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Will David Seymour abdicate the fight for free speech to Judith Collins? A Confrontation with Lee Williams.

Photo: NZ Herald.

Read/ Watch: David Seymour confronted by Lee Williams who was sacked from Synlait over his YouTube channel

I was left very disappointed with David Seymour after watching an argument he had with deplatformed You tuber Lee Williams who had his life destroyed by a gang of Maori radicals and Far left deplatformers.
I want to talk about what David Seymour said, and why it is extremely disappointing for me and many others who are fighting for free speech in New Zealand, and had high hopes that David Seymour was serious about making Free Speech a priority ‘flagship’ for Act next election.

I will recap what has happened to Lee William’s to give context to his confrontation with Seymour and after having listened to Seymour’s comments, why he saw red and publicly accused Seymour of being a fraud.

Truly an ugly and unfortunate spectacle.

People (and Seymour) need to ask themselves why Lee Williams is a kettle on the boil.
Too many simply write him off as angry mad man, and that his loud display is proof positive of his extremist temperament.
While no doubt Lee is passionate and cares deeply about the frightening political direction our nation is being taken, the notion that Lee has no reasonable or justifiable reason for being angry can only be entertained through ignorance of what he has endured… and why.

That Lee openly speaks his mind with little regard about ‘spooking the sheeple’… without applying politically expedient filters is one reason why politicians like David Seymour look at Lee as a ‘Hot Potato’… a political liability… someone with whom it involves a high element of risk being associated with… and Lee’s loud antics at Seymour’s meeting will have reinforced this danger in David’s mind.
Why would a political party get involved with that?

Yet I ask David Seymour to put on Lee’s boots and walk in them for a few miles… maybe in doing this David might get a better perspective.
He may realise that Lee has every reason to be angry, and that it is a mistake on his part, and an act of moral cowardice not to take up the fight for free speech on Lee’s behalf.
This is bigger than Lee.
It’s not even really about Lee
And it was a big mistake to make out that it is.

Any Act supporters reading this please raise these points with David and get him to see reason. It takes high character to put personal dislikes aside and to honestly give your opposition an objective ear. Does David Seymour possess this hallmark of greatness?

To recap what happened to Lee in as few words as possible. Why Lee has every right to be angry, and why David ought to have known this.

Lee Williams was the star of his own You Tube channel ‘Cross the Rubicon’ in which he regularly made videos expressing his personal views on political news and events of the day.
His views not only critisied what was going on here in New Zealand, but also extended to US Politics, Britain, The UN, Davos, etc.
He is a supporter of Trump, and of Brexit, a heavy critic of Socialist globalism, and in New Zealand Lee has been scathing of Jacinda Ardern, The Greens, and The Maori Party.

All of Lee’s activism on You tube has been completely above board… completely legal.
Lee has been exercising his democratic right to free speech, both in public on the street, and his You tube channel has been his soapbox on line.

We live in very volatile times politically speaking, and with such topics as the Christchurch Terrorist attack, The Covid 19 pandemic and lockdowns, all the global warming hysteria and legislations, to be a political commentator in such times there is a hell of a lot going on to be critical and righteously angry about!
The Western world has been speeding along the rails towards becoming Woke Police States!
And so such serious and alarming political activities generate a requisite level of outrage in response, and no one in New Zealand wears their heart on their sleeve more openly than Lee Williams.
It is unavoidable for the independent voice not to wallow in matters of great controversy and if a commentator choses to stand apart and not be shackled by the ‘politically correct narrative’ being peddled by mainstream media, it goes without saying that such independent voices ‘trigger’ outrage from the precious woke SJW communities infested by far left radicals who cant handle the truth.

I will admit that by my own reckoning Lee often hurts his own cause by hot headed remarks yet still Lee is never guilty of crossing the line of free speech into inciting violence.
Lee’s anger is always in context of some perceived evil and injustice that is being committed… usually by Woke politicians like the Maori Party, or Far left lobby groups and yet he never crosses the line into *Racism*.
At his worst he is guilty of politically incorrect humor. One BFD contributor said this about Lee’s now infamous Satire:

“…three videos from Williams, two of which are low-brow, unfunny and not particularly clever impersonations of Maori Party MP Rawhiri Waititi and Labour Cabinet Minister Willie Jackson. In the hysterical land of social justice, which considers sharing memes of Oprah Winfrey to be ‘digital blackface,’ they may be racist. In the real world, they’re about a racist as me using an Irish accent..”
Stephen Berry. The BFD ‘The Flagellation of Lee Williams’. 28-5-21

It must be remembered that Lee was spoofing *a racist politician*, not Maori. Rawhiri Waititi breaks out into a haka every time something does not go his way!
He’s an embarrassment to himself and Maori and deserves ridicule.

The only problem is that by expressing critisism of the Woke agenda Lee has drawn the attention of Far left extremists who misrepresent Lee as being ‘White supremist’ ‘Far Right extremist’,etc.
Sadly this Leftist slander is devastatingly effective as it is swallowed whole by so many naïve people.
Most of these people are obsessed neurotic’s.
And these Far left extremists then targeted Lee for deplatforming and ruin that went far beyond that!

To be a defender of Free speech takes Balls!
Lee is no ‘scoundrel’ though he sure is a loose cannon.

What is truly Gob-smacking to me having watched David Seymour’s reasoning as to why he refused to help Lee is that David does not seem to understand that the Right of Free speech became one of the pillars of Free Society *for the very purpose of protecting the rights of such controversial voices as Lee Williams*!

The right of Free speech is only called upon to defend people who cause public outrage and offence from being suppressed by the powers that be.
For the free speech of those who are parroting the popular and fashionable views of the status quo *Never come under threat of being censored*.
The Free speech of those who parrot the popular and fashionable views of the status quo *never come under threat of being persecuted or legally oppressed, or of loosing their other rights.
And Free Speech is the way us little… uncultured… grumpy people get to speak truth to power without fear of being trampled underfoot.

Lee’s opinions about the Maori party, his satire, parody, and critisim of Ardern and the He Pua Pua report certainly outraged the Maori party and Far Left activists!
It is a fact that his opinions made him a prime target for the left wing practice of deplatforming to punish his ‘wrong-think’ and silence him to prevent his opinions gaining popularity.
They speak of their opposition ‘spreading mis-information’, or of ‘Dog whistling’, or of ‘Radicalisation of would-be terrorists’, etc… anything to excuse cancelling them.

So deplatforming is all about venting malicious political malice, and the subversion of Free speech for the sake of the control of information in the public sphere… for the sake of power.

It has zero to do with ‘protecting vunerable minorities’

That Media people like Marc Daalder and even members of Parliament like Maori Party MP Debbie Ngarewa-Packer promoted extortion and the deplatforming of a New Zealand voter.. to silence and destroy him ought to have made made David Seymour sit up straight and take notice!

That David Seymour thinks that Lee deserves what happened to him… that it was all above board, and that his personal total destruction was his own doing… ‘reaping what he has sown’ beggars belief!
Are you really surprised Lee blew his stack when you [David] said such things to his face… while grinning like the Cheshire cat?

David! You really stuck your foot in your mouth this time!
You need to have a re-think!

Lee was wrong to suggest David Seymour has not been vocally opposed to The He PuaPua Report. David has made many public statements saying it was dangerous separatism.

Lee William’s Loud denunciation of Seymour was a public embarrassment to Seymour.
It was even reported in the media, and all this will have angered him.
Yet still this blogpost is an appeal to David not to allow his Ego to overthrow his own reasoning faculties, as to do so risks Act’s reputation as being the Free Speech party that is currently keeping them buoyant in the polls.

I want to point out to David that despite his altercation with Lee, there is an even bigger threat to Act’s rising Star should David not ‘Man up’ and take up Lee’s cause.
That danger is surrendering the platform of Free Speech to National and Judith Collins who has recently shown interest by joining the Free Speech Union.
This move by Collins was both good news for New Zealand, and strategically wise for National.
Seymour can no longer think Act has the political market for free speech cornered.
If Judith Collins can outshine Seymour as the Champion of Free Speech in New Zealand Act will be loose traction to National.

Read: Free Speech Union Welcome Judith Collins As Member

Seymour needs to up his game and despite what he thinks about Lee Williams, His case is a massive opportunity for Act to shine, and take the fight back against the Leftist Cancel culture!
Yet this same opportunity could be snapped up by Judith Collins.
David’s now public excuses for not supporting Lee gives Collins an opportunity to publicly question Seymour’s real commitment to free speech.
The Free Speech Union have already steeped up to the plate.
The rest of New Zealand is wondering ‘where the hell is Act?


Is David first and foremost a brave man of principle, or a cowardly schemer?
Having seen the video circulating on Social media, and having read the News articles, this is the question now hanging over David’s head in the minds of many potential Act voters… and given how lame an excuse David made for not supporting Lee who can blame them?
Twitter posts reveal that even the Leftist deplatformers are surprised Seymour refused to help!

Let’s see if David Seymour is man enough to realise his ‘miscalculations’ and change course.
He needs to put his ‘Big boy’ pants on and have the Nads to admit he has been wrong about this matter, and is prepared to put the argument behind him for the sake of Free speech for New Zealanders.
I have talked to Lee Williams and have explained to him what I was going to write today and that if David Seymour was prepared to set his differences with Lee aside, would Lee also be prepared to set his angst towards Seymour aside for the sake of co operation for the common cause?
Lee said he definitely would!

Should these two men be able to make peace for the sake of Free speech this would go a long way to repairing *both their reputations* in the Free speech advocacy fraternity.
It would demonstrate high character and putting principle and the good of our nation above personal gripes.
Real men ought to know that it is not necessary to actually personally *like* another person before prudence dictates you ought to co operate.
Real men will set aside clashes of personality and act professionally.

Currently this animosity and failure to co operate only benefits the hateful anti-free speech left.

David needs to grasp that in Lee’s case, should what happened to him at Synlait be allowed to stand this will set a dire precedent against free speech for Kiwi workers rights!
The Free Speech Union have realised what happened to Lee with respect to being cancelled by Westpac that this bodes ill for free speech with respect to citizens financial arrangements.
Seymour needs to grasp that the Maori Party needs to be hauled over the coals for supporting the petition that extorted Synlait Dairy company into wrongfully dismissing Lee.
These are not only absolutely necessary engagements for the sake of free speech, they also represent an opportunity for either Act or National to rise to pre-eminence in the name of free speech, and to strike at the Racist radicals of the Maori Party, and hopefully in someway lead to the punishment and bust up of the Far Left extremist deplatforming gang responsible for what happened to Lee and others.

Even without Ardren’s new Hate speech laws, until these things are put right and the malicious left wing extremists are brought to justice, the best and most outspoken New Zealanders remain under threat from being deplatformed by the far Left radicals and activists.

I hope for the sake of our country David Seymour will take some time to ponder what I have said here.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

P.S Shout out to The BFD for their coverage of the ‘Lee Williams Saga’ and for using some of my material.
IMO The BFD is New Zealand’s leading Free Speech advocacy News site.

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Soft White Underbelly Intro Video. Mark Laita

This guy Mark Laita is a hero and his interviews are mind blowing….
The spectrum is super Broad.
Mob Bosses, Crack heads, Moonshiners, sex offenders, prostitutes, Hillbillies, etc etc.
Mark has taken the time to get these real life stories herd.
When you watch a stack of voices from Skid Row and other Homeless, and Criminals…clear patterns emerge… commonalities.
Despite rough starts and dysfunctional childhoods, still many admit *their own responsibility* for their condition… because of Bad personal choices.
Nonetheless Mark opens a window for us to see the conditions many people face and help us to empathise with these people.
I hope to discuss these topics in greater detail in the future.
Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

Here’s a link to the new GoFundMe campaign to support this channel and to help some of the people in these videos:

Gab, Mewe. Life on the Frontier. My Post-Facebook experience in Alternative Social Media sites.

To be edited.

So it has been a couple of months now since I packed up my stuff and moved out of Facebook, waving goodbye to many family and friends.
I left because Facebook is one of the big fat evil leftist globalist internet monsters working like demons 24/7 to install enemies of freedom into positions of power and authority about the globe, and I did not want to remain one of the billions of dumfounded dipshits supporting it.

Having left the woke safe space, it has taken some adjustments to get used to existence on the outside again.
Life in alternate platforms, such as MeWe, Gab, Bitchute has been interesting in unexpected ways.
A bit like moving back into your old neighborhood on the shadier less orderly side of the tracks.
So I want to discuss this now as pertaining to the dynamics of freedom.

I talked about my decision to leave Facebook in an earlier blog post here BYE BYE MY FACEBOOK PEOPLE. IT’S TIME TO GO.

I also switched my browser from Google to Duckduckgo, and do my best to use Bitchute rather than Youtube whenever possible.

I have been splitting my social media time between Mewe and Gab.
I currently am only using their free basic options yet intend to step up and purchase their premium options when I have discussed how to do this with my computer nerd sons.
I personally am a tech moron and fear doing anything different without guidance.
This being so I can’t really advise on which of these two platforms are the best.
On these basic levels I do prefer Mewe, as I think Gab has been struggling with technical difficulties due to a massive influx of users.
On Gab sometimes when I submit posts and comments they ‘fail’, and there is some sort of limit on post length which I find annoying.
Maybe one day I’ll get around to reading their rules.

I will say that both these sites are not as ‘fancy’ as Facebook… just as Duckduckgo is not as fancy as Google, yet that is to be expected. The important thing to appreciate is that a person can still enjoy Social media without Facebook.
Life does go on!

I am currently up to over 900 ‘Gabs’ (posts) and have 186 ‘followers’ which works out that I gain a new follower on average for every 5 ‘Gabs’ I make.
That’s a big bang for the buck!
I can easily pump out 10 or more ‘Gabs’ a day without breaking into a sweat.
Being a Christian Libertarian activist and Blogger, it is essential that my posts have a decent audience and that I am not simply speaking to the void.
I can see that my following is growing at a regular steady pace.
Leaving facebook has increased my outreach because facebook was throttling my posts so that they did not appear on many of my friends news feeds.
And now I have developed the habit of using more than one platform… as my ‘new normal’… so I will never be placed in the hands of an evil Monopoly again!
These facts demonstrate ‘the law of Compensation’ that even from overtly bad experiences… some surprising goods things will arise.
I am wiser today.

Now having moved from the heavily censored and moderated platforms of Big Tech… going out West… way past the frontier of their walled communities into lesser policed lands, was a bit of a jolt.
I should have expected this… yet I didn’t.
I had to re-acclimatise myself to a less regimented world.

I salute the creators of these alternative sites most of whom are champions of Free Speech, and the last thing a want to do is discourage people from making the leap from Facebook to alternative free speech platforms, I do however want to prepare people for what is out there.

What I am about to say may sound a bit arrogant or even pompous, yet there are all sorts of people congregating on these new alternate platforms… like frontier towns, and many of them are not people with whom I would normally seek to associate.
Some like myself motivated by ethical concerns voluntarily abandoned the ‘Mainstream Social media providers’ because of their heavy Woke NWO bias and censorship’
Others… and there are a fair number of them… are people who in my opinion are small minded bigots… ie people whom actually hold what may be described as ‘Far Right’ leaning tendencies.
It would be wrong to label them as Alt Right nor are they predominant, yet they are there… expressing their own view of the world.
And every now and then you come across the odd contempt filled Nationalist Racist.
The majority of these types would have been tossed out of Facebook because they post nasty guile filled venom, or totally bonkers and obviously fabricated lies.
It is never a pleasant experience to cross paths with these types, and the few times I have attempted to express my own repugnance for what they are expounding, I have regretted it because that triggers a burst of negative replies in which my name has become embroiled.
I would probably have been better off simply scrolling past their posts and carrying on my day un-sullied.
Not sure if that is really the moral course, and yet why cast pearls before swine?

It is a difficult subject to broach because the Woke Leftists Label sites like Gab as being havens of Far right bigotry, and by taring these sites with that brush hope to provoke Governments into censoring these platforms who refuse to play by the Woke ‘Community standards’ play book.
The Woke outcry against sites like Gab is little more than partisan prejudice as most of you know Ultra-Left Antifa types routinely label anyone right of themselves as Nazis, and yet if I am to be truthful, I myself a Christian Libertarian would identify a small percentage of Gabbers as being far right.
I think my experience would be the norm, ie any new comers to such platforms will within a relatively short period of time come across content and people that you find personally deluded and or repugnant.
So does this actually validate the claims the woke Left level at sites like Gab that they are nothing but infestations of Nazis?
Then what does it really signify?
I don’t want to overstate the degree of bad element Alt Righters lurking about.
There certainly are no more than their equally loathsome Left wing counterparts which are welcomed with open arms on facebook… and in fact are lauded there as Progressive trailblazers!

As I contemplate this it occurs to me that many of the unsavory types that have reared their ugly heads on these alternate sites are a result of the way the ‘internet wars’ have been played out on the big social media platforms.
People get kick off sites like facebook for various reasons.
Some from what I would describe as legitimate moderation, and the rest resulting from the imposition of alt left ideology upon their political critics and adversaries.
Thus a lot of the ‘displaced’ user base of these alternative sites naturally reflects these same variables.
Its like they contain *both* the best and the worst of those who oppose the Woke Tyranny on Mainstream sites, and of course the Woke see them all as being one and the same.

There is a sprinkling of ‘Q’ devotees on Gab who still believe Trump is leading the game, and that mass arrests of Democrat traitors is eminent.
There are some who believe a secret cult of Banker Jews are behind all evils in the world. For example they believe the Jews are responsible for the rise of Communist China, and they can provide ‘Evidence’ of Jews living in China after the second world war who helped in the early government of Mao Zedong.
These people do not represent ‘the average Gaber’ but are part of a full spectrum of opinions.
There are also Libertarians like myself there.

So these new social media sites not only contain many of the best people and freedom advocates who suffered censorship and deplatforming from Facebook because of their stand against leftist Globalist tyranny, these sites have also been Refugee camps for many ex facebook users whom I can only describe as the loonatic fringe on the Right.
This manifests itself in the most shameful ways. You get sporadic Memes and Articles proffering absolutely deranged opinions and blatant lies of the most flagrantly warped minds…yet still within the bounds of the rights of individuals… ie nothing criminal.
A lot of what appears in your ‘feed’ will depend on who… the strangers you have inadvertently friended/ ‘follow’.

The dilemma for free speech platforms is how to moderate their sites without slipping into the same ‘Woke’ traps that render platforms like Facebook as slanted engines of Politically Correct Group think.
As an advocate of Freedom and free speech I realise that in a free society Order and virtue only abounds to the degree of enlightened values and ethics of the individuals contained within the collective association as a whole, and that the degree of civility and decency is manifest in the overall resulting ‘vib’ of life in the community in question… is it a pleasant experience?
Do I like living in this town?
Is it well governed?
Is the proper balance between Law and Order and Free expression being maintained?
The reality is that if you value freedom, you of necessity must develop a thicker skin to survive because you will understand that Freedom allows people of differing values and opinions the same rights as yourself to exist and to have a say.
So in this way a bit of chaos, a bit of insanity, a bit of malevolence inter-dispersed between Order, sanity, and benevolence is actually a sign of a Tolerant and free association.
We all see the world through our own Lens and Freedom allows the peaceful coexistence of people of differing perspectives on the basis of a hand full of essential and commonly held ideals.
Equal rights and Freedom.
Respect of other peoples ‘person’, property, and beliefs.
Free speech allows dialogue whereby people are free to argue in the public square for their beliefs, and express their critiques of other views.
These sorts of public debates and evangelism do tend to generate some angst by people of contrary opinions, yet the framework of legal rights and liberties prevents civilised citizens from resorting to violence or appealing to censorship to silence opinions they find offensive.
These people have the equal right to stand on a soap box and deliver their own rebuttals.
This is how a free and civil society is supposed to function… all views being peacefully aired in the open, with the general public being free to listen and to make up their own minds which arguments are the most cogent and persuasive.

So if Free speech is to be upheld as a vital value, it is essential that Social media platforms keep their rules of moderation to a minimum, and repetitively explain why.
A little bit of disorder and disharmony is to be expected.
Maybe it is the whiners… you know the types… those who don’t respect freedom and don’t provide well reasoned rebuttals to posts they disagree with but instead constantly complain about what other people post… that theses are the people who should be moderated! ???

I believe by far the best way to retain Free speech is to have a ‘Block’ function whereby individual users can block content and people they personally find distasteful.
When people are choosing themselves who they desire to associate with on these sites, and making the personal judgement for themselves who they deem as being too offensive for their own taste and thereby having the power to ‘block’ these people… this is fully within the legitimate rights of individuals living in a free society to do.
They are exercising their own ethical rights.

The big threat these new platforms face still comes from the unholy alliance between the Woke Megasites like Facebook, Twitter, Google in bed with Woke socialist governments like Jacinda Ardern’s regime here in New Zealand who are actively formulating new laws that will take away the competitive advantages now enjoyed by sites like Gab because they offer more open forums, and are a growing community of dissidents and displaced populations of right leaning voters that represent a formidable political opposition to the Globalist woke agenda.
We know from experience just how hell bent the globalists are to crush these enclaves of freedom… look what they did to Parler!
Look at what Legislation is in the works here in New Zealand!


Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

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The Rock FM 2000, 2020. Bands and Best Song lists. Cheers to Carlsberg Beer!

Live show The Rock 2000 ( Photo credit… and check out more epic pics at Ambient Light. )

The Rock FM Radio Station is New Zealand’s number 1 Bogan Rock Station and has been so since that early 90s.
For over nearly 2 decades The Rock has run an Epic Music comp whereby listeners have voted for their favorite songs.
It started out as the Rock 500, yet has grown by increments of 500 songs through 1000,1500, to the glorious 1 month music event now called the Rock 2000.
It gets millions of votes, and is live streamed to millions across the globe.
Read more about the Rock here

They stream live here.


Update: 7-11-20 The Countdown and Live show.

Top 10 songs for 2020 were…
10- Lynard Skynard: Simple Man.
9- Chris Cornell: Patience.
8- Blindspott: Nil by mouth.
7- Rage against the Machine: Killing in the name
6- Black Sabbath: War pigs.
5-Pearl Jam: Black.
4-Shihad: Home Again.
3- Guns and Roses: November Rain.
2- Tool: The Pot.
1- Foofighters Everlong.

The Rock’s Official report here

Now I just so happened to make it to the Live Countdown and Rock Concert thanks to winning tickets from Carlsberg Beer! (How cool was that!)

They got me and my Bro (The legendary Jamie C) accommodation at the Ramada Suites on Victoria st…Great service from their Staff.
There was an Ice bucket of Carlsberg beersies, Concert Wristbands to get into the Carlsberg VIP Box set up Center rear of the stadium, with great views of the stage and of course… a Bar looking down upon the envious multitude.
All the Event staff involved, from the Rock, Fuse promotions, and Carlsberg Beer were wonderful and made us feel very welcome.
The Crowd was having a blast with the countdown, everyone was trying to figure out which song would make it to Number 1.

My Favorite Band Tool’s ‘The Pot’ got piped at post by The Foofighters ‘Everlong’.
Dave Grohl recorded an acceptance speech, thanked his fans and promised a Tour in NZ in the near future (Damn the Rona!)

The Rock celebrated Bryce Casey’s 20 years at the Station, with video tributes from Kiwi Celebs beamed onto the big screen, many of them expressing their respect for Bryce’s Voluntary work in the area of Mental health.

Head like a Hole… From here

Then it was time for the Bands!
Legends Head like a hole opened.
Then ‘Racing’ which I have never herd before, and they had a cool sound.
Villainy was obviously popular with the Younger folk.
By the time Devilskin came on we had abandoned the Carlsberg VIP box and were Front row center stage… Rockin out!
When the show was over, Jamie and I ended up at a bar called ‘Father Teds Original Irish pub on Wellesley st listening to a 2 piece band.
It was sometime after 1am that I got back to the Motel… god knows where Jamie went… but he was there in the morning when I woke up so we survived it!
Many Thanks to Carlsberg for all that!

My Rock Picks for 2020.(Below)

My Rock 2000 choices… Thrown together at the last moment.
I intended to do a far greater systematic evaluation yet because I had pissed about too much… I ended up winging it….

Below is my Rock catalogue that I was intending to use to pick my Top 20 for the Rock 2000, yet I never got it finished in time.
I will add to this and it will be ready for next years Rock 2000.
Everyone who digs a similar range of sounds as I will be able to use the list to jog their memory.
The idea is not to list *all the songs* any band or artist made, but their best ones… in my humble opinion.

So many great bands and songs still to list… please feel free to tell me some you think need to be here.

A little about my musical taste.
Tool is my favorite band.
Love Classic Rock!, Love Hair Metal!, but the Zenith of Music for me was 90s Grunge.
The 90’s were the greatest party years of my life… I guess everyone has their own ‘Heyday’.
There are no rules written in concrete that we all must agree as to who is the greatest… etc… and everyone has a soundtract to their own life (to plagerise a slogan from another Radio show! :-))

Tool won the Rock’s ‘Rock Wars’ in 2011.
They won the Rock 1000 in 2013 with Sober.
Tool also won the Rock 1000 in 2014 with Stinkfist.
Tool was second last Year in the Rock 1500 with The Pot.

Of course I like some Cruzzie Lazy Sunday tunes too… and some trippy stuff!
Even some 80s pop cheese… never to be herd on the Rock… but what the hell….aaaand even… dare I say it…some pop country!
I’m going to have to kill you to keep my dirty secrets safe! 🙂
Buffalo Girls go around the outside!
Word Homie.
I’ll probably have to surrender my Westie membership card after this… I cant help it…. I enjoy a broad spectrum of music!
Though I am not a musician myself, I think life definitely has a soundtrack, and I habitually think of songs to fit situations or conversations… a lot of what will be listed below cannot be called ‘Rockin Beats’… not Party hard music, a lot is trippy… a lot is cruizzie… yet if you have gone to a lot of Gigs… and rages the *real trick is to take the people on a bit of a ride*
I am sure those of you who play in bands know that you set out your song list like a rollercoaster ride… Building up… then going down which is important so that you can take the party back up again!
Its the lows of life that make the Highs High… that’s a free bit of Life Coaching for you younguns… enjoy it all.
Many songs listed below are there simply because I rank them highly… despite not having a single ounce of Rock juice…
They are there because I want them to remain a part of my life till my last breath.
What is interesting about the Rock 2000 is just how broad a range of songs actually make the list!
It is not what might be expected… just a narrow succession of Bogan head banging Anthems… this tells me I am far from alone in my fetish for freaky flavours.

The Rock 2000 is sponsored by Carlsberg Beer!
I am no expert on German Ale, yet am very familiar with the Gold Can Elephant Beer 8%!
Top Beer!
And for that reason Carlsberg is one of the few Foreign Beer brands whose stuff I collect.

I will add references to where each song scored this year if they made the cut.

I have my own Facebook music page (here) where a regularly post new Music video’s that I have just discovered, or Blasts from the past.
Music related articles, jokes, etc.
Music is a massive part of my life.

Tim Wikiriwhi.

My Song list… No* is 2020. * is *2021

Hell’s Bells. 79. *112
Shoot to thrill. 366. *359
Long way to the top. 151. *218
Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap. *318
Little lover.
Back in Black. 49. *53
Whole lotta Rosie *407
Highway to hell. 70′ *100
TNT. 215. *456
High Voltage. 1162.
Let there be Rock. 262. *393
Ride on. 409. *419
Can I sit next to you girl. 1644 *1419
Squealer. 1675
Heatseeker. 1149. *1224
Big Balls. 878.
Jailbreak. 428. *593
Whole lotta Rosie. 326.
You shook me all night long. 105. *130
For those about to Rock. 119. *15
Thunderstruck. 37 *39

Rolling in the deep.
Someone like you

Laurie Anderson.
O Superman.

Alice in Chains.
Down in a hole. 139. *145
The Rooster. 43. *51
Rain when I Die.
Man in the Box. 85. *142
Would. 61 *58
Nutshell (unplugged) 17 *19
No Excuses. *651

The All Saints.
Pure shores
Black Coffee.
Lady Marmalade.
Rock Steady.

Forever Young.

Everything Burns.

The Animals.
House of the Rising Sun. 561.
I’m Crying.

Dream on. 168. *197

James Arthur
Empty Space

Artic Monkeys.
Do I Wanna Know?
I bet that you look good on the dance floor. *985
R U mine? *656

I am the highway. 150. *184
Like a stone. 69. *71
Be yourself. 335. *488
Doesn’t remind me *

Australian Crawl.

Sail. 348. *542



Aint seen nothing yet.
Taking care of business.
Let it ride.

Bad Company.
Bad Company
Shooting star.

Jimmy Barnes.
I’d die to be with you tonight. 394.
Working class man. 40. *48
No second prize. 306. *412
Good time tonight.

Basement Jaxx
Where’s your head at.

The Beachboys.
wouldn’t it be nice.
Good vibrations.
Surfin USA.

Beastie Boys.
Fight for the right to party 1007.

The Beatles.
Revolution. 1781 *1401
Here comes the sun.
Hey Jude. 825. *209
Get back. 1895
I feel fine.
Little help with my friends.
She came in through the bathroom window.
All my loving.
While my guitar gently weeps. *663
Glass onion.
Bungalow Bill
Rocky Racoon
Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
Back in the USSR. 1904
Happiness is a warm gun.
Across the universe.
Paperback writer.
Helter Skelter. 1070.
Magical mystery tour.
Norwegian wood.
Come together. *398

I started a Joke.
New York Mining disaster.
Too much Heaven.
Stayin alive.

Pat Benatar.
Love is a battlefield.
Heartbreaker. 1795

Justin Bieber.

The Black Keys.
Gold on the ceiling. 682

Black Sabbath
The Gypsy.
Paranoid. 87. *91
Iron Man. 196.
War Pigs. ***6*** *18
Children of the Grave. 598. *748
Heaven and hell. *495
Sabbath bloody Sabbath. *684
Planet Caravan. 1088.
The Wizzard. 1106
Sweet Leaf. 798. *646
Black Sabbath. 801. *700
Heaven and hell. 164.
Lord of this world.
Changes. *1171

Blind Melon.
No Rain

Nil by Mouth. *(****4****)

Blink 182
What’s my age again? *361
Adam’s song. 367. *494
Miss you. 380. *502
All the small things. 418. *533
Dammit (Growing up)

Heart of Glass. 1312.
Call Me.

Blue Oyster Cult.
Don’t Fear the Reaper. 513. *512
Burning for you.
Then came the last days of May.
The revenge of Vera Gemini
ETI. Extra terrestrial intelligence.

The Blue Stones.
Rolling with the Punches. 1889

Blues Traveler.
The Hook.
Look around.
The Mountain wins again.
Just wait.

James Blunt.
Your Beautiful.
Goodbye my lover

Bon Jovi.
Keep the faith.
Wanted Dead or Alive.

More than a feeling.
Rock and Roll band.
Piece of mind.

David Bowie.
Space oddity. 393.
Star Man. 950. *1036
Ashes to Ashes. *1463
Cat People. 446.
Ziggy Stardust. 553.
Ashes to ashes.
Heroes. 303. *223
Bring me to the Disco king.

The Guitar Man.

Breaking Benjimin.
Dairy of Jane. 165 *179
So Cold. 221. *220
Ashes of Eden.
Breath. 647.
I will not bow. 790.
Had enough.

Breaks Co-op
The Other side.

Jackson Brown.
Running on empty.

Buck Cherry’
Lit up. 949.
Head like a hole.

Buffolo Sprinfield.
For what it’s worth.

The chemicals between us.
Glycerine. 234. *315
Everything Zen
Letting the cables sleep
40 miles from the Sun.
Comedown. 582.

Butthole surfers.

The Byrds.
8 miles high
Hey Mr Tamborine man.
Turn Turn Turn.

The Call.
Let the day begin.

The Calling
Wherever You will Go.

Lewis Capaldi
Someone you loved.

The Cardigans.
Favorite game.
Erase/ rewind

The Cars.
Your just what I needed.
Let the Good times Roll.
Bye Bye Love.

Johnny Cash.
Gods Gonna cut you down.
The Chainsmokers.
Don’t let me down.


Cheap Trick.
The Fame.
I want you to want me.

Chemical brothers.
Hey Boy, Hey Girl

Gary Clark
Bright Lights.

Kelly Clarkson.
Already gone.


Cocoanut Rough.
Sierra Leone.

Leonard Cohen.

Marc Cohn.
Walking in Memphis.

Cold Chisel.
Bow River. 57. *185

Dont panick.
Fix you.
Speed of sound.
in my place
Clocks. 1733
The Scientist
God put a smile upon my face.

Paula Cole.
Where have all the Cowboys gone?

Collective Soul.
Where the river flows.
The world that I know.

Alice Cooper
Halo of Flies.
From the inside.
Milly and Billy.
Nurse Rosetta.
I’m 18. 1173
Welcome to my nightmare. 984.
Schools out. 998.
Only Woman Bleed. 200.
We’re all crazy.

Chris Cornell.
Cant change me. 1530

Coverdale / Page.
Shake my Tree.
Take me for a little while.


Zombie. 123. *132
I can’t be with you.
Ridiculous thoughts.

Crazy Train.

Credence Clearwater Revival.
Bad moon rising
Fortunate son.
Long as I see the light.

Arms wide open. 193. *342
My own prison. 231.

Jim Croce’
Time in a Bottle.

Crosby Stills and Nash.
Sothern Cross.

Christopher Cross.
Ride like the wind.


Sheryl Crow.
If it makes you happy.

Taio Cruz.

The Cult
She sells sanctuary. 761. *732
Black Angel.
Fire Woman. 819.
Edie. 1047. *1422
Wild Flower. 1663
Sweet Soul sister *1445

Cutting Crew’
Died in your arms

Cypress Hill
Whats your number

The Darkness
Love is only a Feeling. 1664 *1238

The Datsuns.
Harmonic Generator. 913.


The Dead South.
In Hell I’ll be in good company.

Lana Delray
Video Games.
High by the beach.
Summertime sadness.
Born to Die.
Blue Jeans

The Dandy Warhols.
Bohemian like you. *1466

Deep Purple.
Child in Time. 538. *476
Holy man.
Smoke on the water. 440. *648
This time around.
Hush. 1726
Highway star. 1036.
Perfect strangers.
Knocking at your back door.
Black Night. *1177

Gavin DeGraw.
Chemical Party.
I don’t want to be.
Just Friends.
Nice to meet you.

Beers. 1304
Frat Nation.

Willy Deville.
Storybook love.

Little pills. 51.

Here with me.
No White Flag.
Life for rent.

Die Antwerd
Ugly boy.
I fink you Freaky
I am an Alien.

Holy Diver. 347. *241
Dont talk to strangers.
Sacred Heart.

Dire Straits.
Brothers in Arms. 19. *63
Telegraph Road. 502. *719
Sultans of swing. 67. *84
Industrial Disease.
Romeo and Juliet. 237. *396
Skate away.
Money for nothing. 52. *59

Counting Blue cars.

Down with the sickness. *40

Doobie Brothers.
Long Train Running. 1718
What a Fool believes.
Listen to the music.
China Grove.
Black water.
The Doctor.

The Doors
The Changeling.
LA Woman. *730
Breath underwater till the end.
Riders on the storm. 399. *440
Lover her madly. *1471
Horse latitudes.
The Crystal Ship.
Light my fire. 1627 *428
Break on through to the other side. 1314. *1450
The End. 937. *721
Roadhouse Blues. 496. *677
The Spy.
When the music’s over.

Gods plan.

The Dudes/ DD Smash
Be mine tonight.
Better the Devil you know.

Duran Duran.
Ordinary World.
Come Undone.
Save a prayer.
Hungry like the wolf.

Bob Dylan.
Sad eyed lady of the lowlands.
Simple twist of fate.
Tangled up in blue.
Sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.
Serve somebody.
Like a Rolling stone.
Stuck inside a mobile with the Memphis Blues again.
The Hurricane.
Everybody must get stoned.

The Dudes.
Bliss *(****9****)

The Eagles.
Hotel California. 41. *45
Lying Eyes.
Lifer in the fast lane.

Telephone line.
Don’t bring me down.
Livin thing.
Cant get you out of my head.
Evil Woman. 1714
Out of the Blue.
Mr Blue Sky.

Return to Innocence.
Principles of Lust.

Call me when you’re sober.
Going Under. 910. *579
Everybody’s Fool.
My Immoral.
Bring me to life. 294.

Father of mine.
I will buy you a new life.
Santa Monica. 590.

What its like. 464. *484
Black Jesus. 1713 *1426
Little miss America.

Do not copy or reproduce without permission

Me with Deep Purple legend Glenn Hughes… back in 2017


Faith no more.
We care a lot.
Epic. 256. *232
Ashes to ashes.

The Feelers.
Stand up and be counted. *997
Venus. 1102. *235
Astronaut. 1914 *1048
Fishing for Lisa. 1520.
Pressure Man. 893 *582

Honey Honey.

Take a Picture. 1112.

Five finger Death Punch.
Bad Company. *733
Wrong side of Heaven.
House of the Rising Sun.

Five for fighting.
Superman. It’s not easy.

Fleetwood Mac
The Chain. *24
Oh Well.
Green Manilishi
The Chain.
Closing my eyes.
Man of the world.
Need your love so bad.
I’ve got a mind to give up living/All over again.
Tusk 334 *503
Go your own way. *151

Flock of Seagulls.
I Ran.

No handlebars.

Fully alive.
all around me.
I’m so sick.

My Hero. 102. *83
Everlong. (******1******) *11
Monkey Wrench. 128. *144
Learn to Fly. 157.

Lita Ford.
If I closed my eyes forever. *655

Cold as Ice. 1700
I want to know what love is.
Waiting for a girl like you.

4 Non Blondes.
What’s Up.

Wishing Well.
Fire and Water.

The Frey.
How to save a life.

Ruby Frost.
White noise.

We are young.

Nelly Furtardo.
Turn out the light.
Say it right.
I’m like a bird.

Peter Gabriel.
Solsbury hill.
In you eyes’
Dont give up.
Digging in the dirt.

Lady Gaga.
Poker face.
Bad Romance.
Rain on me.
Just dance.

Golden Earing.
Radar love.

Ooh la la
Ride a white horse.

Blue moon rising.
We haven’t turned around.
Revolutionary kind.
Bring it on.
Las Vegas Dealer.
Rhythm and Blues Alibi
Devil will ride.

Goo Goo Dolls.

Feel good inc.
Melancholy hill.
Clint Eastwood.
Dirty Harry.

Somebody I used to know.

Elle Goulding.
Starry Eyes.
The Writer.

Gnarls Barkley.

Lukas Graham.
7 Years.

Ariana Grande.
Break Free (Video)
Thank u, next (video)

Green Day.
I walk alone.
Wake me when September ends. 535.
Boulevard of Broken Dreams. 291. *436

David Grey.
Sail away.
My o my.

Dobie Grey.
Drift away

Chemical heart. *1424

Ash Grunwald
The last stand.

Guns and Roses’
Paradise city. 64. *64
Sweet child of mine. 50. *61
November rain. ***3*** *17
Night train. 261. *201
Patience. 152.
Civil War. 86. *140
Don’t cry. *404
You could be mine. *417
Rocket Queen. *74
Welcome to the Jungle. *88

Darren Hayes
Black out the Sun.

Magic man
Crazy on you.
All I want to do is make love to you.
Barracuda. *481

Beth Heart
LA song.

Hello Sailor.
Gutter black. 343.
Blue Lady. *1049
Billy Bold.

Jimi Hendrix.
Hey Joe. *727
Foxy Lady. 1249.
Voodoo child. 600.
Purple haze. *751
Electric Lady Land.
All along the Watchtower. *116

Highly suspect.
My name is human. 42. *50
16. 53.
Bath Salts. 329.

Lips of an Angel. 1798

The Reason.

The Hoodoogurus.
Stone age Romeos
Hayride to hell.
I was a Kamikaze pilot.

Hunters and Collectors’
When the river runs dry.
True tears of joy.
Do you see what I see.
Holy Grail. 999
Throw your arms.
Imaginary Girl.


We can get together.
No promises.
Hey little girl.
Dont believe anymore.
Great Southern land. 987.
Cant help myself.
Taking the Town.
Dusty pages.

Billy Idol.
Eyes without a face.
White wedding.

Imagine Dragons.
Radioactive. 621.
Whatever it takes. 1304

Are you in.

In this moment.
Sex Metal Barbie.
The in-between.
Big Bad Wolf.
Oh Lord. *1213

Iron Maden.
Number of the Beast. 141. *172
Run to the hills. 101 (odd 1141.) *110
The Prisoner
Can I play with Madness. 415.
2 minutes to midnight. 448.
Hallowed be thy name. *154

Chris Issak.
Wicked game.


Terry Jacks.
Seasons in the Sun.

Mick Jagger.
Hard woman.
War baby.

James Gang.
Walk Away.

Janes Addiction.
3 Days.
Been caught Steeling.
Jane says.
Just because. 1758

Carley Rae Jepsen
Call me maybe
Good time.

Are gonna be my girl *1429

Joan Jet.
I love Rock and Roll.

Jethro Tull.
Aqualung. 1652
Locomotive breath. 1371
Broad sword.

Who will save your soul.
Foolish games.
My hands.
you were meant for me.
Angel standing by.

JJ Cale.
Same old Blues again.
Traveling light.
After midnight.
Crazy moma.

Elton John.
Rocket man. 807. *447
Candle in the wind.

Robert John.
Sad Eyes.

Paul Ubana Jones.
The Mountain song.
Rest in my arms.
Raga-Bird without a song.

Judas Priest.
Breaking the Law. 1041.
The Ripper.
Island of Domination.
Electric Eye. 1697
Diamonds and rust.

Gary Jules.
Mad World.


Hot Blood.
Way down we go. 352. *1147

Somewhere only we know.

Tick Tok

Alicia Keys.
Empire State of mind.

Wiz Khalfa feat Charlie Puth.
See you again.

Kings of Leon.
On Call. 783. *516
Pyro. 388.
Sex on fire. 214. *163

The Kinks.
Sunny afternoon.
Ape man.

I was made for loving you. 609.

You Say.
Television eyes.
Last night in the city. 1534

The Kooks

Got the life.
Twisted transistor. 382. *433
Coming Undone. 187. *162
Right Now.
Word Up. 625. *674
Rotting in vain. *1412

Led Zeppelin
Battle of Evermore. 1687
Black Dog. 220. *322
Immigrant song. 91. *96
Whole lotta love. 298. *297
Kashmir. 72. *86
Going to California. 833.
Misty mountain hop. 1788 *1073
Stairway to Heaven. 28. *26
When the Levee breaks. 565.
Babe I’m Gonna Leave You.
Rock N Roll. 1262
No Quarter. 642. *725
Over the hills and far away. 593.
Dazed and Confused. 338. *390
Ramble on. 194. *355
Good times Bad times. *1414

John Lenin
Jealous guy.
Watching the wheels

Leona Lewis.
Bleeding Love.

Gordon Lightfoot.
Wreak of the Edmond Fitzgerald.
Face of a thousand people.
If you could read my mind.
Songs for a winter night.
Early morning rain.

Linkin Park.
In The End. *54

Little River Band.
Cool Change
The Night Owl.
Its a long way there.
Help is on it’s way.
Home on a Monday.
Lonesome Loser.

Heaven. 1954
The dam at Otter creek.
All over you. . 1294 *1113
We came to the Earth to graze.
Lakini’s juice. 1094
I alone. 762. *749
The Dolphin’s cry. 524. *685
Lightning Crashes. 126. *159

Party Rock Anthem.

Lincoln Park.
Numb. 16.
In The End. 62.

Lost on you.

Lynyrd Skynard.
Free Bird. 15. *13
Simply Man. ***10*** *(****3****)

Luscious Jackson.

Manchester Orchestra
The Silence

Manic Street Preachers.
If you Tolerate this your children will be next.

Marilyn Manson.
The Dope Show. 736.
The Beautiful people. 58. *231
I dont like the Drugs (but the drugs like me) 361.

Toy Soldiers.

Martina McBribe.
Concrete Angel.

Massive attack.

Matchbox 20.
If you’re Gone.
Unwell. 1107.
3am. 1014.

One Day

Dave Matthews band.
The Space Between.

John Mayer.
Heartbreak Warfare.

Bat out of hell. 136. *178

Countdown to destruction.
Symphony of destruction. 113. *127
Hanger 18.

Mental as anything.
If you leave me, can I come too?
Too many times.

The Unforgiven. 66. *82
Enter Sandman. 25. *(****2****)
Master of Puppets. 12 *14
Ride the lightening. 1043. *304
And justice for all. 555. *93
Blackened. 245. *204
For whom the Bell tolls. 11 *23
One. 21 *(*****10****)
Nothing Else matters. 29 *25
Fade to black. 30 *16
Sad but True. 78. *85


Paper planes.

Steve Miller band.
Keep on Rockin me.
Mercury Blues.
Take the money and run.
Fly like an Eagle.
Keep on Rockin me.
Jet Airliner.

Jesus built my Hotrod. 1613
Every day is Halloween.

Why does my Heart.

Molly Hatchet
Beating the odds.
Penthouse pauper.
Fall of the Peacemakers.
The Rambler.

Monster Magnet.
When the planes fall from the Sky.
Cage around the Sun.
Gods and Punks.
Time Machine.
Space Lord. 1579

Alanis Morissette.
You Oughta Know. *983

Morning Wood.
Nth Degree.

Van Morrison.
Into the mystic.
Brown eyed girl.

The Motels.
Only the Lonely.
Little Robbers.
Total control.
Remember the nights.
Suddenly last summer.
Where do we go from here?

Motley Crew.
Kickstart my heart. 147. *89
Without you.
Dr Feelgood. 406. *521

Iron fist.
Killed by death. *686
Ace of Spades. 80. *97

Jason Mraz.
I’m yours.

Pete Murray
Better days.

Sing for Absolution.
Supermassive blackhole. 539

Kacey Musgrave

Giant Friend.
Dominion Road. 1175 *1094
Anchor me. 1057.

My Chemical Romance.
Welcome to the Black Parade.

99 Luftballons

Photograph. 840′ *340
Rockstar. 1428.
Far away.
How you remind me. 203. *198
feed the machine. 424.

Stevie Nicks.
Edge of seventeen.
Talk to me.

Smells like teen spirit. 18.
Come as you are. 106. *102
Man who sold the world. 199.
Lithium. 127. *148
Heart shaped box. 135. *167
Territorial pissings.
Lake of Fire. 211.
About A Girl.


O Type Negitive.
Everything dies.

Champaign Supernova 269.

Ocean Colour scene.
The Riverboat song.

The Offspring.
Come out and play. *735
Self esteem. 243 *221
Gone away. 451.
Gotta get away.

Counting Stars.

Op Shop.
One Day. *1105
No Ordinary thing. 1917 *332
Pins and Needles.


Owl city and Carley Rae Jepsom.
Good Time.

Ozzy Ozbourne.
No more Tears. 149. *153
Killer of Giants
Crazy Train. 99 *79
Under the Graveyard. 528. *125
Perry Mason. 976. *1417
I just want you.
See you on the other side. 318.
Mama I’m coming home. 183. *150
Dreamer. *756



Panic at the Disco.
High Hopes.

This Love. *420
Domination. *276
Walk *30
Cemetery Gates. *62


Alan parsons Project.
Eye in the Sky.
Old and wise.
Turn of a friendly card.
The Raven.

Let her go.

Pearl Jam.
Black ***5*** *(****5****)
Yellow leadbetter 38. *52
Even Flow. 115. *128
Hard Sun (Eddie Vedder)
Elderly Woman behind the counter in a small town. 166. *174
Better Man. 77. *80
Alive. *118
Last kiss. *250
Daughter. *152

Perfect Circle.
Weak and powerless 827.
The Noose.
The package.
By and Down the River
Counting bodies like sheep.
The Outsider. 342 *380
Weak and powerless.
so long and thanks for the fish. 240. *620
The Contrarian.
Talk Talk
The Doomed. 558. *752

Katy Perry.
Dark Horse.
I kissed a girl and I liked it.
Hot n Cold.

Peter schilling.
Major Tom.

Tom Petty
Dont come around here no more.
Stop dragging my heart around.
Mary Jane’s last dance. *168

Pink Floyd
Heart of the Sun
Brain Damage/Eclipse 620.
Wish you were here. *31
Time. 686 *696
Dark side of the moon
Welcome to the machine.
Shine on you Crazy diamonds. *57
Breath in the air. 1005.
Us and them. 935
Great Gig in the Sky. 838
Hey you. 390. *343
Have a Cigar. 434. *519
Money. 283.
Another Brick in the wall. 222. *207
Comfortably Numb. 39 *35
Pigs (three different ones) *1227

Pure Morning.

Robert Plant/ Honey Drippers.
In the Mood.
Big Log. 1744
Ship of Fools.
Sea of love (Honeydrippers)
29 Palms *1082

Baby come back.

My Happiness 885. *767
Sunsets. 1940
Since you’ve been gone.
My kind of scene.
How far have we really come?
On my mind. 1879

Daniel Powter.
Had a bad day.

The Presidents of the United states.
Peaches. 1034.
Old Man on the back porch.
Lump. 1432.
Tiki God.
Dune Buggy.
Back Porch.
Naked and Famous.

The Pretty Reckless.
Going to hell.

Shake your Blood. *1437

Firestarter. 581. *692
Breath. 638. *650
The Day is my enemy.
Smack my Bitch up.

The Promises.
Baby it’s you.

Puddle of Mud.
Blurry *654

Queen B
The Humbling river
Momma sed
The Mission.
The Remedy.

Harden my heart.

Silent Lucidity. 747. *693

The Raconteurs
Steady as she goes. *1223

Karma Police. 665.

Gerry Rafferty
Baker street.
Right down the line.
Stuck in the middle with you.

Rage Against the Machine.
Killing in the name of. ***7*** *(*************1*************)

Catch the Rainbow.
Since You’ve been gone.

Ram Jam.
Black Betty.

Du Hast. 60. *75
Keine Lust

Chris Rea.
Road to hell.
On the Beach.

Red hot Chili peppers.
City of Angels.
Give it away.
Under the Bridge. 74. *92
Suck my kiss. *680

Come back Brighter.
Summers in Bloom
Higher vibration
Place you hands on. 1705

The River.
Man on the moon. 1741
Losing my religion. 551. *711
Everybody hurts. *1084
Bang and Blame

REO Speedwagon.
Keep pushing.
In my Dreams.
Take on the Run.

Ready to Go.
Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Only Girl in the world.

Rise Against.
Hero of War. 178.
Satellite. 480. *473
Savior. 195. *175

Rival Sons.
Keep on swinging.
Too bad.
Open my Eyes.
Electric Man.
Pressure and Time.

Rolling Stones.
Fool to cry.
Waiting on a friend.
Under my thumb
Paint it black. 159. *126
Gimme Shelter 132. *138
Start me up. 958.
Jack flash
Heart breaker.
Sympathy for the devil. 227. *371
Brown Sugar. 1689
It’s only Rock N Roll. 1793
Angie. 742.
Wild horses. 381. *675
Start me up. *952

Roxy Music.
Love is the Drug.
Dance away.
Jealous guy.
Slave to love.



Smooth Operator.
No Ordinary Love.
Your love is king.

Island Prisoner.
Times End.

Carlos Santana.
She’s not there.

Savage Garden.
You can Still be Free.
Crash and Burn.
To The Moon and back.
I want you.
Truly Madly.
Hold Me.

The Eagle has landed.
And the Bands played on.
Strong arm of the Law.
Ride like the wind.

Winds of change 727.
Still loving you.
Rock you like a Hurricane. *1067
Passion Rules the Game.
Send me an angel.

Seals and Crofts
Summer breeze.
Diamond gir

Second Coming.
Vintage Eyes.
The War.
The Song. (Constantine}

Faking it.287′ *293
Fine again. 947.
Broken. 407. *432
Remedy. 432. *562

Bob Segar.
Night moves. 661.
Fire lake.
We’ve got tonight.

Future Love Paradise.
Kiss from a Rose.

Closing Time. 1937

Seven Mary 3.
Favorite Dog.
Cumbersome. *1114
Water’s edge.
Devil boy.

Shakespeare Sisters.

Home Again. ***4*** *12
My Mind’s Sedate. 250. *335
The General Electric. 111. *131

State of my head.

The greatest.
Elastic heart.
She wolf.

Simon and Garfunkel
The Boxer.
The sound of Silence.
Scarborough Fair.
One mans sealing is another man’s floor.

Anna’s song (Open fire)
Anthem for the year 2000.

Ghost… Ian Astbury *1447
Promise…. Chris Cornell. 1263 *1170
Doctor Alibi … Lemmy.
Gotten… Adam Livine
Saint is a sinner too… Rocco Deluca
By the sword.

Snuf. 71. *27

The Small faces.
Itchykoo park.
Tin soldier.

Smashing Pumpkins.
1979. 401. *180
Tonight. tonite. 879. *701
Bullet with butterfly wings. 225.
Today. 656.
Ava Adore

Sniff n the Tears.
Drivers Seat.

Snow Patrol.
Chasing Cars. 1273

Soul asylum.
Runaway Train. 1543

Blackhole Sun 20 *56
Spoon Man
Room a thousand miles wide.
Fell on Back days. 236. *300
Outshined. 358 *324
Rusty Cage. 468. *535
Jesus Christ Pose. 512. *630
Searching with my good eye closed.
Burden in my hand. 530.
Spoon man. *444

Split Ends’
I got you. 1010.
History never repeats. 1729
I see Red.
I hope I never.
One step ahead.
Poor Boy.
My Mistake.
Shark attack.
Dirty Creature *1432
Six months in a leaky boat. *1413

Mazzy Star.
Fade into you.

Dakota. 650.
The Bartender and the thief.

Born to be wild.
Majic carpet ride.
The Pusher.

Cat Stevens.
Father and son.
Moon shadow.
Peace train.
Remember the days of the old school yard.
Hard headed woman.
I’m gona get me a gun.
Matthew and son.
Wild World.

Stoned Jesus.
I’m the mountain.

Stone Temple Pilots
interstate love song. 197. *203
Still remains.
Pretty penny
Plush 182. *210
Vasoline. 788.
Lady Picture Show.

The Stranglers.
Golden Brown.
Skin Deep.
No mercy.

The Strypes.
A Good night sleep and a cab fare home.

Harry Styles.

Doin’ Time. *736
Smoke two joints.

Sugar Babes.
Hole in the head.
Freak like me.
Round Round.
Push the button.

Superman lovers

The Logical song.
Give a little bit.
Your bloody well right.
Goodbye stranger.
Take the long way home.
It’s raining again.
It’s a long Road.
Aubade / And I Am Not Like Other Birds of Prey.
Maybe I’m a Beggar.

Love is like oxygen.

Taylor swift.
Shake it off.
Look what you made me do.
you belong to me.

System of a Down.
Ariel’s. 73. *68
Lonely day.
Chop suey. 27
Spiders. 96. *90
Toxicity. 48. *38
B.Y.O.B. 56. *72

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Talking Heads.
Psycho Killer *653

Blister on the Moon.
I’ll remember.
What’s going on?
Railway and Gun.
If the day was any longer.
Dual Carriageway pain.

Cory Taylor.

Jame Taylor,
Fire and Rain.

Temple of the Dog.
Hunger strike. 13 *41

Dreadlock Holiday 1722
I’m Mandy
Rubber Bullets.
I’m not in love.

This mortal Coil.
Song to the Siren.

Thirsty Merc.
In the Summertime.

Thirty seconds to mars.
From Yesterday.

Three Doors Down.
Kriptonite. 206. *187
Here without you. 829 *580
Loser. * 761
When I’m Gone.
It’s not my time. 1172

George Thorogood.
Bad to the Bone.
One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One beer.
Get a haircut.
Who do you love.

Low lives in high places.

Thunderclap Newman.
Something in the air.


The Ting Tings.
That’s not my name.

Estas Tonne.
The song of the Golden Dragon.

Aenima 92. *47
Pneuma. 545. *228
Right in Two.
Sober 24. *28
Vicarious 83. *173
Lateralus 88 *111
Parabola. 98. *139
The Pot. ***2*** *(****8****)
Fear Inoculum. 1377 *120
Invincible. 1035
46 and 2. 23. *22
Tempest. 809. *104
Descending. 640. *453
No Quarter. 525. *504
Pushit. 389. *577
The Grudge. 317. *333
Third Eye.
Jambi. 133. *211
Eulogy. 173. *95
Stinkfist. 33. *36
Schism. 46. *42

If you could only see. *1439

Drops of Jupiter.

Way back to the bone.

Traveling Wilburies.
Tweeter and the Monkeyman.

Twenty-one Pilots.
Stressed out.


One *1421
Sunday Bloody Sunday.
One Tree Hill.
Streets have no name.
Still haven’t found what I’m looking for. *1046
Who’s gonna ride your wild horses.
With or without you.

Uncle Lucius
Keep the Wolf away.

Urge Overkil.
Girl You’ll be a Woman soon.

Van Halen.
Jump. 1413.
Ain’t talking about love.
Eruption. *1403
You really got Me.
Panama. 251. *534

Van Morrison.
Into the mystic.

Velvet Revolver.
Fall to pieces. 414. *477

The Answer. *1425


The Wallflowers.
One Headlight.

Joe Walsh
Life’s been Good. 1196. *1058
Rocky Mountain way. 1540 *1031
The Confessor.

The Real Me.
The Headless children.
L.O.V.E Machine.
Forever Free.
Miss You.

The White Stripes.
7 Nation Army. 254. *244
Button to Button.

Amy Winehouse.
You know I’m no Good.
Back to Black.
Love is a losing game.

White Lion.
When the children cry.

Hash pipe. 667.
Buddy Holly. *1149
Say it aint so. 201.

Here I Go again. *708

White Zombie.
Thunderkiss 65 *734

The Who.
We dont get fooled again. 1400.
Behind Blue eyes.
My generation.
I can see for miles.
Baba O’Riley 395. *334
Teenage wasteland
My generation
Who are You? *1124

Gin Wigmore.
Hey Ho.

Paul Mcartney and Wings.
Maybe I’m Amazed.
Band On the Run.
Listen to what the Man said.
Nineteen hundred and eighty five.
Let me roll it.
Uncle Albert/ Admiral Halsey.

Within Temptation.

Wiz Khalifa’
See you Again.

The Joker and the theif.

Neil Young.
The Needle and the damage done.
Your are like a hurricane.
My My Hey hey, 793.
Heart of Gold. 802.
Old Man. 529
Cowgirl in the sand (long version).

Frank Zappa.
Bobby Brown.
Broken Hearts are for arseholes.
Rob Zombie.
Dracula. 258. *354
Living Dead girl. 264. *344

ZZ Top.
Legs. 1177. *376
Beer drinkers and hell raisers.
looking for some tush.
Old man
Tush. 1451. *569
Gimme all your lovin. 1293 *454
Sharp Dressed Man. 867.
La Grange. 460. *73
Party on the patio.
Brown sugar.
Somebody else been shakin your tree
Cheap Sunglasses.
Jesus just left Chicago.
I Gotsta get paid.
Just got paid
Back door love affair
I need you tonight.

Welcome to the Machine! I guess it wont be long before I am put in jail for breaking New Zealand ‘Hate speech’ legislation.

Update:From Facebook, Andrew HS: 15-4-19.

“Hate Speech Laws and Blasphemous Libel: A Tale of Hypocrisy.

A few months ago, the Honourable Andrew Little quite rightly proposed a bill that eventually removed the last blasphemy law (s 123 of the Crimes Act 1961) from our statute books.

Before its removal, the effect of s 123 was to make it an offence to vilify or degrade Christianity with an intent to cause serious offence or by abusing sacred objects or beliefs (Bowman v Secular Society Ltd).

Section 123(3) went on to specify: “It is not an offence against this section to express in good faith and in decent language, or to attempt to establish by arguments used in good faith and conveyed in decent language, any opinion whatever on any religious subject”.

Thus the cumulative effect of s 123 was to make it an offence to vilify or degrade Christianity either in bad faith, or using indecent language.

At any rate, the repeal of s 123 was premised on concerns about the right to free expression. The necessary implication being that speech is *protected* notwithstanding that it is expressed in bad faith or indecent language, and vilifies Christianity.

If free speech grounds a right to vilify Christianity in bad faith or using indecent language, there is similarly a right to vilify any other religion in bad faith or using indecent language.

And yet I’m told that the latter would be legally actionable hate speech…”

The pace with which the current Ardern government is moving towards a police state, and the destruction of freedom is truly frightening!
And there seems to be nobody in parliament standing up in opposition to any of it!
The National Party have been hypnotized by the Ardern Cult of Personality… they pander to her every whim!
How the hell they ever expect this sort of Kowtowing to the Liberal agenda will help them get elected into power again is a mystery.

The Lefty infested New Zealand Press are hard at work lobbying for New Hate speech legislation and has acted like a Lynch mob towards Austrailian sports star Israel Folou quoting the Bible on his own social media page. and the condemnation he has received from our New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern herself, with the press goading her… begging her … to label what he said hate speech…here ‘Jacinda Ardern fires back at Israel Folau and social media comments’… while she was restrained by current legal definitions to label what he said as being a crime, she said she called it ‘Damaging’, yet we also know that her government is determined to push through New ‘hate speech’ legislation… with the same callous disregard for the rights of New Zealanders and due process they displayed with the latest Firearms prohibitions, and when you see what her minion Andrew Little thinks constitutes ‘hate speech’ if New Zealanders are not alarmed, and rise up against this abuse of power they truly deserve the expression of being a bunch of Sheep!
Unless new Zealanders wake up and stand against this sort of agenda driven anti-religious liberty… anti Free speech propaganda… Our country is doomed, and our children will not be taught anything other than what the government wants them to learn… and what they are allowed to believe… and think.
What has been circulated in the NZ media about Folou’s ‘Homophobia’ has been absolutely dishonest!

Read: Why does the Left have such venom when it comes to Folau?
And… ‘Faith comes first’ for unrepentant star Wallaby

For the record… I’m too a Christian, I do not hate homosexuals, yet I reserve the right to peacefully and freely preach about my Religion and quote the Bible… precisely as I have done for the last 34 years, and no Law from Parliament will stop me from doing this… They will have to arrest me to stop me!
This is precisely what the Right to free speech entails!
Go study the history of religious oppression and the birth of religious liberty in western civilisation… This is where the right to free speech was born!

Look at What Arderns’ Minion Andrew Little has to say about a political pamphlet that was circulated in Point Chev… this is her main man responsible for framing new Hates speech laws!
The Pamphlet called for ‘One law for all’… thats an *inclusive* Ideal in which all peoples of New Zealand are subject to the same laws… no favoritism… no discrimination… and yet he has called this *Racism*!

Quote: “The pamphlet titled One Treaty One Nation, calls for an end to state partnership with Māori, scrapping the Waitangi Tribunal, Māori electorates and wards and says Māori have benefited from colonisation lifting them out of “a violent stone age existence”.

Andrew Little who is overseeing a review of hate speech in the wake of the terrorist attacks told the Herald his view was the pamphlet is racist.

“It peddles myths about pre-European Maori society that historical scholarship does not bear out. If it demonstrates anything, it is that the author of it is an ignorant fool.”

How Arse-backwards and hypocritical could anyone possibly be???
The Man is worse than an imbecile!
Hes a Dangerous Political snake… and if he thinks by writing legislation that outlaws political opinions that disagree with his own patently wrapped Ideas he has another thing coming!
Little is suggesting this pamphlet calling for one law for all is written by some nutcase when in reality it is expressing a view that is held by a great portion of New Zealanders including many respected politicians more than his equal and many other prominent and intelligent New Zealanders.
The Principle of Racial equality is neither ‘Anti-Maori’ nor Fringe!
It is a legitimate Political position held by thousands of New Zealanders, well reasoned, and has been a foremost topic of elections for the past 50 years!
Does Andrew Little think he can impose his own liberal apartheid views by labeling opposition as hate speech?

Read: Anti-Māori pamphlet show gaps in hate speech law: Andrew Little calls for action

Here is the Pamphlet (Thanks Kiwi Front line)

As a Libertarian… I reserve my right to propagate the Idea of *One law for all New Zealanders* and to fight for the Principle of Justice… *Racial equality before the law*… just as I have done for the past two decades, and no new ‘hate speech laws’ written under the excuse of the Christchurch atrocity
will silence me from condemning the apartheid state that Ardern and Little are now at the helm!
I dont care if Andrew Little believes that Fighting for Racial equality is somehow ‘Anti-Maori’ and Hate speech!
It is not hate speech! I do not Hate Maori… I am a Maori myself!
I want what is best for them and all the people of New Zealand, and I condemn as unjust and an absolute failure the current Apartheid syatem that has not lifted Maori out of the gutter of our Social statistics, but has been a gigantic extortion racket!
I will not stop… I will never cease from seeking to expose the dishonesty of the Governments False revisionist history that seeks to deceive New Zealanders into accepting the lie that the Treaty of Waitangi created a two tier Racial system rather than uniting *all the peoples of New Zealand as one people under one law and one sovereign with equal rights* The Government will have to arrest me and throw me in jail because I will never stop using my natural right to freely speak the truth!
I declare that the current policies of Waitangi separatism are Evil!

One month on from Christchurch mosque shootings, big changes are still coming

So New Zealanders… will you surrender our country to such evil and tyrannical powers as have manifested themselves under Jacinda Arderns Psychotic Government????

I wont!
I have Children and Grand children who I want to live free and know the truth!
Id rather die in jail that surrender Political Freedom and My faith to the evil powers that threaten these most precious of values!
Will I have to rot in a dungeon as a political prisoner for New Zealanders rights to free speech and the principle of racial equality before the Law???
That this is even a possibility shows how dangerous to rights and freedom this new proposal for hate speech legislation is!

We can be sure that Little’s new Hate speech laws will result in a wave of censorship and Punishment for Thought Crimes… maybe the will force some of us to drink Hemlock for not worshiping the State Gods and Corrupting the Youth!


Political writer Dr Muriel Newman has written about these things in an article named ‘A totalitarian state’ and I quote…

“Calls for restrictions on free speech by radical Government MPs should raise the alarm about our future. While the Bill of Rights protects our freedom of thought, expression, and association, as we have already seen through the Censor’s bans, these rights are fragile and can easily be taken away.

Laws to protect New Zealanders from ‘hate’ can already be found in the Crimes Act, Harmful Digital Communications Act, Human Rights Act, and the Sentencing Act. If the Government is committed to stronger deterrents, they simply need to enforce the existing laws.

Already the call for action against ‘hate’ since the Christchurch attack has resulted in people losing their jobs for making thoughtless remarks, websites being blocked, and a social media crackdown being implemented. It may also have been responsible for a man losing his life.
New Zealanders who value the freedom and liberty that underpins our society should strongly oppose new laws to ban ‘hate’. Such laws, that would enable the Police to act against anyone expressing ideas contrary to those deemed acceptable by the Government, have proven to be a disaster in countries where they have been introduced, over-criminalising the population and allowing vexatious complainants to destroy lives. “…

I concur with Muriel, and implore the People of New Zealand to rally and protest against this Hitlarian Drive against Freedom in our country!
Do you want your children to grow up free?
Do you reserve the right to teach them your own Values and beliefs?
Or do you surrender these priceless things .. and give your children’s minds to the State to brainwash them with the beliefs and ideals these Political psychopaths running the machine?
Satan laughing spreads his wings.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.


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It’s been over seven long months since the last time I just dropped in here to try to explain my absence from my own blog. In a word, depression.

I must preface the following remarks in this paragraph by saying that I regard psychiatry as a pseudoscience. I regard psychiatrists in general with contempt. Nonetheless, depression is classified as a psychiatric illness. I suffer from it myself (see link above). Regardless of the true nature of the beast, it truly is a beast. It is a life-threatening condition. Up to 10% of people who are diagnosed with clinical depression (aka major depressive disorder) take their own lives, sooner or later. Over 50% of all people who die by suicide suffer from clinical depression. In fact, 90% of all people who die by suicide suffer from depression, alcoholism, or some other diagnosable psychiatric disorder at the time of their deaths. Suicide claims more lives than war, murder, and natural disasters combined.

Of course, all of the above has just been brought home to me yet again after I read yesterday’s blog post by my co-blogger Tim on the tragic death of his friend Bruce Davies. May he rest in peace.

Lemmy on the bass

I’d now like to turn to something more positive.

The whole truth is that my prolonged break from blogging has been due to more than just my mental malaise. Several other factors have also contributed to the decline in my blogging output over the last couple of years. And one of them is that over the past year and a bit I’ve been spending rather too much of my spare time learning to play the bass guitar! It’s become my obsession. In fact, I’ve gotten good enough at it that I’m now in a punk rock three-piece called Headcase. I’m on bass, Bill the drummer’s on drums, and Simon’s on guitar and vocals.

Sure, so far we’ve had only one actual band practice, but it’s early days yet. We’re going to attempt a few covers to begin with, starting with a song called Submission by the Sex Pistols, and then we’ll take it from there. Watch this space.

But as well as becoming a rock star in my spare time I really want to get back into blogging on a regular basis. I’ve missed it. I’m out of practice. And I have writer’s block. So I thought I’d warm up with an album review. And a controversial opinion, viz., that The Endless River is Pink Floyd’s best album since Wish You Were Here.

But it’s been a hell of a day, it’s getting late, so my review will have to wait. There are only so many spoons in a day.

Meanwhile, I’m very much still alive, still here, and, furthermore, I’m back. 🙂

Tribute to Fabrication Engineer, Farmer, and Tauranga Hillbilly… Bruce Christopher Davies. 7/11/66 – 4/3/18

Bruce drinking Waikato Draught and Joy (My future wife) at a friends 21st.
About 1995

Below is my hastily written goodbye to my long time friend Bruce Christopher Davies, who took his own life 4-3-18.

Bruce was a fully fledged Hard-man Engineering Rebel Bogan… He had a colorful existence… Cars, Bikes, Beer, Woman, and Song.
Hard work and Hard Rock.
In the end it all took its toll…
He will be missed by his Mates, and Family.
This Blog post is to pay Tribute to this Awesome dude… my fabulous friend with a Big Heart.. loved by many.. and for those who never got to pay their respects to Bruce with his unexpected passing.
Please leave comments and photos below.

Bruce and friends at Hamilton Jay day about 2007.


My tale of Bruce Davies.
By Tim Wikiriwhi
Spoken at his Funeral.(Edited)

This story of Bruce Davies … My Story…starts at New Haven engineering, Judea Tauranga in 1987, when I had just moved down from west Auckland a week after finishing my Engineering apprenticeship…
I had a small Bedford housebus that I drove, and parked up at my mums place in Gate pa.
I was 18, and I wanted to live in Tauranga as from visiting my mother who was living there… the Bay of Plenty appeared to be a paradise!
Plenty of Hot friendly girls, sunshine and beaches!
Just one great big Holiday park!
I was not in Tauranga long before I started looking for work as an engineer.
Being an Auckland Westy, when I met the Bay of Plenty Bogan Bruce Davies who was working at New Haven Structural Engineers … we were a cultural perfect fit… though I was a Christian… we had the same Westy Bogan values … and we hit it off immediately.

Not only that… we had had similar upbringings… not known our Fathers… being raised in a single parent house by our mothers, etc

New Haven was a Structural Fabrication Workshop and We were Building Tanks and structures for the Waihi Goldmine.
Bruce was a great engineer… a great welder and fabricator… a hard man.
Heavy Fabrication Engineering is a real mans job… Not afraid to get dirty… We took pride in being Hard.
He was also a great farmer.

As a New Guy… sitting in the New Haven smoko room full of workers and the Boss, Bruce loudly asks me… “Do you smoke Pot?”
I was shocked!
As a 19 year old Westy… OF Course I smoked pot! Yet we Westies were *secret squirrel* about such things at our Jobs… around ‘Nomies’/ trendies/etc… so I was like trying to wisper… bro keep it down!
Yet it was only a matter of days before I was smoking weed with Bruce outside his mums place in my bus… and drinking Waikato… two things that would become synonymous with our friendship that would last 30 years.

We would under age Drink Waikato and play pool at the Otumotai Trust hotel..with Bruce’s mates Al, Mark, and Guy… the five of us looked like black peas from the same pod… all would wear black Levis, black tee shirts, black jerseys, black beanies, and all were about the same height and all had shaggy long un-kept hair… and we were suspicious of anyone who did not look like us!

One day I rolled into the Trust Hotel car park in my bus and Bruce said to the boys… here comes ‘the blowfly’… referring to my green and black bus… and after that my nickname was Blowfly!
Thanks mate… it was a classic nickname… one that makes you cringe.

Me and my Bus.

I had my 21st party at Bruce’s and Nicky’s pad in Thompsons track Katikati… in a farmhouse where he was milking and farming.

I then moved back to Auckland for a few years with a pretty Tauranga Girl (Carol) and we soon had a Daughter (Melissa) … yet having got used to the Tauranga pace … the Auckland Rat race sucked and so we moved back to Tauranga… And I was soon working with Brucie again in Structural Engineering… for a company called Metal Trend… this is when my Son Jamie was born.
(Carol and I would separate a few years later… yet we are friends now)

Bruce had an affinity with cats.
He was a cool Cat! and he certainly had nine lives. He wreaked at least 50% of the vehicles he ever owned…
Bruce had his orange ginger cat ‘Russell’ who was Bruce’s best mate… “the greatest cat in the world” according to Bruce. He nick named Russell ‘Patrol leader’… Russell was always on patrol… and they spent many years together… even after Bruces great love Nicky left him for his [other] best friend.
Bruce and Cats went together.

Bruce found Joy (My Wife), Mine, and our sons grey cat Floyd as a tiny Kitten in the gutter outside the Te Rapa Pub Hamilton…One dark winter rainy nite… and brought him home to our place as at the time he was staying with us after going through another tuff break up with another lady…

And Bruce as many of you probably already know… had his last cat named ‘Tuesday’ with him in the car… and they passed way together. Tuseday is buried on site in the upper reaches of the Cormandal peninsula.

Floyd My Cat… who owes his life to Bruce.

Bruce was a romantic soul, yet like so many of us everytime he fell in love… it was followed by a painful break up… and these were the low points in his life.
I remember how happy Bruce was when he and Amanda had Michael… Bruce was a proud Father and it was devastating when He had a messy break up with Amanda, and it was virtually impossible for Bruce to maintain any contact with Michael… too painful to deal with the situation, and when Amanda moved to Australia that definitely was a barrier too far for Bruce, and Like me he would have been hoping that at some time when Mike had grown up… that they would make contact again … sadly Bruce took a heavy downturn… and now this will never happen.

Michael… You have my sincere apologies on Bruces behalf… he was a great Guy… yet he was a person who… in the end…did not like or function well according to the rules conservative society demands…
I hope you and I get a chance to talk about your old man so you get to know him better.

As the decades past we had countless good times … partying… smoking weed… and hanging out.

I got my first tattoos with Bruce at his house on a Kiwifruit orchard up Omanawa road (lower Kaimai ranges) … from a flatmate who was planning to become a tattoo artist and needed some suckers to practice on!
Bruce got a Ledzeplin wizard holding up a lantern on his arm, and the big Scorpion on his back and shoulder… Bruce was a Scorpio.

Now though some folk will not approve of this yet… as I have already mentioned smoking weed was a major recreational past time for Bruce and I.
I got busted by the police *twice* with Bruce over the years.
Both these times are quite amusing to look back on, yet I would become a staunch Libertarian activist for the decriminalisation of Cannabis… and Bruce being a Mate would help me with setting up Libertarianz party stands at Jay days etc… he would take the pics of me speaking, etc… and some of my best quality photos I have of Bruce are Libertarian activism pics… Both of us were now living in Hamilton Waikato.

The war on drugs is very oppressive for fringe-dwellers like Bruce… and myself… people who don’t want to conform to the sheepish standards that pass as ‘normal/ conservative’…
We Libertarians despise how oppressive the ‘Mob rule’ of our Nanny state democracy is, and defiantly ‘Live like its legal’… and because of righteous activism and world trends… cannabis will soon be legal here in New Zealand… as it has become in many countries around the world.

In 2002 Bruce would be the Best man at Joy and my wedding at Mc Clarens falls in the Kaimai hills above Tauranga.
It was an honor to have him as my best man.
Though I have been fortunate to have had more than one ‘Best mate’… Bruce earned the right to stand beside me on my most important day, in front of most of my other friends and family.
He rose to the occasion and was a great support…. The after party being the best party of my life… and he was a big part of that… we used his stereo for the Soundz, and he was a big help cleaning up in the days that followed.

About twenty years ago Bruce and I had another painful shock.
Bruces life long friend Mark Crosby… one of our tight Posse… killed himself in a car in a reserve on the Matamata side of the Kaimais.
I got the call from Bruce about it…. And every since then I had a fear… a premonition… that Bruce was harbouring thoughts that this was a legitimate option he had for himself.
And this has proved to be the case.

I must ask you all not to follow Bruces example!
It was a very Bad idea… Death will come calling for us soon enough and when someone takes their life… they take away any chance for Providence to shine again in their lives… The Sun will rise again if only you endure… Hold on and have faith… Don’t let the world break your spirit!
Find something that fills your life with value and meaning… I have my Christian faith…
Bruce had at least another 20 years of quality life… so many good things he will now miss… and because of what he did..we… the ones that loved him and appreciated him… will miss out too.

Now I am going to close this on a sad note.
About the time that Joy and I were expecting our son Roman, Bruce and I had a falling out… and I decided to stop visiting him and focus on my new responsibility as a Dad.
I was hoping Bruce would turn up one day and we would talk things through and get things settled and we would carry on as normal… I lost contact with him when he moved… yet always hoping… sadly the years quickly ticked by… and Bruce never showed.
I am very sad that we never managed to get it sorted.
I am angry that he chose to pass away without trying….
And I carry Guilt that I did not act upon my thoughts several years ago to track him down and sort it out.
I am sorry my friend for not being there when you needed me… not being there to tell you to get your shit together like I did many times before.
I hope you forgive me.
I hope you are in a better place… maybe with Mark, and Pat, and your Mum.
Good bye Mate… and thanks for everything.

Tim Wikiriwhi

With consent of Bruce’s family , We… his friends took Bruce the day before his funeral up into the hills overlooking Raglan, and gave him his ‘last rites’ Bogan style.
We Celebrated his life…. we had our last Beers with him, our last games of Pool… and spent all night laughing and telling hard case yarns about our Bro.
Girls turned up and wept over his coffin, and we transported him in style in a Holden Panel wagon with Triumph Bonneville Escort.
He was dressed in a Black Beanie, Shades, Pink Floyd Dark side of the Moon tee shirt, Blue Jeans and Black Army Boots.
We played his friend Paul Goughs’ Original ‘K9 Convention’ song… absolutely Unique… Rockin… and a track Bruce loved.
I know a lot of people will be bummed out they did not get the chance to see him off… things happened so quickly.
We hope all his mates approve of our send off… It was done in the best Bruce style.
Thanks to everyone who made it to pay their respects, and help make it worthy.
Special thanks to Brucies People in the Waikato.

And there will be a commemoration for Bruce in one years time somewhere appropriate with the idea of perhaps spreading his ashes, and this will be another opportunity for Bruce’s friends to pay their respects.
Maybe McClarens falls… first weekend in March… as Bruce was a part of The Kaimai community and so many of us had great times with Bruce in the Hills there.
Please check this post for updates.

Heaps more Photos of Bruce’s Celebration and Funeral go to my Facebook page … could not fit them into this post Here

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Its New Zealand Census night! Have you Filled out your Compulsory On line questionnaire? ….. NOPE!

Apparently its Census night!
Apparently we are all supposed to be good little slaves and happily pass on all our personal information to the Leviathan… You know the story… if you have not done anything wrong… if you are not a member of any politically incorrect minority… you have nothing to fear….
The right to privacy is sooo unimportant anyway.
Nanny State knows best!
And you will be helping the Beast decide how to spend all the money they have extorted from you at the point of a gun… Because the Beast cares for you… children.
So It would be very naughty if any of you refuse to Comply…because *compliance is everything* ….that’s the most important question at stake… making sure you know whose Boss!
What value to you place on your own dignity as a free person?
I for one will not be visiting the NZ census online page.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

Join the Facebook Group Boycott the 2018 NZ Census

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Good Cop Bad Cop.

I have just started a New Facebook page with the above title.
Law and order are subjects I am very passionate about, esp because I have suffered from the injustices of Bad Laws enforced by unscrupulous Police… and so I know first hand how Bad Laws wrongfully enforced corrodes an individuals faith in society… causes a hate for society, and mass produces Criminals and Outlaws.
It was a near thing for me yet by the grace of God, he taught me the dynamics of these things, and why I ought to refrain from going down that dark ally… and instead ‘Keep the faith’ in Justice, and work for a more just and enlightened society.

As a Libertarian, not an Anarchist I believe in Just Government, Just Laws, and the Just enforcement of just laws.
Good Government, and Good Police respect the inalienable rights and liberties of Individuals, and their just and limited powers are delegated to them by the people (as Individuals) as an extension of the individuals right to provide for their own defense (Self defense) … yet that is as far as their legitimate function goes.
Good Cops… like Good Government are a boon to society… a Good Cop ought to be a Pillar of Ethics… a person motivated by Compassion and who sees virtue in serving the people… and this is something quite different from a Paid goon who enjoys wielding power under the pretense and pseudo-legitimacy of enforcing the Law… irrespective of *what* the nature of the law is.

If This page pours scorn, ridicule, or outrage upon events and the actions of an officer, department, or Court Ruling, please remember that this page is *Not about Hate*… It is about Justice and reform.

Good Police should be as outraged as I am, when bad police get away with injustice.

A Good cop is a person of the highest Scruple and integrity… He/ she is not in it for the money… or the power.
They will put the rights and liberties of the people they seek to serve ahead of tyrannical Party political agendas… and a Just society ought to have a constitution that embodies these ‘Higher principles’ that trumps Parliamentary whims, and has the authority to Deem The Evil ambitions of Politicians to be corrupt… and therefore void…. and therefore Criminal … and a code of Ethical conduct by which Good Cops can repair in defense of their refusal to enforce Bad laws and Evil Orders.

A Bad cop is a person who has no problems enforcing Evil laws that encroach upon the rights and liberties of the people.
Just as Satan appears as an Angel of Light, Evil Political agendas… and Bad cops always disguise themselves under the garb of Expedience, emergency, or some supposed Lofty Social and ‘Politically Correct’ Ideal.
Bad Cops even use Just Laws as pretense to commit gratuitous violence and oppression… and frame the innocent.
It is a characteristic of Evil to be able to pervert and twist good things to evil ends… and Bad cops do this all the ding dong day!
“He Resisted arrest”… “He went for my Gun”… so I shot him dead…… They know, and even have been trained how to work the system so that they can commit violence and crimes with impunity.

When the Cops are Corrupt… the wheels of society are truly falling off the wagon, and there are few things more destructive to Civil order… few Evils that generate Criminals than when people loose respect for the Law… because the powers that be… and esp the Police are corrupt and oppressive.

A society that does not vigorously expose, and prosecute Dirty Bad cops is on the road to Ruin…

Power Tends to attract the worst personality types, and it corrupts those of weak moral stature, which is a fundamental reason why Legal Powers of Force need to be very very limited, and The Government and Police need to be under constant scrutiny… and held to the highest standards of principle.

Sadly for most of the world the things I have written above are ignored, and so The Reputation of the Police is that of Oppressors… of a violent Criminal Gang within a corrupt system that protects them.

My Page is all about addressing these issues… about pointing out instances of Great police work, and contrasting them against instances when the Police commit crimes against the people.

My ambition for this page is not to propagate lawlessness and contempt for the institution of the Police but the very opposite… to promote Good Laws, To encourage reforms where needed, and be a place where people can discuss these issues… so please Like, Post and share here.
All are welcome.

So Enjoy ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’

Tim Wikliriwhi
Christian Libertarian.


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When the Accuser comes calling…Trust in the Lord’s Good Character…Trust in his word. (Good God/Evil world part 7)

This subject is in the very first rank of importance.
In writing this I hope to be able to communicate with both Believers and Unbelievers… which is difficult because the two extremes favour different approaches… one tends to run away when bible verses are deployed… assuming they are about to subjected to a nutty Bible bashing, yet the other tends to think that unless a post has a bible verse every second line that the post is some sort of Satanic plot!
Yet as has become my style, I will speak in plain ‘Natural’ terms as much as possible yet will stitch in scripture as I deem appropriate.
I believe this topic has value both as a means by which both Unbelievers and believers may gain important insights.

The whole theme is very much one of the most essential aspects of the proper relationship of any thoughtful person to the Almighty.

I will talk about how to deal with ‘struggles and issues’ in believing in Gods good character in due course, yet first I must present the basics of why Faith in his good character is essential.

There are many many vitally important reasons why it is *Faith* that puts us in the right relationship with God, and why he has made it the key to our relationship with himself.
One of the most interesting.. and telling facts is that *Faith in Gods Good Character* has always been… and always will be essential… even after/when we are in his very presence and have walked and talked with him simply because of our Limited capacity for knowledge… and his Infinite Divinity.
There will never be a time when we have full understanding of all things about the Almighty, and thus even though we may have a massive understanding… and countless proofs of his Good character… there will always exist a gap between what we know of him… and his full Glory… and thus Faith will always be needed to bridge this gap.

Then for the well versed and philosophically minded it is also understood that ultimately… all our knowledge… even scientific knowledge rests upon unproven assumptions that are accepted by faith!
At the very heart of the History of the Philosophy of science was the foundational ‘articles of faith’ that came directly from monotheism and is why Theists were responsible for the birth of modern science and why they occupy the Chief seats and hold the chief honours for virtually every branch of modern science… as the Founders.
Primarily the impetus to scientific discovery and secular explanations was born of the belief in a single Creator of everything who made the universe and ordered it according to Divine plans that may be rationally understood, and that the universe functions via Fixed Divinely established Laws… that Man may investigate and understand… because these laws are themselves rational and a testament to the truth and rationality of God Almighty.
Facts like this are not open to debate as they stand as Empirical reality… facts of the history of the philosophy of science… rather than on mere hypothetical intellectual ideology and bias.
One of the greatest delusions people like Hitchens, Dawkins, or Tyson have foisted onto the gullible atheist sheeple is the notion that the advance of Science has been synonymous with the advance of atheism… and the discrediting of faith in the Bible.

So far-be-it from being true that Christian faith… is as Atheists present the idea … as being a ploy to suck in the gullible to abdicate their minds and blindly swallow the delusions of religion… these atheists are displaying an abject ignorance of the dynamics and logic that underpins the Christian call to faith.
That *some False Prophets and priests may plot that way is not a justification to say *All Faith is Irrational and for fools*… and in fact to be an Atheist requires a heck of a lot of faith!
Atheists like Dawkins, Hitchens, and Harris display both rank ignorance and patent dishonesty when they fail to acknowledge the debt science owes to Theistic cosmology.. yet of course their entire arguments fall over if they were to admit the truth!
They prefer to sell books like ‘The God delusion’… ‘God is not Great…how religion poisons everything’ etc etc.
And millions of chumps who hunger for any reason not to believe the bible swallow their Atheist delusions by the ship load.
Most of these people have blinders over their eyes and hands over their ears… they cannot be reached via reason… and in fact Spiritual truths are completely alien to them.
This being so any reader who has even reached this paragraph in my post and is honestly contemplating what I am saying… has hope!… as their hearts are not as hard as impregnable stone.. and they are more open to Objective discourse.

The Bible’s call to faith is not only Philosophically profound, it is also beautifully exemplified in its explanations as to how and why the world is the way it is…warts and all.

That Faith has always been… and always will be essential is shown to be true by the Fall of Lucifer… who was not like us in that we have never seen God…. He not only existed, came and went from the very presence of God… he also held the most exalted place in the hierarchy God had established In Heaven… and on the original Pre-Adamite Earth.
Lucifer had it all…. except the worship that was due to God alone.
It was the dark seed of Pride in Lucifer that caused him to feel he was worthy of greater honor than what he received that caused him to hate God… ie he began to question the goodness of God’s character.

Satan Seethed with envy… and was overcome with a delusion that God was treating him unjustly.

And Lucifer began to tell them (The Angels) lies.. and so under the weight of his Cunning…it was a naive lack of faith that allowed him to deceive many of the Angels into rebellion against God… and as Satan later on… also deceive Adam and Eve into disbelieving Gods word.
… yet I will mitigate the fall of the angels and of Adam and Eve in this one sense… ‘They were like Children in their innocence’… apart from the wiles of The Devil… the father of Lies…these matters might never have entered into their minds before Lucifer sowed his own mis-trust in the goodness of God’s character into their hearts… like a disease.
Yet still had they maintained faith in the goodness of God, Satan would never have been able to cause them to sin….

That Trust in God’s Good character and his right to be Lawgiver and Judge is clearly seen in the test and singular law that God gave to Adam with respect to the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.
Adam (and Eve) were free to enjoy the fruits of the Garden except the one in the midst which God deemed to be prohibited… and it is a prima facie demonstration of how Satan works.

Genesis 3 King James Version (KJV)

1 Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

2 And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:

3 But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.

4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:

5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

6 And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.

From the above we see that Satan was able to sow distrust in Eve about God’s Good character by suggesting God was deceitfully withholding good things from them and had lied to them!
Satan said “Ye shall not surely die…” in direct contradiction to Gods word… and instead of trusting in God Good character and right to make binding laws upon them… she was decieved by this ruse… and fell into sin.

^ in those few words we find why Faith between Conscious Moral Free agents and our Creator is essential… even when unlike today… Humans and Angels dont have to have faith in God’s existence because they experienced him empirically!
They walked at talked with him!

In those few words we also find the key modus opperandi of Satan!
If he can get you to question the Good character of God Almighty and get you to think that God’s word cannot be trusted… Satan has you exactly where he wants you… and in such a condition of accusation against God… Against his word… and against his right to be Moral Lawgiver and Judge… it is impossible for you to please God!
You have switched rolls!
You now claim to be the Judge of the Almighty!
You now think *you can decide* whether or not you will be subject to his Laws and Authority!
You doubt the truthfulness of his word.

And that Satan is now ‘the God of this fallen world’ is demonstrated every day by the perverse Global phenomena of Mankind in their arrogance asserting that The Lord is Unjust… that his judgments are unfair and tyrannical… and that Mankind ought to be allowed to write their own rules… if any!
And there is plenty of Material for the children of Satan to continue to employ to ensure the next generations perpetually believe the God of the bible is a moral monster!
And it is Godless Humanity that have turned this world into a cesspool of filth and violence!
The Height of Human vanity, depravity, and delusion knows no bounds!

I will add links to this post that will some degree expand on many of the monumental points that I have touched upon above only briefly, yet without making this post extremely long I wish to tie in all this with some personal dilemmas I myself wrestle with… and how … knowing the dynamics of faith … I choose to deal with them.

The philosophical and explanatory power of the Book of Genesis is so Gigantic as to be a fingerprint of divine truth!
When contemplated with a sober mind it is not surprising that this text has remained one of the Greatest philosophical/theistic texts of all time!
Not only does it enunciate with clarity the origin of the Universe and humanity, but of equal importance it explains one of the great challenges to faith in the goodness of God’s character… the existence of Evil… and what we today describe as ‘Natural calamities’.

These are things that Satan, and his children constantly use as wedges… as darts … to fire at the innocent and unlearned… and the foolish and rebellious… to undermine any faith they might entertain that God is Good and just.
These accusations require their own rebuttals and The bible contains sufficient facts and demonstrations That God is Holy, Just, and Loving, etc… none the less it cannot be denied that there are things not only in reality but especially within the scriptures that even bible believers like myself *Dont like*… and these test my faith… yet I do not do what so many so-called Christians do… and that is deny the validity of these scriptures… and come with sophisticated excuses why they should not be believed!
The last century saw a massive falling away from bible believing faith… a sad and unnecessary retreat in the face a relentless rationalist onslaught.
Many Christians were deceived into believing the theory of evolution was a scientific fact that conclusively disproved the story of Adam and Eve.
Many were fooled by sophisticated arguments that the God of the Old testament was Cruel and unjust… these people succumbed to the wiles of the devil and instead of clinging to the scriptures and trusting in Gods Goodness and supreme Justice… they caved in and abandoned the very core of their faith.
Had they held fast to their faith… they would not have had to endure long before the evidence would mount up that evolution was a false hypothesis, and that the very complexity of the cell and DNA discovered by the advance of genetics would utterly vindicate the story of Adam and Eve and of Intelligent design. (though of course atheists still refuse to abandon their superstitions and sadly many Christians also have not returned to faith in the book of Genesis as they in fact still have not accepted that a Good God could judge the world by flood)

Now I would never suggest that the question of the existence of Evil and of Natural calamities should never be contemplated!
I believe such questions to be very important… yet we must take extreme care with how we walk on this treacherous soil!
There are great snares and pitfalls that await the stumbling fool.
Satan appears as an Angel of Light!
He and his minions will always present pseudo-moral arguments in accusation of Gods word and contend that believers are guilty of accepting atrocities.
Such as is common with Rationalists who assert the story of Noah’s flood is not only a myth… but also as being a clear demonstration that the God of the bible if he were real… would be a monster!
And falling for these sorts of vacuous… yet powerful delusions has caused untold millions to abandon faith in the Book of Genesis… the very foundation-stone of Gods word!
And I will not deny that the story of the Flood is chilling to the bone!
I will not deny that it would be very satisfying to think that this story is just a fable invented via superstitious and manipulative Priest-craft… and to thereby self-vindicate simply writing the whole business off with the waive of the hand… and then to mock those who cling to these scriptures as Cretins.
And thus thinking we have strong enough science… and moral arguments to subdue *any reasonable debate* We can proudly declare ourselves liberated from Tyranny and myth!
And there is no shortage of Rationalist material… even from so-called ‘Christians’ who argue the Book of genesis is not to be trusted… that it is just allegorical, etc… even though that is not how Jesus or Paul our Apostle saw the Book.
They were Bible believers!
They Knew God was Holy, and just in his judgement, and that his word is trustworthy!
Abraham lived Post Noahs flood… there was probably plenty of empirical evidence for the Flood all about him and when God called him to leave Ur and go to a land in which he would show him… and that God would bless him and make his children innumerable… Abraham believed God and it was counted unto him for righteousness… saith Paul

Yet still!
Knowing all these things does not fully take away many things that I struggle with… things that I still dont like… things I know are true… yet wish were not.
Yet I accept that Reality and Moral truth are not Subject to my will, and that there are many Objective truths and realities that do not require my assent.
I know that any person who cannot accept the possibility of such objective realities … and still not trust in the Good character of God … but deem anything they dont like as proof that Either The God of the bible does not exist… or that if he does… then he is Not loving and good… to be the height of vanity and self delusion!
These people are the very definition of subjectivists … the very height of Ego-mania… in that they think they… in their ignorance and folly… can stand in judgement of the Almighty!
They have fallen into Satan’s trap.
And the greatest proof of this can be easily found when you investigate what ground it is upon which they base their own moral authority!
Any cursory examination of their moral foundations reveals their feet firmly ensnared in a swamp!
Ie They have no higher moral ground upon which they can justly claim to stand in moral Judgement of the character of God!

And when I read the scriptures I find that most.. if not all the objective realities and Biblical truths that I dont like are also things that God himself has expressed great sadness… such as the Righteous judgement of the lost in eternal torment… and in particular of many of my own friends and family whom I love and sympathize with!
and it is when contemplating this that I begin to understand the terrible burden that is God’s alone to bear.
Who among us would desire to Judge the deeds of humanity with Absolute justice?
None of us are even worthy to throw a stone at an adulterer.
Such Judgments can only be done without hypocrisy by an absolutely Holy Judge.
Yet still who would deny that Evil cannot be allowed to go unpunished?
Indeed another of the great deceptions of Satan and his minions has been the accusation that God seems to allow so much wickedness to prevail… and go unpunished.
Here we expose another gigantic hypocrisy and contradiction in the Atheists contentions against The Lord.
With One hand they curse him for letting the destruction and misery upon the innocent of Sin go unpunished, yet on the other they Curse God for executing Judgement and justice upon the wicked!

Though I would dearly love to believe in the Heresy of *Universal salvation* …. or that the Damned will simply be annihilated… etc etc… I know that this is not the true doctrine of the scriptures… and it is out of the knowledge that Judgement is coming for the lost… for their wickedness… esp the wickedness of rejecting Christ’s sacrifice on the cross… that I busy myself with trying to share the Gospel of the grace of God, and attempt to win souls to faith in the trustworthiness of the Bible as a Divinely inspired and preserved Revelation from God to us.
This entire post has been written in the hope that even a few souls might grasp the truth… and share it with their friends, neighbors, and loved ones.
I am painfully aware that I am a very unworthy vessel of these truths… and that many of my own character faults and evils do not reflect well on Christ or the Gospel… nonetheless I dare not remain silent… my time is short… and my burden is heavy with Fear for the lost… esp for My Friends, neighbors, and loved ones.
I also have no doubt that some of my interpretations and assumptions are still cloaked in ignorance… and I look forward to the day that God himself dispels many of my fears with his light.
Even though I know the gospel truth… That Christ has taken away my sins upon his cross…I still fear my own evils and worry about standing before the Holy and Almighty God… the righteous Judge of the wicked!
All I can do is trust in the gospel truth… and rest in my faith in Gods Mercy and grace is sufficient for a wretch like me!

When I am confronted by challenging moral criticisms or supposed scientific ‘facts’ that are presented as ‘proof’ the Bible is in error for which i have no immediate counter-argument, I have learned to rest in my faith and to search out an answer… and in the 30+ years that I have been a Bible believe *Never* has any such challenge ever proven to undo my rational belief in the scriptures.
Most Often it is not long before the supposed ‘Evidence’ against the Bible is exposed as vacuous… sometimes it may take years before I discover the answer and yet sometimes the criticism is found to be valid yet in these cases they expose an error in my own thinking… and actually help me to discover greater truths that were there all along in the Bible… yet may have been buried under some false doctrine I had picked up along the way!
It is always wonderful when I learn new, and deeper truths as they tend to increase the harmony of the scriptures and dissolve cloudy areas that needed exposing to the light of truth.
So it is that the Christian and Bible believer has nothing to fear from giving skeptical arguments a fair hearing.
For me this has been an ongoing process that has strengthened my trust in the scriptures and made me wiser.

^Not anonymous! Its Proverbs 3vs5,6!
That is in essence the Ultimate position of Faith for the humble soul who knows the limits of his own wisdom yet understands the Truth… that the bible is to be believed… for valid reasons.

I know that I dont know everything, and that I must trust in God in respect to my struggles… and to hold tight to his word no matter what storms of controversy I must face.
I do know God Almighty is Holy, Just, Loving, and good, and that as God he must judge sin… and yet out of love has provided a way for the humble who admit their own sin to be forgiven and saved… by pure grace.
“For God commendeth his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners…. Christ died for us”
“And whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”.

“Faith is the power of an optimistic possibility thinker whereas Doubt is the power of a pessimistic impossibility thinker”
Robert H Sheuller.

The Greatness of the Bible in its explanatory and Value instilling powers is truly Mind-blowing!
Esp when compared to the inescapable nihilism which is what atheism offers!
Faith must overcome skepticism.
Compassion must be stronger than Hatred.
Hope must be greater than despair.

Trust in Gods Word and Good character must overcome the wiles of the Devil.

We have Jesus Christ…and the Gospel of the grace of Grace of God.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.
King James Bible believer.

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