Amputee gets Home D

(Leaves leg with ankle bracelet at home when he wants to go out.)

Medicinal marijuana proponent caught in sting

A prominent proponent of medicinal marijuana has been sentenced to 12 months’ home detention after being caught in an undercover police sting.

William Duffield McKee, 58, of Levin, was found guilty at a jury trial of four charges of selling cannabis and one of cultivation, and was today sentenced in the Palmerston North District Court.

McKee hosted the GreenCross website, which promoted the use of cannabis to prevent medical ailments.

He was targeted in Operation Relief between February 2010 and May last year – four times selling small amounts of cannabis and related material to an undercover police officer.

When police searched his house on July 8 last year they found 66 cannabis plants in various stages of growth.

Judge Barbara Morris today gave McKee credit for saying he would no longer push for political change about medicinal cannabis by selling the drug.

“You now accept that the change you seek must be done within the law and by way of submission,” she told him.

“You were not driven by commercial gain and to create a luxurious lifestyle.”

McKee’s right leg was amputated five years after he was the victim of a hit and run shortly before his 21st birthday.

A number of supporters watched from the court’s public gallery, and many held placards and handed out pamphlets outside the court.

Operation Relief?! (I thought I had a sick sense of humour, but I can’t top that!)

The “The War on Drugs™ is a war on the medically sick, waged by the morally sick. It must end.

FUCK the government!

Yes, FUCK the government!

And thank GOD that I live in New Zealand where I can say that with impunity!

From the office where I work, I can see the Beehive. I have a co-worker who is a young Chinese women who has been living in New Zealand for less than a year. The other day, we ventured outside together (I had to show her where to find the Post Office). Once on the street, I demonstrated the “one finger salute” in the direction of the Beehive—to show our politicians the respect they deserve. I said, “Make the most of being in New Zealand. You can’t do this in China!”

“Are you on Facebook?” I asked. “No,” she replied. “Why not?” She replied, “None of my friends in China is on Facebook.” (They don’t have Facebook in China.)

Most of us don’t fully appreciate how lucky we are to live in New Zealand where we have freedom of expression. It is our most precious freedom.

Last year, at an election candidates’ meeting, I shook hands with Peter Dunne. I despise Peter Dunne. But you know what? I’d buy him a beer. Or, a dose of whatever he thinks he might legalise under his stupid new proposal to legalise drugs that no one wants to take.

Seriously, we don’t know how lucky we are.

(I have a feeling I have stumbled on something substantial.)

This was brought home to me the other day when I visited Amnesty International’s Trial by Timeline. It’s a Facebook App that scans your Facebook timeline and finds out what you’re guilty of (and sentenced to) in places less enlightened than our beloved Godzone!

This afternoon I travel to Palmerston North for an all-night vigil in support of Billy McKee who is being sentenced tomorrow. If the sentencing judge shows an iota of compassion, Billy will receive a suspended sentenced or home detention. If Billy’s “going away” party turns out to be just that, and he gets well and truly FUCKED by the government, then … well, you won’t have heard the last of it from me. 🙂

(We don’t know how propitious are the circumstances, Frederick.)

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Let the GOODE times roll!

I very much doubt that I would vote for my namesake—I’m not eligible to vote in the U.S. presidential elections—and I’m a Gary Johnson man, myself, anyway. But Virgil Goode is by the far the lesser of the remaining evils on the ballot.

Goode does have some good(e) (oh, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) policies.

The Constitution: Emphasizing and following the Constitution will mean a smaller less costly government, which is vital for the future prosperity and progress of the United States.

English as the Official Language: I continue to support English as the official language of the United States of America.

Energy Costs: The United States must be free of foreign fossil fuel. Freedom from the Middle Eastern sheiks, Nigeria, and Venezuela is necessary for a continued bright future for our country. We cannot allow OPEC to control our energy supply. The United States must develop its own resources and alternative fuel sources. Hydrogen, biodiesel, and other alternative energy sources have potential in making us less dependent on foreign fossil fuels. I also support the utilization of nuclear power and expanded drilling opportunities for natural gas and oil in this country so that our energy needs are met by domestic and not foreign sources. I have supported and will continue supporting drilling in Alaska and the continental United States. If President, I would support the drilling off our coasts where it can be done safely and where the states, such as Virginia, have passed legislation requesting offshore drilling.

Being free of a need for foreign fossil fuel will enable us to be free of the shifting sands of the Middle East.

Tax Reductions and Fairness: I support the elimination of the Death Tax. Death should not mean the end of the family farm or the family business. A death tax often precludes families from having the homestead or family business. I support and have voted to terminate the current IRS Code at a date determined in the future so it can be replaced with something simpler and fairer. There are several alternatives to the current Code and include the Fair Tax, the Flat Tax, the Transaction Tax, and others. Between the current IRS code and the Fair Tax, I would support the Fair Tax with certain modifications. For example, the Fair Tax, which is basically a national sales tax, has a prebate of $180 per month per person, which should be limited to United States citizens, who are adults and who reside in the United States. I would support a Fair Tax only if certain other taxes, such as the Death Tax and Income Tax were eliminated. If the Income Tax were to be retained, then I would oppose a national sales tax and have a simple flat rate income tax and scrap the current code with its inequities.

Medical Costs: A big factor in medical costs is the high cost of malpractice insurance for our physicians and other health care providers. I support tort reform that will limit attorney fees and the amount of damages recoverable for non-economic losses.

Health Care: I support ending Obamacare.

Public Education: Washington should not be running our local school systems. We need to leave local education decisions to the states and localities. I am opposed to national testing of public school students and voted against “No Child Left Behind” with its new mandates and new tests that must comply with national standards. I support ending the federal Department of Education.

National Defense: We need a strong national defense. However, reckless federal spending which has given us a deficit in excess of one trillion dollars necessitates cutting defense spending. We must now come home from Afghanistan and reduce our expenditures around the globe.

Veteran’s Benefits: I support funding for veterans’ health care and providing health care benefits to all veterans. We also need to insure that the Veteran’s Administration works with and on behalf of our veterans.

Abortion: In the United States House of Representatives, I had a consistent pro-life voting record and in 2008 the National Right to Life Political Action Committee commended me “for your 100 percent pro-life voting record throughout your twelve years of service in the U.S. House of Representatives”. As President I would continue to oppose abortion and would submit a budget to Congress with zero funding for planned parenthood and any other similar entities.

International Relations: I oppose the placement of our Armed Forces under United Nations command. We need to curtail expenditures to the UN, the World Bank, the IMF, and to foreign nations. Our sovereignty, in my opinion, should always be paramount. I also vigorously oppose Agenda 21 and other globalism schemes so harmful to the citizens of the United States.

North American Union: We need to block any union between the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The sovereignty of the United States must be preserved. In Congress I sponsored a resolution against the North American Union.

Trade: Agreements like NAFTA and the trade provisions in fast track authorization lead to the erosion of this country’s vital manufacturing base. I do not favor international trade agreements such as these that result in a loss of American sovereignty and jobs.

Term Limits: Term limits for members of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate are necessary for a Congress more responsive to the needs of our country and its citizens. Many members focus too much time and attention on raising money for the next election. Term limits will result in members caring more about the general good for the county. If elected President, I will serve only one term and not focus on raising money and getting votes for the next election. The country shall be first.

Here‘s a celebrity endorsement from Robert Kocher.

Goode has not been trained, or has freed himself, to treat the realities, and the realistic nuts and bolts of life in terms other than that of the unvarnished raw truth. That’s exactly what is needed in America and, indeed, the world –a good dose of raw reality and tough love.

(Goode was at one time a conservative Democrat. Much to his credit, he was expelled from the Democratic party for voting to impeach Bill Clinton.)

It seems as though Virgil Goode has many of the important issues seriously covered in a way not attempted by present Republican or Democratic candidates. I am not in 100% agreement with positively everything that was said in his statement. Some areas need further explanation and a little touching up. The bare initial statement presented here was not widely presented beyond obscure internet sites. Any subsequent refinements and detailed explanations have been subjected to a blackout in the popular media. For practical purposes Virgil Goode, and his point of view, which is representative of many millions of intelligent people, are portrayed as nonexistent in the popular public media.

What we are instead presented with as the only choices for the presidency are two ambitious demagogue personality boys, goofs, who are in fundamental agreement but trading quips and one liners over trivia in their respective vaudeville acts in what is presented to be a presidential campaign debate. Meanwhile the only man to offer a serious consistent sane alterative and choice was barred from participation.

No Utopia.

Mayor Len Brown’s Vision for Auckland

It looks as if Auckland is to become the most Un-livable City in the world.
Mayor Len Brown and his Socialist Council are orchestrating a Housing crisis via their refusal to allow the city to expand it’s boundaries so that much needed land can be developed to cope with increasing demand for New Homes.

“Property expert says up to 20 per cent of Auckland’s homes must go for infill and high-rise to cope with growth.

Between 50,000 and 80,000 Auckland homes have to be demolished and replaced with townhouses and apartments to create the world’s most liveable city, says a housing expert.

Martin Udale, ex-chief executive of McConnell Property, yesterday said that up to one in five of the city’s 385,000 existing homes had to be replaced with infill housing to accommodate an extra 1.2 million people over the next 30 years.”

Read more about this Politically engineered Crisis here:
‘Crisis demands mass demolition’ NZ Herald.

The Agenda.
Anyone who know anything about politics will recognize that like many cities around the country… around the Globe… The Super-city is being made to conform to the United Nations socialist Agenda 21 whereby the Communist Mankind hating, Nature worshipping, Control freak Green philosophy is to Force Populations to exist in ever increasing Density… the underlying idea being that this will force population growth to slow, and Preserve The Natural world from the Effects of the Human Contagion.

In the Minds of the Socialist Tree Huggers, This Tyranny is the Embodiment of Enlightenment… Caging Mankind…and thereby saving the Planet.
They seek nothing less than absolute control.
They believe owning your own home with a ¼ acre section and driving about in Greenhouse gas makers whereeva / wheneva you please… are Decadent extravagances… which they intend to take away!
And they are busy implementing these delusions as we speak!
This Socialist Movement and sycophant Media are busy undermining the Kiwi dream by making out that it is Greedy, and selfish… and evil. >>>”Urban sprawl“<<< And these delusions are shared by the City Councils everywhere, and around the globe they are attempting to force the Growth of High rise apartment buildings at the expense of the home and back yard. They're hoping that within a generation that the Kiwi Dream... for city folk... will be completely forgotten, and that High-rise ‘projects’ and ‘Ghettos’ will be thought of as ‘Normal city life’… and of course this congestion will exaserbate Traffic jams, inner city Parking costs will skyrocket… so why own a car? Why not ride *that train* which the council has conveniently built right next to your Building? Owning a Car and living in a single family detached home will become more and more the preserve of the upper class.
The UN agenda 21 is to force cities into high density vertical expansion.

Agenda 21 described…
“Agenda21 is global socialism directed through the United Nations. “Smart Growth” is doublespeak for planned communities. “Sustainable Development” means a centrally planned economy. “Industry Clusters” are government work factories. “Green Design” is the clustering of people in 700 sq/ft, 14 story “pack and stack” living quarters with your personal universe restricted to walking distance or light rail travel to your place of work. This is the reinvention of Mao’s China.”
Quoted from here:

The Platitude.
Yes To Live like Ants… Len Brown would have us believe… will make Auckland the most livable city on Earth!

Super City Councilor Dick Quax raised his concerns about this Diabolical Agenda recently at The Liberty Conference held earlier this month in Auckland.

Read about what he said here:
Now if you have read what Dick Quax said at the Liberty Conference, or are familiar with the goings on in Len Browns Council, you will be aware that to achieve his Socialist Utopia that Rates must increase at an annual rate of over 5%… which is 2.5 times current inflation, and despite this Revenue Grab, Mayor Brown will still have to borrow an extra 1 billion dollars per Year!

The Ploy….
Looking from his Ivory Tower Len Brown has already seen the stirring of a Plebs rebellion … as outraged Aucklanders vent their anger at their massive Rate hikes.

Election time is fast approaching (next year)… and so what do we see in today’s Herald?
Nek Minit….. An article appears in which Len claims he is attempting to trim his Rate hikes to 2%!
Herald Reading Jaffas may have exclaimed “What a relief!”
Sorry folks… This is Barefaced Machiavellianism!
In this article Mr Brown has the audasity to claim that up comming Elections has not been a factor in his attempts to reduce his sheduled rates hikes!

Schemer Auckland Mayor Len Brown.
Mr Brown said he was not giving any thought to next year’s election…


Ask yourself people …What Politician gives no thought to up coming elections?
One thing is certain. Socialist Powertrippers like Len Brown certainly think about elections… a lot!
Because they believe Political Power and coercion is essential to ‘save the world’, they have no sence of achieving goals in freedom, via voluntary community action.
Len Brown is straight out Lying!

Read this article here: Brown strives for 2% rates increase. NZ Herald

Many Green fanatics wont care about the finacial or human costs of implimenting the UN Agenda 21.
They wont care that Len lies to get re elected… they are true believers!
I dont waste my breath attempting to reach such people.
Yet to those of you with even a modicum of rationality must realise that Len is not attempting to reduce his rate hikes out of any benevolent concern for Aucklanders!
He is doing this out of self interest.
He is posturing himself for Re-election!
And what he is not saying is that his reduction in Rate hikes will translate into even greater increases in city dept and interest payments!

because his juggernaut will not be stopped!

What Aucklanders need to ask themselves is why they would wish to Re elect such a heavy handed, deluded and, callous person… whom clearly does not have their best interests at heart, but puts his own megalomaniac schemes first… and expects Aucklanders to carry the costs?

Aucklanders Need to listen to what Councilors like Dick Quax, and how Auckland could be saved from this Socialist Nightmare, and the Kiwi dream restored by removing the Draconian restrictions on Land development… and allow the City to expand outwards. This will cause House prices to stabilize, and even make the construction of cheaper houses possible.
And with more space… everyone, esp the children will have a better quality of life than the Slum conditions, the heavy Rates bills, and the lack of personal transport which are all the inevitable consequence of Len browns implementation of Agenda 21.

Power crazy Len Brown and his UN Flunkies must be stopped!
Get involved with the development of a New Libertarian political organisation to get Libertarians into city council.
I will blog more on this New Organisation as things develop.
But don’t wait…Get involved!
Make submissions!
Oppose Len Browns Unitary plan!

The Herald finnishes…
‘How can the public have a say?
The Auckland Council is drawing up a rulebook, the unitary plan, for residents and developers. Discussions have started with local boards and some groups. The draft plan will be released in March.’

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen

Judge not, that ye be not judged.

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye. (KJV)

Pasteur’s Law, Creation Science vs Nose Bone Atheism.

Commenting on another post, Fellow Vigilante, Reed has posted a You tube Vid of Ray Comfort’s ‘Banana argument’ for the existence of God.
I am not sure whether he posted it in Ernest or in jest, as even though the argument has some merit, Ray’s particular version has been debunked.
(Banana’s come in various shapes and sizes)

As far as simple arguements go, I prefer the Peanut butter argument… Because in spite of ridicule from Atheists, it rests on absolutely Rock solid science, and so Atheism have no valid arguements against it.

A similar argument is that when we feel ill and go to the doctor… (even atheist doctors who claim to believe in Evolution) they never diagnose “a new life form has spontaneously generated in your Gut”…even when they cant find the cause of your illness.
In deed if you told your doctor that you were sick and believe a new life form had spontaneously generated in your body they would burst out laughing! They certainly would not give you any credence.
Because Spontaneous generation is scientifically speaking… an absurdity!

Louis Pasteur…’The Father of Micro Biology’

His Experiment.

Louis Parteurs refutation of spontaneous Generation has never been overthrown, never contravened…. And this is why any claims to a spontaneously generated disease would be considered ridiculous!
(likewise Ridicule would be forthcomming if you insisted that your jar of Peanut butter had been spoiled by a spontaniously generated organism)

More On Louis Pasteur Here:

Spontaneous generation is an atheistic myth… a naturalistic superstition.
Pasteur so utterly devestated the notion of spontanious generation, that it is an absolute embarrassment to the Atheist naturalist position that they have actually abandoned using the term, insist it has nothing to do with Atheism, and now talk of ‘Abiogenesis’…. HA HA HA!
Despite their protests.
Despite their claims to be applying more modern ideas…It’s the same Myth in a new Skirt!
And Pasteurs Law stll holds good against it!
*This surely ranks as one of the Greatest self delusions of our age!*

The reality is advances in Technology and general Knowledge about single cells has indeed grown immensely yet this advance has only served to magnify, not deminish the problems for naturalism because modern geneticist today stagger at the super complexity of living cells.
Modern apprehension of the complexity of the cell exposes the naivety of the early Naturalistic Naturalists whom assumed single celled life forms would prove to be quite simple… something easily imagined to be able to form by happenstance.
Thus with progress over the past century the evidence has been contradicting this hypothesis.
Today evolutionists must stagger at the complexity which must be achieved via self assembly …of even the most simple possible life form.

Geneticists have been busy paring away at the DNA from within the most simple life form they could find to determine what genes within that cell were essential for ‘life’.
Dr Craig Venter and a team of Geneticists attempted to use the smallest genome they could find as a template for the construction of artificial DNA.
They However switched to a more complex genome to take advantage existing experience in transplating this type whole… and after years of effort, filled with failures, they syntetically replicated a perfect copy of that genome and placed inside the membrane of a cell which had been stripped of it’s DNA and to their great joy the cell apparently replicated itself…

His own explaination is here:
In the link above *He talks about the painstaking efforts… the perfect accuracy required…1 error in an over one million base pairs was enough to render their genome useless!

Now what must be appreciated in respect to our topic is that just achieving this much… engineering the simplest chains of Synthetic DNA, was considered a spectacular feat… a Historic Milestone of science and Technology!
And they did not create life but used a pre-existing cell ‘body’.
Contrary to what Atheists and Evolutionists claim these experiments and modern advances in genetic science make the Idea of spontaneous generation even less plausible… not more!
That Blind Natural forces are supposed to have done much more that what Dr Venter and his team of geneticists have achieved Beggars rational belief!


In deed Dr Venter has demonstrated the need for Genius and care, and purposeful manipulation to produce a technological wonder which in no way would or could form via nature or chance.
In creating and installing the Synthetic DNA into this cell Dr Venter has assumed the Role of God!

Pasteur has never been given his due.
‘Pasteur’s Law’ is absent from all biological text books… why?
Because it utterly undoes the entire edifice of Naturalistic evolution!
It is however a rock solid Law of Biology.
Mendels Law also does this and yet because they have not been able to overthrow it with ‘Darwin’s Law’… (Because the is no such thing as Darwin’s Law)… they simply ignore the real implications of Mendel’s Law and pretend that it is a mechanism for carrying successful evolutionary traits into future generations!

Thus while Medical science progresses with leaps and bounds because it does not rely on evolutionary theory, The religion of many biologists is corrupting the academic community… as ‘specialisation’/ the division of labour in scientific research and expertise means that academics in all the other disciplines accept by blind faith that Evolutionary Biology is rock solid… because they trust the biological fraternity …as experts in their own field… ie The Physicist rarely feels competent to question the publications of the Biologist… even when their claims appear to contravene the known tendencies of physics…in particular the tendency towards entropy. They assume the biologists are applying rigorous scientific method… and being Naturalists… it is assumed that Naturalists are brutality clinical and incapable of fostering let alone imposing personal prejudices onto raw data. Ie the Naturalist is automatically assumed to be of higher scientific calibre…more objective, and thus a superior interpreter of Evidence and data to that of the ‘mysticism’ which haunts the theistic mind.
Thus being of Naturalistic faith, and specialisation in the various fields of science has all worked to protect and perpetuate the myth that Evolution has scientifically validity… and that Creationism is ‘unscientific’.
This is a Joke!
Tim Wikiriwhi
King James Bible believer/ Dispensationalist/ Libertarian.

There is a God! (part3) Divine Messengers

Divine Revelation found @ Vitoria’s Secret

God is Great!

“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God…”
(Psalm 14vs1)

“For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:”
(Rom 1vs20)

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