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International Condemnation for the NZ Green Extremist assault of Posey Parker. Albert Park Auckland 25-3-23.


At The heart of all this strife is the fundamental error of Collectivist ‘Identity politics’, and the fundamental solution is Individualism.
Collectivism is ‘Tribal’ in that it compartmentalizes people into boxes and puts labels on them… their ‘Identities’. They are no longer human Individuals, but inseparable from the classification they now bear. Like Tribalism, Radical Leftist/ Neo Marxist ‘Critical theory’ pits these different Identities against each other in a state of constant struggle… The Oppressed vs the Oppressor. Individualism on the other hand says *all people*… as individuals, irrespective of race, sex, religion, wealth, etc *are equal*… we are all essentially one, and that it is wrong to judge anyone simply upon these factors.

‘Terf’ is an alt Left slander for Feminists it is ok to hate and silence because they don’t subscribe to the belief that Men that self identify as woman… are real woman. They are therefore deemed to be a class of Oppressor, and by Alt Leftists rationale the Transgenders are their ‘victims’… the oppressed.

The shocking spectacle of Green extremist Trans-activism on display at Albert Park on Saturday has sent shockwaves around the globe.
Gay Rights Groups in the UK have utterly condemned the violence and disregard for Free Speech shown by the Rabid Woke Kiwi Far Left.
They are demanding Their government takes Nz Government to task for failure to protect Kellie Jay Keen’s safety… Keen being a British Citizen.

Watch this video… Posie Parker attacked by trans activists: ‘They turn to violence because silencing didn’t worked’ (Below)

“‘Women’s rights campaigner @ThePosieParker was physically assaulted at her “Let Women Speak” event. She believes women’s concerns about sex-based rights are often silenced. And in an effort to disprove her arguments, large groups of angry men turned up to stop her from speaking.’

World Number 1 Best selling Author and critic of Trans-Activist extremism JK Rowling expressed support for Posie Parker and condemned the violence of New Zealands Alt Left Trans-activists.

” Rowling tweeted that the protests had been “repellent scenes” in which “a mob assaulted women speaking up for their rights”.

The Harry Potter author said there had been videos of Parker being assaulted, saying: “Women have become used to lies, threats of violence and outright denial of reality, but if you imagine anyone feels ‘defeated’, think again. Your men’s rights activists showed the world exactly who they are.”

Parker’s appearance in New Zealand had been highly controversial before her arrival. She had organised a “Let Women Speak” tour of Australia and New Zealand, holding rallies in several cities to claim the push for transgender rights was silencing, endangering and discriminating against women…”
From here.

BOOM! Lets hope the British government does wake up… and call in the New Zealand ambassador to explain.
Heads should roll here…. esp in the Police Hierarchy and Green Party, and in The Media! Hipkins needs to explain his silence too!

The Spectacle of violence and hate on display at Albert park on Saturday may have sparked the undoing of the Radical Left Globalist’s grip over many Lobby groups awakening to the realisation they’ve been subverted from peaceful activism into tools for tyranny.
The Machiavellian Core Marxist ideologues and Globalist powers like George Soros have been financing extremist Groups like the Trans-Rights community to undermine Western civilisation and Freedom, attacking Traditional values and backed the socialist push for Censorship of Anti-globalist Pro Freedom advocates.

These Shrill vocal groups act as a tail wagging the dog, capturing headlines in the press, paralysing the sheeple herd , preparing the soil for Socialist minions of the WEF to radically alter our society without facing any opposition. Opposition MPs are either gullible devotees to the woke cult themselves or too shit scared to speak out against this process by which our nations are being subverted and put into lockstep with WEF agendas. To complain was to be labeled a hateful Nazi. For Years now anyone brave enough to speak out has been targeted for political/ professional assassination (otherwise known as Cancel culture) . That’s how Traditional values are being successfully demonised and disenfranchised and replaced with the radical ideas of Alt Left extremists believed by only a minority of Cultists.

Hopefully Prosecutions for assault will be forth coming (don’t hold your breath) particularly for the Intersex Trans-activist who poured soup over Posie Parker and her security guard, and maybe even some of the Alt Left Green Party MPs will also face Disciplinary actions.
The Green Party has a Co operation agreement with the Labour government.
Green Party Co-leader and ‘Minister for Domestic Violence’ is facing scrutiny for Sexist, Racist comments she made while walking away elated from the Mob frenzy and full of woke Bravardo about ‘White Cis-gender Males’ being the chief cause of violence!

The total lack of self-awareness is mind boggling given she had just participated in an extremist mob of Non-Cisgender violence perpetuated upon a woman!
Racist, Sexist and Deranged!
With Unobjective bigots like her in power shows how Men are demonised and descriminated against by the Police and Courts. Truth is Women are just as guilty of domestic violence, yet get away with it. They don’t get prosecuted. Men suffer in silence.

She is now making lame excuses for her patently bigoted and false statements, and is being aided in her lies by the NZ press claiming she was ‘not thinking clearly’ after being struck by a motorcycle earlier on in the day. The press are stitching together her alibi.
There is however plenty of evidence she was unscathed from that happenstance, and meant every word she said.

The Backlash against what happened at Albert Park has been massive!
The whole debacle has gone viral.
Without even speaking Posie Parkers Claims Trans activists are violent extremists, and a danger to woman’s rights proven for the whole world to see.
It is being said She won the day!
IMO She did win though the way it went down was not at all the way she wanted it to go. Nor did she come here to stoke trouble but to defend woman’s rights that are in peril from that very hateful group. She was robbed of that. The Woke radicals were true to form and sunk their own ship.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

The Ugly Truth about Green Woke Radicalism. The Posie Parker Rally. Albert Park. 25-3-23

To be edited…

(Above) The heroic Kellie Jay Keen-Minshull aka Posie Parker in the heart of Woke fanatical hatred…. Kiwistyle.
In fear of her life. She came here to promote woman’s rights and safe spaces for woman and girls.
Albert Park Auckland New Zealand 25-3-23.

Far Left Green Woke Radicalism is the number 1 Hate ideology in New Zealand, and represents an extreme danger to our society. The real problem is the Rot goes all the way to the Top. This is what Post-Ardern NZ looks like.
The extent of the Woke Craze here was on full display yesterday at Albert park.
We saw their ‘tolerance’ in action… akin the US BLM and Antifa violence.
It is rotting our once great and free nation from the inside out.
We have become an international joke.

Wokism Kiwistyle embodies Marxist Anti-western Anti-Christian Anti-Enlightenment values , Radical Maori Separatism, Sexism, Slavery to the New World Order, Mass systematic immigration, Anti-free speech, pro-totalitarian Socialism, Climate Hysteria…. all rolled up into a bundle of delusional hateful self destructive Madness.
By pointing these facts out makes me (in their evaluation) a dangerous Alt right extremist Nazi… Like Posey Parker. And we should not be tolerated to express our wrongthink.

Watch the video (above)

What a welcome this Classical Woman’s advocate received!
This storm has been raging within the modern day feminist movement for some time now. Once Gays and feminists were United, yet the Trans-radical extreme Left have splintered Feminists into two camps.
It’s very important to distinguish Classical Feminism (which is righteous) from Rabid 4th wave Feminism (which is psychotic and hateful towards Men… that is unless they are Trans, or Gay men).
The clash within Feminism today is between these two groups. Classical Feminism has been infiltrated and hijacked by the Radical Left, yet their push to impose transgender Men into woman’s spaces has caused outrage from classically minded feminists like Kellie Jay Keen, who wake up to the fact their movement now promotes gross Anti-female fantasies.

Wikipedia TERF:
TERF is an acronym for trans-exclusionary radical feminist. First recorded in 2008, the term was originally used to distinguish transgender-inclusive feminists from a group of radical feminists who reject the assertion that trans women are women, the inclusion of trans women in women’s spaces, and transgender rights legislation.Wikipedia.

It has been truly said 25-3-23 was a black day for free speech in New Zealand.
In what was supposed to be a day for woman’s rights advocacy, turned into an absolutely disgraceful exhibition for how steeped in Far Left extremism/ Woke radicalism a significant portion of our nation has become.
Kellie was assaulted even before she had a chance to speak, while the NZ Police just stood back and let the chaos ensue.
She easily could have been killed.
Was that what the powers that be hoped would happen?

When the crowd began invading the bandstand and assaulting her people, she had to run the gauntlet through the frenzied crowd of Far Left extremists who clearly wanted to inflict harm upon her protected only by a thin shield of her own security team.
It was only after her brave team had extracted her that the Police then moved to escort her the final few steps… putting on a show for the cameras. After all appearances are important.

Somewhere in a hazy Potpourri filled lounge the decision was made to allow the woke horde to run amok… to turn this political event into a fiasco… to serve as a precedent for stopping future Free speech events that dare to advocate opinions that don’t align with the State’s Woke agenda.
The police stood idle.

Ardern may be gone yet she’s left her stains. She was hell bent on enacting heavy restrictions on Free speech under the excuse of outlawing ‘hate speech’, yet what constitutes hate and what constitutes Truth is most often dependent upon a persons personal values and beliefs. And given Arderns own extreme Leftist ideals it was obvious from the beginning the types of Speech she would outlaw.
The real Dangerous Radicals in New Zealand currently have a license to operate. The largely State funded Woke Left in media. In no way can it be said they represent a ‘Free Press’. They work like a wing of the Woke States Propaganda department. One of their own Kate Hannah runs the ‘Disinformation project’. She and her mate Ardern turned the focus of the Police onto their political adversaries creating the Bogus Far Right extremism narrative. Yesterday’s obscene demonstration puts paid to that Machiavellian propaganda. Comparatively speaking The far right are non-existent in NZ! There would be only a fraction of 1% of the population who can accurately be described as ‘Far right’, yet Socialist’s Like Ardern and the Greens have sort to change the definition of that to mean *anyone/everyone* who does not support their own Far left views.

IMO The NZ Media must take the Lions share of responsibility for what happened!
They relentlessly sowed hatred against this little woman…. falsely associating her with Nazis… Falsely labelling her ‘Insane’ and ‘Anti-trangender’ when in truth she is a Womans rights advocate who simple does not want Woman’s sport dominated by Men suffering severe identity crisis.
She does not want Woman and girls to get undressed in changing rooms in front of Men in wigs, and be exposed to Dicks swinging in the breeze!

The NZHerald was particularly guilty for the Chaos. One of their own contributors (Shaneel Lal) was the poster They/them for rallying every Purple haired whacko and Commy Hipster north of the Bombays… hell bent on insuring Posey Parker would regret setting foot on New Zealand soil.
The NZ Herald thinks anyone who thinks ‘People with Penises’ are not woman is deemed to be ‘insane’? The NZherald is insane for thinking they are! The Left have bastardised the English language. Pretending Gender and biological sex are separate things they have successfully inflicted insanity/Mind cancer.

It was a vulgar display of Hypocrisy and ingratitude toward a nation that has been very open and inclusive towards them! For all New Zealand has done, this is how the Woke repay us! By violating others Free Speech, violence, and intimidation! You are dangerous Thugs. Extremists!

The tweet below shows the mindset of the woke radical and how they conflate speech with violence and violence with speech.

What the Woke Radicals did yesterday at Albert Park was not ‘More speech’. It was mob violence. Only a moron, a degenerate, or a Black hearted corrupt extremist cant understand the difference. Yet I guess when a person believes Woman’ can have dicks such people have abandoned reason.
The Left turn so many terms, words, and definitions inside out and back to front. Speech they don’t like is criminal ‘violence’, yet violence they commit is lawful ‘speech’. Hate is tolerance, tolerance is hate. Men are woman, Sex is not gender, censorship is kindness, etc

The Trans-activist Greens say ‘Terfs’ like Posie Parker deny Trans-folk have rights. That’s false.
Parker does not deny Trans-folk have rights, but says those rights are *equal*. They don’t get preference. They don’t get to impose themselves on others. Those things are *not rights* for anyone. Today they imposed themselves on a woman. Kinda toxic IMO. Kinda Rapey don’t you think? Monumental hypocrisy given how much these same activist harp on about Men’s oppression of woman!
Apparently it’s ok for Dick swinging Men to Dominate Woman if they self-identify as Trans!

Despite the scale of Yesterday’s spectacle The Greens and their Rabid band are just a fringe party for loons! Only the naïve think that Rabble represented heartland New Zealand! Only blinkered zealots seriously entertain the idea most New Zealanders believe Woman can have dicks?
No. Most New Zealanders agree with Posey.

This is election year, yet where is National’s voice?
National are missing a prime opportunity to show leadership, promote Free speech and Law and Order. They should be slamming Labour and the NZ Police for not protecting Posey and Free speech in New Zealand. Luxon is a bumbling Idiot completely out of his depth. He’s Woke. He’s Broke

Yesterday exposed the Minority Faction for the vile anti-democratic dangerous nut jobs that they are, and the fruit of their vile anti-freedom intolerant ideology.
The truth is they represent a small but growing minority of extremists… a frantic tail seeking to wag the dog… by endeavoring to have a monopoly over what is allowed to be thought and spoken in public, and in the press.

This Rabble horde are but puppets. It’s the aims of the Puppet Masters that must be understood. They want a breakdown of Western Social cohesion and order so they can implement their New World Order. They want speech to be abandoned and replaced with violence and chaos. No Cap. This same war of ideology is raging across all Westerndom… sapping out strength…. priming our civilisation for the Great Reset.

Satan laughing spreads his wings.

We can safely assume the politicised NZ Police Bigwigs did not want Parker to be allowed into New Zealand. Once here they did zero to insure her safety. They will chuckle she has been forced to cancel her Wellington event and were extremely happy to usher her to to the Exit lounge of Auckland airport. That’s the state of the right of Free speech in New Zealand today!

Posie Parker did NZ a large service by exposing the true nature of far left woke radicalism growing unchecked here in NZ, as it is in most Western Nations. She lanced the festering boil, and all the Puss and gall erupted for all to see.
Ironically while the Wokesters wax lyrical about their success in preventing Parker from speaking, in truth they harmed their cause! Their actions have caused many supporters with ethics to abandon them in disgust.
Many Gay people are also becoming more and more applauded by the actions of Trans activists. Most Gays never sort to impose themselves upon Women and Children like the Trans community is doing.

New Zealanders had better get their act together and defeat the fast growing Leftist radicalism or surrender our country to the Savages and Totalitarianism.
Tim Wikirwihi.
Christian Libertarian.

P.S I’m not Anti-Transgender. I’m pro-equality of rights… just sayin.

More from Tim….









New Zealand Current PM Chris Hipkins…. who inherited power From Her Supreme Wokenss Jacinda Ardern

Welcome to The Peoples Republic of New Zealand where The Woke State Police keep tabs on Suspected Dissidents who seek to spread propaganda contrary to the Peoples Party’s Will.

The Rape Culture of Woke Transgender ‘Rights’

Note: The following commentary is not written to attack the Transgender Community but to discuss matters of Freedom and rights. I am critical about how the Liberal left movement is behaving and how they have corrupted the government, and Learning institutions, this is not an attack on the trans people themselves and their right to exist in Liberty…
I seek to define the limit to which everyone’s free choices and beliefs must be catered for by others… and the same rules apply to all… there can be no contravention of the principle of Adult volitional consent in matters of a sexual nature.

Full article here : PORN IDENTITY Police investigating ‘hate crime’ after transgender woman turned down for porn role ‘because she has a penis’

This person is Unhinged….. They seriously thinks that straight people must go along with their personal fantasy… yet we all know from where all these corrupt ideas emanate.
The Liberal delusional philosophy is the very destruction of freedom and rights!
They seek to abdicate other peoples Volitional Consent and *force themselves upon others *!
This is how twisted this Liberal Rubbish has become!
Their Ideas turn out to be a Rape Culture in Drag!

Read: Transgender activist who sued beauty salons for refusing to give her a Brazilian has human rights complaint DISMISSED after court finds her claims of discrimination ‘unjustified’ as workers weren’t trained to wax male genitals

*Freedom* and rights proper on the other hand would say you can be Trans if you like, and you can engage in *consensual sexual activities* with willing others without threat of legal persecution… but you cant *force* others into any sort of sexual activity… you have no more right to *Demand* sex than anyone else!
Rights *dont* impose obligations on others to abdicate their own volition.
Socialist politics of Course is all about *legal force* and that is why it is Totalitarian and anti individual liberty.

Read: Now Women are Being Raped by ‘Female Penises’

If only Trans people were not under the spell of Whacko Liberalism but instead understood true freedom and Rights!
The WOKE SJW delusions are in fact working to sow malice towards them from everyone else… including many feminists because of the militancy with which they have been programmed to impose themselves upon others by *unreasonable demands* like this… I mean *no other sexual demographic* Demands… porno companies give them work… eg One legged old men dont say “Its a hate crime that porno companies wont employ us”…. etc etc… because thats not how freedom or rights work!
Western societies ought to be *very concerned* alarmed that this sort of Anti-freedom rubbish is now being investigated as a possible ‘hate crime’ by the Police!
This is how far the liberal cancer has embedded itself in the Engines of the State… soon It will become a hate crime to even criticize this political madness.

We have already reached a point whereby anyone who wants to do a political analysis or commentary (like mine) that dares to critisise the Woke Trans Agenda risks being Banned from Social Media so that this ‘Threat’ in itself works to suppress free speech and open dialogue… the accusation of ‘Transphobia’ being the operative character assassination, when in reality Libertarians like myself are *not at all* hateful of Transgender people or seeking to ‘oppress them’ in any way… we are simply showing how the Liberal left has overstepped the mark and are now oppressing *heterosexuals*, and Christians, and Feminists, and even Lesbian feminists (who dont believe Transgender Men should be allowed to compete against Natural woman in sports!)
When will this madness end????

The Woke Civil War.

A Kiwi example of how the Transgender movement is now Savaging the feminists who helped them get established is seen in the saga of Ex NZ Herald writer Rachel Stewart who quit the herald after they spineless declined to publish an article she wrote about how the transgender movement was now turning against feminism….

BREAKING: Rachel Stewart quits NZ Herald after gutless woke censorship by NZs largest newspaper

And here: GUEST BLOG: Rachel Stewart – the column the NZ Herald didn’t publish

It seems far-fetched that the mere hiring of a Massey University venue by a feminist organisation could cause so much indignation and rage, but these are not typical times.

A bunch of females getting together within a public space to discuss the issues currently affecting them is far from new, and very far from radical.

Yet, the idea that ‘Feminism 2020’ would dare to congregate at a venue on Massey’s Wellington campus saw a number of students stage a sit-in, which culminated in the handing over of a petition calling on the university to cancel the event.

What is so threatening about women coming together and talking? According to the protestors and petitioners, the organisers of the event – Speak Up for Women – are essentially devil incarnates.

Petition organiser Charlie Myer said the university shouldn’t be “facilitating this kind of discussion”. Feminism 2020 “could have [the event] anywhere” but it wasn’t appropriate for them to hold it at a university, which was supposed to support transgender students.”

Last time I looked universities were required to respect and uphold the quaint, old-fashioned tenet of free speech too. And Massey has, thus far, held out against the pressure of every thrown guilt trip known to mankind. You know, we don’t feel “safe”.

Myer also disputed the group was feminist and simply meeting to discuss women’s issues. “If your feminism isn’t intersectional, it isn’t feminism.”

My advice to parents is to beware Massey University!
There are warped Academics there and any vulnerable young people will be exposed to heavy Transgender indoctrination…. Be warned.
It is in such places that vulnerable youth are conditioned to become transgender under the sway of such movements… only later to regret having transitioned… now it is being reported that *thousands* of Trans Youth now are full of regret and are seeking help to *transition back* to the sex of their nativity…. and we can be certian that a great deal of these youths were indoctrinated and conditioned into becoming transgender by ideologically twisted academics in Universities where these contemptible SJW Liberals congregate… spreading their Toxic and perverse ideas about sexuality.

Read: WATCH: ‘Hundreds’ Of Young People Regret Gender Transition, Seek Reversal

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.




FcakeBook Transgender Prejudice Not Funny.

If there is ever a real alternative to Facebook where free-speech and equal rights for all prevails… I’m dumping facebook and heading there!
This is just a quick protest blog to highlight a clear case of Prejudice by Facebook whereby I was blocked from Posting, replying/communication for three days all because some Transgender did not like a joke I made on a Mushroom ID page!

For the record my Joke was thus…. On this Mushroom ID Page someone posted a pic of a Puffball and said that when they took the picture it ‘Poofed’ in their face.
They said “I hope the spores are not toxic and asked for an ID.

That is when I joked…. “It’s the deadly ‘Poof Face Fungus’ and that it turns it’s victims transgender!” 🙂

That was it.
The joke was silly… like jokes are yet it is clear that this person went out of their way to complain to facebook to get me ‘punished’… and that says a lot about how these Social Justice Warriors operate.
And FaKebook enables these types… so obviously Facebook has a clear prejudice…. Lefty Liberal AF! no surprise there!
Now my joke contained no profanities, and was getting laughs, yet even when I was about to hit ‘post’ I wondered how long it would be before some Purple Haired ‘Hero’ would complain… yet I hit send anyway… because it was after all just a joke… and it fitted the post… and to my way of thinking *Equal Rights and Liberties* means that we ought to be allowed to tell jokes about Transgenders as much as we tell them about any other demographic… such as jokes about Men, Woman, Bikers, Engineers, etc etc.
*That is what equality is about*
Yet what This Nasty little Queer expects… and what facebook clearly has an agenda for is not equality… But Prejudice in favour of Transgenders… against the rest of us!
Esp against anyone who disagree with the Transgender movement.

What sort of tyrannical world are these types trying to create by outlawing Jokes, humor, satire, ????
Of Course we know its open season on White males!
Many Famous comedians are aware of how dangerous and corrosive this Politically Correct attitude is against a free society.

^ It. I cant use its ‘preferred pronoun’ as who knows what ‘it’ is? You certainly cannot ‘assume their Gender’… so what do you do????

For the record while I do subscribe to the perfectly legitimate school of thought backed up by plenty of psychologists that Transgender-ism is both a Moral and mental health issue, as a Libertarian and christian, I do not hate them or wish them ill… though of course every time they get someone banned/ thrown off Facebook or anywhere else they do their demographic no favours but ferment animosity towards themselves.

I could not respond to my friends posts on important issues.
I could not respond to comments on my own posts.
I could not wish my friends ‘Happy birthday’.
I could not send prayers and positive vibs to sick children!
All because some little puffball could not take a joke!
These types are not satisfied with simply scrolling past… or even starting a debate… or even blocking you from their sight… no… they are hellbent on using any means at their disposal to *F@&# you up!
They want freedom for themselves and their Bigotry but hate Freedom for everyone else who disagrees with them.

And what is scary is that though I understand perfectly that as a private company Facebook has the right to set its own values and rules… that it clearly does not act fairly, or value Free-speech within reasonable Moderation!
It’s scary because Facebook dominates in the Global social media business and so has the ability to seriously handicap any persons internet life should Facebook decide to shut them down.

I investigated their ‘blocking system’ and it stated *There is no way to undo their Block!*… so there is no appeal against injustice!
They threaten you that if you get blocked several times your account may get closed down!

Again I dont have a problem with blatantly abusive and psychotic people being thrown out… yet I do see that The treat hangs over any Libertarian or christian, or anyone who may seek to tell jokes… or create satire about the Political agenda’s and Pet demographics of the Lefty Liberals running facebook.

I wrote a complaint about how I believe I was unjustly targeted by a malevolent political operator and that facebook functioned with prejudice… yet i wont hold my breath about facebook suddenly gaining a conscience and correcting their bias.

If there was some alternative of quality where better judgement by moderators was out there… I would Leave Facebook and go there, and I am sure there are millions of people who would do the same.
Surely there is some Geeks out there who want to get rich and can come up with decent competition to facebook????
Facebooks own behavior is generating an opportunity for competition via it’s unfairness and dissatisfaction.
Facebook is actually enabling Nasty Pettiness to prevail… instead of saying *Harden up Cupcakes*!

And a word of advise… If some purple hair SJW jumps on one of your posts to cry ‘oppression’ immediately go to their profile and hit *Block*.
That way if you are fast enough you have cut them out of your life *before* the dob you into the Gestapo.
If only I had done this myself, I would probably have saved myself from being thrown in FB Jail.

Peace out.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Libertarian christian.

P.S If I disappear off Facebook it is because they have assassinated me.

Update…. The following appeared on my page 8-12-17

Calling Men ‘Scum’ or ‘Trash’ Is Now Hate Speech
“Facebook jailing” over mild insults shows how far “hate speech” policing has creeped—and the folly of actual laws against it

Read more here

My Comment:
As a Man this does not impress me at all!
Facebook is out of control!
People should be allowed to express their opinions or else facebook becomes some sort of Prison.
This is not moderation… its treating adults like children.
This Is Politically Correct Tyranny.
I dont want to be shielded from hearing what people really think… and anyone who agrees with this cannot complain if they get ‘punished’ for speaking their own mind.
I myself got pinged for a lamo joke I made… If this carries on Facebook will be *only what facebook likes*… it wont be your social network anymore.

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Police Sexist bias exposed by failure to prosecute Lefty Dildo thrower.

Update: 12-11-17… Here is another example that happened on a group I belong to…. After the Admins immediately deleted my post too… I quit the group… Losers.

Tim Wikiriwhi writes….

Hey Guys…. and Admin (Please let this post be discussed).
I would like to talk about a trend that is growing on Facebook, and that I just witnessed happen here on this page.
A person posted an about a famous pornstar and that she had aids… which was probably Fake news and a malicious rumor being spread on the net.
And My comment was that it is nasty to falsely defame people like that.
Next thing I see another member here (who I wont mention ) saying they were going to report the poster and called Admin to remove it.

Now this is becoming an all too common reaction by people to Facebook posts that they disprove of and it is turning facebook into a petty minded hell!

Even though I think the post was not accurate, and probably written by a bigoted hater designed to cause pain, there is no reason to assume the person who posted it here was intentionally part of the smear campaign and it is far more likely they posted it here either because they believed it was interesting (Dark) news or to get other peoples opinion about it.
It was almost immediately erased, even though it had generated an interesting discussion about whether or not people should share such rumors …. and so even though the post itself was dodgy… It added value by the discussion, and in my opinion the post should have been allowed to stand even just for the sake of the Rebuttals that were being added in the comments… and for the value of the discussion.

Yet now all that value has disappeared, and another facebook user has imposed their (Popular) view by force upon another unpopular view/question.

Having witnessed this, I immediately went to the person who called for the admin to jump on this post and Blocked them from reading my stuff, as i have been targeted by such people in the past for expressing view they did not like and I was banned for 3 days… which was a big pain in the arse… and facebook says that if you get too many complaints against you… they will close your page!
Talk about a malicious way to shut down people you disagree with!
So I do not want to run the risk that this same person will try and get my posts deleted, or even try and get me kicked off facebook… so I blocked them… for my own safety…. nor do I wish to associate with such intolerant people.

So at the end of the day This post is a call for people not to be so quick to call in the hounds on others even though you may disagree with what they have posted… If you Facebook to be a cool place where controversial things can be discussed.

If you dont like a Post, or a Joke, etc then you are free to make a critisism, or to simply scroll past… yet for goodness sake refrain from calling for peoples posts to get deleted, or for then to be throw out of a group… or to be ‘Officially’ jailed by facebook.
Think about the sort of person you are… a freedom lover… or a Bigot who only thinks their own opinions ought to be allowed to be discussed?
If freedom Prevails so too is the truth most likely to prevail.
If Censorship prevails and only The Popular Politically Correct views are allowed to stand… that is how Great popular delusions are maintained… progress is halted… and you have created a tyranny.

Below is a blog post I wrote yesterday about my experience of being ‘complained about’ because of a trivial joke I made…