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The Apocrypha and the King James Bible.

(7) Seven reasons the King James Translators gave for not incorporating the Apocrypha into the text of Scripture.

1) Not one of them is in the Hebrew language, which was
alone used by the inspired historians and penmen of the Old
(Hebrew is the language of God’s chosen people. They are
jealous for it. When the Prophets and other inspired writers
penned their words they used this divine language. The
authors of the Apocrypha did not write in Hebrew but Aramaic
and sometimes Greek.)

2) Not one of the writers lays any claim to inspiration.
(Although it is plain by reading the Apocrypha that the authors
of its individual books tried to make their finished product read
with the ring of Scripture, all of those writers were wise enough
not to pretend any influence of God when writing.)

3) These books were never acknowledged as sacred
Scriptures by the Jewish Church, and therefore were never
sanctioned by our Lord.
(The early Church Fathers rejected any claim of inspiration for
the Apocrypha and habitually ignored them when preparing
their sermons.)

4) They were not allowed a place among the sacred books
during the first four centuries of the Christian Church.
(Even during the time when there was some question as to
which books were inspired and which were not, the books of
the Apocrypha were never allowed status equal to the writings
of Isaiah, Jeremiah, or any other Old Testament writer.)

5) They contain fabulous statements, and statements which
contradict not only the canonical Scriptures, but themselves;
as when, in the two Books of Maccabees, Antiochus
Epiphanes is made to die three different deaths in as many
different places.
(Anyone who reads the Bible knows that it, in itself, makes
fabulous statements, but that it never contradicts itself nor
teaches such heresies as Purgatory and prayers for the dead.)

6) The Apocrypha inculcates doctrines at variance with the
Bible, such as prayers for the dead and sinless perfection.

7) It teaches immoral practices, such as lying, suicide,
assassination and magical incantation.
(None of these practices are either taught or accepted in divine

1. Roman Catholic Church – Integrated within true Scripture in an attempt to give it authenticity.
Locations within the Roman Catholic bible
1) Tobit – 14 chapters, follows Nehemiah.
2) Judith – 16 chapters, follows Tobit.
3) 1 Maccabees – 16 chapters, follows Esther.
4) 2 Maccabees – 15 chapters, follows 1 Maccabees.
5) Book of Wisdom – 19 chapters, follows the Song of Solomon.
6) Ecclesiasticus – 51 chapters, follows the Book of Wisdom
7) Baruch – 6 chapters, follows Lamentations.
8) additions to Esther.
9) additions to Daniel.

2. The Jews – The Jews have always jealously guarded their Holy
Scriptures. They have never accepted any of the apocryphal books or additions as genuine, although they saw their historic value.

3. The True Church – The early church also rejected them as canonical although many translations printed before the King James Bible included the Apocrypha for its historic value.
a. Early translations
1) The Old Latin
2) Jerome’s Vulgate – within the text
b. Pre-King James
1) The Coverdale Bible – between the Testaments
2) The Geneva Bible – between the Testaments

4. King James Bible – Not one of the translators of the King James Bible accepted the Apocrypha as inspired. By placing the Apocrypha between the testaments, they were following a precedent established centuries before they were even born. Anyone who claims that they accepted the Apocrypha as Scripture is either ignorant of the truth or intentionally misleading his hearers so as to damage the image of the King James Bible.

Just as a historical aside…
And the typo is not even in the sacred text…

I missed Collective Soul and Simple Minds concert last week end here in Hamilton Waikato… because it was Pissing Down.

Simple Minds.

I’ve lost my credibility as a Die hard Rocker!!!

This Blog post is nothing more than a tribute to some great Bands that did an outdoor gig here in Waikato Hamilton which I would have loved to have seen… yet the weather was so atrocious I whimped out!
I have officially gotten old.
Collective Soul, Simple Minds, Texas, and Pseudo Echo!
What a line up!… and reports from friends who attended it was a fantastic show…. weather not withstanding.
I wimped out… Shame on me.

Greenstone Entertainment delivered yet another astounding line up of artists… They are certifiable legends in their own right having now through their many Summer music festivals facilitated Kiwis in the enjoyment of a staggering list of Music’s greatest artists for the past decade or more…
I have blogged about them in the past…
I missed out…

They have usually been held in Taupo, Whitianga, and Queenstown, yet this year Whitianga was substituted by holding this show in Hamilton instead.
Roumour has it that the usual venue in Whitianga has now fallen through never to be repeated, which is a bummer because the Coromandal peninsula is such a beautiful part of the country where many Kiwis enjoy their holidays.
Still I hope the Hamilton show was a financial success for the promoters as I just so happen to live in Hamilton and it would be jolly wonderful for me personally should they decide Hamilton is a worthy alternative for future festivals.

It is esp painful to realise I missed the opportunity to hear Collective Soul… a band I really dug in the 90s Grunge era… my heyday.

Nonetheless I will still shamelessly take this opportunity to blog about this event… because I love music… love these bands… and as Simple minds sing “… come in come out of the rain…”
Listening to them now on You tube makes me realise what a big mistake I made not braving the weather… Hardman gone soft.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Music Critic.

More from Tim…



Rock legend and good guy Glenn Hughes pays his respects at Ronnie James Dio 4th year memorial.

Falling to Pieces …. Thank’s for the music Scott Weiland

Alice Cooper Goes to Hell. Nek Minnit!

Alice Cooper; ‘My life is dedicated to follow Christ’

Is God Dead? Black Sabbath.

BLACK SABBATH’s GEEZER BUTLER: ‘I Always Felt That God And Jesus Wanted Us To Love Each Other’: Blabbermouth. net

Megadeths Dave Mustaine is a Christian.

Brian Welch: From Korn to Jesus

Jimi vs Jesus.

Peter Steele Type 0 Negative. ‘Dead again Hipo-Christian’.

Hell is for the Self Righteous, Heaven is for Sinners.

and from my mate Richard…. about Blackie Lawless…
I came not to bring peace, but a sword

Waikato Breweries: 1924 Ford Model T owned by Brian Cossey .

Brian Cossey’s 1924 Model T Ford

My son Roman, his friend Jake, and I had the pleasure of going to Saturday’s ‘Wings and Wheels’ car, motorcycle, and aircraft show held in Thames New Zealand (27-1-24).
We rode in my good friend Simon’s beautiful 1958 Buick Special Coupe.

Unfortunately for me my old camera is on it’s last legs, and as I do not have a smart phone I was unable to take a stream of photos which would have made this blog article more interesting so I have had to snipe some pics off my sons phone for this. The pics of Bryan Cossey’s 1924 Ford Model T were dutifully snapped by my son Roman at my command… thank’s son.

Custom fabricated Sportscar (NZ)

There were plenty of Rad rides on display… plenty of Yank Tanks… an Austin Healy Club had many cool little sports cars there.
Another mate Scotty was with his Mini Club in his British racing green Mini Cooper. There were Military displays, including some small artillery which were fired, and then there were the Arial displays… Harvard’s, Yaks, other high performance stunt planes, some Bi and Triplanes, and the highlight being some cool swoops, rolls etc by a Corsair Warbird.
A truly fabulous looking machine.

A Russian Yak: Photo Roman Wikiriwhi.

Now to the Star of the show… Brian Cossey’s 1924 Model T Ford…
2024 makes this particular Truck 100 years old!

Many of my friends and I myself are huge fans of Waikato Draught Beer, and belong to the social club ‘Friends of Waikato Draught’
This is why Bryan’s Truck caught my eye and captured my affection!
I did not see him at the show and so I have not received any permission from him to blog about his fine Model T Truck yet I hope to track him down in the next few months and have a chat with him about it.
I have questions!

It just so happens that Waikato Draught Ale will be celebrating it’s 100th birthday next year in 2025!
This centennial will celebrate the date Waikato breweries began to sell their *Draught ale* which was not their first beer and thus this centenary is to be distinguished from when Waikato Breweries originally started (back in the late 1800s), and from when they established their NZ Famous Brewery at Bridge St Hamilton Waikato which I believe predates 1912.

It is also to be distinguished from The 100th birthday of Waikato Draughts famous Mascot ‘Willie the Waiter’ Created in 1945, he is currently only 78 years old so will not reach his centennial until 2045 (Only by the grace of God I might live to celebrate that!… here’s hoping!)

The tailgate is particularly interesting as it speaks of a ‘100 year Re-enactment’ held in Wellington and Auckland dated 3rd-7th Nov 2012.
Now I am unfamiliar with the date 1912 being of any significance to Waikato Brewery?
I suspect it has to do with the first Model T Fords arriving in New Zealand as they were Manufactured by Henry Ford from 1908.

You can’t get more Waikato than Waikato Draught!
The Beer has Iconic status in the Waikato region and beyond.
Many of the classic and oldest Pubs have Waikato Draught Emblazoned across them.
Waikato Draught has sponsored Sporting events, esp Rugby for generations… esp the Mooloos.
This puts Brian Cossey’s 1924 Model T into the Epic League in the eyes of the Friends of Waikato Draught!

It is a fact that Waikato Brewery imported the first truck to the Waikato District.
It was a Wichita…

I recommend Waikato Draught fans and Kiwi Beer historians to get hold of a copy of Colin V. Innes fabulous book ‘A Crown For The Lady’… The unravelling of a pioneer story. Moana Press.
It is a must read for Waikato Draught fans and anyone interested in the history of Hamilton, Huntly, Taupri, Teawamutu Ngaruawahia, in particular the business dealings of the Innes family who were pioneer Beer makers who established Waikato Breweries.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Beer Expert.
New Zealand.

Yours truly.. and my BA Falcon… Ford Rulz!

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Big Hui: Kingites Plot Social Unrest To Maintain Racist Treaty separatism @ Turangawarwae .

All too predictable!
The Kingites are at it again!
The Chamberlain policies of appeasement to Maori radical angst over the past 50 years have had predictable results.
Consecutive governments have proven feeble in the extreme… prime for extortion.
This environment has tended to empower and strengthen within Maoridom leaders who excel in the politics of this extortion, tilling, sowing, and fertilizing the soils of racial division, fake offence, and fraudulent grievance.
Propaganda is now embraced as Gospel… usurping the place of history.
This has become the mainstream ethos embraced universally to a greater or lesser degree.
It is a thought crime to be critical of the ‘Official narrative’… ie… to question the presumption that colonisation was a gigantic racist crime committed against Maori.

The Maori King has actively participated in pushing this narrative, esp in respect to the city of Hamilton… seeking to tear down it’s monuments, efface it’s street names etc.. all part of an ideology of ‘De-colonisation’ whereby Non Maori New Zealanders and their history and their culture are being systematically denigrated and maligned.
Not a single admission that Maori have greatly profited from colonisation is ever admitted.

What’s the Big Hui all about?

Kiingi Tuuheitia, who called the national hui attended by about 10,000 today, later told the crowd their message had been “heard around the world” and warned the government not to tamper with the Treaty of Waitangi in its proposed legislation.”
Click the link (above) to read the NZ Herald’s take on the hui.

The Impetus for this ‘Waitangi’ of the tribes in Ngaruawhia was to discuss and plot what united resistance they intend to mount against the newly formed National-Act-NZ First coalition government that ran for election on promises to halt the Radical Ardern Labour He Pua Pua Agenda she was imposing without mandate from the people of New Zealand… much to their alarm… and for which the people of New Zealand spoke at election time 2023.
Under Ardern Maori Radicalism and institutionalized racism was expanded at a truly staggering pace.
All government departments became Maorified to the point that the average New Zealander did not even know what they stood for any more!
She sought to rob New Zealanders of their control over water… and so much more… All in the dead of night… Employing every trick in the book… the least transparent government ever!

Disgrace: Ex NZ PM Radical Socialist Jacinda Ardern who deserted her party by quitting her post, and hypocritically accepted a Damehood.

By far New Zealand’s worst and most disastrous Prime minister she was however loved by the radical tribal interests and Neo-marxist academics who hate Traditional New Zealand and sought to disfigure and destroy it.
Ardern could see the writing was on the wall and jumped ship rather than face sacking for her treasonous activities by an angry population.
She got off lightly, yet the damage she did… the racial divisions she exacerbated… and the riches and power she apportioned to tribal interests has now placed race relations in dire jeopardy as those vested interests whom have become accustom to enjoying such political advantages will be willing to go extreme lengths to keep hold of them.

Winston Peters (NZ First party), PM Chris Luxon (National Party) , and David Seymour (Act Party) all rode into office promising to end Ardern’s Racial Political Agenda, and to reverse much of what she and previous governments had done.

Now is the time they must deliver on these promises, yet rest assured Waitangi Apartheid will not be dismantled without courage, and unwavering resolve in the face of extreme resistance that could at times spill over into violent protest.

This is what the big Hui is all about!
They are about to unleash the flying monkeys!
The want to unite all their pet radical minions to resist the disestablishment of Treaty separatism!
The Maori King want’s treaty separatism entrenched… for ever!
(Note: The treaty did not separate but united all New Zealanders as One people… *Separatism* is the great lie)
Note also that the Racist radical movement… those who primarily vote for the Maori Party or the Greens do not represent the Maori people but are a minority.
It must be remembered that most Maori are not even registered on the separatist Maori electoral roll but choose to be on the general roll with their fellow Kiwis.

The separatists intend to make it very difficult for the New Government to reform our apartheid system.
They are getting ready to kick up a heck of a big stink!
When it comes to protesting no other single interest lobby group is as well organized or as willing to resort to violence as the Maori Radicals are.
Not even the Radical environmentalists.
The unspoken truth is that Maori Radicalism poses by far the greatest threat to the safety and well being of the New Zealand public.
1000 times more militant and dangerous than so called ‘White supremacy’ which pose such a tiny risk as to be laughable by comparison yet has been hyped up for political purposes.

Depending on how committed the new government is to pushing back institutionalised racial separatism will determine just how extreme the lengths will be that the rabid separatists will go.

Notorious Racist MP Willie Jackson threatened *War!*

This is what extortion looks like!
This is how gangsters operate!
This is what Billions of dollars of treaty settlements have got us… Gratitude? Peace? No! Contempt!
It is via such threats that so many generations of Politicians have shirked the responsibility of Getting rid of the Maori seats in parliament, and all the vile treaty separatism.

The people of New Zealand must be prepared to square off against vicious organised resistance and heroically walk this gauntlet… for our children’s sake!
For the future well being of *All New Zealanders*… including the common Maori who today are mere pawns in a political racket being used by their own corrupt leaders.
The future for New Zealand must be racial unity and harmony… one law for all. One citizenship, not institutionalised racial division, and endless grievance.
Will these three Coalition leaders (two of which are of Maori lineage) have the stones to maintain course for truth and justice in New Zealand in the face of a withering storm?
Probably not.
There are already signs that they are not up to the task… that they will falter… that they will not bind themselves together in an oath to fulfill their election promises and work to put an end to the Waitangi extortion racket, but instead will vacillate and engage in petty politics… none the less those of us Kiwis who are committed to those ends, must put aside any past angst we may harbour about National-Act-NZ First.. and use all our strength, hearts, and minds to embolden them to take on this formidable and urgent task of ending Treaty Separatism and grievance… once and for all!
They need us to have their backs on this one!

My Grandfather Autiti Wikiriwhi and myself at Whakawerawera in the 1980s.

I am committed to this end.
I will endeavor to assist this government to do the right thing, and I encourage all my fellow New Zealanders, including Maori *in this crucial hour* to rally for the side of right and good!
We can see the vested interests who seek to perpetuate separatism and grievance have already mobilized to prevent reform!
We can see that 50 years of appeasements has not brought an end to their malice, endless slanders, and demands!
All it has done has emboldened them and made them a more formidable obstacle to justice and equality… a sore that will never heal because they choose to keep it open and festering!
For that is how they propagate and maintain Racial division and hate!
This manufactured hate shows it’s ugly head at mass protests, hikois, and occupations… under false manufactured claims of oppression… and these spectacles are what timid populist politicians fear most.
Should this government lose it’s nerve again and capitulate it might be decades before another group of leaders express a willingness to push back on Treaty separatism.

I hope I am wrong about this new Government’s resolve.
Christians ought to pray God imbues them with conviction, wisdom, and fortitude… for the task ahead is great, yet so too will be the reward of ending Apartheid to New Zealand and establishing One Law… one citizenship… for all.

On a personal note I want to do my bit for the cause.
I have committed myself to this for 2 1/2 decades and have educated myself on the issues.
I have held public meetings, Contributed to Government Inquiries and Bills, and ran in both Local body and National elections on a policy of establishing Racial equality before the law.
I am also a Libertarian political commentator.
I believe I have much to offer this public discussion for truth, reason, and the moral high ground are soundly on our side.
One united and sovereign nation, one Law for all.

I offer an open invitation to Christopher Luxon, David Seymour, and Winston Peters to meet with them and discuss how I might be of assistance to them in achieving these noble ends.
I won’t hold my breath on them taking up my offer, yet it is sincerely given.

I also offer an open invitation to meet and talk with all and any Iwi or Hapu leadership… including King Tuuheitia, for in truth I am no one’s enemy!
I agreed with much of your address (You tube vid below). I understand your concerns. Many of your insights were legitimate, yet appreciate that 50 years of the politics of separatism has created a divide that makes everything seem like ‘Us against them’, yet that most certainly is not how things should be.
New Zealanders interests are not at variance with each other. We should all respect each others rights as equals.
I am a messenger of good will. I have a message Maori leadership needs to hear because if they truly care about their people’s wellbeing and future rather than just political power for themselves I have a transformative message that has the potential to deliver great gains that Socialism and separatism has utterly failed to deliver.
This is why I have a clear conscience, and speak with boldness, and with urgency. Because as long as the lies and hate that underpin treaty separatism are maintained… the people suffer.
Was there anyone at your Hui who proposed these ideas?
If not the people were not given a full perspective, nor are all options for today’s political climate being considered.

As a Maori Libertarian and Christian I sincerely believe it is in everyone’s best interest… esp Maori to bring Treaty separatism and grievance to an end.
I am willing to lay out how freedom and equality will in no way hinder Maori from full enjoyment of their Culture, on the contrary it will remove from it an association with nasty racist politics.
I believe Maori Leadership can be transformed away from sowing race hate and social unrest towards harmony and true self-empowerment and that this is the real remedy for Maori problems with vice, poverty, and crime because it puts an end to *the victimhood mentality* that is propagated by the Anti-colonisation propagandists, It explodes the myth that politicians and governments are the source of wellbeing and prosperity, and at last makes each individual Maori responsible for their own moral outcomes, and future prosperity.
This is not an easy road… but it is the truth!
It is the only road out of the valley… to Peace.

Treaty separatism is a scam and a trap!
Lets speak the truth!
It’s time to face the Racist Radicals and defeat their lies!
It’s time for true liberation!
It’s time for New Zealanders to restore our Unity and Fraternity.

Note: In a Free Society it is a right to speak freely your opinion, and to protest *peacefully*… that is how you maintain your legitimacy and Mana.
Never allow yourself to be deceived by political stirrers into becoming violent or destroying property.
I ask Maori youth to not allow themselves to be used as political pawns to prop up a racist political system but instead to support one law for all.

We are about to be tested as a nation.
Have the people of New Zealand the spine and the resolve to face the outrage the hateful racist Maori Radicals are about to unleash for the sake of restoring New Zealand back to the envy of the world… God’s own?
Or will we cower before the haters… the noisy racists who seek to render all non-Maori as second class subjects,,, forever???

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

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A Submission In Opposition To The Electoral (Entrenchment Of Maori Seats) Amendment Bill








The Exploding Ford Pinto Scandal Was NOTHING Compared To What’s Happening Today : Uncle Tony’s Garage.

Remember the Ford Pinto Scandal? Ford knew the Pintos were dangerous but did the math and chose to hide the truth and release the car anyways…
Now Fast forward to Electric vehicles…
Watch Uncle Tony’s video below…

Now watch a second video by Uncle Tony’s Garage about an EV fire at Cook’s Beach, Coromandal, New Zealand in which a EV caught fire while charging.
Yet the Fire investigators report was that the fire started ‘somewhere else’ in the home… yet Neighbours caught the event on camera and the fire definitely originated in the garage!

This appears to be a possible example of the truth about the dangers of EV’s being kept out of the Public spotlights… for political reasons… to minimise public resistance to the destruction of the Oil based Transport being replaced with what we are supposed to imagine as being ‘the safer cleaner, greener Electric alternative.

Politicians setting absurd deadlines for fleets to be electrified, rather than allowing the technology to safely progress at its own pace without political pressure cannot help but cost countless lives! We are seeing this same insanity right across Western Society as Woke Globalists seek to skew Reality to suit their own insane Socialist agendas.

Western society truly is filled with wooly headed idiots to let these Political charlatans destroy our societies over fake climate change hysteria!

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

Tim Wikiriwhi: I’m Uriah Heep’s latest Fan…

Uriah Heep once was concidered Deep Purple’s Equals… but not today.
Today they are rarely herd and their members are not known like Ian Gillan, John Lord of Deep Purple.
For years I tried to dig what made Uriah Heep’s Reputation for being the only credible competion Deep Purple faced… yet to no avail.
Every time I listened to them I could not get into the groove.
Well in the last month that has changed.
I’m now a full Uriah Heep Fan and understand why… Only now have my ears become in tune to their wares… and I am quite frankly bewildered as to why it took me so long!
This is just a ruff draft of this post written at 12.32am on a working nite.
I intend to fill this one in with a lot more details…

Tim Wikiwhi…


The Top 5 Reasons Your Wife Has No Interest In Sex (The REAL Story) ‘The Happy Wife School’. YouTube

Foolish men idolise their wives and submit to them to the point they let them treat them like a door mat.
This is the very opposite of how God designed marriage to be.
Simps have lost all their dignity.
I am using the term ‘Simp’ to describe good yet weak men who set no limit to the bad behavior they will tolerate from their partners.
They always cave into their partners demands irrespective of how irrational or demeaning they are… setting up a pattern of Domineering woman and emasculated man.
Don’t let your woman cut your nuts off and carry them around in her handbag.
She will only hold you in contempt.
A man must be strong to maintain his woman’s respect and admiration.
This is not optional.
These things need to be said.
Marriage in the West is in crisis.
Man-hating Militant Feminism is a big part of the problem.

IMO ‘The Happy wife School’ is one of the best relationship counseling shows on Youtube.
Point number 5 of this video below *Is essential* for both Men and woman to understand.
Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

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Comments on New Zealand’s New National/Act/NZ First Coalition Government.

6 weeks after New Zealanders voted to oust the remnants of the Ardern regime, National Party Leader and New Prime minister Christopher Luxon announced to the NZ public the results of the coalition agreement between the three parties (National, Act, NZ First) whom have formed a majority government.
While most of New Zealand has been chomping at the bit in anxious anticipation to finally know what the outcome of their negotiations would be, I personally have been largely indifferent to it because I believe none of these parties truly deserve to be in parliament… none of them… they did not get my vote… so I have little expectations. It will be far harder for them to disappoint me than to impress.

Anyone who has followed my commentary on NZ politics over the last 6 years of Ardern, the Christchurch terrorist attack, the Covid 19 Scamdemic will know I’ve expressed open contempt not only for Ardern’s Woke tyranny, but also for these so-called opposition parties and their Leaders for failing to protest Ardern’s radical Globalist socialist machinations, and instead often collaborating with her in trampling our rights under foot.

When it comes to rights and liberties, to date these guys have proven to be piss weak, nonetheless I do expect this center right coalition to be an improvement on Ardern.
That’s not saying much as it would be near impossible *for anyone* to be as arrogant, and devious and incompetent as that walking catastrophe Jacinda Ardern.
For me however… despite any improvements that eventuate from this new government… they will never salve the bitter sense of injustice I harbour and the disgust I carry for the way these politicians operated over the past 6 years.
Useless Inert nothings!
For the past 6 years New Zealand functioned like a one party State!
Ardern ran amok while they bumbled about,
I did my best to deride them for their failure to defend Kiwis from her madness and treason.

Thankfully The Communists have been sacked!

Despite my disdain for these failed opposition parties… these Political Weasels, my arguments were never in favor of maintaining the Status Quo!
Far be it!
I wanted Labour gone with as much urgency as any other freedom advocate.
I never inferred a National led coalition would not be an improvement on the horrors of the woke radical Ardern regime.
My arguments were always founded upon *holding all these people to account* for their complicity with what happened during the Ardern Regime.
For that reason I say they are unworthy of being in parliament.
I hold them guilty of massive life destroying rights violations that occurred during this epoch of tyranny.
That is something that must not be forgotten… yet so many people wish to do exactly that.
Zero accountability for their crimes… nor has there been any contrition on their part.
I won’t forget this.

I’m still smarting from watching the support of the Freedom movement evaporate in the final months leading up to the election!
I have blogged about this elsewhere.

How will this new government performs and measure up to the expectations of those who voted for them?
Whatever happens, it will be impossible to speak of what might have been if the so-called supporters of the Freedom and equality movement had held the line and actually voted in the true and heroic advocates for New Zealand’s values!
It is impossible to compare what is about to unfold, with that which must forever remain speculation.

Only the small percentage of *Real Freedom advocates* who held the line are capable of maintaining the vision of what could have been.
They are my people.

For better or worse we now have a new government.
Will they deliver?

Over the years as a Blogger and commentator I have always endeavored to remain objective… Being quick to condemn when politicians do evil, yet also equally quick to commend when they do something righteous… irrespective of who they are or which party they belong to.
In keeping with this, though I am no fan of any of these politicians I am happy to say the new coalition agreement and first batch of policy directions promises to reverse some of the Far Left radicalism that was imposed under Ardern.
This is a positive sign.
They are off to a good start.
They appear to be putting their personal differences aside.
That is something interesting and commendable in itself.

Here is a NewsHub Article… Election 2023 coalition agreement: Christopher Luxon, David Seymour, Winston Peters reveal Government policy, ministers

Sad sack Authoritarian, Ousted Radical Left PM Chris Hipkins comments the National/ACT/NZ First Coalition “…will ultimately take New Zealand backwards,”… He’s right… yet what does that actually mean?
Be of good cheer!
It means undoing the subversive anti-Western radical socialism Hipkins and Ardern inflicted upon our country by every devious means they could conceive!

Arderns Woke Globalist tyranny was imposed largely without any mandate from the people.
Ardern imposed her extremist bents trampling underfoot the long held Christian values upon which our free and tolerant society has been founded, and by which New Zealand became the envy of the world.
Satanic Comrade Ardern did her best to destroy this… hiding her evil doings with ‘hugs’ and declarations of being ‘kind’, all the while she worked in the shadows setting up a heavily apartheid state that sort to make the majority of New Zealanders second class subjects, and making it illegal for them to publicly express their opinions that were contrary to her Satanic and insane woke radical agenda.
No government in our history trampled underfoot our Safeguards against corrupt legislation as her government did passing unpopular and so many oppressive laws under urgency in the dark of night… all the while keeping our compromised media in her back pocket.

Our press Absolutely failed to expose her underhanded schemes or warn the people of what she had planned to come down the pipe.

New Zealanders eventually awoke from their bewitchment and Ardern worship… almost too late… so devastating was her radical totalitarianism to the heart, soul, and economy of our nation.
She knew the people held her in contempt, and that is why she (metaphorically) jumped in a helicopter and fled the country… like a deposed African Dictator… Like a defecting traitor!

Did Nat/Act/NZ1 really ‘win’ the election or rather did they gain power simply because Labour crashed and burned?
Labour became so detested New Zealanders were desperate to see them deposed!

So while Chris Hipkin’s crys about Nat/Act/NZ1 taking New Zealand ‘backwards’… most of the country will be clapping and cheering with relief!
For the life of me a cannot think of a single reform or anything that happened under Ardern’s leadership that deserves to be retained for posterity.
‘Going backwards’ 6 years is absolutely essential to restore a New Zealand to that was Freer, more prosperous, less oppressive, less divisive, less indebted.
A reversal in this sense reflects a return to a government more respectful of New Zealanders true traditional values and Ideals.

On a final note before I post comments lifted from a Twitter post that details the New Coalition plan, I must swallow my election disappointments for the Freedom movement and come to terms within myself about the new government.
For the sake of our country I have determined to continue with my already well established modus opperandi.
Henceforth I shall encourage the coalition to be bold and be willing to withstand all the Guile and slanders that the Woke left will heap upon them for every reform they seek to implement.
I will uphold them when they seek to do good, yet still and I will revile them when they falter.
I sincerely hope to encourage more than disparage.

Read Damien Grant’s Stuff article… The new Government has a once in a generation opportunity to lower taxes

Being an objective commentator wins few friends.
The nauseating sycophantic cultist ‘Winston worship’ has already started, and in fickle times any positive commentary wins approval from the shallow swimmers, yet should you dare to point out any flaws in their Idols you are guaranteed to face slander and contempt.
Such is life for the honest and principled.

It will be interesting to see whether or not the remnants of real Freedom movement, and the many great New Zealanders spread among the small new parties who were betrayed and deserted in the final hours leading up to the election whether or not they can use the next 3 years to unite and rebuild their strength, to come back with avengeance.
I myself hope that becomes a reality, and am willing to participate in that… so people please post this article to the various Freedom parties and encourage their leadership to contact me so that I can participate in that unification process.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

What follows is a post I copied and pasted from Twitter (X) that lists the Coalition agreement and initial aims of the New National Led Government.
I must say there is much to be hopeful about… for example they plan to abolish The Maori Health Authority.
Hopefully that is just the beginning of the deconstruction of Apartheid in New Zealand.

Still there is much that remains dubious… for example to what degree will the promise to expand the Covid 19 inquiry actually bring accountability to government actors who violated New Zealanders rights?
To what degree will tyrannical pandemic legislations be be abolished to prevent the same evils happening again?
To what degree will constitutional reforms be enacted to prevent abuses of power and the subversion of our legislative due processes so that the ‘Urgency’ cannot be weaponised to impose anti-democratic radical Social engineering policies that are contrary to the principles of Liberty and equality before the Law?
Forgive me from being skeptical about how committed this new government will be to fixing these problems given National Act and NZ First have been completely spineless on all these counts up till now?

Let’s see how things pan out….
God defend New Zealand.


The Consultant
New Zealand 🇳🇿

NZs new government will be in place next Monday , coalition deal signed

Real change is here

Chris Luxon is the PM & Minister of National security & Intelligence

Winston Peters/ David Seymour to share deputy PM. Winston Peters to undertake first rotation

Winston Peters – Foreign Minister

David Seymour Minister of regulation

Nicola Willis – Finance Minister

Judith Collins Attorney General & Minister for space

Gerry Brownlee – Speaker of the House

Chris Bishop – Leader of the house

Dr Shane Reti is Minister of Health

Paul Goldsmith Minister of Justice & Arts

Erica Standford Minister of Education

Matt Doocey Minister of Mental health

Minister of Police, Corrections, Emergency management

Act Ministers get Courts, Children, Internal Affairs

NZF Ministers get regional matters, Customs, Foreign Affairs

Maori Health Authority will be de-established

Covid inquiry is planned with expanded scope

All reference to co governance to be removed from government documents

3 strikes is back

Mini budget to be delivered before Christmas

Firearm act to be written

Tax cuts from July 2024

Rural sector to be treated with respect

20 ministers in cabinet – 14 from National, 3 from Act, 3 from NZF


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Tim Wikiriwhi. Links Archive. Scoop: Council of Churches Academic “gospel of apartheid”

Council of Churches Academic “gospel of apartheid”

Follow the link to Scoop…

Council of Churches Academic “gospel of apartheid”
Thursday, 10 May 2007, 12:29 am
Press Release: Tim Wikiriwhi
Press release:

World Council of Churches Academic spreads “gospel of apartheid and appeasement”.

By Libertarian Independent Tim Wikiriwhi.

The opportunity to hear the Very Rev Lois Wilson speak on human rights and religious toleration at the Hamilton City Councils reception lounge on Wednesday night was taken by about 40 people including Libertarian Independent Tim Wikirwhi, a Christian, said he was eager to hear what contribution she had to improving relations between different religious faiths.

Dr Wilson, who was the first woman president of the Canadian council of Churches and the first Canadian to be president of the World Council of Churches spoke for about half an hour on the topic ‘When Freedoms Collide” talking about her experiences around the globe and laying down her three principles, which were firstly, that ‘there are no absolute rights’. Secondly, that governments ought to interfere as little as possible, and thirdly, that we need to act in solidarity rather than leave small minorities to be democratically trodden underfoot, quoting the famous lines of Pastor Martin Niemoller…

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

In her speech she made references to her homeland of Canada and bemoaned the mistreatment of those she called “the first nations” at the hand of the colonials, and directly endorsed what she called ‘positive discrimination’ and ‘restorative justice’ by which she said legal favoritism was justified.

She said freedoms collided because “no one was right and no one was wrong.”

She opened the floor to questions and was asked whether she expected everyone to compromise their beliefs to which she replied No.

Spotting some problems with her third principle a gentleman asked her “Why should I show toleration or solidarity with someone who believes in the genital mutilation of young girls? (female castration) to which she was quick to say that she had no qualms about legislation against it.

It was then that Mr Wikiriwhi was given opportunity to ask a question, first setting the context by saying that he agreed with her second principle but was appalled by her first one, and sited the issue about female genital mutilation and her legislation against it was proof that the first principle did not stand up, that clearly it was an absolute right that girls be safe from having their genitals mutilated, and then asked her to define Justice which Dr Wilson refused.

Mr Wikirwhi then told her that her whole notion that ‘Freedoms collide’ was an absurdity and that to the degree that New Zealand upheld the absolute rights of the Individual, was the degree that our nation is good and to the degree that our country rejected those rights was the degree that it is bad!

Dr Wilson challenged Mr. Wikiriwhi with the question What are those rights? He responded by listing…”My right to life. My right over my own body. My right to private property, on which I may build a church on mine, and you may build a mosque on yours!”.

Mr. Wikiriwhi then asked her if she thought Bin laden was wrong, to which she replied “I don’t know, I’ve never met him.”

At this stage there was a general ruckus and Dr Wilson said she had nothing more to say to Mr. Wikiriwhi. As He got up to leave Dr Wilson said she regretted his decision to go, to which he replied he had no time for someone who would not define justice.

Speaking afterward Mr. Wikiriwhi called her a spineless democrat, who promoted apartheid and could not define justice as a consequence.

He said that it was the worst speech he ever heard!


Tim Wikiriwhi.
Libertarian Independent.