Waitangi Apartheid and Treaty partnership doctrines and institutions there. He has suffered the most skewed press that mischaracterised his defense of Racial equality as ‘Opposition to Maori Representation’… which is a complete lie.
What he and his fellow New Conservatives oppose is the ongoing creation of special seats of power whereby Iwi can extort the rest of the people perpetually… as if they have more rights than everyone else.
They seek to rid our nation of such corrupt politics, and when the Maori seats and the rest of the apartheid institutions are abolished, He understands that Maori rights will still be protected by the Law in common with everyone else. Maori will still be able to stand of Parliament and Council, only to do so they will have to campaign before the entire community which will cut off the truly *racist radicals* for ever attaining office because their nasty bigoted views and ambitions will never fly with the whole of the people… and that is how a democracy is supposed to function!
The Racist radicals know that should apartheid politics be brought to an end… so too will their ability to extort unearned and undeserved wealth and privilege be broken.
So many New Zealanders have completely forgotten the most important fundamentals of justice and good government!

The New Conservatives have candidates in every electorate including the Maori seats.
Personally I don’t think it was the right thing to stand in those electorates, yet having said that I appreciate the Nads it takes to do so.
Their candidates in the Maori electorates will face heavy angst from many Maori who have been brainwashed into thinking their party policy to abolish the race based electoral system is a demonstration of anti-Maori bigotry. They will face threats. Yet should they maintain their composure and speak truth with eloquence they will be able to present their case with love.
Truth and principle, and Righteousness are on their side!

You know The New Conservatives are the party that threaten Left wing Radical socialism as no other party is enduring the hate and violence as they are…

Read: Police investigating after New Conservative member ‘slashed’ with knife in west Auckland

Read: Controversial political candidate claims vandalism has got personal

Read: New Conservative party’s electoral campaign billboards defaced with swastikas

I salute all NC candidates for their bravery… The one-eyed mainstream media takes no more pleasure than to pillory the small parties and their candidates who bravely challenge the ‘norms’ of the status quo.

Act’s David Seymour in private professes that the race based system is corrupt and ruining our country yet does not have the balls to say so in public at election time.
That is cowardly. That is unprincipled scheming, and demonstrates the sort of Game playing politician he really is.
How is he any different for the scoundrel Winston Peters who betrayed his supporters last election with regards to making the abolishment of the race-based seats a bottom line for coalition talks?
Sadly… when you dig deep down… despite many good things David has done… he and Winston are not as different as he likes to think.
He too is a game player.

The Leftist radicals of Labour, the Greens, and the Maori Party demonstrate their absolute disregard for fair elections in that they have implemented a strategy of destroying New Conservative election bill boards all about the country… despite their own parties getting far more Taxpayer loot to fund their own campaigns!
Like I said earlier about the struggles of the Libertarianz Party before them… New Zealand elections are far from fair… far for being fought on a level playing field, and so The New Conservatives face an uphill battle against dirty political tactics at every step.
I urge every New Zealander who is alarmed at our headlong plunge into tyranny under Jacinda Ardern to get behind the brave and principled New Conservative party!
If 5% of us do… they will be in parliament and possibly even be included in a coalition government, most likely with National and Act.
This would position them well to lever National into making concessions in alignment with our Values and principles… away from the direction Ardern has carried us.

These are good people who hold to the traditional values that made New Zealand a great and prosperous place to live.
They care about all New Zealanders.
I attended a public meeting a few months back in Te Awamutu where I heard several candidates speak, including the party’s passionate and compassionate deputy, Elliot Ikilei.
He spoke very well, and I was particularly impressed with his insights into the many social conditions that are common for troubled youth that play a large role in such important issues in Maori criminality.
He articulated that from his experience working in this field that all the separatist rhetoric about Maori crime statistics as being evidence of systemic oppression of Maori from colonisation are absolutely false!
Instead he argued that the main driver of Maori criminality was broken homes and a lack of a Father in the house, and thus all the ‘positive discrimination’ going on in the name of ‘closing the gaps’ between Maori and the rest of the country absolutely miss the fundamental issues.
He described how the institution of the Domestic Purposes benefit *was devastating for Maori* because that was corrosive to maintaining families, promoted single parent-ism, and it’s institution correlates perfectly with the exponential growth of Maori dependence on welfare and Broken homes.
Thus Elliot understands that socialism is a dangerous trap!

I myself also know Maori must take ownership of their own violence and substance abuse… these are not evils that can be justly blamed on their Pakeha neighbours but represent the ugly truth of a serious lack of wholesome values that are requisite in having happy homes and personal prosperity in a free and modern society.
Maori need to cut with the shameful blame, and take more ownership of their own mess!

I like the New Conservative party very much.
They have their hearts in the right place.
They offer real and much needed alternatives.
None of them appear to me to be in politics for powers sake, yet they are not perfect.
They have many policies and values I myself hold dear, yet I know they are not a consistent Libertarian party.
They are Democrats… with all the weakness that entails.’
This being so I see great opportunity for improvement, and given the chance I would like to engage in healthy dialogue to see if they are open to reasonable challenge on some of their policies which I do not endorse.
I have already mentioned that I will be voting yes for the right to assisted dying.
This is at variance with the New Conservatives.
Maybe sometime soon I will write a blogpost explaining in more detail why I believe they are wrong to oppose this legal reform, yet because this current post is already insanely long, I want to finish by discussing the New Conservative policy of Citizens Binding Referenda and my intention to vote ‘yes’ for Cannabis law reform in the forthcoming referenda which is again against the expressed policy of the New Conservatives.

At the Te Awamutu meeting my friend and fellow Libertarian Robin Thomsen and I introduced ourselves to Elliot and engaged in a short conversation.
Elliot was happy to talk and spoke candidly.
After a few other subjects I broached the topic of the Cannabis Referendum and asked what his party would do should they succeed in getting into parliament, yet also the people of New Zealand vote for Cannabis legalisation?
He said his party would honor that result despite it being contrary to their own policy and hopes.

That answer was consistent with their policy of citizens binding referenda and demonstrates integrity to that political school of thought despite the result going against their own opinions as to what is best for the country.

As far as ending the war on cannabis being ‘bad’ for New Zealand I emphatically reject that position.
This is a topic I have involved myself for many years having experienced first hand the injustice of criminalising cannabis users, and understand the manifold other detrimental effects these bad laws have on our society. I have been an activist for reform for over 30 years, and in fact it was activism to ‘Free the weed’ that was my first foray into politics trying to fix a broke system.
I would jump from hedge to hedge… covertly distributing ‘NORML’ Pamphlets in Tauranga letterboxes in the dead of night.
I knew the difference between dishonesty and violence, from peacefully enjoying a doobie with friends in my own home… I knew I was being oppressed and that the Law needed to be changed.
I will post links to other Blogposts on this subject below.

The point I wish to finish on, and one I hope the New Conservatives are open to reconsider is the weird way in which they promote binding Citizens referenda in the face of knowing it is just as likely for the majority of people to vote for laws they believe to be *Bad* as it is for good… and I am using the Cannabis referenda as an example.

Is it not apparent to them that *Mob Rule* is no guarantee of Good law or justice?
I see their policy on binding referenda as their Achilles heel.
It’s a policy that actually undermines the *Real foundations of Just Law* which are the Objective principles of Justice such as personal sovereignty, and equality before the Law… and that just government has strictly limited authority over the lives of citizens, the impartial enforcement of legally binding contracts, and limited powers over only such matters pertaining to the defense of rights.
The terms and condition upon which Government is founded, and limits of it’s powers ought to be embodied in a constitution with an iron clad bill of rights upon which democratically elected Parliaments have no authority to encroach.
This is a million miles away from having a system of Mob rule… open ended social arbitrary Law whereby the greatest mob get their way.
Under such a system there is no protection for Individuals or minorities, and the Masses are notorious for being easily duped and manipulated by Charismatic demagogues.

I have much to say on these matters, and it would be my pleasure to open a dialogue with the New Conservatives about these vital political truths.

Now remember the moral dilemmas of the Trolley problems and the uncomfortable reality of having to make choices under circumstances less than ideal, via means that are less than ideal, and which also probably will result… no matter what decision is made in ends that are less than ideal?
My decision to vote ‘Yes’ on the Act Party’s Right to assisted death for the terminally ill referendum, and ‘Yes’ on the Green Party’s Cannabis Law reform Referendum, and also ‘yes’ for the New Conservative party this election are each individual decisions I have arrived at as being the most moral, and just choices available to voters this election.
I am being compelled to make compromises, and there is always an element of risk, yet ultimately from my best evaluations all these choices are the most consistent with my Christian Libertarian values and ideals.
Such is the human condition and predicament.
I don’t pretend my choices are not open to critisism… such is the nature of moral dilemma.

I hope this blogpost is instrumental in winning support for the New Conservatives from Liberty lovers, Free thinkers, and all who are concerned about the Free fall of our country into socialist tyranny.

I believe they will reach 5% if enough of us resolve to give them our support.
They deserve it.
Our Country desperately needs to steer a new course to get back to the freedom and Values we enjoyed not too many years ago before the likes of Ardern came to power.
She is turning our Nation into a Police State!

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

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Banning Plastic Utensils…. Ardern Drunk with Power while N P Bridges wants Raptor Units… Time for NZ to Elect a New Breed.


“The Government will move to ban non-compostible fruit stickers today in response to a huge new report about single-use plastic, Stuff understands.

It’s understood the Government will also move to ban plastic cotton buds and single-use plastic cutlery, items which both have biodegradable alternatives made out of bamboo.

Compostible apple stickers do exist but are not in wide-use.

The announcement will be made on Sunday morning as part of a response to report from the Prime Minister’s chief scientist, alongside a host of other measures…”

Read more here.

My Commentary…

Here we go… more Ardern Messianic Socialism in the name of saving us (and the planet) from our own stupidity and inability to make our own adult choices.
People are so stupid as to swallow just about any excuse to attack freedom ‘Tuff on Gangs’ … ‘Saving the environment’… and they simply dont care about the innocent people who get stomped on in the process as long as its not themselves…. these fools dont understand that this Political corruption is in fact destroying our country….and that they are paying the price in a thousand different ways as our nation asphyxiates itself.

This will cause undeserved pain to some workers and businesses, and will drive up costs because if there were economic advantages in the bamboo versions the market would have naturally gravitated towards them without Miss Dictators Edict.

One step at a time our Nation is sinking under dictatorship.
Like Frogs in a pot… the heat is imperceptibly being turned up… yet the frogs just sit their enjoying the warmth…until they are boiled to death.
Many are actually applauding their own enslavement.

What is especially vile about this is that our population and businesses could have been persuaded to voluntarily make these ‘sacrifices’ and supposed ‘ethical decisions’ had the will been there to have our society one of Reason as opposed to one of Nanny State Tyranny… yet the politics and ethics of freedom are despised by Socialists like Ardern… who *always* resorts to Legal coercion to achieve her aims.

Yet hopefully she will be gone next election… not that National are any better…. Both Bridges and Collins are *Fascists* when it comes to the Police!
We can tell from their recent public announcements that they would love to set up special ‘Strike-force Raptor Units’ to harass Gangs, when in reality These Units *Harass everyone* … and represent a massive descent from Freedom into tyranny.

These facts are seen with the shameful behavior of the Police in Australia…. The attitude of these Units and how they conduct themselves towards the public is outrageous! as can be seen by many Social media posts via Citizens filming their shameful bullying and escalation of the most trivial matters into serious situations whereby the Police are the main instigators… as if Courts are not already overloaded… these Fascist Units create violent situations out of thin air.

Just the facts…..

“The opposition party yesterday proposed setting up an elite police squad – modelled on Strike Force Raptor in New South Wales – with the sole purpose of crushing gangs.

National leader Simon Bridges repeatedly described the unit as “devastatingly effective” and referenced media reports which claimed it was driving outlaw bikies into extinction.
But former NSW detective Mike Kennedy told RNZ that was “nonsense” and Bridges was “living a dream” if he believed that.
“He needs to pull his head out of whatever it’s stuck in because … [gangs] exist. They’re always going to exist. They just go underground.

“I’m not a bleeding heart liberal,” he said. “But [the zero-tolerance strategy has] just been a disaster.”

Read: Australian ex-cop blasts National’s ‘Strike Force Raptor’ plan

Read: Australian criminologist says Strike Force Raptor didn’t reduce gang numbers

The MPs of both Labour and National just dont get *the value of freedom*…. they just dont get it that a Free society tolerates the broadest range of personal choice and association and that the Laws should not destroy Freedom simply to make the Police’s job ‘easier’…. at the expense of the citizens rights!
The Laws are sufficient and the Police have ample powers to arrest *real criminals* without the Evil of making *wearing certain garb (Gang patches)* a crime.
The principles of Freedom of choice and association are too precious to allow the Police to arbitrarily outlaw whatever they like…. yet the sheeple are too ignorant of what is at stake to care… and that is why New Zealand is sinking into a Police State….

And with every ‘Edict’… our economy takes a hit and imperceptibly our entire quality of life is being eroded…
Then these same Politicians say… “why is homelessness and suicides increasing???”… why are children going to school without lunches? Why is everyone struggling to keep their heads above water?
We must need more Nanny State!
More Taxes!

And this is the sad world we will be leaving to our children and Grand children!

Having such Ideologically Corrupt politicians both in power *and* in Opposition has been a gigantic disaster for our country that has nosedived into regressive Dictatorship… Ardern facing Zero resistance from the Main opposition party for her heavy handed policies… So in practical terms National have been in Cahoots with Labour and are effectively no less culpable for what has been afoot under Ardern’s Regime.

So Wake up!
Dont vote Labour or National!
Vote either Act or New Conservative!
Its time for New Zealand to have a better caliber of Parliament…. More respectful of Freedom, and our rights… and esp one that is not systematically selling us out the the UN.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

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