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Cell phones are exposing the monumental scale of vaccine injury. The medical establishment is losing the battle to cover up their atrocities.

Look at this poor girl.
Appreciate why she is broadcasting this message… as a warning that there is a high risk of serious injury from taking the Covid 19 vaccines.
We are seeing more and more of these despite Social media threatening to deplatform ‘users’ who share such information that might be construed as being ‘Anti-Vaxx’.

Watch the video here
Chest Pain, Paralysis, Seizures: Woman Details HORRIFIC J&J Covid Vaccine Side Effects from Hospital Bed

She just had the Johnson and Johnson vaccine…. never had seizures before… yet no medical staff will admit the vaccination is the most likely cause!

It does not take a rocket scientist to do the math!

The willful non-committal ‘ignorance’ of the medical staff is simply trained collusion in a cover up.
They don’t want to admit their Snake oil is most likely the cause and that their so-called cure is worse than the disease!

What is blowing away the medical establishment is that now patients have the technology to broadcast these sorts of adverse reactions that in the past could easily be hushed up … and the scale of this Medical Scandal is an outrage!
Just as cell phones in the hands of ordinary people are catching out rouge Police engaging in abuses of power, intimidation and violence this same ability to broadcast videos to the internet is exposing that scale of adverse vaccine reactions that in earlier times would not be known by the general public.
Medical staff who witness such adverse affects are often too scared or indoctrinated to speak out about what is really going on.
We can see why Socialist Governments want to get control of the internet, and use AI Algorithms to hunt out and block streaming that exposes their programs as dangerous…. because they want to keep the populations stupid and gullible, and submissive to their tyranny.

What is also amazing is watching friends and family’s Cognitive dissonance when they are confronted with this empirical evidence!
They have an automatic shield … a fire wall… which will not allow them to properly evaluate the mounting evidence… and so they simply resort to name-calling and other derogatory devices to excuse rejecting what they don’t want to acknowledge… and they are hell bent on maintaining the lies of the Medical establishment.

Just the fact that this video is being shared by Alex jones Infowars can be enough for them to throw up their shied and not contemplate the evidence.
They label people like myself as Nutcase conspiracy theorists.

They completely fail to appreciate that these sorts of stories will never be front and center on main stream media, or given traction on their officially sectioned woke social media platforms.
They label people like myself as Nutcase conspiracy theorists.

Meanwhile poor young girls like this are having their lives destroyed.

Watch the video below… It explains how the Medical Guild maintains its ‘Orthodoxy’ in the public mind and thereby protects it’s monopoly over the healthcare of nations… Not by the quality of science it champions, but by indoctrination, persecution, Mass marketing, and coercion.
And the results are abhorrent.

In ‘Free Speech Under Attack’ I said this…

“Consider how Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has taken the opportunity from the measles outbreak in Auckland in 2019 to drive home her desire to make vaccinations compulsory.
She blamed the anti-vaxx movement for low uptake on the government’s vaccination programme and the spread of the disease, even though medical experts said there were other factors that were responsible.
The anti-vax movement is another unpopular minority group that has been singled out for censorship because they vocally resist the concept of compulsory vaccinations. They too have been getting slandered and de-platformed on social media.
The biggest problem with regards to vaccinations in New Zealand is that, because we have a state health system, they don’t take kindly to criticism of how they function, and are always covering up their medical misadventures. As the saying goes, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, and so many people don’t trust politicians or the health system they run. Personally I am not anti-vaxx but I am absolutely opposed to compulsory vaccinations because there are defnitely serious risks involved. And here is where the issue becomes a matter of free speech and access to the whole truth – not just the government’s side of the story. It is a parent’s right to decide if they will risk vaccinating their kids and yet, to exercise this parental responsibility, they must be told the whole truth; they must have all the facts and opinions so that they can make informed and prudent decisions. Yet the power-trippers who want compulsory vaccinations, seek to downplay the risk and silence those who are morally inclined to raise the alarm and highlight the risks. The concerns of these pesky ‘anti-Vaxxers’ that lobby against compulsory vaccinations are dismissed as being fallacious, and they are castigated as being ‘anti-science’ – the equivalent of ‘Flat Earthers’.
Parents need to know that there is a risk of serious reactions to vaccinations. They should not be lied to about this or have their parental rights taken away by the state making it compulsory.
One of my wife’s cousins had a catastrophic reaction to the Rubella shot. She was crippled, and died young.
It has been proven that these adverse reactions can be a hereditary disposition. Thus families are going to be far more aware of such propensities within their own kin than politicians who don’t give a dam about such things and have convinced themselves that they are acting for “the public good”. And most importantly via the right to free speech it is the right of those who believe that vaccinations are dangerous to make their case publicly and it is wrong for the government to censor them.”

‘Free Speech Under Attack.’ Tross Publishing. pgs 188-189.
Get a copy from here.

I pray for Tabatha Lauren.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

The year of Covid 19 lockdowns and loss of freedoms. It has always been about the Vaccine passports. They have had this plan for years. Chris Sky. Must watch video.

Must Watch Video. Please watch on Bit chute here

I would embed the bit chute video here if I could. Unfortunately I can only embed the You Tube version (below) which will at some point be censored.
For this reason I choose to give as much of my viewing time to alternative sites like Bit chute, Rumble that respect free speech.

After watching this video please take a read of my blogpost THE STORY OF COVID 19 IN NEW ZEALAND, BY TIM WIKIRIWHI 2021.
This Video (above) dovetails perfectly with what I am talking about in my Blogpost.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

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The Story of Covid 19 in New Zealand, by Tim Wikiriwhi 2021.

People have reached ‘Peak Covid’… and are by and large ‘sick to death’ of this subject and so many people will roll their eyes when they see this blogpost.
I don’t blame them.
I have written this post ‘for the record’, yet still I believe it contains many important truths that the people of New Zealand have become apathetic about to their own peril.
I would hope this post would be a wake up call… and yet how do you wake up a population wallowing in boredom and indifference?
They cant even be bothered spending 30 minutes reading an article of great importance.
Oh well… let he that still hath an ear to hear… let him hear!


I was one of the earliest people I know who became alarmed at the reports of the outbreak of a deadly virus well before the general panic and lockdowns ensued… early2020, and I began to blog about it way back then, and my concerns were that it was an escaped Germ Warfare / Bio-weapon from the Wuhan Lab.


What I appreciate now but did not know back then was that I was being influenced by what I can only describe as a well orchestrated propaganda campaign.
I saw ‘Tick tock’ videos of people dropping dead on the streets of China, footage of the draconian way in which the CCP was attempting to contain the outbreak… welding Chinese citizens into their apartment blocks, etc, and also this is when the false counting of Covid 19 deaths began is such places as Italy.
China in fact was releasing statistics that portrayed the outbreak as less than valid reasons for panic, and yet the general response in the West was that the CCP could not be trusted to tell the truth.

I was the first people I know to develop an extreme anxiety about it’s spread and at that time feared it would rampage through New Zealand like a Biblical plague!
Before the general alarm went out I was the first person I know who started preparing for the worst and bought up on Food supplies, and other essentials, and when I went to buy PPE like face masks I discovered that bus loads of Chinese people had already been and bought out all the stock in the city!
I ended up purchasing 3 high grade masks at considerable expense just before the government slapped a prohibition on the plebs being able to buy such items for their own protection.
Supplies were so low that the Government wanted to get their hands on all such PPE for their own front line workers.
And then the Lockdowns began… and the destruction of the Economies of the West… and all the legislations that robbed us of our rights, etc,etc.

It turned out the Covid 19 Mass hysteria was the perfect means by which Socialists could empower themselves, to standardise their systems on a globalist basis, destroy our entire way of life, and impose their ‘New Normal’.

What I think is important to note about my personal experience and why I am taking the trouble to blog it is that I can show a process of reason whereby I have moved my position from that of Fearful concern and belief in the extreme danger Covid 19 as it was purported to be in the press, to the new position I hold now of Activist against the lockdowns.

Early on I had a few Libertarian friends in medicine who via social media expressed their skepticism at what was being reported, and questioned whether or not the Governments response to this supposed pandemic might turn out to be more destructive than the disease itself.

At that time listening to their position, I could not see how it would be possible to ‘Fake’ such things as were being reported in Italy… headlines like ‘1000 dead overnight’ seemed to justify other headlines such as ‘Italy locks down entire cities’.

It was only after whistleblowers started to report how Covid 19 deaths were being grossly overstated for political reasons to amp up public hysteria to justify ongoing lockdowns and more and more legislation giving the police intrucive and oppressive powers, taking away the peoples rights.
Also Hospital profited from inflated numbers because every death recorded as being Covid 19 they received lump sum payments of thousands of dollars.
This is when it dawned on me how in fact such massive deception and lies *could be* generated and spread as propaganda via the socialist infested and brain dead mainstream media.
I was beginning to understand Covid 19 was being manipulated by vested interests for their own ends.
The pandemic was more political than biological.

As more and more information came into my possession I began to modify my own thoughts and feelings about what was going on.
Like myself, more and more intelligent people were starting to question the official narrative.

This is when the censorship, deplatforming, and rage against dissenters started to happen.
Doctors found themselves under reputational assault should they dare criticise the lockdowns, and how Covid 19 was being portrayed to the public.
I witnessed the Trump Derangement syndrome in action when he promoted Hydroxychloroquine as a viable treatment for Covid 19.
IF Trump promoted it… it *had* to be false… according to Rabid Liberal Press.


I witnessed Facebook, etc starting to ban and deplatform people who claimed that vitamins played a significant roll in the severity of cases, and that those most likely to suffer were people whom were vitamin D deficient.
I witnessed the confusion sown whereby Masks were early on not recommended by the Health authorities, only later to become compulsory… despite evidence they were virtually useless, and even detrimental… and that being outside in the open air and sunshine was in fact the best place to be!
So the Government lockdowns were not only pointlessly destroying our economy… not only robbing us of our rights, but were in fact the worse possible response medically speaking.

Ironically only a few months before Covid 19 kicked off I had contributed to a Book called ‘Free Speech Under attack’ where in one of the chapters I wrote I spoke about the importance of Free Speech with respect to people making informed choices when it comes to whether or not they will take vaccines.
This is a right of supreme importance as it defines the defense between a free individual, and a slave.
Individual sovereignty over one’s own Body, and it also extends to Parental rights as the custodians of their Children’s rights.
Thus it would be dishonest for anyone to accuse me of being Anti-Vax… I am no such thing.
I am anti-compulsion, Pro-Freedom, and pro- Consent.


All the while censorship was ramping up.
Despite this as time passed the truth that Covid 19 was no where near as deadly as we were first led to believe became harder and harder for the Powers that be to keep hidden… something they wanted to keep suppressed because they had all invested Billions into Bill Gates Vaccines and they knew that the only reason the populations would voluntarily consent to having the shots was if they maintained a high degree of paranoia about the virus.
And The desire to maintain this hysteria is still the defining nature of the governments of the world because it is this hystera by which they gain the greatest measure of sheepish fearful compliance and submission to their new tyrannical powers and aims.

Witnessing this spectacle unfolding from the inside, with the process of time (A year), and gaining more and more information from independent sources, I modified my own position on Covid 19 from fearful father who expected to see my neighbours be taken away in body bags to return to my Libertarian outraged self at having been fed massive lies and fooled for the purpose of robbing my nation of our rights and precious liberty… and the destruction of our economy.
I would make a submission to the inquiry into the governments handling of the pandemic.
Read :

It is with contempt that I note that after all the attempts to suppress the truth that drugs like Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Vitamin D, Zinc were highly effective treatments for Covid 19… things I mentioned in my submission have now become a matter of public knowledge.
Not only does it turn out that it was the ‘Fact checkers’ of platforms like Facebook who were *the real fake news*… and that they were unjustly punishing’s *Truth tellers* for daring to critisise the erroneous, and dangerous Socialist Official line, but had these truths been allowed to be discussed as they ought to have been… lives would have been saved!
In truth the governments of the world responses to Covid 19… the lockdowns… the mass untested vaccinations… the massive financial destruction… the massive cost in Social consequences in the loss of rights, liberties, and the establishment of a whole new body of tyrannical laws on the books…. The massive cultural change within the police forces of the world who are now willing to knock down doors and drag away mothers in front of their children over such ridiculous reasons as maybe disobeying lockdown rules and taking their child to the park!
This has been a social catastrophe for Western civilisation of unimaginable scale!
Yet I suspect few if any Politicians will face any justice for their gross incompetence and dishonesty.

What about our rights to assemble and peacefully protest ongoing Government lockdowns and closed boarder?
Under the ‘New Normal’ that Politicians Like Jacinda Ardern have created, she can declare a lockdown any time she pleases, and the Police will not hesitate to drag away dissidents they have been trained to think of as Dangerous troublemakers… We have seen plenty of videos from Austraila that show this very thing, and We should not be so naïve as to believe that wont happen here in God’s own.
They will target the ‘Ring leaders’ of protests, and attempt to provoke violence at otherwise peaceful and lawful gatherings to create the pretext for dispersing legitimate mass protests which are fundamental to democracy..

Who would have believed any of this was possible just a few short years ago?

What more the powers that be have no intention of allowing things to return to how they were before Covid 19.
There is every reason to suspect that when public hysteria is lost on this variant, that some new strain will conveniently appear.

Because Covid 19 is not the world ending plague it was first purported to be, Ardern’s aggressive lockdown did not merely ‘flatten the curve’ of infection as was planned, but totally extinguished the virus thus ruining the plan to slowly gain herd immunity via a controlled exposure to the virus as it passed through the population at a manageable rate.
Instead of admitting this unexpect result, Jacind Ardern lied about it and pretended elimination was her intended strategy all along.
She must think we are idiots to swallow that one, yet the sycophantic media never took her to task for this dishonesty, and the terrible result of this blunder is that New Zealand has remained a prison Island as Ardern keeps our boarders locked down while she awaits the bulk delivery of Covid 19 vaccine… while the rest of the world are already immerging out the other side having passed through the gauntlet and gained herd immunity.

In the US with Trump having been deposed, the media are modifying their activism to portray the Biden administration as successfully dealing with a crisis they claimed Trump was perpetuating.
Meanwhile our Kiwi economy remains suffocated with thousands of tourist businesses gone broke.

We are yet to face the pressures Jacinda Ardern will start to apply to coerce New Zealanders into taking the vaccine once the batches start to arrive yet we can be sure she will apply as much coercion as she possibly can… indirectly… esp via a big spend on Spin.
We can be sure that one way she will apply indirect pressure to comply is by allowing businesses to compel their staff into receiving the vaccine if the wish to keep their jobs… under the guise of workplace safety, and we can also anticipate her allowing stores to forbid customers from entering their premises without showing proof of vaccination… and to facilitate this we can expect the introduction of Vaccine pasports… effectively holding our rights and liberties to ransom, and creating a two tier society whereby those who have the passport will enjoy the most access and freedoms while those who choose to reject the vaccine will find themselves severely restricted and penalised.
All the while Ardern will claim all this is *not coercion* as technically speaking the vaccine is not legislated as compulsory.
To appreciate what is at stake with respect to the right to reject the vaccine, I refer you to ISRAELI RABBI CHANANYA WEISSMAN’S 31 REASONS WHY I WON’T TAKE THE VACCINE.
There are even more frightening risks involved than what he has stated.
Animal testing on similar MRNA treatments had disastrous results.


This is why it is imperative that a popular protest movement to rise up now and demand the restoration of our Pre-covid 19 Rights and liberties, including the right to gather for peaceful protest, that all such laws that were enacted via urgency without due process be scrapped, and that politicians and government employees who acted in anyway that can be seen as being draconian and a violation of legitimate rights be held to account… certainly sacked, and possibly face further punishment’s for their oppressions and usurpations.

I personally have zero charisma to get such a movement up and running.
I have tried in the past yet to no avail.
It is my hope that people who share my concerns, and who are better at organisation than I can at least get a foundational meeting scheduled.
I am willing to throw my support to it.
This is a crisis for the future freedom of our nation.
What sort of world will we bequeath to our children?
If you are a concerned citizen and parent… you must be prepared to struggle for their future against the evil Socialist powers that stolen so much from us and will not stop until they have established a Socialist Totalitarian vassal state of the New World Order.

Tim Wikiriwh
Christian Libertarian.

Update: 10-4-21 Check out the video here
It corroborates many of the important things I have said above, esp about the Vaccine Passports which have been planned for the beginning.

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Israeli Rabbi Chananya Weissman’s 31 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Vaccine.

Read/ download/ print the document from here Israeli Rabbi Chananya Weissman’s 31 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Vaccine

Above is the definitive declaration on informed and prudent concerns about the Mass Covid 19 Vaccination scheme and a rational basis for refusing to consent.

Like Rabbi Chanaya Weissman I too do not trust the people involved, nor do I believe the risk/benefits are weighted in favour of taking these experimental treatments.

To have a good grasp of what is at stake a person need not go any further than digesting the points made within this document, and go research and fact check them for themselves.

Everyone who shares these concerns ought to download and save copies of this document, and share it with their Family, friends.

It ought to be printed in the thousands and handed out in city squares and dropped in every letterbox.

Because it exposes the dirty game the Globalists and Government are playing, it may ‘disappear’ off the net.
For that reason I have included screen shots of the document below yet I would prefer readers to click the link provided (Above) to read and share it from it’s original source.

The Authorities will certainly be displeased with anyone found distributing it to the public and I have no doubt they will instruct the police to harass and find grounds to arrest any dissident distributing this document in public squares, and to seize and destroy all copies in their possession.

Yet still I believe the crisis we face from government tyranny to merit running such personal risks… for Evil prevails when good people do nothing.
Be bold, stand up for your principles, Yet be prepared to maintain your peaceful and lawful composure if confronted by Law enforcement who seek to intimidate you into silence.
Have video recording your activism.

New Zealand Lawyer Sue Grey doing some good work with respect to NZ Government Covid 19 response and ‘Vaccine’ roll out.

These are the sorts of videos (Below) the government does not want circulating on the net.
I believe we are fast approaching a day when the thought police will pay visits to people like Sue Grey… and to people like myself… and anyone who dares to share any information on the net that might sway others from believing the government’s position on subjects of this nature.

They don’t want the voting public to be aware of the real world affects their policies are having on real people… ignorance is bliss.

They don’t want the people to make truly informed choices, or exercise caution when it comes to granting their consent to be ‘vaccinated’ (they are not vaccines) or allowing their kids to be vaccinated.

I apologise that I am unable to embed them from Bitchute.



The content of both of these videos are of high value with regards to what is going on here in New Zealand with regards to the Ardern regime’s response to Covid 19.
Sue Grey is to be highly commended for make the videos and for her work in defense of the poor woman and child currently being locked up simply for exercising her Parental rights by refusing to allow them to perform their highly intrusive PCR test on her 6mth old child.

I wrote my own criticism of how Ardern has handled this supposed Pandemic at the government inquiry….


Covid 19 is not the only area in which Ardern’s Government is acting like some third world dictatorship… I recently read about the Draconian use of force against a woman who had suffered an assault at the hands of some male, who then had her new born child removed from her in the most brutish fashion simply because she exercised her right to refuse to go into a ‘Woman’s refuge’ accommodation at the behest of ‘Oranga Tamariki’.
This New Mum had done nothing wrong.
First she suffers an assault at the hands of some violent arsehole, next she has he child ripped from her hands and kidnapped by the State!

Read: Bereft Mum Broken NZ Herald 30 March 2021

What is disturbing about these stories is they share and expose an underlying callous disregard for the rights of New Zealand citizens… a contempt… by the minions of the NZ State that is precisely the sort of attitude that marks out oppressive tyrannies.
Obey or else!
This is the new normal, all the while Ardern sells her government as the most caring and transparent of all governments.
And this headlong fall into a Police state show no signs of abatement.

Should the new censorship legislation pass (and they will) , all it will take to issue take down orders to internet platforms like Bitchute will be for the government to receive a public complaint, and for it to be deemed to ‘probably be harmful’ to the public good by some thought police official’ and videos like these made by Sue Grey will have to be taken down out of Public view.
And there will be no redress for injustices caused by any such actions even if found to have been wrongfully censored.
Failure to comply will result in prosecution, and the Police may choose to prosecute any social media posts, or articles, etc they deem to be ‘offensive’, ‘hateful’. or ‘harmful’.


Ardern’s Government is pushing for greater censorship powers, amending laws already on the books that allow them to prosecute Social media users for ‘making threats’ and ‘causing harm’, so we know the real intent of the new Amendments is to take things far beyond this.
The Governments justification for what they are doing is a bare faced lie.
They simply want the legal right to force ‘independent platforms’ into taking down political opinions contrary to the official position of the Woke State.

Read this NZ Herald article from earlier this week Man charged for threatening to kill and causing harm to members of the Sikh community

So they *already* have the power to censor and punish threats and expressions of malice…

To my way of thinking, the most disturbing thing about what is happening is the apathy of the New Zealand Public.
Where is the outcry against the Ardern States massive power grabs and curtailment of Freedom?
Tyranny is running amok while the sheeple slumber.

I was sent this on social media as a comment to my latest blog as it also targets Sue Grey.

Leftist Bottom crawler and minion of Ardern Marc Daalder is trying to deplatform Peter Williams because he continues to question the official Ardern/ Globalist narrative on Covid 19 and vaccinations on New Zealand Radio.
According to how the Leftists work, he must be silenced.
No dissenting opinions can be allowed to reach the ears of the voting sheeple.
This snipit shows us Daalder is highly likely part of the systematic censorship going on in Radio…. probably neck deep in the axing of Banks and Plunket.

This is how these demons operate.
There is no sewer they will not wallow in for the sake of their own corrupt ends.
Truly revolting and malevolent.

What is interesting is that we can see from the video links above that Sue Grey is not ‘Anti-Vaxx’, but pro liberty and pro- free informed choice, and critical of the Draconian actions of the State with regards to how they are treating people.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

The Truth is in Retreat. The Global Kingdom of the Antichrist is at hand . Is The Age of Grace coming to a close?

There is good reason why the UN has been labeled as the modern day ‘Tower of Babel’ in that it seeks to place all of the Nations of the world back under one Brutal Godless King to rule them all… just as Nimrod ruled before God broke up his kingdom and scattered the Nations for the very purpose of placing limits on Human Power and Authority.
Nimrod was a type/ an example/ a forerunner of the Antichrist to come.
It is no coincidence that the Socialists seek to reunify that which God himself divided, and to restore the power of a Global Dictatorship.
The socialists are the minions… the children of Satan… doing his bidding,

Satan’s Gospel of Globalism and the New World Order is as we speak going out to all nations… Deceiving and being deceived.
The level of Guile harbored against Good people who stand in the way of the approaching flood… esp against Donald Trump… is at psychotic levels… even among those who ought to know better.
Satan laughing spreads his wings.

One particular group who demonstrate a sever rabidity of the mind and who are incapable of rational thought when it comes to Trump are the Anarchists.
Many of them… most of them (the only one I know of who is not like this is Victor Pross) are completely consumed by contempt as to be incapable of objective discussion… none more so that the petty Self important Anarchist spokesman for American Anarchists Larken Rose.
Now Rose couldn’t think his way out of a wet paper bag… his arguments are always puerile and founded upon falsehoods, and no one displays a complete lack of character better than he as he revels in the ill fortunes of those he despises.

Remind you of anyone?

An example of this is below… Rose Gloating that Legal attempts to expose the Rampant Voter fraud in the US Elections are not meeting with any success.

As usual Rose is full of crap.
One of his Fans shared this with me today to get my reaction, knowing I myself have been a Stalwart supporter of the Case against the Democrat Party of grand Scale Election fraud, and that I have had hopes that this would be upheld in Court… esp the Supreme Court.

Though it looks like my hopes may indeed be dashed I am at peace in my own convictions and faith.
I am not in the dark… as many.

No Irony in Anarchists tell us to trust the System… nooooo.

It still is not game over, yet it does appear that *despite mountains of evidence* and the fact that *Constitutional Laws were violated* and Electoral safeguards were flouted in every way imaginable… that those most trusted to defend the Nation from being taken over by these very means, are themselves either too spineless to make the call, or have themselves been compromised.
Ie they want Trump out… and Biden in… because they have been duped into believing the Globalist lies of Covid, Global warming, and the Great Reset… ie the Supreme Court has become politically activist.

In such cases the last resort is for the people to enact the principles of the 2nd amendment. They have that right… in fact it is a Duty.
To take up arms against the Usurpers.
Ultimately Tyranny can only prevail when the people slumber or have been rendered helpless by Arms control.
It will be interesting to see what happens as until all Legal avenues have been exhausted the Republicans have remained calm, yet now that it looks like they have been betrayed by the Supreme Court… what will the do?
The Supreme court probably has done ‘a Chamberlain’… thinking ‘Peace in our time’ is better than defending the constitution and having a civil war… possibly an end of the Union… and yet It is doubtful they have avoided this.
Some fights cannot be avoided… only delayed… and usually that delay works to strengthen the Evil powers, and weaken the Good… Like the postponement of abolition of Slavery for the sake of the Union simply delayed the war and made it more bloody… So too By allowing Biden and Harris to assume power and ‘act as if they are the legitimate government… and allowing them take command of the Military, and giving them opportunity to pass anti-second amendment legislations… all this serves the power of Evil.
I believe we are witnessing the foundation of the Global Kingdom of the Antichrist.
Evil prevails when good men do nothing… and that is what is happening with respect to the Supreme Court.
There is only a few legal avenues left. Sidney Powell’s court case will be the final hope.
Yet if it pleases God to allow the Prince of Darkness to begin his final infernal plot… even her noble efforts will not prevail against the corruption, and we all better share the Gospel with our friends and loved ones because the Rapture is at hand… the door of Grace is about to close for all those who reject Christ… Strong delusions are afoot so that the wicked might all be deceived and take the Mark of the Beast.

The corruption of Humanity will be complete.

This time will at first appear (3.5 years) the dawn of a golden age as the Antichrist will appear to be a ‘Christ like’ Savoir riding ‘a white horse’… yet he is Satan’s King.
Then Chaos shall descend upon the Earth for 3.5 years and Death, plagues, and destruction shall swallow up Humanity… and the Angel thrusts in his sickle….
When God decides the e3nd of the age of Grace has arrived, these things cannot be prevented.
The Great Lie will prevail… and that is precisely what I am seeing happening right now.
This is a signal for Christians to stop storing up things for the future but instead busy themselves with the gospel that the final remnants of those who are to be saved hear and receive the gospel… for our time is coming to a close.
The faith of many will fail them. Though they will still be saved… ‘the salt of the Earth’ will have lost it’s saltiness’ and the Rot will quickly spread… a spirit of blasphemy and contempt for the Bible will spread like a disease… times will not be easy for the Christians…. until the Day of Redemption… the Rapture.
Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

Rev 14
14 And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads.
2 And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps:
3 And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.
4 These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.
5 And in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne of God.
6 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,
7 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.
8 And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.
9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,
10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:
11 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.
12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.
13 And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.
14 And I looked, and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle.
15 And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe.
16 And he that sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth; and the earth was reaped.
17 And another angel came out of the temple which is in heaven, he also having a sharp sickle.
18 And another angel came out from the altar, which had power over fire; and cried with a loud cry to him that had the sharp sickle, saying, Thrust in thy sharp sickle, and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth; for her grapes are fully ripe.
19 And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God.
20 And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.

Jacinda Ardern is more Dangerous than Covid-19: Censorship and Control of the Press.

Update: Read The BDF’s The Jacinda Ardern Fan Club

From here Wellington artist gains thousands of ‘likes’ for art featuring PM as Wonder Woman

Socialist ‘Great Leader’ Worship.
Comrade Ardern idealised and idolised as ‘Wonder Woman’.
A very common attribute of Socialist Dictators is to be portrayed as Messianic Heroic Super-humans.

The Cult of Personality… One of the dangers of democracy is that it is susceptible to the misguided idolisation of Demagogues who are professional Snake oil salesmen (or Woman) rather than truly great and principled Leaders.
Jacinda Ardern’s only academic credentials are a Bachelor of Communication Studies (BCS) in politics and public relations.
Ie she is a specialist in The dark arts of Propaganda, and Spin.

And she is taking full advantage of the Covid-19 hysteria and financial crisis… which she herself created… and especially capitialising on the Stockholm syndrome of the masses… the Ardern worship… to push through tyrannical laws, and tighten her grip on power.

Its like an enchantment that leads the gullible to their Doom… and as long as the significant portion of the population is under the spell… there is very little the rest of us can do about it.
She is able to get away with the most Brazen acts of Tyranny… and display a complete disregard for the principles and safeguards of a free society… because of the Naive and bedazzled foolishness of the Dumbfounded dipshits who stand in Awe.
“We can trust Wonder Woman!” …. “Our Great leader will save us”… all the while she is destroying our economy and trampling over our Privacy, Rights, and Liberties!

A perfect example of Jacinda’s contempt for the Safeguards of a democracy from the abuse of government power is her latest Socialist scheme… 50 million dollar ‘support package’ to ‘help the Media Industry’!

This is an Election year bribe!

Ardern has LITERALLY BOUGHT the entire New Zealand media industry.
The Free Press is supposed to be the vanguard of Democracy!
That our mainstream media is fully Infested with little State worshiping Minions and Zealots, what hope is there now for Bold Impartial criticism of her policies and ambitions?

Broadcasting minister Kris Faafoi said [here] the package was about freeing up cash in the short term to help the industry get through the immediate crisis.

Faafoi, a former press gallery journalist, said journalism was an important part of democracy.

“The function of journalism in this country is extremely important. We are a small country. We might think we’re doing a great job, but being asked questions about what we’re doing is extremely important.”

He said the bosses of media companies welcomed the package this morning, but the industry was clearly facing ongoing challenges.”

Now to the naive peasant all that sounds so wonderful… as if the government is actually trying to *protect the free press* for a disaster they themselves created, when in reality *any Media that is effectively sucking from the state tit… cannot be considered *independent*!
And it is *Its independence* and Liberty, and willingness to speak out against the government, their agenda, and their laws, that is *the essential quality* that makes the free press an Absolute necessity in a democracy of Free People.
These truths have been ignored in New Zealand for a very long time.
Isn’t State education a wonderful thing?
Cultivation millions of indoctrinated compliant useful Idiots!

She can now have certainty that the Mainstream media of New Zealand will sit nicely in her pocket all the way up to the next election… Unless we freedom lovers expose her for what she really is.

She is no ‘Great Leader’ as she is being touted in the international Press!
She is in fact a bumbling Communist prescribing Communism and conformity to the UN Agenda!
Absolute Power!
Individual rights must be sacrificed to the greater collective good.
Free Cash for everyone!
No Tax relief!

With the Mainstream media now bought and paid for by her Party Political bribery and tucked safely into in her back pocket, it is easy to see why Ardern and the system of state she runs wants to control the Internet, social media, and free speech!
The Press being no longer free, it has fallen to independent dissident voices using Soapboxes, letterbox drops, and social media to raise the alarm against the tyrannical deeds and agenda of our State, and attempt to inform the people of alternative perspectives and rally them to resist… esp at election time.

So for this reason alone you must appreciate the magnitude of what is at stake with Andrew Little’s drive for heavy ‘hate speech laws’… and the imposition of Ardern’s and Macron’s ‘Christchurch call’… calling for heavy censorship of the internet suppressing views, opinions, and dissidents that oppose their Politically correct pseudo-values, and their UN globalist agenda.

It has been the voices of independent thinkers, and dissident experts who have stepped up to fill the void as the vanguard of liberty… the mainstream media having deserted their post!

And this is what has provoked Leviathan into seeking to absolutely suppress and outlaw Free speech.
The mainstream media is in full cahoots with the government in their desire to suppress independent voices and alternative media on the Net.

Worst still Sycophant Social media Giants owned and operated by Woke lefty Liberal Globalists are more than willing collaborators too!
They are already hard at work using AI to suppress independent voices.
It is essential that freedom lovers dont allow facebook and Youtube to hold a monopoly on your personal internet presence, but to have a second line of defence… Have a Mewe social media account.
Use Bitchute as much as possible instead of Youtube, and maybe use other browsers other than google… like duck Duck go, or Brave.



A month ago we suffered a barrage of Mainstream media Fake news about an approaching Plague that was expected to devastate the world, and we all trembled in fear as the media spread all the false information, and so we prepared for the worst.
Still rather than immediately throwing our toys out of the cot chose instead to voluntarily comply with the new laws Ardern began to issue despite personally considering them unjust for the sake of solidarity and the fight against the coming menace.
At first it appeared she was going to take a bold minimalist approach for which I actually commended her, but then she jumped in Boots and all with a full blown Police State Lock down.

In the next few weeks into Lockdown with an increase in data, as we watched the statistics, it very soon became apparent Covid-19 was no where near as dangerous as we had been led to believe and that we had in fact been deceived.
Voices began to reveal how the original data we had been fed from Italy etc was seriously compromised with dubious processes and Copious quantities of Media sensationalism.

Read: Italian MP, Sgarbi denounces the Statistical Fraud on COVID-19
‘Vittorio Sgarbi, denounces the closure of 60% of the businesses for 25,000 COVID-19 Deaths, of which the National Institute of Health says 96.3% died NOT of COVID-19 but of other pathologies. That means only 925 have died of the virus. 24,075 have died of other things…’

He says false statistics are being use to terrorize the citizens of Italy and establish a dictatorship.

I fully admit I myself watched such skewed new reports with Alarm and mobilised myself into action to prepare for the worst.
Still, at no time did I advocate or endorse any actions taken by Ardern that were a violation of Individual citizens rights.

I was involved in many discussion with others that identified and commented on her many violations, yet still I was willing to voluntarily comply with common sense practices like social distancing… yet this is in no way an endorsement of compulsion or tyrannical law and we reserved the right to protest at such a time as we could. First priorities being taking care of our families as the Pandemic landed on our shores.

Even at this early stage some of my smarter friends were already questioning this narrative and suggesting the economic consequences of what was being proposed was certainly something to be alarmed about.

The primary factor that scared the shit out of me about the Covid-19 threat was that it originated in Wuhan … where China’s Bio-warfare lab is located.

The Problem is that there was no way to take China’s claim that the virus was of natural origin as gospel because their Tyrannical regime cannot be trusted.
They were in fact implementing a pogrom to cover up the facts…. Whistle blowers were ‘disappearing’.
The Chinese Regime is EVIL!

Over a period of weeks last month… before our lockdown… News reports were describing an escalating crisis in Italy of nearly 1000 deaths per day, and we also saw Social media flooded with pics of supermarket shelves being emptied… whole Cities were being quarantined,
Convoys of Trucks were sanitisng the Streets in China and reports of a full scale National emergency about to be announced and Lock down… for months…. It sure looked to me like China had accidentally leaked a Bio=weapons grade WMD… and that I had better prepare for the worst.

Despite claims that the virus came from the ‘wet market’ 25km away from the highest security Virus Laboratory in Asia, I could not bring myself to have any confidence in that as being a fact.
I am fully aware that Natural pandemics (such as the Spanish flu) can be absolutely Ravenous, yet I still believe that I would have been far less alarmed had the virus started in any other city than Wuhan.
I could not shake the fear that Covid-19 was a genetically modified… Potentised… weapon.

Empirical facts that eventuated show us our fears were unfounded, yet a healthy skepticism still questions the offical narrative about the origin and nature of Covid-19 as simply from Bats at a ‘Wet Market’.
The Wet market provides a very convenient cover story… though it is statistically improbable that the Market is the true origin rather than the lab.
If you wanted to artificially create panic, having a Pandemic break out from the same neighborhood as a Viral Bio-weapons Lab will surely do the trick!
If you wanted to generate a global panic to allow the introduction of Compulsory Vaccination… this would be how you would do it.

Irrespective of whether or not your mind is as suspicious as mine, it remains clear that Western Governments like New Zealand (further fueling Pubic hysteria) Usurped oppressive Emergency powers and implemented lock downs from a complete lack of solid information about the virus (ignorance), and the perceived potential Plague level Carnage it was about to unleash (based upon seriously Skewed Bad Data).

The True facts became clearer several weeks later.
Covid-19 is in reality no more dangerous then the common Flu.
The world had been fed false Data generating Panic, and as such the lockdowns were a massive and costly mistake.
A massive economic and social catastrophe is now unfolding as a direct result of Stupendous and gratuitous government over-reaction!

We should have been come out of lockdown at least 2 weeks ago.

There was truckloads of Data and expert opinion by then that made this clear and Ardern’s failure to admit her mistake and immediately end the lockdown is a true testimony to her absolute lack of Good Leadership qualities.

Three facts of reality about Lockdown are.
1. It is an economic disaster,
2. The Lock down involves Tyrannical laws that violate our rights and Liberties and empower a Police State…. people getting arrested for Non-crimes.
3. It is ultimately a futile gesture because unless a nation stays perpetually in lockdown with closed boarders the Virus will ride back into the country via the boarder.

The only solution is to gain herd immunity… ie weather the storm in freedom as we do with the Flu and bear the cost… as we do with the Flu.

This does not mean *there are no actions* we can take to shield the most vulnerable… like Isolating Old folks homes, etc when these sorts of things appear, and plenty of other wise moves …. all that help… none that require making Ardern Absolute Ruler… the one painful lesson we must take away from all this is that the government must be prevented from usurping unjust powers and sabotaging our economy, and making criminals out of innocent people who refuse to surrender their rights!

We must protect free speech at all costs so that we maintain the right to critisise the Government and the established vested interests of the medical cartel and defend the ability of Free thinkers and Renegade medical professionals to talk to the public so that we still get to hear their views.
Only that way can we make smart decisions about our own health and well being… having access to *all* the information and arguments… not just the arguments *The State* wants you to believe.
That is how a free country with free people functions… taking personal responsibility for your own lives.
The opposite is a Police State… and tyranny… the sort of people who prefer that are the scared sheep who dont want to carry the responsibility of thinking for themselves and instead *want to be told what they must do*… by an all powerful Nanny State.

These are also the ‘Collaborators’ with the all powerful State who *hate seeing other people not living in fear like they are… and choosing instead of submission to exercise their legitimate rights… and in this situation it would have been businesses that would have stayed open, etc.
And the thing is that when you have a free society that keeps the government in check and keeps people responsible for their own health and well being, *those who want to practice extreme isolation* may do so… they simply cant force everyone else to do the same… yet they can still *persuade* others… and that is how a free society works… by reason… by persuasion… not but draconian laws…. not by compulsion…. not by silencing voices of dissent.
Ardern has not saved us… she has dealt us a horrific blow and has Fooled the gullible into worshiping her heavy hand.
She must go!

Ardern did not create this dysfunctional situation of Coercion, tt was purpose built for her from successions of Power Mad Demagogues (like Helen Clark) which the gullible sheeple have installed over themselves.
Ardern inherited it and is now exploiting it to the maximum for her own political ambitions.
Like all other Western nations New Zealanders have long forgotten what the bounds and legitimate duties of government are.
What is the most tragic is that in reality what Ardern did was not novel in kind … not revolutionary … but simply more of the usual Mutton fisted socialism ….in Spades.. and a huge portion of New Zealanders worship her for it!
That is the real tragedy!
The sheepish, spineless, slavish mentality of such a large portion of the population.

The question now is are we going to allow the Delusions of Arderns ‘Statesmanship’ go unchallenged or are we going to work tirelessly for the truth and for the restoration of our rights and liberties?
Will we work to get safeguards against Hate speech legislation?
Will we work to get safeguards against compulsory testing and vaccinations, against the all seeing eye of Tracking via Peter Thiel Spy technology?
Will we work to ensure no Prime minister or parliament has the authority to enact a Police State or ever contemplate deploying the army against the free citizens of New Zealand?

This can be done by the will of the people enacting a New Iron clad constitution that will for the first time since New Zealand became an independent nation instill *The True Rule of Law above the social arbitrary power of Parliament* .
This is something I have spent the last 20 plus years fighting for, and as recent events have shown, The need is even more urgent now than it was when I started my Libertarian Political activism.

The System is broke Yo!
We need to fix it!
It simply should not be constitutionally Lawful for Power mad socialists like Ardern to Usurp such tyrannical powers!
The Legislative powers of Parliament must be kept subordinate to a ‘Higher Law’… A Supreme Bill of Rights that protects our Rights and liberties as individuals… inviolate!

In short we need to establish the true Rule of Law… principles of Justice…. over and above Social arbitrary law and the Whims of a Parliament of Fools.

Watch (Below) American hero Ammon Bundy serve a Cop for a violation of his oath to uphold the constitution after He Arrested a mother at a Park who was deemed to be in violation of Covid 19 lockdown.

This Video shows what a Freedom loving community does when faced with Police enforcing unjust unconstitutional laws!

The People have legal redress and this cop will have to explain himself in court.
He should have refused to enforce such an obviously Tyrannical law that was in complete violation of the constitutional rights and liberties of US Citizens.
In Fact this Policeman committed a crime against the Mother!
He will have to explain himself in court.

The Price of Liberty is eternal vigilance and unfortunately Americans have on a whole neglected to defend their constitutional rights from erosion, none the less Brave citizens like the Bundys have been fighting back!

Their fight has reached epic proportions to the degree of even being wrongfully imprisoned by the Government for their defense of their Property and constitutional rights.

Eventually Justice prevailed against extreme Government corruption and they were acquitted.
Not before one of their friends and fellow American Patriots had been assassinated by a government hit squad… the late Great Lavoy Finicum.

Let Us hope that victory in the fight to secure our rights as New Zealand citizens from Government abuses does not demand of us such monumental resolve, for who among us has such high character as the Bundys?
Few If any.
Still their story serves as a modern day example of how Ugly the struggle for Freedom against Modern democratic States can get.
Freedom is for the brave… everyone else is a slave.

And if you think we have it tough just think about the poor souls in China or Hong Kong!
That is how bad things can get when Full blown Tyranny takes hold.
The sooner Tyranny is confronted and defeated, the easier the victory.
This is not just about our own Freedom but about Future generations of Kiwis.

So my friends let us peacefully rally together and make a big noise against the Myth of Jacinda Ardern as Wonder woman!
And the System that has given her licence to to treat us like her surfs.
Let us expose her for the communist Fraud that she is.
Let us also expose the character of those who worship her …their slave mentality.
Let us not surrender our rights without Protest!
And most of All let us defend free speech!

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Libertarian Independent.

Visit Tim’s Facebook page ‘Cult of Ardern’.


The Covid-19 hysteria and tyranny is a perfect example of why Free speech is so vital and also why Liberty in medical matter is also essential now that we are hearing calls for the state to pass legislation for compulsory vaccinations.

Just last year… well before Covid-19 was world news, I contributed to a book on the war on Free speech in New Zealand called ‘Free Speech Under Attack’ (Tross Publishing), in which I made commentary on how Free speech is vital on the subject of vaccinations as is our right to refuse vaccinations for our selves and our children if we deem the persevered advantages are outweighed by the risk… this portion follows below

“The Anti-vax movement is another minority group whom have been singled out for censorship because they vocally resist the Socialist ambitions for compulsory vaccinations.

The biggest problem with regards to Vaccinations in New Zealand is that because we have a state health system, they don’t take kindly to criticism of how they function, and are always covering up their medical misadventures.

As the saying goes you cant fool all of the people… all of the time, and so many people *rightly don’t trust* politicians or the health system they run.
Personally I am not Anti-vaxx… but I am absolutely opposed to *Compulsory vaccinations* because I know there are definitely serious risks involved.

And here is where the issue becomes a matter of free speech and access *to the whole truth*… not just the governments side of the story.

It is a Parents Right to decide if they will risk vaccinating their kids and yet to exercise this parental responsibility they must be told the whole truth…. they must have all the facts and opinions so that they can make informed and prudent decisions.

Yet People like Ardern who want compulsory Vaccinations seek to downplay the risk and silence those who are morally inclined to raise the alarm and highlight the risks.
The concerns of these pesky ‘anti-Vaxxers’ that lobby against compulsory Vaccinations are dismissed as being fallacious, and they are castigated as being ‘anti-science’ … the equivalent of ‘Flat Earthers’.

Parents need to know that there *is a risk* of serious reactions to vaccinations… not lied to about this… and esp not having their parental rights taken away by the state making it compulsory.

One of my wife’s cousins had a catastrophic reaction to the Rubella shot and was crippled… and died young .
It has been proven that these adverse reactions can be a hereditary disposition thus Families are going to be far more aware of such propensities within their own kin than politicians who dont give a crap about such things and only care about their own tyrannical dictates… that they think are for the public good.

And most importantly via the right to free speech it is the right of those who believe vaccinations are dangerous to publicly make their case… and it is evil for the government to censor them.”

Tim Wikiriwhi ‘Free Speech Under Attack’ pg 188-189

More from Tim….













More references
Ammon Bundy, 6 others acquitted in Oregon standoff trial.

Nevada judge stands by her dismissal of Cliven Bundy standoff case

“Unite Against Covid-19 New Zealand” . The Subtility of the Serpent that beguiles.

It would have been Hygienically efficacious for New Zealanders to still have ‘single use plastic shopping bags’ in this Covid-19 Crisis …. Hmmmm?
Whose short sighted bright Idea was it to scrap those?

This Covid-19 crisis has been Horror Carnival ride for everyone.
The Information, and data constantly changing.
I will be the first to admit this would be a very testing time to be in Government.
A very testing Time for NZ PM Jacinda Ardern.
The greatest enemy actually being *ignorance*… so little being known.
Having to make decisions based largely upon conjecture… dubious computer models, etc.
The tendency in such times is usually to er on the side of caution, yet as time passes more data become available and a good leader should be looking to modify their plans as new Data suggests that is the prudent course.
She appears unable to do so.
Ignorance is no excuse for trampling over the rights and liberties of the citizens or destroying the economy!
Where did she get the idea that such heavy handed action was her right as PM to take?

The Minister of Health David Clark also deceived the NZ Public when he insisted the government had sufficient test kits available. Ardern perpetuated that myth too.
In reality there was a serious lack of test kits resulting in dire under-testing of symptomatic people .. many people were turned away who turned out to have the virus.
We can be thankful that it appears Covid-19 is no where near as lethal as was feared just a few weeks ago when Italy was in Crisis.
They should have been honest about this lack of test kits from the beginning.

New Zealand had gotten off very lightly so far, yet rather than this being a consequence of Arderns great leadership… I suggest it has in fact been in spite of her many grievous failings.
Covid-19 has presented the world with many moral dilemmas and it is in such times that an apprehension of some of the deepest Moral precepts and conundrums comes into play.
Ends…. and Means.
Just because she has usurped the power to act as she has done… does not mean she had the moral right or legitimate authority to do so, and in the years that follow… will she be held accountable for the misery and hardships her actions will bring… or the loss of rights and liberties that will flow in her wake?
Will the people of New Zealand accrue a tally on her account for any spike in Suicides, etc that ensue?
Probably not…

Yet still contemplate the following….

“How many people are hypnotized by the ‘mild… female voiced’ Covid-19 tv ad… repeated several times an hour… that calmly dictates to the entire Nation the strict terms upon which our now all powerful government will ‘permit us’ to use our cars and vehicles?

Such a calm female voice is supposed to invoke a belief that these rules are reasonable, not harsh…. not abuse of power…

I say the way this message is packaged is a frightening demonstration of the use of ‘Psychology of the masses; type techniques to cloak the true nature of what is going on.

I say it would be more honest if these Ads were instead a video of a Gruff Uniformed Male Police Chief stipulating the The Law… in a manor as if they are addressing a crowd of unruly Teenagers upon whom they are seeking to make clear *the Real nature of these Dictates.*… saying it for Example like thus…
“You will obey these rules… or else!”

“They are not optional!”

“We the Police will enforce this Lock down!”

“Anyone caught breaking the rules will be severely punished!”

The mask would be off!

That would take the sugar coated Bullshit away from what is currently being said!

People will naturally recoil from such a blunt declaration!

It would make clear the real relationship that now exists between the People of New Zealand and the Ardern State.
You will obey… or else!

That’s the real face of the Authoritarianism Ardern and parliament have set up… so all the Idiots who think this way of ‘taking care of us all’ … would at least realise and see it for what it really is… instead of some soft spoken feminine voice speaking to us like she is advertising some sort of beneficial health products….

The Soft female voice normalises the Police state!

That’s how the Useful Idiots see socialism… Good Nice Old Caring Nanny State.
That is the purpose of running these ads by a soft spoken woman…. to deceive… and carry on the grand delusion.”

Satan Laughing spreads his wings!

The sycophants of the Ardern Regime in the New Zealand Media have been busy propping up her Cult of Personality one Newshub article calling her heavy handed Covid-19 response ‘a masterclass in crisis leadership’… in which they described one of her great leadership qualities was her ability ‘to Persuade many to act for the collective good’, when in reality her methods are not ‘persuasion’ at all!
She has done the opposite thing!
She has called in the Jackboots, Enacted heavy prohibitions on an unprecedented scale, and encouraged a Neighbour vs neigbour approach whereby the People Police each other… acting as informants upon anyone who refuses to live in fear.

Many people are praise Ardern for her heavy hand and pretend she has acted wisely *and morally*, yet I ask… how can it be moral, or a sign of ‘Great leadership’ to be destroying the livelihoods of thousands of Citizens… while your decisions dont impact upon your own financial circumstances in the slightest?
Dont you think that it is *very questionable* for Ardern to usurp the power to do such a thing?
By what right was *her plan* even possible to implement?
To me it is fundamentally immoral and an abuse of Power!

I guess we should be greatful we are not governed by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte!

If this Crisis was to be faced collectively It ought to have been done *on a moral basis without the usurpation of tyranical powers!
Ie it ought to have been truly undertaken by persuasion instead of force… and called for voluntary cooperation… these things are (or ought to have been) Non-negotiable.
Many Nations have indeed taken different courses of action that were far less intrusive and have been very successful in fighting the Virus and minimized the impact of Government activity upon their economies.
For example Coronavirus: To Swedes, it’s the rest of the world engaging in a reckless experiment

“Birds build nests and fly away when faced with danger.
Hedgehogs eat snails, and always curl up into a spiky Ball.
Its their nature to do these things, and it never occurs to them to do anything else.
The same applies to Socialist Politicians like Ardern!
It is her *unthinking nature* as a socialist to always approach every issue with the heavy hand of State power and legislation… to always enhance the power of the state at the expense of the rights and liberties of the people… taking away their rights to act in their own judgement and best interests… and that is what she has done under this Covid-19 crisis…”
Its not an act of Well reasoned action!
But her Predictable as pie Kneejerk reaction!

The idea that we could have faced this crisis with all our rights and liberties intact did not even pass through her mind!(or the minds of 80% of the NZ Sheeple… because they have become thoroughly institutionalized… like inmates who actually think life in jail is great!
Regimented Meals.
Free Healthcare,
All those guards looking after them, and getting safely lock into their cells at night!
Who needs ‘dangerous freedom’ where you have to think and look after yourselves????
Only trouble makers and selfish rebels worry about things like government abuse of power… or petty things like rights and liberties!
Ardern the Great will keep us safe!
I am no Arden Cultist, yet still I myself would have voluntarily acted for the common good and conformed to a prudent plan.. without legislative threats to send the Jackboots to my door.

Tim Wikiriwhi

Update: 12-4-20 The video below to appreciate the dubious processes and data upon which Politicians like Jacinda Ardern use as a basis for their decisions and tyrannical responses…
Also apreciate that it was also via this extremely corrupt data that has been unquestioningly accepted as ‘scientific fact’ that was used by the media to terrify the populations of the west into submitting to a massive expansion of State powers and the curtailment of citizens rights and liberties.
This goes a long way to explain why at the beginning of the lock down we were expecting Covid-19 to hit us like a bomb… yet nothing happened!
This is because the Data we had been fed was total rubbish.

Read ‘The alleged cure is immensely worse than the disease’
Peter Hitchens on the dangerous folly of the Covid-19 shutdown.

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The coronavirus just created a new dictator in Europe and has emboldened the toxic behaviour of authoritarians worldwide