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Ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo Confirms Lawfare Against Trump is Politically Motivated: Live on Bill Maher. Gateway Pundit.

‘Disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo admitted on live television that the legal cases against Donald Trump were politically motivated.

Speaking to Bill Maher, Cuomo stated that the attorney general’s case against Trump in New York would have never been brought if Trump hadn’t been running for president…”

Read more… *and watch video* here Dems using Lawfare to subvert democracy

The Corruption of the Democrats (And Rinos like Liz Cheney) has reached monumental heights.
They have turned American Politics into a Cesspool.
They have made a mockery of the Justice System.
They think the American people are stupid!
They seriously thought they can get away with all of it… that their blatant abuses of power are either so cleverly framed (in Legal Due process) as to deceive the people, or that the public are as corrupt as they are… so will tolerate their Machiavellian antics for the sake of Keeping Trump out of the Whitehouse. Ie They expect the majority of citizens to act as collaborators in their crimes.
They are partly right on both counts.
Many will tolerate blatant corruption and abuses of power for the sake of keeping Trump out of the Whitehouse. *Trump Derangement Syndrome* is rampant, yet this admission by Cuomo exposing The Dems ‘Lawfare’ (using the justice system to discredit political adversaries and subvert democracy) …simply states what most Americans already knew… *The charges against Trump were Bogus and a Political motivated travesty* and that is why after Trump was convicted for 34 Bogus Felonies the American People sent in a record level of donations in support of Donald Trump!

Millions of Americans are awake to the Wickedness of the Democratic Party!

This signals the Democrats evil schemes have backfired… and actually made a Trump victory more certain.

Now we hear the Dems howling that Donald Trump will reap vengeance upon them should he attain power… ie they are shit scared… imagining he will return to them in kind… as they have meted out to him.. for real!
Umm sounds like they know they have it coming!
Sounds like Justice to me!

“Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has shared concerns over the possibility Donald Trump would send her to jail should he retake the White House in November’s presidential election. ”
From here.
Of course she’s crazier than a Fruit Loop.

“He’s going to weaponize the Department of Justice…and use it to go after people like myself,” former Washington, D.C., police officer Michael Fanone told CBS News. Fanone testified at a 2021 public hearing of the committee and has been an outspoken Trump critic, accusing him of employing authoritarian rhetoric. ” from here

The sheer Hypocrisy of these shysters! They are the one’s (Dems) who have abused their powers! They are the ones who have ‘weaponised’ the justice system…
They should face *Real justice* for their Crimes (esp for their great Frauds around Jan 6 and their False ‘insurrection narrative)
They should be Jailed…
Yet We all know that will never happen… Ie Even if Trump gets back into office the likelihood of any of these corrupt politician ending up in court as being virtually nil.
Trump will instead busy himself taking care of Business… getting the country back on the road to greatness…. because that’s just how he rolls.

Cuomo himself should face criminal charges for his tyranny and corruption during the Covid 19 Scamdemic.
He certainly is not famous for his honesty! We know the only reason he’s prepared to spill the beans on his fellow Democrats is because he himself has been sidelined from the Party Politburo.
Otherwise his lips would remain sealed.

It is telling to me that even in my own country New Zealand I am surrounded by Zombified Morons whose cognitive dissonance prevents them from being able to objectively judge anything Trump does.
They automatically swallow Democrat lies the size of camels when it comes to completely dismissing Trumps many virtues proven in this last term in office.
You just need to listen to his speech he gave at the Libertarian party National Convention earlier this year!
He spent a full 35 minutes during which he spent much of that time speaking about his accomplishments while in office, and the rest speaking of his future plans.
For A Libertarian… it was a truly impressive
To list just a few..
Many of my fellow Kiwi friends… who should know better… don’t know that Trump is the only President in 72 years not to have started any new wars.

They either don’t know that Unemployment among Black and Hispanic Americans reached all time lows during his presidency or wrongly give credit to Obama demonstrating their economic illiteracy when it comes to Trumps regulatory reforms which began to restore Americas competitive advantages and inspire business confidence, etc.

They have no grasp of the numbers of Black and Hispanic Americans who have deserted the democrat plantation and are rallying under the Trump Banner…

Trump is a defender of the Constitution.. Of Free Speech… Of the 2nd amendment… of Keeping mentally ill men out of little girls toilets and changing rooms… ie protecting woman’s spaces… woman’s sports, etc etc.

Trump represents a Bulwark against Globalism… protecting Americans democratic rights to determine their own Laws and destiny.
He represents an end to Woke Madness… to Black lives Matter Riots and the unashamed maintenance and strengthening of America’s Protestant Christian Enlightenment Values and Ideals against such toxic Radical Left doctrines as ‘Critical race theory’ and Transgender Ideology.
He want’s to put a hand break on Climate change hysteria.

Ironically these are all reasons why they see Trump as the Devil!
These are the brain washed masses of useful Idiots whom have been conditioned into a state of Panic about impending Climate doom… taught to hate Freedom and capitalism… hate Christianity and don’t see that it has contributed anything of value to their own quality of life… and who now worship Socialist Globalist Totalitarianism!
They are fully prepared to be integrated into the Global electronic System… they have no grasp of the importance of personal privacy… or of having cash… They have resigned themselves and their children to the Great Beast Machine… as us ‘Resistance is futile’.
Satan laughing spreads his wings.

It only remains to be seen if enough sane enlightened Liberty loving people around the globe are committed to thwarting this Careen into Global Socialist hell!
The Bible predicts this God-rejecting world will at some future point slip completely under Satan’s power for a short season.
This is where Christians like myself make our appeal unto Heaven!
We Pray we can stay off the Time of the Antichrist for a few more decades…. Not on our watch… Dear God!

If I was an American Citizen… I would be supporting and voting for Donald Trump.
He is a True American Patriot and Hero.
May God protect him from his evil enemies.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

Viva Frei. Twitter: The Plandemic. No Forgiveness for what The Globalists Did to us! We must get Recompense!

Viva Frei

When you look back…

-They forced us to stay home for “2 weeks to flatten the curve”. Then 2 months. Then 2 years.
-They forced us to “social distance”. Outside.
-They chained up swings in parks. Tied off outdoor basketball nets. Locked up outdoor dog parks.
-They shut down churches and AA meetings, while leaving open Walmart and liquor stores.
-They forced us to wear masks outdoors. At anti-lockdown protests. Which were outlawed in some jurisdictions. While justifying BLM protests because “racism is a public health crisis”.
-They forced us to celebrate holidays alone. To die alone. To grieve alone.
-They restricted who we could have in our own homes.
-They forced us – or tried to force us – to quarantine our healthy kids for mere exposure. Only to claim it was a “communications mistake”.
-They forced us to “contact trace”.
-They forced us and our kids to wear potentially toxic masks for the better part of the day.
-They demonized, censored, issued crippling financial penalties, and even jailed those who protested.
-They forced us to take an experimental medication after having immunized the pharmaceutical companies from all liability.
-They lied to us about safety, efficacy, and quality control.
-They ignored those who were killed by their experimental drug.
-They vilified the grieving parents of deceased children for speaking out.
-They destroyed our economy, transferred our wealth to their already-wealthy political friends, increased their power, while straddling the working class with unbearable debt.

This was not an accident. It was not incompetence. It was not innocent.

It was by design.

It wasn’t a test. It was the first step. And if it passes with no political and legal repercussions, we will have learned nothing, they will have won, and there will be no going back.

I will never forgive. I will never forget. And I will always scream into the abyss until those responsible get there legal and/or political comeuppance.
2:34 pm · 23 Jul 2023

Viva Frei Youtube

“Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence? Michael W Smith.

Read this my feeble friends and fellow slaves… who tremble at the thought of the smallest inconveniences should they be so foolish as to believe Freedom was worth any personal risk or sacrifice…. is not such a celestial article of the highest value?

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

Found Here.

“Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence? Michael W Smith.

Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died. Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons in the revolutionary army, another had two sons captured. Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the revolutionary war.
They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.
What kind of men were they? Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants, nine were farmers and large plantation owners, men of means, well educated. But they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the penalty would be death if they were captured.
Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept from the seas by the British Navy. He sold his home and properties to pay his debts, and died in rags.
Thomas McKeam was so hounded by the British that he was forced to move his family almost constantly. He served in the Congress without pay, and his family was kept in hiding. His possessions were taken from him, and poverty was his reward.
Vandals or soldiers or both, looted the properties of Ellery, Clymer, Hall, Walton, Gwinnett, Heyward, Ruttledge, and Middleton.
At the battle of Yorktown, Thomas Nelson Jr., noted that the British General Cornwallis had taken over the Nelson home for his headquarters. The owner quietly urged General George Washington to open fire. The home was destroyed, and Nelson died bankrupt.
Francis Lewis had his home and properties destroyed. The enemy jailed his wife, and she died within a few months.
John Hart was driven from his wife’s bedside as she was dying. Their 13 children fled for their lives. His fields and his gristmill were laid to waste. For more than a year he lived in forests and caves, returning home to find his wife dead and his children vanished. A few weeks later he died from exhaustion and a broken heart. Norris and Livingston suffered similar fates.
Such were the stories and sacrifices of the American Revolution. These were not wild eyed, rabble-rousing ruffians. They were soft-spoken men of means and education. They had security, but they valued liberty more. Standing tall, straight, and unwavering, they pledged: ‘For the support of this declaration, with firm reliance on the protection of the divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.’”

Michael W Smith.

General Christian Blanchon’s Tribute in Honour of the Unvaccinated.

Shared to me via E mail today….

General Christian Blanchon

French General Christian Blanchon published a message in the French press to “pay tribute” to the unvaccinated for their extraordinary achievement, withstanding the immense – even inhuman – pressure from all quarters.

His “vote of honor” has now been translated worldwide and shared in large numbers, as it gives all the people who were defamed, marginalized and attacked during the Corona period the “recognition they deserve.”

This is General Christian Blanchon’s message in honor of the unvaccinated:

“They’re there, by your side, they seem normal, but they’re superheroes.

Even if I were fully vaccinated, I would admire the unvaccinated for withstanding the greatest pressure I have ever seen, including from spouses, parents, children, friends, coworkers, and doctors.

Those capable of such character, courage, and critical thinking undoubtedly embody the best of humanity.

They are everywhere, in all ages, levels of education, countries and opinions.

They are of a special kind. They are the soldiers that any Army of the Light would wish to have in their ranks.

They are the parents every child desires and the children every parent dreams of.

They are beings that transcend the average of their societies, they are the essence of the peoples who have built all cultures and conquered all horizons.

They are with you, by your side, they seem normal, but they are superheroes.

They did what others could not, they were the tree that withstood the hurricane of insults, discrimination and social exclusion.

And they did it because they thought they were alone, and they thought they were alone.

Shut out from their families’ Christmas tables, they have never seen anything so gruesome. They lost their jobs, they dropped their careers, they had no money…

… but they persevered.

They suffered immeasurable discrimination, denunciations, betrayals and humiliations….

… nevertheless they remained steadfast.

Never before in human history has there been such a “casting”, we now know who the resistance fighters are on planet earth.

Women, men, old, young, rich, poor, of all races and all religions, the unvaccinated, the chosen of the invisible ark, the only ones who managed to resist when everything collapsed.

They are the ones who passed an unimaginable test that many of the toughest Marines, Commandos, Green Berets, Astronauts and Geniuses could not pass.

You are made of the stuff of the greatest that ever lived, those heroes born of common men who glow in the dark.”

– Gen. Christian Blanchon (08.09.2022)


When this French General talks of ‘The Resistance Fighters’, he is of course drawing a parallel with the Heroic French Resistance who operated during the Nazi Occupation of France in WW2.
They are to be juxtaposed to ‘The Collaborators’…. those who did not merely submit to Nazi Rule… but who actually aided and abetted their Tyranny…
It is such times that try men’s souls…. prove mettle… the cut of one’s cloth….
It was the Resistance that carried and maintained the honour of France in that crisis.

How Satanic is the lie that those of us who Resisted the Tyranny and Propaganda, and Social stigma are the ones accused of being ‘Far Right Extremists’!!!!
You can Spot the real Nazis… they are the ones wearing the State Jackboots!
They are the ones who demand we all OBEY.

My Friends…. teach your children ‘Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God Almighty’. Benjamin Franklin.

Our greatest strength is in our courage to stand defiant… Peaceful Non-compliance and resolve.

Give me Liberty… or Death!

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

Covid 19 Blog posts by Tim Wikiriwhi….





Nazi Thugs just over the ditch! Australian Police State well advanced… New Zealand Bikers Beware!

Protect and Serve.

Police Brutality in ‘God’s Own’

Filthy Bastards: “It was an Accident”. Kim Dotcom Raid.






Jackboot New Zealand Police Use Fake Complaint to Raid Christian Pastor Carl Bromley’ s Home and take his Legal Firearm. Was this another Attack by the Radical Far Left Deplatforming Gang?

Please watch this video below.

This is an outrage… This is Political oppression of those of us who do not bow down to our ‘Great leader’.
This is how Socialist Tyranny begins and is what happened in Venezuela to those who dared voice opposition to Chavez and Maduro.
Standard practice: Gun bans, and confiscations from critics of the Regime.
New Zealand is now headed down that road.
We can no longer be considered a free democratic Western Nation.

For the thought crime of speaking out against the Police State of Jacinda Ardern…..
Conservative Christian Pastor Carl Bromley has come under the Evil Eye several times over the past year.
He received visits from the NZ Police with regards to maintaining his religious right to hold small worship services in the face of a Covid Lockdown despite no cases of Covid being detected in the entire South Island.
This proved the lockdowns have little to do with medical science/ public health and everything to do with power and control… forcing mindless obedience and compliance… and breaking Christian resistance to tyranny.

Watch/Read a derogitory mainstream media post Newshub here….

COVID-19: Christchurch pastor Carl Bromley rants at police, says Govt ‘seeking to rape me of right to worship’ after church gathering targeted

It has been in response to such overt tyranny and rights violations that has alarmed many ordinary New Zealanders… how Draconian our nation has become under Comrade Ardern’s heavy hand.
Many are joining the growing peaceful protest movement against compulsory vaccinations, mask mandates, and lockdowns.
Some of the biggest demonstrations in the history of our nation have been going on in recent months all across the country and outside the Beehive, largely ignored by the compromised Mainstream media who are failing in their moral duty to keep NZ Citizens informed about real News that affects them. Whenever such protests are mentioned it is always in derogatory terms and purposeful falsehoods about the numbers of protesters in attendance.
All part of a concerted effort to Keep New Zealanders scared, Isolated, and in the dark about the scale of Democratic resistance to Ardern’s Globalist Tyranny.
The plan is to keep the sheeple thinking resistance is futile.

Carl Bromley is no sheep!
He is one such conservative New Zealander and Christian who has become alarmed at what has been going on under Ardern and has been actively doing his part to defend the Kiwi dream.
True to his Christian values and deep sense of community, He has been doing so in a completely peaceful manor motivated by high ideals and charity.

This is the sort of man he is… and yet the evil political powers of our day have an agenda they seek to Ram trough which is at sharp variance with New Zealand’s freedom loving, self reliant, and independent ways, and it is good people like Carl who stand in their way.
He and his ilk must therefore be stomped into submission and silenced.

Voice your disapproval of the Powers that be?… Lose your firearms license!
That’s how the system works now in NZ…esp if you are poor and cannot afford expensive lawyers.

By taking the side of freedom this peaceful Good man has found himself exposed to the hate and violence of Far left Radicals, and under the spotlight of a newly politicised Police State.

Peacefully fulfilling his moral duty as a concerned citizen and member of a Democratic society, Carl attends public rallies and protests.
These rallies are usually openly advertised… time and place on Social media sites… and this makes it possible for Radical Far Left Purple haired Gender confused supporters of Ardern’s tyranny to turn up and create trouble.
They have zero respect for Free speech and live to create chaos.
It was while attending such a rally that Carl was assaulted by a Far left Radical, and having also been slandered on-line Carl lodged a complaint with the Police.
They chose to ignore it.

Read about this here… Christchurch Pastor’s Home Raided by New Zealand Police on NYE: Daily Examiner.

Such is the state of our Nation… White Male Christian freedom advocates can be slandered and assaulted with Official impunity… esp when they have been flagged as being ‘Anti-government racist radicals’.
Like so many Vocal defenders of Kiwi Freedom and rights Carl has no doubt been put on the Police Shit list…(they have these now for political dissenters, bloggers, etc) while the real dangerous malicious radicals of the Far left operate openly… virtually with official sanction… as they share much in common with our Socialist PM.

Read: Police Admit to Surveilling The BFD

Being flagged as a possible dangerous Extremist not only will make it harder for people like Carl to get the police to act on any complaints they make, it opens them up to being the target of Police intimidation and injustice.
This is happening now in New Zealand.
New Laws expose New Zealanders to heavy Police intrusions on the smallest of pretext.
Under such a climate all it takes to trigger a heavy handed response from the NZ Police is for some petty minded and malicious person who has a grudge against someone like Carl to make a false complaint.
And there is now a gang of Nasty Left wing Antifa types operating in New Zealand doing precisely this.
And they have been destroying peoples lives.

Please bear with me as I stitch together how what has happened to Carl fits into the big picture.
His is not an isolated case.
One high profile example of the activities of this malicious Far left Deplatform Gang’s was the sacking of Independent You Tuber and political commentator Lee Williams.
Lee, via his ‘Cross the Rubicon’ You Tube channel was very critical of Jacinda Ardern’s globalist politics, and was also locked into an online ideological war with several members of the Radical Far left Deplatform Gang.
Jealous of Lee Williams growing You tube following These nasty underhanded radicals used slanderous lies to blackmail Lee’s then Employers Synlait Dairy company with ‘Employing White Supremacist’s’. Synlait caved into this extortion and sacked Lee for the sake of avoiding damage to their companies reputation.
Lee is not a White Supremacist!
Lee in fact challenged systemic racism embedded in the New Zealand system in favour of racial quality before the law!
That was Lee’s crime… pointing out the corrupt racism inherent in our system.
Yet the Liars prevailed and Lee’s life was destroyed.
To escape the persecution he was facing Lee left New Zealand.
All this made the national news (except the truth about this being a Far left extremist extortion Con job).
Lee’s struggles were better covered by independent media sites like The BFD, and Blogs like ‘Eternal vigilance’, and others.
Lee got zero justice from the New Zealand Police for what he endured… The fraudulent slander and extortion that led to his unfair dismissal.
Because Lee in their book was flagged as a ‘troublemaker’ who does not deserve fair treatment.
So Like Carl’s complaint to the Police about being assaulted… Lee’s injustice also was not investigated.
The deplatforming gang faced zero legal consequences for their extortion racket, which will have only served to embolden them to continue.
Lee’s condemnation of Ardern’s Apartheid ambitions centered around her secreting of the He Pua Pua report that is a blueprint for handing over vast resources and powers to Maori Tribal Elites reached the halls of Power in particular Ardern’s Collaborators in the Maori Party.
These MPs joined in on the extortion of Synlait Dairy company, and persecution of Lee… some even calling for his residency to be revoked and for him to be deported.

All this because Lee spoke his personal political views on a small Youtube channel!

With this sort of persecution going on for anyone voicing dissenting opinions, you can easily imagine the dampening effect this has had on open political discourse in New Zealand.
You can be sure New Zealand Intelligence services opened up a Dossier on Williams and began collating who his associate were, etc, with a view of painting them as ‘Potential Domestic Terrorists’.

Picture: ‘Cross the Rubicon’ Youtuber Lee Williams.

It is public knowledge that Carl Bromely is a close friend of Lee Williams.

Carl is a man who stood up in defense of Lee when he was undergoing his ordeal.
This activity puts yet another X against his name in Police files.

Even if we put aside Carl’s own defiance regarding his right to worship, his mere association with Lee Williams is reason alone for us to suspect the New Zealand Police have a low opinion of Carl and care little about what injustices he suffers at the hands of Far Left extremists.
To the far Left, virtually everybody else on the political spectrum is considered ‘far right’.

From his bold defense of Lee Williams Carl will have drawn upon himself the malevolent attention of the Deplatforming Gang who destroyed his friends life.
You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to suspect that Carl Bromley is most likely the latest target of this well known Far Left Deplatforming Gang.
The police ought to have been aware of the high probability the complaint questioning Carl’s fitness to hold a firearms license was a malicious lie.
If this proves to be true it makes what the Police did to Carl Bromely not simply an act of gross incompetence… but a serious pre-meditated injustice.
Either the Police were easily fooled into committing violence against an innocent man, or they knew the complaint was fraudulent yet moved to take Carl’s gun anyway!
That’s blatant corruption!

Carl called the complaint ‘Bogus’ and we can be certain that it was Bogus because of Carl’s impeccable character.
Carl has Zero Police record, yet given how the Gun Laws work and Police powers and discretion, it is very difficult *for anyone* to srutinise whether or not the Police are acting upon accurate information because the whole process is cloaked in secrecy… so basically… unless you can raise a ton of cash for Lawyers etc… The Police can do whatever they please… and fabricate bogus arguments that arbitrarily call *anyone’s character or mental fitness* into question to quazi-justify their Draconian activities.
Where is the impartial oversight in how such cases are executed whereby abuses can be called out?

This must be investigated.
The veracity of the complaint that was used to raid Carls home must be scrutised.
At a minimum this raid shows that there is a lack of safeguards protecting citizens from suffering such an arbitrary home invasion by the police and confiscation of legitimately held firearms.

The Far Left Deplatforming gang must broken up, and face criminal charges.

These things must be done and yet the political corruption of our democracy is far more serious than the activities of a malicious gang of Far left Nut jobs.

The Police need to own up to their grievous error and return Carl’s lawful property.
They need to compensate him for the damages they caused and the torment they inflicted on his wife.
And most importantly they must expunge from his records any hint of wrongdoing that might stain his reputation in the future.

There is the serious matter of the attitude of the Police towards a Good Kiwi Citizen who had done nothing wrong, but simply expressed his vocal critisism of the government of the day.

I want you my reader to understand how the Ardern Regime has politisised the Police and turned them into an instrument for attacking the democratic rights of New Zealanders who want to see Ardern thrown out of office… via the democratic process… which includes the rights to free speech, to assemble, and to protest.
These are absolutely essential for the just functionality of a democratic system of governance whereby those in power only hold office by the ongoing consent of the governed.

What must be understood is that not only did Ardern shamelessly capitalise on the Christchurch Terror attack to confiscate New Zealand citizens guns, She also used this atrocity as a justification for weaponising the Police against her political opponents.

Lets look at the Governments own Website…

From here.

Notice how holding religious views, or political opinions outside the mainstream is viewed as Potential Terrorist traits.
And the assertion that our ‘Open internet’ makes us vulnerable to terrorist attacks!
Hmmmm so the government should take control of the internet… ‘to keep us safe from terrorism’… yeah right!
That way they could block Youtube channels Like Lee’s and Carl’s that critisise Ardern’s genius!
Yes! that will make New Zealand ‘Safer from terrorism’.
(I’m joking.)

Notice how the democratic right to protest has been lumped next to terrorism by the simple addition of the word ‘Violent’. So in the mindset of the Police, anyone who attends a protest could be a potential Terrorist.
Is that really a fair and just… or sane way for the Police to look at Citizens exercising their Democratic rights?

Is the likelihood of New Zealand suffering a serious Terrorist attack really ‘Medium’ or Low?
It serves Ardern’s Political purposes to say the likelihood of terrorist attack is “Medium, feasible, and could well occur” because this allows her to put the Police and army in a state of Active preparation.

“Get out there and find those Anti-government Far Right White supremacist religious Extremist Domestic terrorists!!!! Start by snooping about on You Tube! Anyone who does not like Jacinda Ardern is probably a terrorist!”

The government’s own counter terrorist web page states…

“Our strongest defence against terrorism is a cohesive, resilient society.”

With this in mind it must be pointed out that heavy handed Police raids etc *has the very opposite effect!*
Such draconian behaviour is not conducive to harmonious social order but fosters resentment and outrage… and rightly so!
If the Police wanted to promote a cohesive resilient society they would respect the rights of the people to hold their own views.
They should respect liberty and enforce the law fairly and without political prejudice.
And yet we see at so many points Arderns ‘Inclusive Society’ excludes anyone who disagrees with her personal Political ideology.
Ardern demands obedience and submission by all.
We are expected to allow her to do what ever she pleases without murmur.
That is not how a Free society functions.
That is how a Dictatorship functions.
By becoming heavy handed the Police themselves are creating civil unrest.
Wake up!

While I personally believe the threat of Terrorism is extremely low, given how belligerent Ardern has been towards the rights of the New Zealand people, and mobilising the Police against her detractors… the threat of Anti-Ardern Protests turning ugly is inevitably on the rise.

Ardern seeks to use the Police as a shield while she continues to radically alter our Nation with absolute contempt for due process and the safeguards that would normally prevent such Autocratic behavior.
She has seen the growing protests. She knows she no longer enjoys the support of the people.
This is why under Ardern protests are being viewed by Police as potential Terrorist activities.

Democracy is fundamentally about the peaceful transfer of power based upon the will of the people, yet socialist dictators once in power have a long history of subverting democracy for the sake of retaining power… at any price.

Peaceful, good natured, freedom loving Carl Bromley, as a religious person who holds strong resentment for what Comrade Ardern is doing tick’s a heck of a lot of her government’s ‘Counter-Terrorism ‘ Boxes’, and we can be sure that they wanted to take away his guns ( make no mistake… they would like to take away everyone’s guns!).
Getting a fake complaint was what they were waiting for… and all they needed to do precisely that.

This fixation on ‘Domestic terrorism’ is a psychological contagion that has poisoned the New Zealand Polices outlook towards the people they serve.
It has turned them into Ardern’s Goon Squad.
Keeping the people in line and under her subjection.
So the New Zealand Police have been diverted from busting burglars and rapists and turned into policing political opinions.

I fear the Police are being prepped for war against the citizens of our country.
The Political elites know their Covid Bullshit is hurting a lot of people and making them very pissed off.
They realise that growing Public outrage to what the Ardern regime is hell bent on doing is highly likely to escalate into serious civil unrest.
The mask of ‘Kindness’ has fallen.
As our Cold hearted Great Leader shows Iron resolve to push through her revolutionary agenda at any price, She has implemented a heavy handed strategy to keep the people in check.
This is what Anti-democratic tyranny looks like!
No Joke. I believe the Police are in full preparation to put down a popular uprising against the State.
All the signs are there to see.
This puts the Police in opposition to the will of the people, propping up the unpopular dictatorial power.
This Police State makes the democratic peaceful transfer of power impossible and creates the conditions for serious civil unrest.

What Globalist influences have been at work indoctrinating our Police to prevent the New Zealand people defending our National Autonomy?
Have they been warned about the coming Global economic collapse?
Have they been warned about the Great Reset and move towards a Global cashless society?

It is only these sorts of scenario that makes what they have been doing lately explicable.
All their activities are flagrant attempts to forcefully suppress voices of opposition to Ardern’s Rule.

This same scenario is being played out in democracies all across the globe. Many nations have their own ‘Globalist Ideologues’ at the helm whose actions clearly demonstrate their loyalty is to the New World Order, not their own peoples independence. And people in these nations can see they are being taken for a ride to a destination they don’t want to be.

We have just seen peaceful Anti Vax Mandates/ Anti-lockdown protests in the Netherlands explode into all out riots.

Even though All Protests in New Zealand have been absolutely peaceful, it would be foolish for us not to appreciate that the New Zealand government is watching such overseas events with trepidation and that as such are unjustly transferring their fears that similar things could happen here. The Globalists seeking to subjugate the planet have also calculated how to prevent popular uprisings from thwarting their ultimate goals, and it is with this in mind that their minions in every Nation have been politicising and conditioning the Police and military to be prepared to use their arms against their own Citizens… as enemies of the State.

History is irrefutable that this is how Socialist Systems operate and maintain themselves… by keeping the people down. Under Jacinda Ardern our Nation is sinking fast!
We have now reached a point where to protest against what she is doing is to risk being labeled a danger to the State and losing your firearms license!
Only subservient supporters of the Regime get to enjoy such privilege!

Where does the loyalty of the average Policeman stand?
Any Police reading this need to ask themselves this important moral question.
Is it the duty and purpose of the Police to stand With the People and defend their rights… or do they consider it their job to be the Mindless enforcers of the Party Politicians who have managed to get hold of the levers of Power?

If Americans ever wondered what it would be like if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was running the USA they need look no further than how Jacinda Ardern has behaved while she has been at the helm in New Zealand.
Like AOC Ardern is a far Left Extremist. Like AOC Ardern has zero grip on the real world, or the catastrophe far left political ideology represents.
Ardern clearly shows she is prepared to lie, deceive, bankrupt our nation, and create a police state to impose her globalist delusions upon the people of New Zealand.
She has been the Perfect Storm.

Take a look at what happened in Venezuela when the shit hit the fan and the tyrannical Socialist government bankrupted the Nation and started killing it’s own citizens who dared protest.
Today Venezuela is in ruins and its people are starving… where would you stand if you were a member of the Police in such a crisis?
Where ought your loyalties lie?


It could very well be that with the ever increasing stranglehold this government places on the throats of the New Zealand public, that unless peaceful protests prevail in reversing our nations freefall into Totalitarianism… The struggle could turn very ugly… Peaceful means having failed it could come to civil war… The People vs the Corrupt State.
Unless they are prepared to disobey unjust orders, The New Zealand Police could quickly become like so many Jackbooted thugs in Communist Nations used to crush, Murder, and imprison Good brave Citizens who have been compelled to turn to Force to oust the tyrants who have sort to destroy and oppress their Nations.
In such cases the Criminals are the ones in power.

Far be it from me to ever advocate for such a situation!
Though the right of revolution to overthrow tyrannical government is a fundamental right of the people, it is for me too terrible to be contemplated.
If attempted it would also be highly likely to fail, and result in greater atrocities and injustices.
Unless the Military and the Police were on the side of the people.
We should watch what happens now in the Netherlands very carefully.
Will the Netherlands government capitulate in the face of such Violent protests or will they double down on their tyranny?
What will happen is depended upon how far the Socialist globalists in power there are prepared to go to retain their grip on power.

I believe the greatest hope Freedom advocates everywhere have of winning Freedom back is to shun all acts of Violence, Vandalism, Rioting, and destruction, and instead maintain our peaceful stand… even in the face of such injustices as have been dished out to Carl Bromely.
We should rally around such people.
We must protest against what was done, and yet we ought to remain civil at all times… This makes it very difficult for the tyrants to deploy the Jackboots against us with Full fury… because More people see what they are doing… see how unjust the régime is… and their ability to govern evaporates.
With the passing of time more and more people join the ranks of Resistance.
Despite such atrocities as Tiananmen Square in 1989
Peaceful resistance can break the resolve of all but the most brutal of tyrannies.
History proves that Peaceful people movements can defeat vastly stronger Political interests.
Two noteworthy examples are the Peaceful protest movements of Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King Junior.

The essential thing is for the People to stand in protest *before* such Absolute tyranny gains a strong grasp.

Given that the New Zealand people have zero stomach for Bloody Revolution and little means by which such measures might be achieved, Peaceful resistance offers the best prospects of success by far.
So I assert that Peaceful resistance is not only the Higher moral path, but also is the most pragmatic reason for hope that we shall prevail in keeping our Nation Independent and Free from the Globalist Tyranny.

But to achieve this we must Bravely stand together!
We cannot allow such things as happened to Our Boy Carl Bromley to go unchallenged, without voicing strong displeasure and a demand for justice.
The Police need to be censured and know New Zealanders will not respect them unless they respect our rights!
What happened to Carl ought to stimulate us to stand even more resolved for our Free Nation!
We cannot allow such vile police State antics to become the norm.
Nor should we tolerate the Police’s Anti-private Firearm ownership attitude.
This in itself shows the Police have become arrogant and forget their place… that is as our servants.
Citizens have strong gun Rights… Slaves do not.

The Freedom movement must also be on the watch for Subversive ‘Wolves in sheeps clothing’ entering in among us seeking to corrupt our movement from within.
Beware any so-called freedom activists who start to promote Hatred, violence, or Riotous behavior.
It is only by walking the righteous path that we can avoid being legitimately labeled a danger to civil order.
Any Civil disobedience must be 100% peaceful. The evil powers that be would love to see the freedom movement collapse into Mayhem, for that would be their opportunity to send in the jackboots.
As long as we adhere to Peaceful Protest we have the upper hand and occupy the Moral high ground.
Peacefully Protest. Peacefully Resist. Peacefully refuse to Comply.
I speak with certainty that Carl Bromley will whole heartedly agree with those sentiments.
I will also say We must never surrender our rights. We will not show our papers. We will not accept a cashless system. We will not surrender our National independence to any Global overlords.

Carl Bromley is a man of Peace, Freedom, and Justice.

Tim Wikirwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

Watch (below) what Carl had to say only a few weeks ago… and what probably triggered some Radical leftist or some Ardern Minion in Government to target him and conspire to get the New Zealand Police to oppress him.

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Jacinda Ardern’s Contempt For New Zealanders Who Will Not Submit. Ardern’s Economic Destruction Of Our Nation, And The Rising Of Resistance Against Her..

To be edited…

Click and Watch this video (below)…

Ardern’s Megalomania blooms!
She is being wooed and encouraged by the Globalist Cabal, and worshipped by myriads of spineless sycophant’s at home.

A common psychological trait of famous people surrounded with adoring worshipers is they can become bewitched by it… and begin to think they really are God’s gift to humanity.
She faces Zero opposition in parliament…. Zero.
Instead of Being held to account by a questioning media, they shamelessly propagates her Cult!
She has become comfortable wielding tyrannical powers… and is now getting off treating people like Cattle she is farming with complete disregard for the economic disaster she is orchestrating.
I salute Independent voices like Paul Watson for using their channels to expose to the world they tyranny of Ardern and showing the plight of our nation under her thumb.

An economic catastrophe is unfolding… all hail Jacinda Ardern and the Plandemic!

Watch this video of National Party MP and ‘Shadow Treasurer’ Andrew Bayly lets loose on Labour in Parliament.

This was shared to me via Email. (I’m not on FB yet we can still watch it)
It’s still not 100 on the money as far as Arden’s planned oppression of the non-vaxxed… it still promotes Lockdown welfare… yet it is still epic because It exposes the reality of the pain going on that the NZ media have been complicit in hiding.
Good on this man…. He’s about as good as New Zealand seems to be able to muster at present… at least he’s not kissing Arderns arse like Colins.

Ardern is destroying our nation.
Setting us up for the great reset… and you can bet she expects to be well rewarded in the NWO for her treachery.
This validates what I was talking about… Read


Why do you think the Mainstream media are not informing New Zealanders about the real costs of Ardern’s lockdowns?
Why are they allowing such a lrge percentage of Kiwi to go through these Lockdowns blissfully unaware of what is really the cost of Ardern’s policies?
The Nation has never been slung with such massive National debts in our entire history… Our Businesses have never suffered such Devastations!
Ardern is leading the sheeple down the garden path.

Yet you may recall the saying you cant fool all of the people all of the time!
That is because reality has a way of waking people up!
After two years of Covid hysteria and ‘Emergency Tyranny’ the so called ‘Team of 5 million’ is not so cuddly now!

A Popular Uprising has begun… Listen to this Radio interview…

Former TV host Liz Gunn explains comments made about Jacinda ArdernON AIRHEATHER DU PLESSIS-ALLAN DRIVE

The People… conservative people… are waking up to what Ardern is doing to our country and what is at stake for their children’s future.
Liz Gunn is to be highly praised for not being like so many Kiwi woman… absolutely mesmerised… rendered catatonic by Cult Leader Jacinda Ardern.
Liz refuses to drink the cool aid.
She is Righteously Pissed off!
Liz is calling New Zealanders to rally for our freedom against Ardern.

The two classes of people Arden is creating in New Zealand are those who obey her and comply with her dictates… they keep their rights to the degree of her own discretion, and then there are the second class citizens who choose not to obey her… choose not to comply with her wishes. She has so twisted our system of government to be able to Punnish New Zealanders who disagree with her… and impose oppressive measures against them… taking away their rights,,, under threat of Police thuggery!

There is no *science* behind Ardern’s ‘goal’ of 90% vaccination as being some sort of magic number that will ‘Save New Zealanders’ from Covid 19.
It is simply and purposefully an extreme level of compliance that guaranteed Ardern would have to resort to further draconian policies to achieve.
There was never any hope of getting such a total voluntarily as there are far more than 10% of the population who are personally opposed to the Ardern/ Global Vax Scheme.
These powers and rules were always going to be dropped upon New Zealanders who refuse to submit to her… punishing her political opponents… that is the minority of people willing to stand up for their Freedom and rights.
Unless she feels the indignation of the people, she will simply continue the accrual of power unto herself, and the imposition of her own will.
New Zealand will be transformed into a Chinese like Socialist State.
Should these ever-ratcheting oppressive powers succeed in getting 90% compliance, it will never be legitimately claimed that such measures are a pragmatic ‘Success’.
It will signal that Freedom in New Zealand is dead.

Take a look at Norway (Read here) which has ended all Covid Restrictions and Returned to Normal.
No Social distancing… every thing open… and they did this having only 67% fully (two shots) Vaccinated!
This is just one of many examples that exposes Ardern and her demands for 90% compliance before lifting Covid restrictions as being maniacal.

This is to completely flout the New Zealand bill of Rights section 11 which states the New Zealanders have the right to refuse medical treatments.
It does not make exceptions saying compelling medical treatments is ok…’For National emergencies’… or ‘for Pandemics’… or ‘For the common good’, etc.
It says *We have the right to refuse medical treatments* because of what happened in WW2 with Nazi Germany!
We have the right to refues medical treatments because *we own ourselves*… we are not slaves of the Government.
Yet the NZ Bill of rights is as useless as toilet paper because it is not entrenched.
And Ardern seeks to enslave us all and sell our Nation out to the Globalist New World Order.

As a Libertarian I has spent the last 20 years trying to warn New Zealanders about how open our system was to abuse of power, and that it allows the indefinite expansion of Political power at the expense of our rights.
I have warned that we need to create a new constitution that limits State powers and guarantees our Rights, Liberties, and Property.
We have reached a crisis point.
All it took was the rise to power of a Socialist dictator who hates the New Zealand way of life and everything it is founded upon.
Someone willing to turn every apparent crisis into an opportunity to destroy our freedoms.

Are you going to roll over and allow this to happen without a struggle?
Make no mistake… we still have the means to thwart Ardern’s Communist take over!
Rise up now before she has utterly destroyed the Kiwi Dream and the Kiwi way of Life!

‘Pride cometh before the fall’. Arden thinks she is our Empress!
She has become Autocratic. and that we must be subject to her will.
She circumvents the democratic processes at every turn.

We must unite against her and bring her down by People power… and all the Lapdogs in parliament whom have aided and abetted her.
We must show them who really is Boss in a Democracy!
That our Rights are not held by their caprice!

Do not be fooled that all hope is lost simply because the mainstream media is not reporting any resistance!
Check out alternative social media and video streaming platforms like Rumble and Bitchute.
Quit being brainwashed by Facebook and the Mainstream media who are own by Ardern and Pfizer!
Don’t believe that the whole country is taken in by Ardern’s Cult.
People are not happy, and this issue has the capacity to unify a very broad spectrum of New Zealanders together whom at other times are at variance with one another.
For example there is very strong Activism afoot within the Maori Community who… being the most Vaccine adverse demographic in New Zealand realise they will suffer the most from Arderns medical apartheid.


These Maori are not going to sit by and allow Ardern to trample them down!
These are people with whom other demographics opposed to Compulsory Vaccination and coercion to join together in a common cause, yet to do this we must be prepared to put our differences of opinions on other matters aside for the sake of this commonly held concern… and such cooperation will without doubt be conducive to more amicable dialouges in the future on other issues as trust is built up and the realisation that in the end we all share common desire that can only be justly served by treating eachother with mutual respect and upholding Equality before the Law, and freedom for all.

In the Paul Watson You tube video, his comments about ‘Maori being oppressed’ in the 50s ought to be forgiven him given that is by far the most common view almost universally propagated on the net, and yet he is smart enough to see that Ardern’s new Tyranny will dis-proportionately affect/ Oppress the Maori demographic given they are the most Vaccine hesitant.
And they are *Hesitant*… not simple ‘out of touch’ or ‘out of reach’…. They don’t want the Vax… they don’t trust it or the government.
So Ironically this fight to get rid of Ardern and her tyranny will unify many disparate groups who in other times have been at variance.
Just as WW2 cause us to swallow many differences and ally ourselves for the sake of Defeating the common Axis Enemies.
This cause has given us a common interest, and we must be ‘Big enough’ to put our differences aside for this most vital Battle for freedom.
WE can return to sorting out these other issues when we have defeated this Evil.
Perhapse by standing together on this vital mission will form bonds and lines of communication that will lead to a more conciliatory attitude on the other matters too simply by the realisation that ultimately we all share common hopes and dreams and that we are stronger when we are united.

This ‘Hikoi of Truth’ which has caused some disruption on the Auckland Covid Blockade has caused the Media to wheel out some ‘Maori Elites’ for comment…
Go Listen to this…


It is really telling what Harawera said about this Hikoi being ‘mostly Pakeha’… ‘mostly Trump supporters’, ‘Mostly Maori who have been sucked in’, and none of their political clique, etc
So according to Harawera and Packer ‘It’s not a real Hikoi’ unless its for some grip they have, and they or their mates are leading it!
What does that tell you about these people!
They wont even stand up for Maori people’s rights to make their own medical choices… they won’t complain that Ardern’s new divisive system of Vaxxed and non-vaxxed will affect Maori the most!
These professional activists are telling people to shut up and do as you are told… without activism!
Packer’s talk that ‘their ‘real’ hikois’ have always been about ‘uniting people’ is a complete lies.
Their Hikois have always been characterised by vehemence and Threats.
These people have always been hypocrites… they have always used the Maori people for their own political gains… they have never put New Zealanders first as a Nation… they have always thrived on divisions.
The true nature of these Racist radicals are being exposed… so to is their Façade of being resolute defenders of Maori from oppression… they are fine with it when it suits their own opinions.

Take heart Freedom lovers!
There is an Uprising stirring… yet if it going to prevail we all must grow a pair… and stand together now.
This is not something a Man can cowardly leave for others to achieve. We must carry some of the risks… and by doing so we shall also carry some of the Glory when she is brought down and we have saved our Nation from the Globalist tyranny that is seeking to steal our country from us and our children.
This is a wake up call for all freedom lovers.
We must establish a New Constitution with an Iron Clad Bill of rights that takes away the tyrannical powers Ardern has used to attempt to enslave us.
And we must do all these things via the power of peaceful protest.

This is our greatest strength as long as we maintain the high ground.

No one who promotes violence can be allowed to infiltrate our cause as that will not only de-legitimise our righteous cause but be pretext for Arderns State to use The Police and Army to crush the movement. Even if we should maintain our integrity The Ardern worshipping Media will begin to tell lies about us being ‘Dangerous Radicals’…. harbouring ‘Domestic terrorists’… etc and maybe we will face some measure of police brutality just as happened to the Black Civil Rights movement in the US… Yet in that dark hour…when By standing New Zealanders witness the true nature of the Evil they have supported… that is when the tide will turn against Ardern… and we shall prevail… and yet for these things to transpire will require People of the strongest Mettle and Moral principle to stand in the face of the heaviest State Evils… for Tyranny will not surrender without meeting face to face with the strongest Resolve.

We still live in a democracy (Just) and The means of peaceful protest to push for change is a fundamental right of the people that cannot be easily resisted without exposing a tyrannical bent… Unless they can find pretext to discredit the movement.

Tuff times are bringing communities together to fight an existential threat to our way of life!
I have felt a ray of hope as reports on the Jungle grapevine reveal that New Zealanders are starting to revolt… and rally!
It does lift the spirit!
New Zealand is not done yet.
Ardern keeps pushing her Commie tyranny… yet there will be a reckoning!

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

A Perfect Circle – The Contrarian from Olshansky & Olshansky on Vimeo.

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Repost: New Zealand’s First Official day of Remembrance of the Wars of the 1860s. The Hauhau Rebellion and the Heinous Murder of The Reverand C.S. Volkner.

Why a repost now?

Something to break the monotony of the Covid 19 hysteria and Plandemic.
There are plenty of other Evils afoot that are being forgotten while all attention is being focused on Covid 19.

This was first posted to Eternal Vigilance Blog in 2017, yet I have added extra sections having done more study on this subject since then, and having visited the grave of Volkner in Opotiki last summer.
The first half of this lengthy post speaks about the Political subversion of New Zealand history that has been going on for the past 50 years, why this political deception is happening, and why it is important to combat it by informing New Zealanders of *their real History*.
It is the second half of this post that focuses upon the Martyrdom of the hero German Christian Rev Karl Volkner.
Missionary to the Maori tribes at Opotiki.

This is a pertinent time for this repost as October is nearly here and this is the time of the year the Racist Radicals start to agitate for yet another National Day of Treaty Grievance… a day of remembrance for the wars of the 1860s.
They do not seek to remember the truth, but opportunity to tell more lies and propagate more separatism… so look for this in the media over the next few weeks….
Tim W 10-9-21


This is the first of a series of blog posts I hope to do leading up to October 28 this year.
This date has been set as the first official day of remembrance for the New Zealand wars of the 1860s.
This day of remembrance is itself something that has been pushed for by Maori radicals whom seek to use this event to propagate their lies/ revisionist history that presents the Maori Rebels (And Maori in general as being the victims of systemic violent Pakeha Greed.

You will note that I have not called these wars by the ‘Politically correct’ name by which they have become known by spoon fed New Zealanders… ‘The Land Wars’… as I know this title to be to be a malicious fabrication designed to mis-direct the New Zealand people away from what the wars were *Really all about* … and what was *Really at stake* back in 1860s… and what is in fact *Really at stake* today.
The real purpose motivating these Activist Maori whom have whom have managed to get the 28th of October to be an official day of remembrance.

If there is at all any good reason for New Zealand to look so far back, and have a Day of remembrance for those events…The Activists certainly dont have these good intentions in mind, yet seek to use this day for very malicious political ends.
Via their twisted re-interpretation of history they seek to propigate greater Racial divisions between Maori and Pakeha… and to use this Dissension to generate fraudulent grievances…. to wrestle more money and power from ‘settlements’.

These Maori have become professional Extortioners… and have Duped the New Zealand people via the Fools and scoundrels in parliament of Billions of dollars.

It grieves me to have to talk about such nasty Machiavellian Political activities that stirs up uncomfortable feelings in people whom have no desire for ill will with their Fellow countrymen of Maori decent… People who would prefer to distance themselves from this ugly business… yet I call upon you to stand with me against the Political lies and malevolence that is being pushed through as Official doctrine, and is having real world effects… not only exacerbating Race relation troubles… not only extorting mountains of Tax dollars… but is changing the very fabric of our society… creating an apartheid system that will be inherited by our children… and unless we stand up for the truth… Our Children themselves will be taught and believe lies.

If that happens it will be because Those of us who know the truth were too intimidated by the controversy we face… to step up to defend both what is true… and what is just.

Not only that, but the reputation of the true Heroes… some of New Zealand’s Greatest defenders… whom fought for the Treaty of Waitangi, against Murderous Tribes in rebellion will forever be spat upon.

I personally find all this unconscionable.
I personally intend to do what what I can to see to it that the lies are exposed, and the Reputations of these heroic and righteous men get their due respect.

These wars were not ‘Land wars’…ie a greedy grab for tribal land by the Pakeha powers!
They were wars of rebellion by Maori Chiefs whom saw Colonization as a threat to their Mana and power…esp as their people began to exit their tribal lands and go live independently , and thus they hatched a plan to get rid of the Treaty, and the British Sovereignty, law and order, and to push the Pakeha back into the sea.
This is what Kingitanga (installing a Maori King) was all about.
And it was these Rebel Maori whom began to prey on the the colonials…and make war preparations conveniently close to Auckland… which they intended to Sack.

I will expand on all this in the following months, and will site my references, yet today I would just like to touch on one particular event that demonstrates what was at stake for New Zealand… and the sort of evils that were poised to devastate this country… and to start to prove that had it not been for bravery of the Colonial forces, Von Tempsky and Forrest Rangers, and later the Armed constabulary, and the Faithful Maori tribes whom preferred the peace of treaty of Waitangi to the tribal wars that were before it… and certainly preferred the Rule of Victoria to the prospect of subjection to a Tainui king… Our history would be completely different.
New Zealand would not be the Great first world Nation… God’s own… that we enjoy today.

All that above is merely my explanation for why I am about to post on a truly horrific murder committed by the Rebel Maori in the mid 1860s… The Hau Hau murder and cannibalism of of The Reverand C.S. Volkner.

We have first hand accounts of what transpired by a Man who was there by fellow Missionary Rev Thomas Grace. (You can find an excerpt by Thomas Grace in Trevor Bently’s ‘Transgressing Tikanga’. The excerpt is verbatum, while Bently’s own commentaries are often blatantly skewed Modern Revisionism… not supported by the records… be warned!)

From Rev Grace’s account we read that Volkner was a Man of high Christian Character and was every measure of what defined the Heroic and Christian Missionary of those times.
He had worked or many years among the Maori at Opotiki whom he loved and worked to bring the Gospel.
His efforts had resulted in a new church having just been erected at the time these events transpired.
Having travelled to Auckland, A band of Rebel Religious Fanatics of the Pai Marire Cult (Hau Hau) had arrived in Opotiki and managed to deceive and corrupt the very Maori whom Volkner considered his friends and brothers and sisters in Christ.
Though having been warned not to return to Opotiki, Volkner displayed the heroic character by ignoring concerns for his personal safety and instead governed by his love of the Maori people of Opotiki determined to run the hazard and return there.
Cautiously He left his wife in Auckland, the plan being she would follow later once The Rev was satisfied the situation was permitting.
There was a War going on, and the murderous Hau Hau had no intention of allowing this influential Christian of high mana to regain the souls of Opotiki for Christ and the Queen, and so these devils conspired a plot for his destruction. Saying he was a spy for the Government to justify his murder.
We can be certain that the accusation was a pure fabrication.
Volkner was hung, decapitated, his blood was drunken, and his eyes gouged out and eaten by Kereopa, thereafter deemed by his friends to be known as ‘The Eye Eater’.

Volkner was a Martyr for Christ and just one of the many Great Anglicans Missionaries who dedicated their lives to the salvation and improvement of the Maori People.
Though born in Germany, and was sent by the North German Missionary Society to Taranaki, Volkner offered his services to the Anglican Church Missionary Society.
Read more here.


You can read about these events Here.

The following is an excerpt…



Previous Section | Table of Contents | Up | Next Section
CHAPTER IV. Murder and Pillage.
The Hauhaus continued their journey up the Wanganui River until they reached Taupo. The Reverend T. S. Grace was stationed as a missionary at Taupo, and had to flee from his post.1 The apostles Kereopa and Patara, who were now the leaders of the party, began to pillage and murder. They broke into the now evacuated house of Mr. Grace, and promptly appropriated its contents.2 The Maoris at Taupo became converts to Pai Marire, no doubt largely in self-defence from the fanatics.

At Taupo the Hauhaus divided into their two parties as previously arranged. The result was one party reached Opotiki on March 1st, 1865, while the other reached Turanga on March 16th, 1865. These two parties must be dealt with separately.

The party for Opotiki found the tribe at that place already in a state of excitement. The Hauhaus boasted of their successes, and this further inflamed the simmering discontent of the Opotiki natives. The people of Opotiki had sympathised in the Waikato War, and some had taken part. Various circumstances had caused their minister (the Reverend C. S. Volkner)1 to be suspected of being in secret correspondence with the Government on the subject of their disaffection.2
Mr. Volkner had several times visited Auckland. This aggravated the suspicion already current about him. Actually he was continually troubled by the thought of the miserable conditions of his people.3 It was for the purpose of ameliorating their conditions that he made his last trip to Auckland.

On March 2nd, 1865, the Reverends C. S. Volkner and T. S. Grace arrived at Opotiki on the “H.M.S. Eclipse.”4 A Taranaki native named Wiwini immediately went on board and asked Morris Levy, one of the crew, for his Hebrew prayer book. The native pretended to read it and expressed great satisfaction at be-coming possessed of so great a treasure.1 Mr. Volkner’s natives then came on shore to cry for him, because they knew what was going to happen. Shortly after everybody on board the schooner was ordered on shore. On landing Mr. Volkner went up to the people and offered his hand, but no one would shake hands with him. The two missionaries, at the command of Kereopa, were marched off to the Roman Catholic Chapel.2 Finally they were locked in a hut with the sailors. However, Captain Levy, who had piloted the boat, was allowed his freedom, because, being a Jew, he was considered a sort of Hauhau.3
In the evening there was a Runanga (meeting) of the chiefs. It was decided to hang Mr. Volkner, but Mr. Grace was to be kept a prisoner until Patara returned to Opotiki, as Mr. Grace was a stranger to the place.4 The majority of the tribe voted for the death of their pastor, with a few notable exceptions — Tiwai and Te Ranapia.

The following day a number of armed men came, and, after going through some ceremonies in front of the house, called to Mr. Volkner to accompany them. Mr. Grace pressed again and again to go with him, but was forced back and told his turn would come next.1 Volkner was taken away to the Church, where Kereopa dressed himself in the coat and waistcoat of his victim. Volkner was then led to a willow-tree, which was improvised as a gallows. Te Ranapia, seeing the Hauhaus pass, attempted a rescue, but was upset into a deep creek.2 Volkner was permitted to pray, and was then hoisted up. After being suspended for about two minutes he was lowered, and then Kereopa went up and shot him through the body; he was then run up again with a jerk.3 An hour later the body was lowered and the head cut off.4 Mr. Grace describes in his diary for that day the events that followed:—
“The scene where this was done was most dreadful. They were eager to taste his blood, and many rubbed it on their faces. Some of his old friends took part in all this! From my own observance, the people appeared to be half lunatic, and so worked up by their religion as to be ready for any work of the devil.”1
Kereopa carried the murdered man’s head to St. Stephen’s Church, and placed it on the reading desk in front of him, together with the communion cup of the missionary’s blood.2 Kereopa forced out Mr. Volkner’s eyes and swallowed them, and declared that this was a symbol of the way he would deal with the Queen and the Parliament of England.3″


Kereopa Te Rau… “Kaiwhatu: the eye-eater”.

The eating of a chiefs eyes was an ancient Heathen Maori practice designed to prevent the Chiefs eyes becoming Stars in the heavens above.
Now when reading *anything* from the Government University it is important to note that these institutions today are thoroughly infested with Revisionist Academics who *if anything* will attempt to slope such stories in favor of the rebels… Blame the victim… attempt to divert blame… etc etc, yet this horrible event is a fact of our past that clearly demonstrates the particularly diabolical characteristics of the Hauhaus.

Modernists have attempted to downplay these events and the government has caved in to their Revisionism… granting this murderer a pardon along with ‘Treaty settlements’. Read here.

Yet Nothing can undo the Grim facts about the fate of Volkner at the hands of these savages.
Their rebellion embodies an important aspect of what was behind the thinking of Rebel Maori’s in general… and it was not merely a desire to establish Maori Rule… but also a desire to revert back to the savage ways of the Pre-colonial past.
The rebels sought to reject Christianity, and the ethics it had established here even before the treaty via the heroic works of the Christian missionaries…
Nothing Typifies this better than their act of cannibalism… Eating his eyes…Drinking the Volkners Blood from his severed head!

The Hauhau were dangerous lunitics.. adherents to a satanic cult… and incorporated violent Political agenda…
Read here:
The Christian Missionaries via their preaching had basically eradicated this endemic evil by the time of the treaty.
The Rebels wanted it reinstated… yet thankfully… in the Name of The British Monarch… via the Right of Sovereignty ceeded to her by the treaty… The Rebel tribes were confronted and defeated in Battle, and the rest is history!
The Land Confiscations that followed were to punish the rebel tribes… to prevent future rebellions… and all this is in perfect harmony with the Treaty… As Governor Grey had warned before he sent troups… and as Sir Aparana Ngata would later validate…


“Let me issue a word of warning to those who are in a habit of bandying the name of the Treaty around to be very careful lest it be made the means of incurring certain liabilities made under the law which we do not know now and which are being borne only by the Pakeha”.

“Some have said that these conviscations were wrong and they have contravened the articles of the treaty of Waitangi, but the chiefs placed in the hands of the Queen of England, the sovereignty and authority to make laws. Some sections of the Maori people violated that authority, war arose and blood was spilled. The Law came into opperation and land was taken in payment. This itself is Maori custom – revenge- plunder to avenge a wrong. It was their chiefs who ceded that right to the queen. The conviscations can not therefore be objected to in the light of the Treaty”.
Extracts from ‘The Treaty of Waitangi, an explanation’ by Sir Apirana Ngata.


This is sufficient for my first blogpost for the coming Remembrance day October 28 2017.
I leave you with the question…. why do you think these words of Sir Apirana Ngata …one of the Greatest Maori Leaders of all time… are not being taught in our schools and universities?
The obvious and short answer is they dont fit in with the Revisionist Political Agenda being foisted upon us that feeds the Treaty grievance industry and Political separatism that elevates Maori above everybody else… extorts Billions… is supposed to justify Racist laws… and renders all Non-Maori second class citizens.

Will you allow this travesty to go unchallenged… or will you join me and my brave and principled friends in seeing the truth is known… the Heroes whom fought for the Treaty get their due honor… and bequeath a nation in which Racial equality before the law is a constitutional guarantee!
Let us fight for our Country… for true justice … for the future of our children and relegate all the Evils of treaty separatism to the dustbin of history….

Join my Facebook page to discuss these issues and help us make sure the heroes whom fought for the treay against the Rebels get their due honor on the first official day of remembrance 28 October 2017.
You will find us here:
Honoring Gustav Von Tempsky and the Forest Rangers 28 October 2017
Update: I have quit Facebook because of it’s heavy censorship and political/religious bias against Liberty and Christ.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

“He Iwi Tahi Tatau”… We are now one people…
Governor Hobson to the Chiefs at the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.


Postscript: If you ever travel to Opotiki, at the eastern end of the town center stands an Old style Anglican Church, St Stephens.

When you walk behind this building there is a small courtyard between another building.
In this courtyard, embedded in the back wall of the Church you will find the Marble gravestone of the Christian Martyr Rev Carl S Volkner.

2. Interesting…. I have found 2 different Maori translations for ‘Eye Eater’.

Kereopa Te Rau… “Kaiwhatu: the eye-eater” and Kereopa was called Kaikanohe (Eye Eater).
One possible explanation is that this is a result of *Different Dialects* of the Maori language.
I would very much appreciate confirmation on this point, or if I am mistaken, what possible reason for the two different Maori names.

Reading accounts of the HauHau exploits that ranged across the North Island crossing many tribal boundaries, intermingled with the doings of Te Kooti down Gisborne way, I read an account that locals down there were tipped off to the presence of invading murderous HauHau because that bade them ‘Come here’ in a different dialect.
(REF: Maria Morris ‘Reminiscences’ in ‘Transgressing Tikanga’ by Trevour Bently pg 224)

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