Feeding your kids to the Socialist Wolves. What many teachers really think about us parents and our rights over our children. @lizwheeler

Watch this short clip below….

Behold Evil Incarnate!
This is where most of the Rot comes from in Western civilisation. Rabid Ideological Radicals in Education who have zero respect for the principles of a free society corrupting the minds of future generations.
She thinks she should be allowed to teach kids what their parents *don’t want*.

By her logic, If you chose not to get a master’s degree… say instead you chose to be a builder, then she thinks that makes you a parent of dubious quality and intellect! She thinks your decision not become a teacher like her should disqualify your right to decide what your children will be taught… because we’re Idiots!

This is no joke people. Parents ought to be alarmed at the sort of Ideas that haunt the schools to which they entrust their kids.

This is where all the madness germinates that is absolutely destroying our Freedoms, and quality of life, and sowing so much intolerance, censorship, and division!

“If You are white you should be ashamed”…. “Boys can be girls”…. “Men are Rapists”…. “Capitalism is Evil”…. “Colonisation was a Crime”…. “The world is going to end unless we surrender to the new world order…” ” Illiterate Stone age culture is just as good… if not better than the most advanced societies…”. etc etc….

This dangerous doctrinaire is far from alone. She is expressing what passes for ‘liberal education’ today… across the globe including here in New Zealand.
Gone are all enlightenment values and ideals!
Radical Socialism is the order of the day!
She really means it too! Speaking from ‘her self important superior heart’.
She thinks it’s a mistake to ‘Allow Parents’ to choose what their children read!
She wants to decide what she thinks your kids should imbibe, think, believe, etc.
She has a Masters Degree, yet is absolutely Brain dead when it comes to the Principles of a free society.
It’s at University where she herself was indoctrinated!

Her doctrine is pure Authoritarian Socialism, and she is reading from a script… quoting “lines that she loves…”

Here is what she thinks her roll is as a teacher…
“We must remember that the purpose of public education is not to teach only what the parents want. It is to teach what society needs them to be taught.”

That most certainly is *not* what the propose of Education is in a free society… only in an Authoritarian State in which the people are the slaves of the all powerful State.

There are still some fabulous teachers who are there for the traditional vocational calling, yet their voices are never herd in the important debates on the future of education.
These discussions are always dominated by Woke reformers and Ideological extremists.
God help any children who don’t have engaged parents who instill strong independent values and wisdom!
They become grist for the mill.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

My Submission to The Therapeutic Products Bill. Tim Wikiriwhi.

Below is a ruff draft of my submission on the Therapeutic Products Bill.
My final submission is slightly tidier than the draft below yet as I did my editing on the official submission database I do not have an exact copy of it.
I made the deadline with only 3o minutes to spare.
When my submission appears on the Government website I will transfer the final draft here… yet the draft below is 90% identical.

Read about the Bill here.

Tim Wikiriwhi.

To the Committee for the Therapeutic Products Bill.

I oppose the enactment of any new regulations that will impinge upon the current liberty of Truck between New Zealand Citizens and Alternative health businesses and suppliers of alternative products.
We already have a heavily regulated Health care system that is under extensive Bureaucratic control, the purpose of the alternative health industry is to empower citizens to participate more in their own health and well being and have access to products and services that are exempt from running the excessive bureaucratic gauntlet (trials) which most of the products available at pharmacies must navigate… increasing such legal hurdles will mean only the wares of wealthy Pharmaceutical Giants will be available in the marketplace.

This is at the heart of the matter.
Under the misguided delusion of concern about ‘risks’ to public health via tightening regulations the State will in fact put small time Health professionals, herbalists, and suppliers of unique and novel treatments out of business much to the glee of Big Pharma Cartels who relish the idea of holding a monopoly over the supply of health products, and much to the anguish of thousands of New Zealanders like myself who regularly use alternative products as part of our personal health strategy.

I have not herd a single Herbalist say they support this Bill.
In fact they all fear this will put them out of business.

This in my estimation constitutes a massive health risk to New Zealand citizens… a massive step backwards, in that on the whole it will result in less alternative products being accessible, and drive up the costs of those that remain… and that is a big factor for people on tight budgets.
Extra Bureaucratic costs may put many products out of reach of the poor!
These factors will far outweigh any supposed risk reduction heavier regulation is supposed to deliver.

The Hamilton Herbal shop. Where I get me urbs and alternative Medicinals. (Note: The opinions expressed in this submission has no association with the Hamilton Herbal shop. They are strictly my own.)

I am a happy customer of my local herbalist, who supplies me with many health support products, including a mixture they make for my Gout rather than taking officially proscribed medications.
We are adults! We demand you respect our rights to make our own health decisions and to evaluate risk/benefits for ourselves.
We don’t need or want any new regulations thank you.
Things are fine the way they are… in fact less regulations would probably be in the best interests of New Zealanders!

We need to protect our rights and alternative health sector from Political/ State over reach.

How about Parliament tidy up the massive problems you have in the Health system that you already are responsible for. Surely you have enough on your plate to deal with in that regard?
Leave the alternative Therapeutic market alone!
Lasize Faire!
It is doing fine without ‘more government’.

Look at the mismanagement of the Covid 19 Pandemic!
Mainstream ‘officials’ said that promoting Vitamin D to fortify natural immunity was dangerous misinformation and pseudoscience, yet the truth has now come out of the vital roll of Vitamin D in fighting the corona virus!
Of course the politicians and Big Pharma wanted everyone to think their MRNA vaccines were the only hope!
Ivermectin was banned! No doubt this cost lives.
Bill Gates and Big Pharma made Billions!
The world is waking up to what a debacle the whole Official narrative was.
Thankfully we… independent thinking citizens were able to network and do our own research, and still able to get hold of Vitamin D and Ivermectin substitutes like Quercetin, no thanks to attempts to try and prevent the citizenry from putting hope in anything other than Bill Gates/ The States Mass MRNA program.
Why, in the light of all this anti freedom State activity over the past 3 years, and how poorly the National Health sector is functioning, and how the Big Pharma cartels’ enriched themselves while the world reeled under Draconian lockdowns would you expect independent Thinking New Zealanders to desire the state to usurp greater control over alternative treatments?

It matters not if any of the hearing committee concurs with my evaluation of how the Covid 19 pandemic was handled, what matters is that you respect the rights of New Zealanders to continue to enjoy access to the broadest range of alternative heath products without additional restrictions and expense.
This sector is complimentary to the State Health system, the same way heathy food suppliers are, and as Free and self-responsible Adults we decide what dietary regime is best for our own heath and well being, and in this way we are less likely to require the services of the State health system.
I submit that this Bill be withdrawn.
Thank you for reading my submission.
Please forgive my tone, I am very passionate about this issue, and I have written this submission in the final hours before submissions close, and dont have time to tidy it up and smooth it out.

Tim Wikiriwhi.

Damien Grant: Things get done because of agitators and advocates… (and the Woke Left work harder than we Freedom advocates do) Stuff Article.

Damien Grant: “Our country is better because there are those advocating for, and against, things that they passionately believe in or are opposed to.”

Check out Damien Grant’s latest opinion piece. Link below. But first a few Wikiriwhi musings.

IMO Damien is probably New Zealand best freedom orientated political commentator who gets footage in the mainstream media, even though he often says things that get up my nose.
He is definitely an advocate of less government, yet frames his articles in such a way that his personal proclivity is not punching Fascists and Commies in the face… and that is why he gets published in the mainstream when few other Liberty minded people do.
Via his style he is able to squeeze in some very important Libertarian takes on thorny issues that otherwise never reach the public discourse, because he splices them seamlessly within the cloth that otherwise might appear to be congratulating the successes of the advocates of Totalitarianism (and it is an objective fact that Woke Far left activism is kicking arse and making us freedom advocates look like Chumps!).

Today’s article (link below) is a perfect example of this strategy.
It may be painful to read… but it’s 100% true… or at least 95% true.
Though in no way can it be said that Damien is an Anti-vaxxer, I don’t think it is a coincidence he penned this article now… after the Big Propaganda piece ‘Boiling Point’ much lauded by those who hate the Anti-covid lockdown protesters just dropped the other day.
IMO this is Damien’s stealthy impartial way of defending that historic and righteous protest… in principle.

The topic is participating in our nations democracy. Grant makes no mention as to why our particular brand of Democracy makes being ceaselessly active far more critical than it otherwise would be if we had an enlightened ever vigilant Liberty loving population who prided themselves on self-reliance, and an iron clad constitution that kept meddlesome power mad totalitarians in fetters.
Oh what such a blessed state of affairs that would be!
New Zealand was once a strong self-reliant population… the envy of the world… yet we have lost this and become a nation of woke sheeple begging for safe spaces and hand outs.
We should sit in sackcloth and ashes.
We have become consumed with envy. Men have become effeminate from decades of ease.
Our system of government… the unconstrained arbitrary powers of our parliament means none of our rights, liberties, or property are secure. We are being bleed dry via taxes. We are treated like rats in social experiments. Our Lives count for zero. We are muzzled. Our kids are brainwashed in State schools. And the ether is thick with mainstream NWO agenda driven propaganda so that the fools now beg for their own enslavement.
Any hysteria, or trend can and does move parliament to act rashly and swing a club.
When seeking to prevent any constitutional restraints being put on parliament Margert Wilson once called the status quo ‘Our wonderfully fluid system’… yeah right!
Wonderful for meddlesome radical Ideologues!
Things are not looking good.
Should we throw away our rifles and run for the coast?
That may look like a tempting proposition to some.

Not this Maori! “The Arawa have 8 Breaths!”.
Better to die facing the enemy than with a spear in the back.

Things being as they are we Liberty minded, pro equality advocates need to lift our game… and be tireless and resolved in working for our treasured values and ideals.
Freedom and justice depend on it.
We cannot falter.
We cannot retire. esp given our values and Ideals are in peril.
We must do what we can to our final breath…
And we must maintain our dignity and spirit… conducting ourselves honorably… even when our adversaries fight dirty… such as using Cancel culture, deplatforming, etc.
Otherwise what will our legacy be?
The generation that quit, and let freedom slip away.
We have a mountain to conquer.
Lets get to it!
Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

Update: Damien Grant responds… From here and here.

Now… to the Article….


Damien Grant says….
“…If you, like me, have a strong set of opinions on how our country should be run, there are ways to achieve this without waiting for the cumbersome, protracted and often ineffective electoral system. This is even more so given the atrophying membership of political parties.
The environmental movement provides an excellent demonstration of how ideas combined with determined advocacy has impacted both government policy, as well as the personal choices of individuals.

By contrast, those with a conservative and free-market agenda have not been as effective. The high-watermark for free-markets was the late 1980s and early 1990s….”
Read more…. here.

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Was Cyclone Gabrielle really a product of climate change? No! That’s a Big Fat lie! The Platform. YouTube.

The above Stuff Photo from their article ‘School Strike 4 Climate live: Students across New Zealand march (Mar 03 2023) show how New Zealand Children have been brainwashed into believing weather events like Cyclone Gabrielle are proof positive that the world is facing a Climate Crisis, and they are willing to shut down New Zealand number 1 industry… Dairy!
This is because they have been told this is an existential crisis.
They have been DUPED!
The Climate Change Hysteria is monumental in scale… the depth of the delusion is truly mind boggling!


The Education system is infested with Far Left Woke Activist extremists who use our schools as Mass political recruitment facilities. This is the result, and why they are pushing to lower the vote to 16. Because the The Woke Radicals in the Education system know they have the nations children under their spell.
The Far left are obsessed with Gaming the system. Zero respect for the safeguards that ought to prevent Democracy being Bastardised.
There is propaganda value in putting a bullhorn into the hands of pretty young girls yet they have been groomed in what to say by their Blue haired over weight contempt-emanating activist teachers.

Without knowing it these children are being used to sabotage their own future prosperity and render themselves slaves of a Totalitarian Global Order!

Satan laughing spreads his wings.

Stuff article : Climate change: Young activists in Palmerston North want their voice heard.

Please watch the 2 videos below from ‘The Platform’, and you will see clearly the devastating Cyclone Gabriel and our disappointing summer in the North Island has zero to do with ‘Man made climate change’… Zero to do with our Dairy industry… that the children have had their heads filled with dangerous political misinformation and pseudo science, and that there is a very real subversive elements who are actively covering up the truth… the scientific records that prove the lie to what these children are being taught.

Ian Wishart’s ‘Climate of Fear’ Report here.


You only need to look at the Politicisation of every other Government department and ministry… rainbow flags on the War Memorial Museum… The NZ Met Service has been politicised with Woke Maori Mythology, etc to know that NEWA will also most definitely have been politicised by Woke Far Left Ideology supporting the Leftist radical Climate change hysteria.
Phillip, was brave to agree to come on the Platform, he was walking a tightrope with a noose about his neck… His career and livelihood depend upon him not being cancelled and professionally lynched for admitting anything that calls the Climate Change Narrative into question. Phillip also talked a lot about NEWA’s commercial interests and these days the Big Cash is being in the Climate change industry… thats where all the earths Tax dollars are flowing, etc etc. You can be certain that if the historical records supported the Politics of Climate Change that they would not be missing. Ian Wishart has exposed this scam for what it is.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.
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