Te Ara Nui

Completion April 2020

It’s been a while.

Today, all being well, Transmission Gully opens to traffic. I look forward to driving along it for the first time this weekend.

headlines on Google News

I thought it opened yesterday, when I read the headlines on Google News. But then I remembered that we live in the post-truth era. “Officially opened” just means opened to government officials, in particular, opened to the current Prime Minister and her cronies. Plebs like us have to wait until the very early hours of this morning.

The official name of the new road is Te Ara Nui o Te Rangihaeata. Te Rangihaeata was a Ngāti Toa chief and nephew of the Ngāti Toa warlord Te Rauparaha. In August 1846 he led the Ngāti Toa forces at the battle of Battle Hill, which overlooks the new road roughly halfway between Paekakariki and Pauatahanui. Te Rangihaeata is also famous for having been a signatory to the Treaty of Waitangi in June 1840, and for his involvement with his uncle Te Rauparaha in the Wairau Affray in June 1843. During the latter confrontation, which was the first major skirmish of the Land Wars, a stray bullet killed Te Rangihaeata’s wife, Te Rongo. In an act of vengeance, Te Rangihaeata bludgeoned to death the nine special constables of the New Zealand Company who had been taken prisoner. Later, the newly appointed second Governor of New Zealand, Robert Fitzroy (former captain of the HMS Beagle), investigated the incident and exonerated Te Rangihaeata and Te Rauparaha, on the grounds that the New Zealand Company had attempted an illegal land grab.

These days New Zealand is a less bloody interesting place, but still a place blighted by corporate grift, government graft and endemic low-level corruption. Here’s a timeline of the Transmission Gully project’s 103-year history. Have a read of the history of the project, especially since construction commenced in 2014, paying particular attention to the steady stream of delays, build errors, cost overruns, and silt running into the harbour. I think it’s hardly plausible to deny that some of those involved are on the make.

Someone once said, never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence. But why not both?

Eternal Vigilance: Battle for Parliament erupts as police storm Wellington’s anti-mandate occupation

Watch this shameless Propaganda from the NZ Mainstream media (below)…. and a grandstanding Police Commissioner eager to project an image of a Man of Action and integrity…
In reality this was an act of Bad faith and an abuse of power… in harmony with Draconian events in Canada.
Ardern and Trudeau are both traitors to their own Nations and devotees to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum Great Reset Socialist New World Order.
This shows you what total disregard these Globalists have for democratic process, and the sort of societies our children will suffer if we do not resist!

This protest was a legitimate Democratic response to Ardern’s Leftist radicalism that took advantage of the Covid 19 pandemic to Grow State power at the expense of Citizens rights in particular Vaccine Mandates, Lockdowns, and ‘Vaccine Passports’.
Thousands of businesses and Jobs have been lost!
Ardern has been a Train wreak for our Nation!
And you wonder why people are protesting?

Ardern’s thugs provoked a tranquil atmosphere into Chaos… exactly what Ardern hoped for… she wanted this peaceful protest to end badly.
I despair that the protesters allowed themselves to lose their composure in the face of this State thuggery… and yet Self defense is the natural reaction… they could have done things much better… in the spirit of Martin Luther King… maintaining Passive resistance even in the face of being arrested and taken away.
I admit my words in that regard are Cheap as I was not there trying to hold the line… for that I am sorry.

There has been talk on line that the fires were actually lighten by Antifa subversives… not Anti-mandate protesters.

Compare this skewed and slanderous report by the mainstream media with how things really were down there….
Read this excellent report that contradicts everything the Police commissioner claims… Freedom Village, Wellington, 25 February 2022

This was a Jackbooted Political action against a legitimate peaceful Democratic protest.

All talk to the contrary is dishonest propaganda designed to slander the protesters to de-legitimise their righteous peaceful stand.
This Police Narrative has been exposed as lies… watch/listen below…

Shame on the New Zealand Police for caving into political pressure from the Ardern Regime.
Congratulations! You have trampled peaceful activism under your boots… next you will complain when having learned from your recourse to violence, protesters come better prepared to voice their protests against a Police State.
You Escalated the problems… You did that!
I personally only advocate for peaceful resistance… yet you have weakened our voice and given opportunity for less principled agitators to gain ascendency… you did that.
You have debased and disgraced yourselves in the process no surprises there… if only you had maintained the peace as you indicated you would!
Instead you showed your forked tongue … seeking to execute a Dawn raid on Non-violent innocent people who have already suffered oppression at the hands of Ardern. That is why they were there in the first place! You are supposed to work for the people… not Political Parties and agendas. This is supposed to be a Democracy in which we have the right to protest… and the right to critisise the Government. You are supposed to protect our rights!
Shame on you.

The people of New Zealand never voted for Arderns Tyranical measures.
In fact she lied! She said Vaccines would never be imposed upon New Zealand citizens against their Will and rights!

Anti-mandate protesters march across Auckland Harbour Bridge causing traffic chaos | Newshub

Protests by their nature *Do not require the permission of the Police* who are notoriously aligned with the very Political Party which is in power.
This is legitimate peaceful democratic civil disobedience.
Protester must however appreciate they risk violence and arrest from police who are historically… notoriously oblivious to their duty to the People and their rights rather than the corrupt governments they serve. This is how the Police all too often become the servants of Tyranny… so few have the integrity to refuse to follow unjust laws and orders.
And the Vaccine Mandates were unlawful!

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

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