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The Ugly Truth about Green Woke Radicalism. The Posie Parker Rally. Albert Park. 25-3-23

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(Above) The heroic Kellie Jay Keen-Minshull aka Posie Parker in the heart of Woke fanatical hatred…. Kiwistyle.
In fear of her life. She came here to promote woman’s rights and safe spaces for woman and girls.
Albert Park Auckland New Zealand 25-3-23.

Far Left Green Woke Radicalism is the number 1 Hate ideology in New Zealand, and represents an extreme danger to our society. The real problem is the Rot goes all the way to the Top. This is what Post-Ardern NZ looks like.
The extent of the Woke Craze here was on full display yesterday at Albert park.
We saw their ‘tolerance’ in action… akin the US BLM and Antifa violence.
It is rotting our once great and free nation from the inside out.
We have become an international joke.

Wokism Kiwistyle embodies Marxist Anti-western Anti-Christian Anti-Enlightenment values , Radical Maori Separatism, Sexism, Slavery to the New World Order, Mass systematic immigration, Anti-free speech, pro-totalitarian Socialism, Climate Hysteria…. all rolled up into a bundle of delusional hateful self destructive Madness.
By pointing these facts out makes me (in their evaluation) a dangerous Alt right extremist Nazi… Like Posey Parker. And we should not be tolerated to express our wrongthink.

Watch the video (above)

What a welcome this Classical Woman’s advocate received!
This storm has been raging within the modern day feminist movement for some time now. Once Gays and feminists were United, yet the Trans-radical extreme Left have splintered Feminists into two camps.
It’s very important to distinguish Classical Feminism (which is righteous) from Rabid 4th wave Feminism (which is psychotic and hateful towards Men… that is unless they are Trans, or Gay men).
The clash within Feminism today is between these two groups. Classical Feminism has been infiltrated and hijacked by the Radical Left, yet their push to impose transgender Men into woman’s spaces has caused outrage from classically minded feminists like Kellie Jay Keen, who wake up to the fact their movement now promotes gross Anti-female fantasies.

Wikipedia TERF:
TERF is an acronym for trans-exclusionary radical feminist. First recorded in 2008, the term was originally used to distinguish transgender-inclusive feminists from a group of radical feminists who reject the assertion that trans women are women, the inclusion of trans women in women’s spaces, and transgender rights legislation.Wikipedia.

It has been truly said 25-3-23 was a black day for free speech in New Zealand.
In what was supposed to be a day for woman’s rights advocacy, turned into an absolutely disgraceful exhibition for how steeped in Far Left extremism/ Woke radicalism a significant portion of our nation has become.
Kellie was assaulted even before she had a chance to speak, while the NZ Police just stood back and let the chaos ensue.
She easily could have been killed.
Was that what the powers that be hoped would happen?

When the crowd began invading the bandstand and assaulting her people, she had to run the gauntlet through the frenzied crowd of Far Left extremists who clearly wanted to inflict harm upon her protected only by a thin shield of her own security team.
It was only after her brave team had extracted her that the Police then moved to escort her the final few steps… putting on a show for the cameras. After all appearances are important.

Somewhere in a hazy Potpourri filled lounge the decision was made to allow the woke horde to run amok… to turn this political event into a fiasco… to serve as a precedent for stopping future Free speech events that dare to advocate opinions that don’t align with the State’s Woke agenda.
The police stood idle.

Ardern may be gone yet she’s left her stains. She was hell bent on enacting heavy restrictions on Free speech under the excuse of outlawing ‘hate speech’, yet what constitutes hate and what constitutes Truth is most often dependent upon a persons personal values and beliefs. And given Arderns own extreme Leftist ideals it was obvious from the beginning the types of Speech she would outlaw.
The real Dangerous Radicals in New Zealand currently have a license to operate. The largely State funded Woke Left in media. In no way can it be said they represent a ‘Free Press’. They work like a wing of the Woke States Propaganda department. One of their own Kate Hannah runs the ‘Disinformation project’. She and her mate Ardern turned the focus of the Police onto their political adversaries creating the Bogus Far Right extremism narrative. Yesterday’s obscene demonstration puts paid to that Machiavellian propaganda. Comparatively speaking The far right are non-existent in NZ! There would be only a fraction of 1% of the population who can accurately be described as ‘Far right’, yet Socialist’s Like Ardern and the Greens have sort to change the definition of that to mean *anyone/everyone* who does not support their own Far left views.

IMO The NZ Media must take the Lions share of responsibility for what happened!
They relentlessly sowed hatred against this little woman…. falsely associating her with Nazis… Falsely labelling her ‘Insane’ and ‘Anti-trangender’ when in truth she is a Womans rights advocate who simple does not want Woman’s sport dominated by Men suffering severe identity crisis.
She does not want Woman and girls to get undressed in changing rooms in front of Men in wigs, and be exposed to Dicks swinging in the breeze!

The NZHerald was particularly guilty for the Chaos. One of their own contributors (Shaneel Lal) was the poster They/them for rallying every Purple haired whacko and Commy Hipster north of the Bombays… hell bent on insuring Posey Parker would regret setting foot on New Zealand soil.
The NZ Herald thinks anyone who thinks ‘People with Penises’ are not woman is deemed to be ‘insane’? The NZherald is insane for thinking they are! The Left have bastardised the English language. Pretending Gender and biological sex are separate things they have successfully inflicted insanity/Mind cancer.

It was a vulgar display of Hypocrisy and ingratitude toward a nation that has been very open and inclusive towards them! For all New Zealand has done, this is how the Woke repay us! By violating others Free Speech, violence, and intimidation! You are dangerous Thugs. Extremists!

The tweet below shows the mindset of the woke radical and how they conflate speech with violence and violence with speech.

What the Woke Radicals did yesterday at Albert Park was not ‘More speech’. It was mob violence. Only a moron, a degenerate, or a Black hearted corrupt extremist cant understand the difference. Yet I guess when a person believes Woman’ can have dicks such people have abandoned reason.
The Left turn so many terms, words, and definitions inside out and back to front. Speech they don’t like is criminal ‘violence’, yet violence they commit is lawful ‘speech’. Hate is tolerance, tolerance is hate. Men are woman, Sex is not gender, censorship is kindness, etc

The Trans-activist Greens say ‘Terfs’ like Posie Parker deny Trans-folk have rights. That’s false.
Parker does not deny Trans-folk have rights, but says those rights are *equal*. They don’t get preference. They don’t get to impose themselves on others. Those things are *not rights* for anyone. Today they imposed themselves on a woman. Kinda toxic IMO. Kinda Rapey don’t you think? Monumental hypocrisy given how much these same activist harp on about Men’s oppression of woman!
Apparently it’s ok for Dick swinging Men to Dominate Woman if they self-identify as Trans!

Despite the scale of Yesterday’s spectacle The Greens and their Rabid band are just a fringe party for loons! Only the naïve think that Rabble represented heartland New Zealand! Only blinkered zealots seriously entertain the idea most New Zealanders believe Woman can have dicks?
No. Most New Zealanders agree with Posey.

This is election year, yet where is National’s voice?
National are missing a prime opportunity to show leadership, promote Free speech and Law and Order. They should be slamming Labour and the NZ Police for not protecting Posey and Free speech in New Zealand. Luxon is a bumbling Idiot completely out of his depth. He’s Woke. He’s Broke

Yesterday exposed the Minority Faction for the vile anti-democratic dangerous nut jobs that they are, and the fruit of their vile anti-freedom intolerant ideology.
The truth is they represent a small but growing minority of extremists… a frantic tail seeking to wag the dog… by endeavoring to have a monopoly over what is allowed to be thought and spoken in public, and in the press.

This Rabble horde are but puppets. It’s the aims of the Puppet Masters that must be understood. They want a breakdown of Western Social cohesion and order so they can implement their New World Order. They want speech to be abandoned and replaced with violence and chaos. No Cap. This same war of ideology is raging across all Westerndom… sapping out strength…. priming our civilisation for the Great Reset.

Satan laughing spreads his wings.

We can safely assume the politicised NZ Police Bigwigs did not want Parker to be allowed into New Zealand. Once here they did zero to insure her safety. They will chuckle she has been forced to cancel her Wellington event and were extremely happy to usher her to to the Exit lounge of Auckland airport. That’s the state of the right of Free speech in New Zealand today!

Posie Parker did NZ a large service by exposing the true nature of far left woke radicalism growing unchecked here in NZ, as it is in most Western Nations. She lanced the festering boil, and all the Puss and gall erupted for all to see.
Ironically while the Wokesters wax lyrical about their success in preventing Parker from speaking, in truth they harmed their cause! Their actions have caused many supporters with ethics to abandon them in disgust.
Many Gay people are also becoming more and more applauded by the actions of Trans activists. Most Gays never sort to impose themselves upon Women and Children like the Trans community is doing.

New Zealanders had better get their act together and defeat the fast growing Leftist radicalism or surrender our country to the Savages and Totalitarianism.
Tim Wikirwihi.
Christian Libertarian.

P.S I’m not Anti-Transgender. I’m pro-equality of rights… just sayin.

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New Zealand Current PM Chris Hipkins…. who inherited power From Her Supreme Wokenss Jacinda Ardern

Welcome to The Peoples Republic of New Zealand where The Woke State Police keep tabs on Suspected Dissidents who seek to spread propaganda contrary to the Peoples Party’s Will.

Geoffrey Palmer and the Rape Culture of Socialist Government. Teaching Liberals the Principle of Consent

^Feminazi Neo-liberal wet dream!
They have weaponised the next generation of Man haters.


Recently I was reading Green Party Mp Jan Logie post (here) about Sex education and teaching children about the principle of Consent.
This is of course part of the Current Neo-feminist drive that accuses Men and Boys of being entrenched in what these feminists have labeled a ‘Rape culture’… and just about *Any normal Male attitude* has been systematically derided as a ‘Rape mentality’ and Needs to be Socially engineered out of them… Its all symptomatic of ‘white male privilege and patriarchy’ … they say.
Want to hang a Calendar up in your workshop of Bikini clad Models astride a Chrome plated chopper?
Thats Rape culture.
Want to whistle at a Beautiful girl, dressed in a short skirt walking down the street?
Thats no longer healthy Male-ness… but rape culture.
A Guy gets drunk at a night club… meets a Sexy Babe who is dressed to kill… they dance and drink.. and make out… then go back to his house and have Sex…. you guessed it… He’s a rapist!
It matters not that maybe the guy was more drunk than the girl… and that maybe she was not so hot after all, and that she may have taken advantage of his beer goggles… no… shes not a rapist.
Just like the Libtard doctrines on racism… This stuff only works one way!
And there is zero mention of Adult self-responsibility… ever.


The glaring truth about all this …and more… is that Liberal Lefties in Parliament (Like Jan Logie) are the least competent people to be teaching *anyone* about the principle of Consent!
They themselves dont have a clue about the distinctions between what is a right and what constitutes force!
On this Topic they are absolute hypocrites as their entire political philosophy is based upon circumventing the voluntary consent of the entire population and imposing themselves and their nut bar political agenda upon us *By force*!
Their favorite word is *compulsory*.
If anything they have a ‘Rape Culture’ running rampant in parliament!

I have been contemplating writing a blog on this subject, yet have had other things on my mind… yet something landed in my News feed tonight that has driven me to type this blog post… it is something that perfectly demonstrates just how incompetent, and unfit to govern our nation these Whackos really are.. and how absurd it is that they could pretend to be able to school *anyone* on the principle of Consent.
The Headline…. “Former Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer calls for compulsory voting, says democracy “in crisis”…”
Go here


Now Palmer is a Liberal and public menace of the first order!
He wrote the disastrous RMA that is… simply put… one gigantic violation of Private property rights, and via massive bureaucracy has hog tied development and progress.
It has also been a source of Race-based extortion… a factor that has just been super boosted in the last few days by the treasonous activities of the National Party in cahoots with the Racist Maori Party.

Palmer is a Criminal on a scale that makes the Mongrel mob look like rank amateurs! … The term Criminal not simply referring to someone who breaks the law… but more accurately the term refers to a person who violates the rights and liberties of any other individual or group… and he has done so on a grand scale… yet he has never seen the inside of a jail cell because all his crimes (like all the crimes committed by Politicians in parliament against the people) have been committed under the colour of the Law.

Our Brain Dead State schooled Press refers to him as an ‘expert on constitutional law’ when in reality he is a complete ignoramus!
Worse… he is a Political scoundrel as proven by his latest claims *That Voting ought to be compulsory!*
There you have it!
*He treats the Voluntary choice and Freedom… ie *The consent* of the citizens of New Zealand with absolute contempt!
He is the last person whom New Zealand should listen to with regards to the constitution of our country!
And he demonstrates why Socialist liberals cannot Teach our youth about the principle of Consent!
Liberals Despise the principle of consent and all their political activities hang on the principle of Cohesion!
They are Political Rapists!

My last Blogpost (here) was about the hopeless choices that New Zealanders face this election, and the diabolical activities of the National/ Maori party coalition unrestrained by an ironclad Constitution.
We are between a rock and a hard place to the degree that many people will conciser *Not voting for any of the shysters* the moral thing to do!
Yet Palmer treats these Good thoughtful people with utter contempt and seeks to *force them to vote* against their will!


Palmer seeks to compel unwilling Kiwis to vote even if they dont have a clue about the policies of the people and parties on the ballet… or they may know whats on the table very well … yet Dislike *all* the candidates and all the parties… these two reasons being to my mind the main reasons why people dont vote… and they have the personal sovereign right Not to do so!
Yet By Palmers conception of Government… the people dont have any rights other than what people like him in parliament bequeath.
Ie by *his political Ideology* The Government is the master, and we are rendered.. not citizens… but subjects.

In reality the principle of consent is one of the most important political principles of them all… as the American declaration of Independence states… that Just government is founded upon *the consent* of the Governed… yet it also states that Our Rights are Inalienable… Equal… and that We the people form government to be our servant… ie to secure our rights that we already have!
Our Rights precede government and are not subject to Governments whims!
Our Rights come from God himself!
Not governments, and are inalienable.
And when government looses its way and becomes detrimental to our Rights and liberties… we the people have the right to abolish it and found New Government that will respect and secure our rights and leave us free to pursue our own happiness.

Palmer thinks that in our post-christian era that God is dead… and so are our inalienable rights! and so government is now ‘God’ and has the authority to force you to consent to be governed!!!!
Thanks Atheism!

New Zealand is in dire need of a political enlightenment and revolution that enshrines a constitution that abolishes all the PC discrimination, and all the prohibitions of the liberals we currently suffer and prevents socialist whackos like Palmer from imposing any more of their Anti-consent Compulsions!
Yet of course these socialist want to steer any conversations about a new constitution in such a way that instead of making their compulsions illegal… null and void… they want a constitution that pseudo-legitimises all their Politically correct tyrannies… all their Insane liberalism.. all their meddlesome regulations that interfere with trade, and attempt to micro manage our lives…attempt to entrench Treaty separatism… and brain wash our children!
This is exactly What the National/Act/ Maori party coalition tried a few years back (2013) yet New Zealanders responded with a resounding *NO!* to their proposals.
My submission to their constitutional review is here


So here we have it.
Liberal Politicians hell bent on destroying the traditional values upon which this country is founded, and replacing the traditional Roles and stereo types of Manly men and feminine Woman with Emasculated effeminate Men and Brutal and Bossy woman!
Sexy Woman are the enemy because they pander to the Patriarchal stereotype of woman as men’s play things… Boys are to be taught they must like Overweight Bossy bitches and even be happy to have sex with transgenders… or else be deemed to be ‘misogynists’ and ‘transphobic’… etc etc.
These Sicko Liberals are waging a war on Men, and have our Boys in their sights… to utterly brain wash them into accepting all the Liberal Garbage!
The Liberals are also hell bent on making Christian values and beliefs virtually illegal!
And that in itself tells you what spirit is behind their determination to force their beliefs upon everyone via the Law!
Read a blog I wrote on that stuff here.

Finally therefore I must end this post with a defense for men, and boys… and everyone with common sence who has had enough of all this Social Justice warrior Crap!
to stand up against the liberal tide and tell them to Bugger off!
Do you hold to what was commonly known as the traditional conservative Christian western values of freedom, self reliance, and self-responsibility?
Then its time to step up!

Look at the sorts of Rubbish that is being systematically hammered down upon Males in this Post-Christain liberal era!

At face value the above meme looks like good advise… men ought to respect woman… esp in matters of sexual consent yet the fact is
Men are getting absolutely Hammered about how they should treat woman as if that is some sort of secret they are ignorant about when the reality the opposite is far more prevelent!
Militant Feminism and politically correct madness about ‘gender equality’ has actually poisoned the minds of woman!
*It is Woman and girls who need to be schooled in how they ought to respect *Men*!
Look at the following video that is going viral on the net… it is a 100% hit job on Men as endemic Rapists… sex offenders…
This is the sort of crap that is supposed to educate boys about consent, when in fact it is pure Neo-feminist man hating propaganda

It is actually a testament to how little respect Feminists have for men and boys… (no surprises there!), yet why would our society allow these men haters to peddle their toxic ideas in our schools and in the laws of our land?
Parents need to defend their sons from this Sexist evil that has grown up against them!
Parents need to do their daughters the service of teaching them to respect Boys… respect their Partners!
Only that way will their daughters be able to have successful relationships.
If you teach your daughters that they are little princesses and that a man must be a virtual slave to everything they desire, you are setting up your daughters to fail… and to suffer miserably from having insane expectations from their partners… and absolutely no respect for them *as men*.


Balance needs to be restored!
True equality needs to be taught… not one eyed Feminist sexism!
And a Love of Liberty and Self responsibility… and mutual respect between boys and girls.
P.S If you are going to vote be sure to vote out anyone who endorses Palmer’s calls to pass laws that force you to consent to be governed!
Vote for more freedom…Less Rapist Government!

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.


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Police Sexist bias exposed by failure to prosecute Lefty Dildo thrower.

Police Sexist bias exposed by failure to prosecute Lefty Dildo thrower.


I dont expect to win much favour with my fellow New Zealanders for this post… except from the victims of assaults that have been ignored by a corrupt justice system.
New Zealand is a country reeling under Sexism… the onslaught of Militant feminism which has managed to completely institutionalise the hatred of Men.
Men are supposed to apologize for being Men, and woman get away with Assault.
Woman dont get prosecuted for their assaults on men… and so the statistics dont reflect the truth that woman are as violent as men… in fact the System acts as ‘Enabler’.
Men have been virtually driven out of early child care for fear of being labeled Pedophiles.
You have to have your head in the sand not to know about the grievous injustices thousands of Kiwi men suffer at the hands of the Police, Cyfs, and family court system… yet I want to talk about a High profile case that has media attention… yet has virtually escaped criticism… The Assault on a member of the New Zealand Pariament that is not being prosecuted… because the perpetrator is a woman.

Josie  butler.
Lefty Dildo hurler Josie Butler…

I am of course referring to Dildo throwing State employed lefty Activist Josie Butler, and her assault with a dildo on Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce at Waitangi.
While most of the country laughs about her exploits… yet another act of violence committed by a woman against a man goes unpunished… and unrecorded in official statistics.
It is one of thousands of unrecorded unprosecuted assaults by woman on men.

Now I am no fan of the National party… not a supporter of Steven Joyce, yet I am outraged that such a blatant assault is going un-prosecuted… yet I am not surprised given the typical Sexist attitude of the New Zealand police to allowing woman to escape prosecution for their assaults on men.
The police were there!
They witnessed the whole thing, and led her away from the scene… yet no prosecution!
The media enjoyed every minute without a word of condemnation!
Imagine if it had been a man who had assaulted a woman MP!
We can be sure that police charges would have been forth coming and a conviction secured.
Butler says…
“”The TPPA is the rape of our tino rangatiratanga,” she said.

“We already have over 300,000 children living below the poverty line, I don’t want to live in a country where families have to choose between potentially life saving medication or feeding their children because of the increased price of medications under the TPPA.”

She said she put herself on the line for patient rights, and the vast majority of people she spoke to at Waitangi respected that.

Butler said she had been invited back next year, and planned to go.

Butler told Mana News police dealt with her professionally, and no formal charges were laid.
From >here< I know of several cases where Men have been assaulted by their woman partners, and have laid complaints with the police, and presented substantial evidence yet the police have failed to prosecute. This Dildo throwing incident is public knowledge... yet is laughed about... and that is the general attitude that surrounds Woman violence towards men. We have white Ribbon days... highlighting Male violence towards woman... Why is it not simply a day dedicated towards violence in general? Why is there no 'Black ribbon day highlighting Woman violence towards Men? Because Feminist have managed to manipulate the public mind into thinking that when it come to violence that woman are always the victims, and men always the perpetrators. This means that The Public simple dont consider woman violence towards men as being a real issue! I'ts something to be joked about! *Doesn't that give any of you moment to pause?* Is not the idea that violence as being a laughing matter the very attitude a decedent society is attempts to change? Just how endemic this problem is would highlighted if the police did their Job and began to prosecute woman for their violence... then the statistics would better reflect the truth! Yet The truth would undermine the PC feminist agenda that seeks to always make out that woman are the victims of male oppression. family court

When the Police start prosecuting woman for their violence, then more men will come forward… because the current system *discourages men from reporting that they are the victims of Female violence*
And if we are to have justice… we must stop allowing ourselves to be ignored by the system.
And the prosecution of the Lefty woman would be a great place to start!
She deserves a criminal record as much as any man whom has assaulted a woman.
By allowing her to get away with this high profile assault simple encourages woman to commit violence.
The Left wing are notorious for their crimes which they attempt to pseudo-legitimise under the term direct action and ‘Civil disobedience’… yet there is nothing civil about assaulting a person with a dildo… for political gain.
I therefore demand the police prosecute this woman for the sake of Justice.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

judge judy

Update: I have been informed that while there is no ‘Black ribbon day *Yet*, there is an organisation called ‘Black ribbon’…
It is not a ‘Men’s lobby group but…

“The purpose of the Black Ribbon Day New Zealand campaign is to remove discrimination from violence prevention awareness in NZ, encouraging REAL change!”

“We have a new campaign on the horizon – the Black Ribbon Day New Zealand campaign. Its purpose is to remove the sex/gender, marital status, religious belief, ethical belief, colour, race, ethnic or national origins, disability,age, political opinion, employment status, family status, and sexual orientation – all those things that we are told by the New Zealand Human Rights Act 1993 we must not discriminate on the basis of – and simply focus on the problem: violent people. Violent people living in a violent society, with everything around them normalising and celebrating violence – because therein lies the core of our problem.

#BlackRibbonNZ says that #ViolenceIsViolence and #ItsNotOK.

Not for men. Not for women. Not for children.

We hope that we can count on your support.

Kind regards, the Black Ribbon Team

Black Ribbon New Zealand has a facebook page >here<

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Heart Ripped out. This ones for all the Dying Dads … and the Survivors

.Babes and Ball Crushers.

Legalised Force attracts Thugs and Bullies like flies to…

Cop Commits Blatant Perjury

Did This Cop Lie? You Tell Me!

Posted by Dave Champion's Liberty on Friday, February 5, 2016

^^^^Watch this appalling video about Police brutality.
It inspired this post. (note: The original video posted here was deleted from the net, so I have inserted this one from Dave Champion’s Liberty Facebook page.
Dave is an inspiration!)

ok that one has gone now…. look at this one….

Ok that one has gone now too… so here we see You Tubes ongoing trend of censorship of materials that expose Government corruption.

Please carry on reading my blogpost as it easily stands on it’s own merits.


We live in a PC Wowzers world in which Socialists Mess with our society under the most ridiculous and naive Agendas.
A hot topic for the Meddlers at present is the Feminists are trying to more closely ‘equalise’ the numbers of woman in such occupations as Business executives, and even Engineering… and typical to the Socialist mind… they are prepared to use Legal coercion to attain their Desideratum rather than respecting Freedom and utilising persuasion.

I don’t dispute that Silly cultural norms and prejudices tend to generate statistical disparities in who does what for a living, yet it is foolish to think that disparities are evidence of wicked Employer mindsets…or that even having identified the prevalence of certain bigoted mentalities that heavy handed dictates are a justifiable solution….

It appears that Socialism itself is a Political Ideology which attracts more than their fair share of busy bodies who have no compunction against using force to impose *Their personal prejudices!

Oblivious to the above irony Social engineers fail to appreciate the simple reality that left to follow their own yearnings… Different personality types…. different sexes, etc gravitate and accumulate in various occupations of their own accord.
And to the degree that this happens without Political coercion…. this tends to the greatest happiness of everyone as individuals make their own choices and trade offs to achieve the most favourable outcomes… in their own minds.

Money/ remuneration is not everything…to some it is and they will be prepared to sacrifice many other things to that end…. yet Wealth attainment is not the most important thing to many people.
Some people have Humanitarian vocations or have a passion for something …and rank ‘being at the coal face’… where the action is… is a far more valuable achievement that mere Financial reward.
The socialist notion of ‘Parity of pay’ does great harm by ‘poisoning the well’…. fermenting discord… sewing the idea that vocational workers like ‘nurses’, ‘Teachers’, counsellors, etc should be putting their own Financial reward ahead of these other values… and in so doing these services begin to fill up with People who dont really give a damn about the people they are supposed to care for.
The lie is proven that Socialism is not at all about human compassion and higher values … but all about financial Greed.

And Socialisms love for Power and coercion has had other dire consequences for the social professions… I want to highlight one in particular… the Police.
Joining the Police ought to be looked upon as a vocation for people who care about justice and want to protect and serve their community, yet Socialist Laws, and the socialist mentality has corrupted this noble profession and turned it into a Hive of Violent thuggery and oppression…. always cloaked under the guise of social concern!

When Western Civilisation to a great extent abandoned such things as Guildism and Feudal laws which trapped surfs to the soil…. and Liberty increased the mobility of people between occupations and trades…. the phenomenon I am describing in respect to the Modern socialist Police force … began to unfold in respect to employment across the board.
Many people left the rural districts and became factory workers etc… seeking their own well being and prosperity, and were also free to pursue their other dreams and values… vocations.

gay hair

And though Socialism has done its best to reverse this liberty via it’s tyrannical Trade regulations, compliances, and Credentialism… yet still to the degree that freedom reigns we see personal choices and ‘cultural norms’ being played out via such things as a statistical prevalence of Woman and Gay men choosing to get involved in hair dressing and fashion.
A far greater number of Men in Engineering. Etc.
These disparities being a result of liberty of action… and because they are to the greatest degree ‘natural’ … they are just.
Greater numbers of ‘Straight men’ simply prefer to be Engineers rather than Hair dressers, and visa versa for woman.
If we altered the prevalent cultural perspectives of our society, no doubt the numbers would change of their own accord.
Coercive Social engineering on the other hand can and does have horrendous consequences for the well being of society … because of the tyrannical ideals which are artificially imposed.

I have said all of the above about the dynamics of Freedom in employment to esp point out the Sad reality that Socialists have a hatred of freedom and love of Political coercion and state power…. and the Power ,force, and violence Socialism accrues in it’s Machine… *of itself* attracts certain mentalities… … traits which were very prevalent during the Nazi Terror, and in other places… and Socialism has cultivated these Dark Natural traits of Humanity to amass themselves in the Police force, prison system, and other ‘social services’ which wield formidable powers of Law and coercion.
The vestiges of ‘vocation’ only remains as platitudes… cloaks of piety disguising Horrendous evils.

hitlers Furies

Just as Hitler’s Concentration camps attracted the most vile Sadists,
The Police forces of western civilisation have become infested with Mindless thugs whom relish violence.
Power Crazy Social Services like CYfS are over run with Feminist men haters and Bullies whom think nothing about Ripping children away from their homes over the most trifling and arbitrary excuses.


We are witnessing legalised Crimes and thuggery on a grand scale, and Evil and misery abounds.
our courts and prisons are choked up with many False Crimes and many false criminals.
Many true Criminals Wear official badges… others crowd our Parliament!
The Evil self righteous hypocrites who will Call for Zero Tolerance in regards to such things as smoking Cannabis… destroying thousands of lives and families… yet then going home and kissing their own children and pretending to being Caring and socially conscientious citizens.
These injustices destroy their victims faith in society and generate thousands of *Real* Criminals… because they have been F56ked ova by society they then see no reason not to become a scourge upon a society which has rendered them outcasts…

That is how Evil generates more Evil.


There is a much better way of doing things people!
The solution to all of this…. The Urgently needed reforms to purge these institutions of the scum within is to systematically Removed the excessive powers and Bad laws which have promoted this Rot.
We must Dethrone the Socialist Maniacs and Restore real Justice and Liberty… and make these professions respectable enough to again attract the virtuous and truly socially concerned amongst us into these field of employment because of their vocational value… people who function on that higher plane far above those whom relish violence …. or believe Political force trumps cultural and personal enlightenment.

Yet today we are a million miles away from where we need to be.
We need a Revolution.
We need an enlightenment.
We need to remove the fog of totalitarianism and regain the clarity of what the true value of Freedom is in respect to Law and order.
These are truths I have learned via first hand experience.
I see Great evils all about me… and the misery and injustice appals me.
I cannot sit idly by and allow this to continue without raising my voice!
How can anyone who knows the truth let their children inherit such wickedness in high places?
Not I.

Socialism is a Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.


Important Caveat: I am not saying *All Police* *All CYFS Officers* are evil, but that too many are.
Thankfully there are still some who have entered these professions whom genuinely seek to protect and serve.
These people will be acutely aware of the truth of what i have said above and ought to be desirous to remedy the situation.
Many will have been battling their own consciences having been expected to implement ‘orders’ and laws they know in their hearts are wrong.
Many simply leave.
Yet I would prefer The goodies dont allow themselves to be marginalised but instead determine to work for ‘Cultural change’ within these institutions and to support reforms which curtain evil political powers, and which make the evil Bastards in their midst accountable for their crimes.
Lets reform our legal system starting Right at the Top!
Then Reform the Law codes.
Then kick out all the Thugs in the Police and other departments.
….and once again The Police could be an institution of Respect and Law and order.


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