Libertarian Opposition to the Globalist agenda of Mass Immigration.

Update: 12-4-21

In the post below I hope to explain why Socialist ‘open boarders’ and immigration is *not* the same thing as the Libertarian ideal of open boarders’
What we are witnessing is a concerted effort by the Globalists to destroy western freedom and society, which they must first achieve before America will accept the New World Order.
Yet 4 years have passed since I first wrote this opinion piece, and so I must add a short update.

What we are seeing (again) with the recommencing of massive migrant caravans and a New Crisis on the US Mexican boarder is a highly organised and heavily funded (by George Soros) *Invasion* designed to bankrupt the US.
This is what Ardern’s hate speech laws and the UN Compact on migration want to make it illegal for citizens like myself to speak out against….
This was happening before President Donald Trump took office back in 2016, and why he not only considered the building a Boarder Wall as a matter of urgent National security. He also negotiated a deal with Mexico that made it clear that the Boarder rules would be enforced and that anyone who wanted to enter the US must make an application to do so and stay in Mexico until their application was processed.
These Policies put a halt to these massive Soros funded Migrant caravans… that is until Soros and the Democrats who spent the next 4 years plotting and scheming and corrupting all branches of the US Government From The Justice department, The FBI, all the way to the High Court. so that in 2020 they successfully ousted Trump by a treasonous coup of massive election fraud.

Watch this interview with Sidney Powell on the Stealing of the US Presidency…

And so under the Illegitimate Presidency of Joe Biden… the invasion has begun again… in earnest… Biden Himself telling migrants to ‘Surge’ towards the Boarder.

This post is written to explain how certain facts around what is going on with respect to Global immigration. that have forced me to reconsider my own position with respect to the ideal of open boarders… which is a Libertarian ideal consistent with the fundamental principles of freedom.
However there are Evil Powers at work that would seek to use the virtue and values of the Righteous… against them… against Freedom… and waking up to these realities and being brave enough to stand against them takes courage… courage enough to take an unpopular position that may draw ridicule from one’s ideological peers.
Some things in Politics are easy to distinguish as Black and White.
Somethings are very difficult to align with principles.
Moral Dilemmas exist.
And in dealing with Dilemma on the scale/ hierarchy of Values… it can be difficult to judge which ideals should be more firmly held against compromise than others.
Some Ideals are not attainable in the short term but must be slowly achieved… Goals that are walked towards… and may require a series of transitional steps/ reforms to achieve.
And I believe open boarders is one of these types of Ideal.
Achievable, but not immediately.

*And the how* this ideal might be achieved is very important… so too is the ‘ why’ and it is on these important questions that I believe as a Libertarian I am justified in opposing the lefty Liberal Global agenda for immigration.
On both counts what is currently afoot is Machiavellian in the utmost extreme!

It is one of the chief goals of the Globalists to destabilize and Swamp Western civilization and culture… and to cause a state of global chaos from which they intend to establish a New and tyrannical Global Order.
As outrageous as this may sound, this fundamental stratagem is married to their ‘Climate change’ propaganda which is designed to place all industry and resources under the control of their one world government.
This is not wild conjecture on my part… the Socialist movements ambition to destroy capitalism and establish a one world government is something the Socialists openly admit.

Just by writing these things I will be targeted by the radical left as an Alt right racist conspiracy theorist who deserves to be silenced by force… and punished.

The Truth is I am not a racist… I am a supporter of helping genuine refugees and was very vocal about that during the Syrian crisis.
and you can read about that here…


People were dying by the thousands!
Such a crisis required immediate action.
Yet what we are seeing in Europe and on the US Border today are something completely different… Ill explain shortly.

I am a Libertarian… and so I am not ‘anti-Muslim’, in fact my neighbors are Muslims and we get along just fine!
I believe in equal rights and liberties for all.

*The Chaos of London, Paris, and poverty and homelessness of US Cities like LA, San Fansisco, etc are facts that indicate the insanity of allowing mass immigration… these cities cant even cope with the populations they already have!

What I have been very critical about has been how European Governments have failed to maintain law and order and allowed Lawless enclaves of hostile migrants to form, and also have failed to punish and deport Migrant criminals… rapists, etc… and this is because instead of openly admitting the problems and enforcing the law… instead they have sort to bury the truth and silence critics like Tommy Robinson
This law and order failure is a very strong and valid reason to oppose further Immigration!
The governments of Brittan and Europe cant even manage the state of things as they are!
They cant even keep their people safe as things stand… and yet anyone who speaks out about this is targeted for ‘hate speech’… labeled ‘Racist’… ‘Nationalist’… etc.

You can read about my Law and order concerns here….


It has been this monumental failure by European Liberal governments (like France’s Macron) to maintain law and order that we are witnessing the collapse of Western civilization.
This is not the Migrants fault… Blame ought to be squarely laid at the feet of the Inept Liberal governments.
Instead of maintaining Law and order by enforcing British Law and order upon Muslims whom have no intentions of embracing Freedom and equality, Liberals are using the ‘clash of cultures’ that inevitably ensues from Muslims extremists blatantly flouting religious liberty of others to gain powers to suppress Christianity, and any critisism of Mass migration… under the pretense of fighting ‘Islamiphobia’.

Yet there are even more antics of the Liberal agenda with respect to immigration that exposes the Liberal politicians of all western Nations, treachery to their own peoples, and ideological fanaticism to establishing the one world order by flooding their Nations with aliens and destroying their economies… softening them up to embracing the one world order which will come riding in on a white horse pretending to be their messiah!

Let me list 2 facts that have come to my attention that prove that the mass migration from the third world is not a ‘natural drift’ but an orchestrated implementation of a diabolical plan being executed by Westerners who *hate their own nations Cultures, Values, and beliefs* and who desire to Subjugate humanity to the One world socialist order.
This is no joke… this is their plan… and they are doing it under the grand delusion that all the chaos that will ensue can be justified because from it they expect a new world order to arise… an end to war… and an end to wealth disparities.
Who would not wish such high humanitarian ideals?
Sadly this is the Big lie of ‘Salvation’ via complete Globalist Tyranny.

The spearhead of this UN agenda is their ‘Global Compact for Migration‘… recently signed up to by New Zealands most Unscrupulous politician… Deputy Prime minister Winston Peters… the man responsible for empowering The Woke Social Justice Warrior PM Jacinda Ardern.
Ardern used to be at the helm of the World Socialist Youth Movement, and today sits at the feet of former UN Bigwig Helen Clark.

Lets look at these Important facts now…
1. I have seen footage of Pamphlets that were produced by the British Government that are being distributed in France offering migrants there ‘Free homes’ ‘Welfare cheques’ etc etc if they can make it over the channel!
So far from the migration to Britten being ‘Organic’. we can see that it is part of an active socialist agenda!
No Libertarian can support such a program that is funded by Tax extortion!
No Libertarian can support any immigration that is driven by a desire for welfare!
So it should be obvious that what these Liberal globalists are doing is a million miles away from the Libertarian Ideal on migration and open borders.

2. We have seen that Western Liberal minions of the one world order have been financing and running ‘Migrant caravans’ whereby westerners have Bought Trucks, busses, etc and have traveled to
Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, etc and purposefully canvassed there their intentions of leading a Migrant caravan to the United states via Mexico.
These poor people are Political pawns and are being used by super Wealthy Liberal elites… esp George Soros… to attempt and cause civil unrest inside the US designed to undermine Donald Trumps administration.

69-year-old Woke Social Justice warrior Willem Van Spronsen was shot dead by police after he threw Molotov cocktails at the ICE detention center and nearby cars on Saturday morning. (from here)

And recent events show this artificially created ‘immigration crisis’ by the Liberal adversaries of Trump is reacing a crisis point… including an Antifa Terrorist attacking an I.C.E Detention Facility holding illegal immigrants with fire bombs and armed with an AR15 after Pea Brain Leftist Radical Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fed the flames of SJW minion outrage by falsely describing conditions inside the facility as ‘like a concentration camp’ and that woman were being ‘forced to drink out of toilets’.
There is no mention of the roll the left are playing in the manufacture of this crisis… nor is there any admission on their part that *none of Trumps Border policies are novel*… detention facilities… deporting illegals and migrant criminals… not even his policy to build a wall on the Mexican boarder is novel!
Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and even Hillary Clinton *have all publicly said the same things* about ‘illegal immigration’… the only difference being that now Mass migration is being implemented from the UN as part of their grand scheme… and now their Nemesis and American Patriot Donald Trump stands in their way!

We have also seen the same sort of artificial escalation of the migrant crisis in Europe with Psychotic Liberals running people smuggling ships dumping thousands of migrants from the third world… Africa, etc, onto the shores of Europe.

See here: Female captain, 31, is arrested after rescue ship carrying 40 migrants RAMS Italian border force boat then steams towards shore to offload passengers
*Captain Carola Rackete plowed her aid boat into Italian border force vessel
*She then dropped off 40 migrants she had rescued on the island of Lampedusa
*She was arrested and condemned by Italy’s anti-migrant interior minister

None of these actions are acceptable to any thoughtful Libertarian!
In a Libertarian society people found to be moving migrants into the country would have to be to some measure held accountable for their upkeep.
That would pretty much end these Socialist organised ‘caravans’ and SJW People smuggling operations that are happening now that dont require the SJW smugglers any culpability for what they are doing, but are expecting the Taxpayers to pick up the Tab.

These ‘migrants’ are literally dumped in Europe where many will sleep on the streets… even in winter… they are the victims of the lefty liberal NWO Socialist agenda.
We can see that the design is to overwhelm European societies, Destroy Western quality of life and usher in a socialist Tyranny!
Disarmament of the citizens is apace… so too is legislation that forbids Free speech critical of the Liberal agenda.

And there are more factors that need sober contemplation such as the Jihad large portions of the Islamic world hold against the Christian West.
All the Islamic Terrorism… factors that make it foolhardy in the current state of things to even contemplate open boarders!

For Me there are 1000 other things that must change *first* before the conditions are right for the realisation of the Libertarian ideal of open boarders.

‘Objective 17 of the Global Compact our government has agreed to ‘shape perceptions of migration’…. Read between the lines…

“We further commit to promote an open and fact-based public discourse on migration in partnership
with all parts of society, that generates a more realistic, humane and constructive perception of
In this regard, the following actions are instrumental:
a) Enact and implement legislation that penalizes hate crimes and aggravated hate crimes
targeting migrants and train law enforcement and other public officials to identify, prevent
and respond to such crimes
b) Punish the incitement to acts of violence generated by hate speech directed towards
migrants by holding perpetrators accountable in accordance with national legislation
c) Promote independent, objective and quality reporting of media outlets, including by
sensitizing media professionals on migration-related issues and terminology, investing in
ethical advertising, discouraging public funding or material support to media outlets that
systematically pro…

So this is why people like Tommy Robinson has been framed by the British government and imprisoned… as an example to everyone else who would dare to express opinions deemed to be detrimental to the governments agenda to cast immigration in a positive light!
This is why the likes of Gay Man Milo Yiannopoulos who speaks out against the persecution of homosexuals in Islamic nations has been systematically silenced.
As a homosexual,He has expressed alarm that via the weakness of Liberal governments the tyrannical ideas of ‘sharia law’ Islamic extremism that includes the murder of Homosexuals is taking root in the so-called … ‘Free West’… as the Liberal governments take no pains to ensure migrants understand their ongoing residency is dependent upon them accepting the Rights and Liberties of Non-Muslims.
Instead of dictating such fundamental terms and conditions to the extremists, the liberals prefer to silence Milo!
This is also why Public speakers like Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern are also labeled ‘Alt Right extremists’ and attempts are made to prohibit these sorts of voices from gaining visas and platforms from which to speak freely of their views to what is going on.

What is transpiring with respect to the lefty liberal globalist agenda *is tantamount to Treason!*
The lefty Radicals and Politicians are betraying the trust they have from the people to look after their interests… we are seeing fanatical Politicians completely despising the will of the people and pushing headlong with their own agenda for one world government… and a classic example of that has been British PM Theresa Mays Failure on Brexit and the call by soo many Lefty Liberals *for a second vote*… why?….. because they dont like the result of the first vote… to leave!
Donald Trump was fairly elected by the American people yet that did not stop the Democrats trying to Frame him and have him impeached
These things show you what malevolence and lust for power the left harbours… these facts demonstrate the disdain these Liberals have for the democratic process when it goes against their Machiavellian ambitions!
These traitors,,, in every Western nation should be thrown in jail… or exiled for selling out their own nations to the UN Globalism.
These deadbeats are a waste of oxygen… not a useful productive skill between them to provide for their own sustenance… they are a legion of Bureaucratic parasites… the scourge of the Earth.

‘What is being described by lefty liberal Media as ‘the rise of the far Right nationalism’ is in fact the backlash of the people of every nation to the Madness of lefty Liberal Immigration policies and War on free speech.
Nothing Typifies this attitude better than how the British Government has unjustly treated/ jailed Tommy Robinson.
Though there are some undesirable elements, by far and large these movements are not at all ‘Far right’ in the ‘Fascist sense’ at all…Thankfully we can see some European nations are rebelling against UN Migration Policy and Populist Parties are gaining momentum.
Like Maga hat wearing American Trump supporters these movements are in fact patriotic anti-globalist anti-liberalism movements… Pro- Western Culture, values, and freedoms.

Yet to the Antifa supporting, woke, transgender, Social justice warrior mentality… Trump is Hitler.
Satan Laughing spreads his wings.
You can see how vital free speech is as a means by which the Lefts wicked plans can be exposed… and when you appreciate this you should understand just how determined the left are to shut down all critics… calling posts like this ‘Hate speech’…
So dont allow the left to distort the facts!
Dont drink their Cool aid!

Defend Free Speech!
Your Childrens Lives depend on it.
If the Leftist globalists win your children will never enjoy the quality of life and freedom you have taken for granted.

I cannot finnish this talk on Immigration without a final caveat: If all the Political meddlings of the UN globalist agenda were thwarted, the truth is that Immigration can be a great boon to maintain a vibrant economy migrants adding many benefits to their adopted nations.
Migrants can be hard working and industrious.
The essential component for any social interaction is the understanding of the basic principles that underpin peaceful coexistence between equal human beings.
All immigrants must maintain a minimum standard of behavior to retain their right to remain in their host nation.

There should be *no socialist welfare* incentives offered to migrants, yet any that are prepared to honour the Laws of the land, and live peacefully with the Citizens whom have generously opened the door to them, to better the quality of life for themselves and their children… to respect the rights and liberties, and Property of their neighbours… to practice their own religious beliefs without imposing them on others… these are that hall marks of civil human beings with whom peaceful coexistence is possible… to mutual benefit.
And it is with such civilised peoples that it is possible to allow free passage across boarders.
This is the Libertarian vision.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

More from Tim….



13 thoughts on “Libertarian Opposition to the Globalist agenda of Mass Immigration.”

  1. Its only ‘Democratic Socialism’ when they win elections… it fast becomes Anti-democratic Socialism when Trump wins, or when the people vote for Brexit…. or Anti-globalists gain power in European nations.

  2. What is tragic is not that BLM Racists blame White Racists for their Crimes. What is Tragic is that there are White Racists who actually promote ‘Great Replacement’ theory.
    These Fools have swallowed the toxin… and become the equal opposites of the Far Left. Ie Haters… and Racist.
    The Solution is Libertarianism… Fight the Evils of Far Left Subversion that are seeking to destroy Western Civilisation… yet do so by promoting Enlightened principles… not Reciprocal racism.
    It is possible to defend your boarders from *Systematic invasion* without lowering yourself down to ‘Hating third-world ethnicities’. Remember they are just pawns in the Evil scheme of the Globalists… who pretend they care about them when in reality they are corralling 10000s of them to their own death and destruction… for the sake of Political Chaos and instability.
    We must oppose the Left’s Diabolical plans, yet not lose our humanity and enlightened values in the process.

    The Bible say’s.. “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”
    1 Tim 5vs8

    So it is The Christians Duty to first take care of his own house, his own Nation… then after this his charity must extend out to others… yet that is the Godly order of things.
    It is against the faith to first be concerned about outsiders first… and put your own people (by ‘own people’ I mean fellow citizens irrespective of their ethnicity) in second place.

    What this means is that while the Christian ought to have compassion for all humanity, his duty of care starts with his own.

    Thus the threat caused by Far Left wing organised Caravans invading the boarder is a real danger that must be resisted… it must be done *without falling into Racist ideology*.

    That is the mistake. Thinking this is a battle about race… when it is a Battle of Ideology.

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