My submission on the inquiry into the government’s response to Covid 19.

Written in haste… last minute… as per usual wiki style.

To the Committee.

Submission of Timothy Wikiriwhi

Inquiry into the operation of the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020

My/our comments
It is in the strongest terms that I condemn how the Ardern led parliament and police have behaved with respect to the Covid 19 crisis, and I personally stand in protest to it.

Never in the history of New Zealand have these two branches of government… in the course of a single election period behaved with such contempt for the Rights of the citizens of New Zealand.

Rushed Legislation of the most intrusive and power grabbing form… without due public input or time to rally public opposition has become ‘the new normal’… never before has a PM, with such hostile personal ideological bents against what may be described as our traditional values upon which our Nation was built… tolerance, self reliance, and Freedom… been allowed to impose themselves with compulsions and prohibitions fully supported by a police force more than willing to wield such new powers granted them, and enforce such new oppressive measures… without conscience.

This is Nanny State on steroids.

I protest the compulsory Lock downs and strangulation of the economy.
I protest the gross largess by which the government has borrowed billions of dollars to plaster over the real consequences of Ardern’s callous bumbling.
I protest the ongoing closure of our borders.
I protest the drive and intentions of Ardern to make any forthcoming Covid 19 vaccinations compulsory.

My protest should not be construed to be an ‘anti-vax’ tirade either.
I am not anti-vaccination.
I am *anti-compulsory vaccination*
I protest the drive to impose ‘contact tracing’ upon everyone and esp the diabolical scheme to use a credit card as a means to bribe people into accepting this massive government intrusion.
I protest any legislation that erodes the public rights to make transactions in cash.
I protest the government control of the internet and the right of New Zealanders to freely discuss Covid 19 and the government response.
I esp protest *The flooding of social media* with Government propaganda designed to overwhelm any alternative opinions.
I protest the power of police to enter homes without a warrant… violating the privacy and isolation of that home… merely upon the word of some busybody neighbours who suspect lockdown laws were being thwarted.
And I protest in the strongest terms the laws that allow Parliament to deploy the army against the citizens of New Zealand to force them into compliance!
This is an act of treason that one expects from such vile tyrannies as China and North Korea!
How is it possible that our parliament has become so contemptuous of the rights of the people to protest against parliament?

My protest should not be construed to be an abdication of common sense… a ‘do nothing’ approach.
It is no such thing…. yet like so many problems in life… Socialist power trippers *always seek to usurp greater powers to themselves and seek to expand the use of oppressive political force* that trample upon the rights and self responsibility of the people.
They choose such means instead of maintaining their rightful bounds, and making appeals to the public to voluntarily follow prudent precautions out of self interest and the public good.
For example any Covid 19 vaccination that becomes available might be offered on a voluntary basis, yet it is essential there should be no censorship of dissenting voices on social media who want to discuss any perceived safety risks involved with the vaccine.

I do not suggest that there be no boarder controls at such times as global pandemics… or quarantine of returning citizens… yet I do protest the tyranny of quarantining the whole nation!

Prudence alone is authority enough for rest-homes to implement self-isolation protocols that could easily be contractually legitimised, and so too the elderly and infirm who are at risk from respiratory viruses go into self isolation.

I contend that had this government behaved with such respect for it’s own limited powers in response to Covid 19 that our nation would be far better off today… esp with regards to having maintained our freedoms… instead we are now occupied by a belligerent Police state that puts its own agenda first.

This is the refutation of the socialist notion that all these state intrusions are justified for the public good!
Tyranny is *not a public Good!
The valuable lessons New Zealanders should have learned from this is how quickly we can be robbed of our cherished rights and liberties… how that currently our parliamentary system has gaping holes allowing heavy handed politicians to pass legislation that is not the will of the people… in fact is without their consent.
These holes need to be welded shut!

There needs to be a public constitutional discussion about removing from parliament the license to pass laws that are contrary to our Bill of Rights.
There also needs to be a Police code of conduct and oath that they will uphold The Bill of Rights as the highest law of the land and that as such The Bill of Rights automatically makes any new whimsical parliamentary laws null and void if they are inconsistent with The Bill of Rights!

Had such constitutional protections been in place before Ardern took power we would not be in the mess we are in today because there would have been no way for Ardern to impose her foolishness and tyranny upon us… and we would have had to handle the crisis very differently… and have gotten very different results.

Contrary to all the propaganda. what Ardern has done has been an abject failure yet we are expected to believe it was a fantastic victory… thanks to ‘The greatest Leader on Earth’!
By Golly Ardern and the media must think the people of New Zealand are morons!

The initial plan was never *elimination* of the virus but to ‘flatten the curve’…. which is something very different… and something that would have happened… if less draconian means were under taken as was the case in other nations like Sweden and South Korea.
Flattening the curve was a strategy by which the nation would be exposed to the virus in a controlled manor… at a rate by which our medical system could cope… and had this been achieved we could today have reopened our boarders by now and began to rebuilt our Tourist industry that is so vital to our economy.

‘Flattening the curve’ was a rational strategy that had a desirable End in sight… where as Ardern’s about face and lie that the game plan was now in fact complete elimination… that is a completely foolish and counter productive ‘own goal’!
She has effectively put us back at stage 1… and we are at risk of outbreak just as we were at the very start despite borrowing and spending the billions… despite having ruined countless lives and businesses!

The Idea that Ardern’s strong hand has saved lives is absolutely fallacious.
Not only did it become obvious early on in the lockdown that Covid 19 was no where near as deadly as we had been led to believe, but also understanding of the virus and how to deal with it effectively began to expand.
Even without a vaccine, effective treatments have been discovered, such as a course of Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc being highly effective even among demographics of the highest risk… the elderly with pre-existing heath conditions.
Also the roll of vitamin D.
These are the sort of Covid 19 facts that Governments, and the World Health Organisation have been very lax on sharing with the public… in fact they have been hostile to it… because their own agenda is to promote compulsory vaccinations.

In the years that follow many uncomfortable truths will become common knowledge that are currently being suppressed and ‘flooded over’ by Government propaganda.
It has been the global propaganda that has affected how New Zealanders have perceived the threat of Covid 19, and the resulting hysteria from this source goes a long way to explain why the Ardern parliament was able to act so rashly… with minimal public outcry.
The systemic corruption with how people were treated in US hospitals… the gross breaches of standard ethics… and esp the fabrication of national records of Covid 19 deaths… due to political interests that seek to panic the people, and the massive financial schemes tapping into all the Covid 19 Billions the governments of the world are throwing about like confetti… Every death recorded as being covid 19 related getting thousands of dollars in funding.
Some interests don’t want the crisis to end…. Billions are changing hands.
We can be certain that when the full truth is known that the real death toll will be well below 50% of what is currently claimed.
Yet it is Politicians like Ardern who rely on the current grossly exaggerated data… the now absolutely discredited computer models, etc to justify the vile and corrupt actions they took… all of which just so happened to suit her own political aims… against the what we know as the Cultural norms of New Zealand as a free Nation.

Conversely the true horrific costs of Ardern’s tyranny in death and economic ruin as a result of the lockdown will become better understood to the degree that her ‘remedy’ will easily prove worse than the disease.
The national suicide tally, deaths from cancers and other ailments due to the cessation of surgeries and health checks.
The job loses, and business closures, the marriage break ups that result from the stress… all need to be weighed up and laid at Ardern’s Jackbooted feet.
Then you will start to get a real idea of the magnitude of destruction and injustice the Ardern government has inflicted upon us via their gross over reaction and usurpation’s.

We are now expected to accept her police state as ‘The new normal’… well I for one absolutely and categorically reject this and demand my full rights and liberties back!
I demand all lock down legislation that curtails my rights, hurriedly passed to be abolished so that that under no circumstances is a PM and parliament allowed to repeat such an imprisonment of the entire population under threat of the Police!

Never again!
It is my hope that any attempt by Ardern or parliament to initiate a second lockdown will be met with mass peaceful protest and non-compliance.

I call upon this committee to report back to parliament of the public outrage at how they absolutely mishandled this so-called crisis esp the contempt they have shown for our rights!

I call for a wide ranging public constitutional debate and process to enshrine The Bill of Rights as the highest law of the land by which all other legislation must comply… one Law, one citizenship, equal for all.

I would like opportunity to present an oral submission should that be available.

Tim Wikiriwhi.

My/our recommendations
I demand all Lock down legislation that curtails my rights, hurriedly passed to be abolished so that that under no circumstances is a PM and parliament allowed to repeat such an imprisonment of the entire population under threat of the Police!

Never again!
It is my hope that any attempt by Ardern or Parliament to initiate a second lockdown will be met with mass peaceful protest and non-compliance.

I call upon this committee to report back to parliament of the public outrage at how they absolutely mishandled this so-called crisis esp the contempt they have shown for our Rights!

I call for a wide ranging public constitutional debate and process to enshrine The Bill of Rights as the highest law of the land by which all other legislation must comply… One Law, One citizenship, Equal for all.

UPdate: 1-7-20

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30 thoughts on “My submission on the inquiry into the government’s response to Covid 19.”

  1. I’ve signed death certificates during Covid-19. Here’s why you can’t trust any of the statistics on the number of victims

    By Malcolm Kendrick, doctor and author who works as a GP in the National Health Service in England. His blog can be read here and his book, ‘Doctoring Data – How to Sort Out Medical Advice from Medical Nonsense,’ is available here.

    As an NHS doctor, I’ve seen people die and be listed as a victim of coronavirus without ever being tested for it. But unless we have accurate data, we won’t know which has killed more: the disease or the lockdown?

  2. “While there is a significant risk for the older, at-risk population, for those under 65 years of age, the economy could have been kept open. Schools didn’t have to close down, and “non-essential” businesses could have continued to serve the public, many of whom had as much a chance of dying from the coronavirus as they did dying on their daily commute, but the lockdowns kept everyone, including the young and healthy, at home. We could have worn masks out in public to help slow the spread and flatten the curve to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. Life could have remained relatively normal, and the economy didn’t have to suffer the way it did.”

  3. What happened to Christianity in this country? A bunch of non believers in parliament. See the abortion law ? How can you rule a nation without God ?

  4. This guy basically vindicate every thing I say in my Submission.

    Epidemiologist: Covid not as dangerous as the fear mongering

  5. “Yesterday I went out, refusing to carry a mask, as usual. The wife hates the masks but wants a quiet life, so she’ll put one on to enter a shop, I don’t. I don’t carry any exemption card. If somebody stops me I want to tell them their masks are useless and irrational.

    Of course from now on I can be fined thousands of pounds (which I don’t have) for being sane. For knowing facts. For refusing to do something that is useless. When there’s not a shred of evidence that wearing masks that aren’t designed to stop viral transmission actually stops viral transmission. When the hospitals are empty. When there are thousands of spare beds. When the virus is almost gone.

    I walk around seeing people wearing these things. The blue surgical ones that are only supposed to be used once. The big black hockey mask type ones that are some kind of designer accessory. The little patterned ones that are about the same as holding a handkerchief. Masks designed for keeping out dust. Masks designed for keeping out paint. Masks designed to be pretty. All of them useless.

    We go and find a cafe for lunch. Half of them are only taking cash. All of them, everybody sitting down, all the staff, no masks. They eat, they get up, they put on a mask. Because the virus doesn’t attack people who are eating. It’s polite, like that. “Oh, sorry, you’re eating, I didn’t realise. No, no, that’s fine. I’ll wait.” The chairs of different customers are right next to each other. The deadly virus won’t attack anyone in a cafe.

    It doesn’t attack when you slip the mask aside to smoke a cigarette, sip a drink, stop to eat. Maybe if we just kept constantly eating it would go away altogether. Oh wait. It already has.

    They have patrol boats on the river at the edge of an Australian State, all the lights fanning out in the darkness, armed guards on patrol. They have countries going back into lockdown when there’s a ‘spike’ which means that ten more people out of 25 million have been detected with the virus, none of whom have died. Restrictions piled on restrictions for this thing that can’t be seen, can’t be heard, can’t be touched. This thing that was here but has largely gone. This thing that threatens you, primarily, if you are an obese man with a heart condition aged 80.

    Closed zones. Containment areas. Lockdowns. Patrols. All for the invisible threat that is as dangerous to most as the common cold. You might as well have all this stuff because some guy said his cows were interfered with by aliens. You might as well lockdown the world for crop circles. Utterly mad.

    It reminds me of The Penultimate Truth by Philip K. Dick. Everyone living underground because they have been told that the world has been destroyed. Only it hasn’t. The leaders pop upstairs and enjoy the sunshine. Millions never know. The lie goes unquestioned. You stay underground for your safety. Be Safe.

    Or be free.”

    ~Bartholomew Chiaroscuro.

  6. Millions of these impoverished people will die as a direct result.
    Many many times more than from the virus itself!
    Should say Socialist Government lockdowns have done this… not the virus.
    Here we see how Globalist minions like Jacinda Ardern take no responsibility for the evils and bankruptcy they have inflicted on their Nations…. in fact its all part of their Machiavellian scheme.
    Coronavirus Has Thrown Around 100 Million People Into Extreme Poverty, World Bank Estimates

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