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Ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo Confirms Lawfare Against Trump is Politically Motivated: Live on Bill Maher. Gateway Pundit.

‘Disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo admitted on live television that the legal cases against Donald Trump were politically motivated.

Speaking to Bill Maher, Cuomo stated that the attorney general’s case against Trump in New York would have never been brought if Trump hadn’t been running for president…”

Read more… *and watch video* here Dems using Lawfare to subvert democracy

The Corruption of the Democrats (And Rinos like Liz Cheney) has reached monumental heights.
They have turned American Politics into a Cesspool.
They have made a mockery of the Justice System.
They think the American people are stupid!
They seriously thought they can get away with all of it… that their blatant abuses of power are either so cleverly framed (in Legal Due process) as to deceive the people, or that the public are as corrupt as they are… so will tolerate their Machiavellian antics for the sake of Keeping Trump out of the Whitehouse. Ie They expect the majority of citizens to act as collaborators in their crimes.
They are partly right on both counts.
Many will tolerate blatant corruption and abuses of power for the sake of keeping Trump out of the Whitehouse. *Trump Derangement Syndrome* is rampant, yet this admission by Cuomo exposing The Dems ‘Lawfare’ (using the justice system to discredit political adversaries and subvert democracy) …simply states what most Americans already knew… *The charges against Trump were Bogus and a Political motivated travesty* and that is why after Trump was convicted for 34 Bogus Felonies the American People sent in a record level of donations in support of Donald Trump!

Millions of Americans are awake to the Wickedness of the Democratic Party!

This signals the Democrats evil schemes have backfired… and actually made a Trump victory more certain.

Now we hear the Dems howling that Donald Trump will reap vengeance upon them should he attain power… ie they are shit scared… imagining he will return to them in kind… as they have meted out to him.. for real!
Umm sounds like they know they have it coming!
Sounds like Justice to me!

“Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has shared concerns over the possibility Donald Trump would send her to jail should he retake the White House in November’s presidential election. ”
From here.
Of course she’s crazier than a Fruit Loop.

“He’s going to weaponize the Department of Justice…and use it to go after people like myself,” former Washington, D.C., police officer Michael Fanone told CBS News. Fanone testified at a 2021 public hearing of the committee and has been an outspoken Trump critic, accusing him of employing authoritarian rhetoric. ” from here

The sheer Hypocrisy of these shysters! They are the one’s (Dems) who have abused their powers! They are the ones who have ‘weaponised’ the justice system…
They should face *Real justice* for their Crimes (esp for their great Frauds around Jan 6 and their False ‘insurrection narrative)
They should be Jailed…
Yet We all know that will never happen… Ie Even if Trump gets back into office the likelihood of any of these corrupt politician ending up in court as being virtually nil.
Trump will instead busy himself taking care of Business… getting the country back on the road to greatness…. because that’s just how he rolls.

Cuomo himself should face criminal charges for his tyranny and corruption during the Covid 19 Scamdemic.
He certainly is not famous for his honesty! We know the only reason he’s prepared to spill the beans on his fellow Democrats is because he himself has been sidelined from the Party Politburo.
Otherwise his lips would remain sealed.

It is telling to me that even in my own country New Zealand I am surrounded by Zombified Morons whose cognitive dissonance prevents them from being able to objectively judge anything Trump does.
They automatically swallow Democrat lies the size of camels when it comes to completely dismissing Trumps many virtues proven in this last term in office.
You just need to listen to his speech he gave at the Libertarian party National Convention earlier this year!
He spent a full 35 minutes during which he spent much of that time speaking about his accomplishments while in office, and the rest speaking of his future plans.
For A Libertarian… it was a truly impressive
To list just a few..
Many of my fellow Kiwi friends… who should know better… don’t know that Trump is the only President in 72 years not to have started any new wars.

They either don’t know that Unemployment among Black and Hispanic Americans reached all time lows during his presidency or wrongly give credit to Obama demonstrating their economic illiteracy when it comes to Trumps regulatory reforms which began to restore Americas competitive advantages and inspire business confidence, etc.

They have no grasp of the numbers of Black and Hispanic Americans who have deserted the democrat plantation and are rallying under the Trump Banner…

Trump is a defender of the Constitution.. Of Free Speech… Of the 2nd amendment… of Keeping mentally ill men out of little girls toilets and changing rooms… ie protecting woman’s spaces… woman’s sports, etc etc.

Trump represents a Bulwark against Globalism… protecting Americans democratic rights to determine their own Laws and destiny.
He represents an end to Woke Madness… to Black lives Matter Riots and the unashamed maintenance and strengthening of America’s Protestant Christian Enlightenment Values and Ideals against such toxic Radical Left doctrines as ‘Critical race theory’ and Transgender Ideology.
He want’s to put a hand break on Climate change hysteria.

Ironically these are all reasons why they see Trump as the Devil!
These are the brain washed masses of useful Idiots whom have been conditioned into a state of Panic about impending Climate doom… taught to hate Freedom and capitalism… hate Christianity and don’t see that it has contributed anything of value to their own quality of life… and who now worship Socialist Globalist Totalitarianism!
They are fully prepared to be integrated into the Global electronic System… they have no grasp of the importance of personal privacy… or of having cash… They have resigned themselves and their children to the Great Beast Machine… as us ‘Resistance is futile’.
Satan laughing spreads his wings.

It only remains to be seen if enough sane enlightened Liberty loving people around the globe are committed to thwarting this Careen into Global Socialist hell!
The Bible predicts this God-rejecting world will at some future point slip completely under Satan’s power for a short season.
This is where Christians like myself make our appeal unto Heaven!
We Pray we can stay off the Time of the Antichrist for a few more decades…. Not on our watch… Dear God!

If I was an American Citizen… I would be supporting and voting for Donald Trump.
He is a True American Patriot and Hero.
May God protect him from his evil enemies.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

The 1893 World’s Fair . Culture Critic.

Story shared here by permission of Culture Critic on X.
From here.

This is what Chicago was supposed to look like.

It looked this way during the 1893 World’s Fair – one of the most monumental events in American history.

The 19th and 20th century expositions were mighty celebrations of human achievement, congregating people from around the world to showcase leaps forward in culture and technology. Expos still take place today, but they declined in appeal after WW1.

The most impressive of all was the first exposition in Chicago. Some 27 million people attended over 6 months, when the city’s population was only 1 million and visitors did not have the luxury of air travel.

The fair was dedicated to the 400th anniversary of Columbus’s arrival in the Americas – a fitting moment to celebrate the onward march of civilization, during a time when the cultural and geopolitical torch was passing from Europe to the New World. Upstaging the extravagance of the previous fair in Paris, during which the Eiffel Tower was unveiled, was paramount.

In just two years (and without power tools), some 200 neoclassical buildings were erected in and around Jackson Park. Dubbed the “White City” for its gleaming façades, it far exceeded the grandeur of previous events. The structures were spread around a system of artificial lagoons and waterways, on which visitors zipped around on Venetian-style gondolas.

Most structures were built from a mixture of plaster, cement and jute, and intended to be temporary – which is why few remain today. The Palace of Fine Arts is still standing, but this was one of few built primarily from brick. Inside, representatives from 46 different countries exhibited their achievements in technology, science, industry, and the arts.

1893 was also a glimpse into the future – it was the first exposition lit solely by electricity, and most Americans had yet to witness the new technology. In a triumphal moment, President Cleveland switched on the power at the opening of the fair, bathing the White City in light at the push of a button.

The 65-foot “Statue of The Republic” (pictured) was the crowning monument, unveiled from drapery that was hoisted away when Cleveland hit the button. It was an allegory of American Exceptionalism – an eagle perching atop a globe in its right hand (suggesting the nation’s supremacy) and a staff topped by a Phrygian cap in its left (a symbol of liberty from antiquity). At the time, it was the largest statue ever made in America.

After the fair ended and most of its structures dismantled, the wonderful colossus was ordered to be destroyed because its gold-gilded exterior was beginning to wear. Apparently too costly to maintain, it was razed in a secret ceremony. The statue you see in Jackson Park today is a smaller, 24-foot replica.

Comments on New Zealand’s New National/Act/NZ First Coalition Government.

6 weeks after New Zealanders voted to oust the remnants of the Ardern regime, National Party Leader and New Prime minister Christopher Luxon announced to the NZ public the results of the coalition agreement between the three parties (National, Act, NZ First) whom have formed a majority government.
While most of New Zealand has been chomping at the bit in anxious anticipation to finally know what the outcome of their negotiations would be, I personally have been largely indifferent to it because I believe none of these parties truly deserve to be in parliament… none of them… they did not get my vote… so I have little expectations. It will be far harder for them to disappoint me than to impress.

Anyone who has followed my commentary on NZ politics over the last 6 years of Ardern, the Christchurch terrorist attack, the Covid 19 Scamdemic will know I’ve expressed open contempt not only for Ardern’s Woke tyranny, but also for these so-called opposition parties and their Leaders for failing to protest Ardern’s radical Globalist socialist machinations, and instead often collaborating with her in trampling our rights under foot.

When it comes to rights and liberties, to date these guys have proven to be piss weak, nonetheless I do expect this center right coalition to be an improvement on Ardern.
That’s not saying much as it would be near impossible *for anyone* to be as arrogant, and devious and incompetent as that walking catastrophe Jacinda Ardern.
For me however… despite any improvements that eventuate from this new government… they will never salve the bitter sense of injustice I harbour and the disgust I carry for the way these politicians operated over the past 6 years.
Useless Inert nothings!
For the past 6 years New Zealand functioned like a one party State!
Ardern ran amok while they bumbled about,
I did my best to deride them for their failure to defend Kiwis from her madness and treason.

Thankfully The Communists have been sacked!

Despite my disdain for these failed opposition parties… these Political Weasels, my arguments were never in favor of maintaining the Status Quo!
Far be it!
I wanted Labour gone with as much urgency as any other freedom advocate.
I never inferred a National led coalition would not be an improvement on the horrors of the woke radical Ardern regime.
My arguments were always founded upon *holding all these people to account* for their complicity with what happened during the Ardern Regime.
For that reason I say they are unworthy of being in parliament.
I hold them guilty of massive life destroying rights violations that occurred during this epoch of tyranny.
That is something that must not be forgotten… yet so many people wish to do exactly that.
Zero accountability for their crimes… nor has there been any contrition on their part.
I won’t forget this.

I’m still smarting from watching the support of the Freedom movement evaporate in the final months leading up to the election!
I have blogged about this elsewhere.

How will this new government performs and measure up to the expectations of those who voted for them?
Whatever happens, it will be impossible to speak of what might have been if the so-called supporters of the Freedom and equality movement had held the line and actually voted in the true and heroic advocates for New Zealand’s values!
It is impossible to compare what is about to unfold, with that which must forever remain speculation.

Only the small percentage of *Real Freedom advocates* who held the line are capable of maintaining the vision of what could have been.
They are my people.

For better or worse we now have a new government.
Will they deliver?

Over the years as a Blogger and commentator I have always endeavored to remain objective… Being quick to condemn when politicians do evil, yet also equally quick to commend when they do something righteous… irrespective of who they are or which party they belong to.
In keeping with this, though I am no fan of any of these politicians I am happy to say the new coalition agreement and first batch of policy directions promises to reverse some of the Far Left radicalism that was imposed under Ardern.
This is a positive sign.
They are off to a good start.
They appear to be putting their personal differences aside.
That is something interesting and commendable in itself.

Here is a NewsHub Article… Election 2023 coalition agreement: Christopher Luxon, David Seymour, Winston Peters reveal Government policy, ministers

Sad sack Authoritarian, Ousted Radical Left PM Chris Hipkins comments the National/ACT/NZ First Coalition “…will ultimately take New Zealand backwards,”… He’s right… yet what does that actually mean?
Be of good cheer!
It means undoing the subversive anti-Western radical socialism Hipkins and Ardern inflicted upon our country by every devious means they could conceive!

Arderns Woke Globalist tyranny was imposed largely without any mandate from the people.
Ardern imposed her extremist bents trampling underfoot the long held Christian values upon which our free and tolerant society has been founded, and by which New Zealand became the envy of the world.
Satanic Comrade Ardern did her best to destroy this… hiding her evil doings with ‘hugs’ and declarations of being ‘kind’, all the while she worked in the shadows setting up a heavily apartheid state that sort to make the majority of New Zealanders second class subjects, and making it illegal for them to publicly express their opinions that were contrary to her Satanic and insane woke radical agenda.
No government in our history trampled underfoot our Safeguards against corrupt legislation as her government did passing unpopular and so many oppressive laws under urgency in the dark of night… all the while keeping our compromised media in her back pocket.

Our press Absolutely failed to expose her underhanded schemes or warn the people of what she had planned to come down the pipe.

New Zealanders eventually awoke from their bewitchment and Ardern worship… almost too late… so devastating was her radical totalitarianism to the heart, soul, and economy of our nation.
She knew the people held her in contempt, and that is why she (metaphorically) jumped in a helicopter and fled the country… like a deposed African Dictator… Like a defecting traitor!

Did Nat/Act/NZ1 really ‘win’ the election or rather did they gain power simply because Labour crashed and burned?
Labour became so detested New Zealanders were desperate to see them deposed!

So while Chris Hipkin’s crys about Nat/Act/NZ1 taking New Zealand ‘backwards’… most of the country will be clapping and cheering with relief!
For the life of me a cannot think of a single reform or anything that happened under Ardern’s leadership that deserves to be retained for posterity.
‘Going backwards’ 6 years is absolutely essential to restore a New Zealand to that was Freer, more prosperous, less oppressive, less divisive, less indebted.
A reversal in this sense reflects a return to a government more respectful of New Zealanders true traditional values and Ideals.

On a final note before I post comments lifted from a Twitter post that details the New Coalition plan, I must swallow my election disappointments for the Freedom movement and come to terms within myself about the new government.
For the sake of our country I have determined to continue with my already well established modus opperandi.
Henceforth I shall encourage the coalition to be bold and be willing to withstand all the Guile and slanders that the Woke left will heap upon them for every reform they seek to implement.
I will uphold them when they seek to do good, yet still and I will revile them when they falter.
I sincerely hope to encourage more than disparage.

Read Damien Grant’s Stuff article… The new Government has a once in a generation opportunity to lower taxes

Being an objective commentator wins few friends.
The nauseating sycophantic cultist ‘Winston worship’ has already started, and in fickle times any positive commentary wins approval from the shallow swimmers, yet should you dare to point out any flaws in their Idols you are guaranteed to face slander and contempt.
Such is life for the honest and principled.

It will be interesting to see whether or not the remnants of real Freedom movement, and the many great New Zealanders spread among the small new parties who were betrayed and deserted in the final hours leading up to the election whether or not they can use the next 3 years to unite and rebuild their strength, to come back with avengeance.
I myself hope that becomes a reality, and am willing to participate in that… so people please post this article to the various Freedom parties and encourage their leadership to contact me so that I can participate in that unification process.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

What follows is a post I copied and pasted from Twitter (X) that lists the Coalition agreement and initial aims of the New National Led Government.
I must say there is much to be hopeful about… for example they plan to abolish The Maori Health Authority.
Hopefully that is just the beginning of the deconstruction of Apartheid in New Zealand.

Still there is much that remains dubious… for example to what degree will the promise to expand the Covid 19 inquiry actually bring accountability to government actors who violated New Zealanders rights?
To what degree will tyrannical pandemic legislations be be abolished to prevent the same evils happening again?
To what degree will constitutional reforms be enacted to prevent abuses of power and the subversion of our legislative due processes so that the ‘Urgency’ cannot be weaponised to impose anti-democratic radical Social engineering policies that are contrary to the principles of Liberty and equality before the Law?
Forgive me from being skeptical about how committed this new government will be to fixing these problems given National Act and NZ First have been completely spineless on all these counts up till now?

Let’s see how things pan out….
God defend New Zealand.


The Consultant
New Zealand 🇳🇿

NZs new government will be in place next Monday , coalition deal signed

Real change is here

Chris Luxon is the PM & Minister of National security & Intelligence

Winston Peters/ David Seymour to share deputy PM. Winston Peters to undertake first rotation

Winston Peters – Foreign Minister

David Seymour Minister of regulation

Nicola Willis – Finance Minister

Judith Collins Attorney General & Minister for space

Gerry Brownlee – Speaker of the House

Chris Bishop – Leader of the house

Dr Shane Reti is Minister of Health

Paul Goldsmith Minister of Justice & Arts

Erica Standford Minister of Education

Matt Doocey Minister of Mental health

Minister of Police, Corrections, Emergency management

Act Ministers get Courts, Children, Internal Affairs

NZF Ministers get regional matters, Customs, Foreign Affairs

Maori Health Authority will be de-established

Covid inquiry is planned with expanded scope

All reference to co governance to be removed from government documents

3 strikes is back

Mini budget to be delivered before Christmas

Firearm act to be written

Tax cuts from July 2024

Rural sector to be treated with respect

20 ministers in cabinet – 14 from National, 3 from Act, 3 from NZF


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Stand Fast! Vote Heroically My People! New Zealand General Election 2023

I’m disgusted to see so many who have been outraged by the antics of our Government over the past 6 years, and the absolute failure of the Opposition parties to defend our rights, now intend to vote for those rotten 2 faced charlatans! Turning their backs to Our Freedom movement!

Come election day we shall see how many true Freedom fighters of Resolve stood firm in this land in the hour in which it matters most.
Elections are when we get to throw out the incompetent and corrupt and elect better representatives to take care of our interests.
Those of you who chose to vote for one of the New Freedom parties are the Heroes who withstood all the defeatism and wooly headed sophistry of poll fixated strategyzers.
The sell out compromisers.
Will it be 15 out of every 100 who hold the line? or 10? or less?
Ultimately it matters not how few our numbers be.
Those who resolutely vote for any one of the Freedom parties… You are *my people*.
My Brothers and Sisters in the struggle.
You remained steadfast.
You have earned my respect and gratitude.
You will have done your part in keeping the freedom movement alive and viable to fight on.

As for the rest of you who spent the last 3 to 6 years crying about the Woke Radical destruction and globalist enslavement of our once great nation…
Many who even had the nouse to resist Ardern’s Medical tyranny only to lose heart in the final few months and desert the freedom movement and instead choose to support Weasel Act or swallow the Cool aid of the Great Charlatan and New Zealand First… Both guilty of collaboration with The Ardern regime!
They will not defend New Zealand’s National sovereignty from the WEF, WHO, UN Great Reset and Number of the Beast!

Shame on you!
You of Feeble hearts!
Fickle supporters who deserted our army like rats in the face of trials and tribulations!
You have no idea how hard it is to get a small party up and running and keep it going though the gauntlet!
The Pressures are immense and you must expect slings and arrows of outrageous fortune to rain down hard.
Yet such storms can almost always be weathered as long as your people hold their nerve and remain true to the cause.

Yet you left your post!

You and I are not the same.


I am reminded of Tom Payne’s great call to Freedom… The Crisis. Uplifting The American revolutionary Army in their struggle for Freedom against the British.

December 23, 1776

THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated. Britain, with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared that she has a right (not only to TAX) but “to BIND us in ALL CASES WHATSOEVER” and if being bound in that manner, is not slavery, then is there not such a thing as slavery upon earth. Even the expression is impious; for so unlimited a power can belong only to God. …

Great American. War of Independence.
Tom Paine.


There is still time for many of you whom have faltered to redeem yourselves.
Think hard before you betray the freedom movement.
This is the hour they need you to step up and fulfill your duty.
We owe it to them.
Drain the Swamp!
Stand for Real Change

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

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Never ever vote for Winston Peters!






Libertarian Javier Milei could become Argentina’s next President. Tucker Carlson on X Interview

Update: Javier Milei Wins!!!!!!

Read… Hard-right libertarian Milei wins Argentina’s presidential election.

Posted 15 September 2023.
In 3 days Tuckers interview had been watched 401.2 million times.
I have not been able to get the embedding code to properly attach the interview to this post.
Watch Interview Here.

This guy is a wise man. Argentina will be far better off with him at the helm… yet the Soros Schwab WEF Globalists will move to destroy him as they have done with Trump and every one else who defies them.

The Socialist Globalist elites like Gates don’t want Nations like Argentina to save themselves. They want the whole world to be reduced to this condition so they can canabalise these Nations property and resources, and impose the great reset upon them.

He is an inspiration. Best Libertarian speech I have herd in years from a politician.
His words reinvigorate my own Libertarian heart.
Speeches like this prove there is still hope for freedom against the Socialist Globalist New World Order, yet we must rally behind such leaders.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

Is Intolerance a virtue?

The Meme (below) was posted to Gab Social media platform.
It makes a subtil claim appealing to Zeal… Zealotry… my retort to @Boomstick follows below.

Tim Wikiriwhi Responds…

@Boomstick Beware… This has no context, and is therefore deceptive in the extreme.
It’s claiming *Intolerance is a virtue!*
That cannot withstand any scrutiny.
Without some tolerance a person becomes a fanatic… indistinguishable from any form of fanatic… eg an Islamic extremist.
They would wholeheartedly endorse this claim.
Are you any better than they?

Now hear the enlightened truth!

Just as there are things that may be compromised, and others that may not be compromised, so too there are things that can, and ought to be tolerated, and others that ought not to be tolerated.
It is an equal wrong *not to tolerate what you ought* as it is to tolerate what you ought not.

Wisdom and Enlightenment teaches which is which.
Lower values can be sacrificed for the sake of higher values.
Treating others as we would wish to be treated ourselves… is natural justice.

Tolerance is guided by higher principles and convictions… it is not the abandonment of them as is claimed above.
A Tolerant man ought not to be a weak and an easily beguiled man, but show tolerance from a position of strength and vigilance.
And there is a line in the sand.

It is only by the embodiment of such values and principles than any man can claim to be civil and walk the higher path than the savage.

Intolerance is the hallmark of the Barbarian.
Intolerance is the hallmark of Tyranny.
Intolerance comes from fear.

Principled tolerance is in fact a symbol of courage.

” If it be possible, and as much as lieth in you, live peacably with all Men.”
Paul the Apostle.
Romans 12vs8.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

Who will I vote for this Election? New Zealand 2023 Election.


Let me state this from the get go… some of you won’t like what I’m about to say… tuff titties!
I won’t pander to defeatist cowards who don’t have the Balls to stand behind the Brave Freedom Heroes who have put themselves in the fight.
Lets be clear about this…. If you vote for any of the parties that supported Vax mandates and lockdowns (including Act, and NZ First), you will no longer have the right to complain about these evils.

*You* are the problem if you intend to support these evil F237$!

Vote for one of the new parties who are expressly for your rights or shut TF up!

The only way you can maintain your integrity and maintain any claim to be part of the Resistance to the Woke Covid Climate change Globalist’s is if you vote for one of The New Small Freedom parties… Not National. Not Act. Not NZ First.

The most common gripe I hear as to why many people think voting for one of the small New Freedom parties is ‘a waste of your vote’ is because they don’t think any of them will get past the 5% threshold to get people into parliament.
This is Bogus! Not only is it a self-fulfilling/ self-defeatist stupidity… in reality it does not matter if a party gets 5% to still be a valuable vote!
It sure would be nice to get straight into parliament, but The truth is they only need 3-4% to remain a viable fighting force after the election and set them in good stead for growing to cross the line *next election*.
This is a long term game.
Not to appreciate this is plain Naïve.
It takes a monumental amount of work and effort to build credibility and get a party across the line. These parties are only at first base.

*They need us to vote for them* so that they will take heart and carry on the fight long term.

Photo (above) was posted to Twitter (X). It was from Hamilton West where dozens of Labour Party election bill boards were sprayed with Graffiti, others totally destroyed.
Symbolic of many New Zealanders outrage and disgust for Jacinda Ardern’s catastrophic governance of our country over the past 6 years.
Labour are toast.

A friend sent me an email asking who I’m voting for this election.

My reply follows… This is difficult to write as by declaring my views, it will cause some people I respect do be disappointed that I have not come out in full support of them or their team.

This is not because I don’t in support them… the problem is *the Freedom moment is fractured*, making it a nightmare for people like myself who does no want to be part of this this division and wants to work to unite as many Freedom advocates together as we can for under a democracy there is strength in numbers.
Divided we fall.
That this is true has effected my leanings for this election.

I know many friends will disagree with my recommendations below.
This is why freedom and tolerance are essential for friendships and society.

If after the election a single party stands head and shoulders above the rest, that is most likely to be where I will support moving forward.

As the election is close I don’t believe I can sit on the fence in indecision any more… so I’m revealing my preference now for others to contemplate my rationale.
I will still vocally support *These small parties* right up to the elections, and I wish them all success.
Each of them has their merits, and true Freedom advocates whom have my deep respect.

Note: What follows is a reply to an old friend. It’s not meant to be Razor sharp and unassailable… It’s lightweight.

Hey Tim… Who will you be voting for?????

This election is a terrible mess for those of us who want New Zealand to return to ‘the good old days’ of freedom, tolerance, etc.

In my opinion *All* the parties and politicians currently in parliament are corrupt and guilty of complicity with the radical woke agenda, Covid tyranny, massive debt, and expansion of racism. all of which are the legacy of Jacinda Ardern selling our country out to the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset.

So I will not vote for *Any of them*. I hold both National and Act, and New Zealand First as all guilty.

Yet where does that leave me?

The people of New Zealand are most likely to vote our Labour, and they will be replaced with a National-Act Government.

This will be an improvement on the Labour madness but not as great a reform as is needed, and will not save our country from the tentacles of the WEF.

Out of fear that Labour might win, many freedom people will be voting for Nat/Act.

I won’t.

The reasons being 1. They do not deserve our votes.

They will not hold inquiries into the evils of the past 6 years because the themselves went along with those evils… so they will continue the great lies… and we will be in danger of more lockdowns when ever any so-called ‘new Covid strains’ are announced.

2. There are several small new parties that have been formed by good freedom fighters who need support,

Parties that want to fix the real problems.

Parties that want to have investigations and hold the guilty to account.

Parties that actually champion *my Freedom and equality values*

It would be immoral for me to turn my back on these heroic good parties out of fear and vote for Nat/Act.

New Zealand desperately needs *New Blood* in parliament and there are some excellent Heroic New Zealanders who have stepped up.

The sad thing is they have not formed a single strong united party,

These are head strong individuals and there are personality clashes,

So they are leading their own parties, against each other. splitting / weakening the Freedom vote.

Its a real shame… The established parties can celebrate because our division in the freedom movement is self-defeating.

The parties…

The Leighton Baker Party.
The New Conservatives.
Democracy New Zealand.
NZ Loyal.
Freedoms New Zealand.

As the election approaches internal squabbles cause some of these parties to self destruct.

I still have not made a final decision as to which of these I will vote for.

Yet one will get my party vote.

If any of them have a candidate in Hamilton West. They will get my candidate vote.

If they were united we could guarantee that party would easily get past the 5% mark and into parliament, yet because they are fractured It makes it very hard… and fewer people will vote for any of them because they ‘think’ to do so ‘is a wasted vote’.

I think that is 100% wrong!

New Zealand needs to get new people into parliament. People who believe and support freedom, national independence, defends free speech, defends of our rights to chose our own medical treatments, racial equality before the law, and prohibit the education system from Woke indoctrination,

This being so I will be voting for one of these new parties, and even if they only get 3% I will stand by my vote and be happy I voted for them.

The more of us who do this the stronger result they will get, and it will uphold them to remain in the fight for the next election.
Hopefully some of them will be able to get over their differences and Unite, making them much stronger for 2026.
I may then put myself back in the game too.

The Freedoms New Zealand Party is a coalition of groups with Brian Tamaki and Lawyer Sue Grey.

This party will get a strong result. Some people don’t like Brian Tamaki… understandable… yet the man has done much to show he is for Freedom and New Zealand. Sue Grey is another wonderful Freedom fighter.
New Zealand would be much better off with these people in parliament.

Hear Leighton Baker here

Leighton Baker is Ex New Conservatives Leader… and another great freedom Advocate.

NZ Loyal was founded by Ex TV personality Liz Gunn. Another wonderful Freedom advocate and vocal opponent of Jacinda Ardern.
Liz is full of patriotism and passion, very articulate and has a large and growing following.

Listen here
Democracy NZ has an Ex National Party MP (Matt King) as Leader, and was doing extraordinarily well with a good chance of getting in to parliament, yet had a big implosion which caused a big loss of support.

New Conservatives have been in the game for several elections. They are an established party, I voted for them last time. Yet after the last election they spat the dummy and lost a lot of their top people… including Leighton baker, who now has his own party. Despite these things I have been strongly considering voting for them again.

The last election was *super suspect*.to the degree I believe there is evidenced of election fraud… I blogged about this evidence… (see Link below)

So My friend… that is how I read the cards as of today.
It really is a difficult choice.
I’m leaning towards *Freedoms New Zealand.* with one caveat… I need to clarify their position on *Co-governance*.
For me resolute opposition to that is morally non-negotiable.

I believe they have a fair chance at getting 5%, I believe their structure will allow them to assimilate some of the other parties into their coalition group… which I believe is the way forward.

This does not mean I have anything against the other small parties… I would love to support them all. Yet that can’t be done.
I have made some efforts to contact some of these parties yet received no feed back.

None of them have approached me to join them… another small party did yet it will not be registered this election, and I declined.
I have contemplated standing as an independent, yet to be fair I don’t have the spare resources to do that.

Anyway I’s great to get your email!

Tim Wikiriwhi.


It would have been easier to make a choice… for everyone… if there was one stand out party that clearly had the greater share of top notch candidates, and popular support, yet that is not the case. All the choices have virtues and vises, strengths and weaknesses.
For example I have spent years criisising Brian Tamaki’s political antics over the last 2 decades, yet now I am considering giving his party my vote.
I believe both himself and Sue Grey have stepped up over the recent Tyranny and Woke madness of the Arden Regime and absolute lack of opposition from National and Act.
*Freedom* has become their watchword… so though undoubtedly I will not agree with many of Brian and Sues ideas and opinions, I do not hesitate to suggest that New Zealand would be much much better off with them in parliament compared to the shysters we now suffer.
They are fighting for our Freedom and Rights, and National Sovereignty… which is essential if we New Zealanders are to maintain of Democratic society in which we choose how our country will be governed… not a committee of Evil Foreign Dictators.

Friends, I know you appreciate how important this election is. You desire to make your votes count. So do I. I will not waiver from calling you all out should you decide to vote for Ardern’s collaborators Act, National, NZ First! There are Freedom Heroes who need our support!

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

More from Tim….









Global Boiling! Global Burning! Are The Globalists about to Implement ‘Climate Lockdowns’ and impose their New World Order?

Panic Sheeple!
The end is nigh!
Global Boiling is here!

OH Dear God! What shall we do?????

We had better institute a Global Shut down!

Are the Globalists poised to implement the Great Reset?
All Auguries bode ill!
Many factors lead me to believe the Globalists are about to pounce… and that is why they have in recent days elevated their climate alarmism to truly unhinged levels.

Just in case you have been in a coma for the past decade, and are wondering what I’m raving on about, ‘The Great Reset’ is the Socialist Gospel… the institution of the Socialist New World Order. The End of Independent Sovereign Nations, replaced with Global citizenship, and a Cashless global digital currency.

I believe the NWO is nothing less than the establishment of the Kingdom of the Antichrist as foretold in the Bible. 666.
As foretold… As it was in the days of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, All Nations will be gathered under one All powerful Kingdom, presided over by the Enemy of God and mankind.

You will own nothing… yet you are told that you will be happy.

No one will be able to buy or sell except they have the Mark of the Beast. (Rev 13)
There will be no more Religious Liberty.

To achieve their Diabolical ambitions The World Economic Forum are manufacturing a fake existential crisis to justify their monumental grab for total power over the entire planet!
And billions of idiots are falling for it!
They have control of the UN, The World Health Organisation, and their puppets are in positions of power in almost every Western nation.
It has been decades in the planning, and the fate of human freedom hangs in the balance.

Satan Laughing spreads his wings!

The secretary-general of the United Nations Antonio Guterres.

It will be the end of Capitalism, and the birth of the New Age of Socialism!
Hearts and Hugs!!!!
Individual pursuit of wealth and happiness will be over.
All resources will be used for the greater good of the Herd.

*That is the sort of Socialist Bullshit they expect us all to mindlessly embrace*

Anyone with any understanding of how Socialism really works knows that if this New World Order is allowed to get established It will Be Hell on Earth!

Every individual will be allocated their share via the Global social credit system, your personal carbon footprint will be tracked, Your opinions will be scrutinised and policed.
All you must do is submit to the New World Order by taking the implant.
Rejoice Ye Damned Slaves!!!
Some of you may think this is all a bit stink… yet then you remember the Earth is Boiling!!!!!!!
Capitalism and Freedom are destroying the planet! ( At least that’s what the WEF and Leftist Greens wants you to believe!)


Click and watch that Bangin video (above) from Daisy Cousens.

Our benevolent billionaire banker elites have foreseen all of this and have been selflessly labouring for decades on such a scheme of salvation. The Great Reset.
(If you believe these maniacs have the best interests of humanity at heart, you have rocks for brains!)

It seems patently obvious to me the recent escalation in extreme alarmist retoric is prepping the sheeple of the world into complying with the extreme political evils the Globalists are about to launch… right across the globe. All at once.
The embedded WEF Minions making these absurd claims about ‘Global Boiling’ take their orders from and are working to a schedule dictated by the Globalist Puppet masters, Schwab, Gates, Soros.
Fact check that!

On cue no sooner does The UN and other alarmists ramp up their retoric… catastrophic fires start to break out’ in Hawaii and elsewhere.
The media squeals “Global Boiling!” Global Boiling!
Of course it’s summer in the Northern hemisphere and that’s fire season, just as it is 6mths later in Australia. Poor management of national forests… the failure to maintain fire breaks, and do controlled burn offs of ‘Undergrowth ‘Fuel loads’ is the chief reason why massive fires have become the new normal. Nothing to do with a climate crisis.
This is all well understood, yet satellite images of recent fires in Canada show 6 or more fires starting in synchronicity. Obvious arson… yet Trudeau and Biden take to their National podiums fanning the flames of Climate change hysteria.
This is all by design… All part of the script to justify what is coming… The end of freedom in the West. That is unless we the people rise up in mass protest and Refuse to submit to this Globalists treachery.

If they are poised to implement a global climate lockdown We should be on the watch for some truly gob smacking brazen catastrophe… possibly A fire of unprecedented scale to break out somewhere with massive loss of life so shocking as to cause everyone on Earth to gasp. Not to infer what happened in Hawaii was trivial, if something of stupendous magnitude happens that can be construed to be a result of ‘Global Boiling’…. I for one will not be surprised.
The Globalists are ready to turn such a happenstance to their own advantage. IMO they are evil enough to engineer such an atrocity.

The stakes don’t get any higher than this.
The elites don’t give a rats arse about the billions of filthy little people who scurry about on *their planet*!
They have already decided there are too many of us… and the anti-human far left Environmental movement has done a fabulous job of instilling this Malthusian myth into the hearts and minds of the sheeple of the world… esp their children.
The evil Globalists are about to seize control of *everything*.
It is coming down to the wire!
A show down between the Globalists New World Order, and Freedom loving Americans and Nationalist patriots in all Western nations.
We shall fight to retain our Independence and right to self-determination!

We see the evil hand of George Soros directly at work manipulating the legal systems right across The US seeking to circumvent democracy and prevent American citizens from being able to vote Donald Trump back into office. It does not matter whether you like Trump or not… this corruption ought to be patently obvious to all! It ought to disgust and alarm *All enlightened people* (I’ll be writing another article on this) yet if The Soros Scheme to block Trump from running in the coming election is unsuccessful, there is an extremely high possibility the Globalists will pull the pin *just before the elections*.
That is how immediate this monumental conspiracy could kick off!
A Trump Presidency would be a massive blow to their aims… The Aged Schwab, Gates, and Soros might never live to see another ‘opportunity’ to grab Global power.
These Machiavellian Megalomaniacs have a sense of urgency to achieve their ultimate aims for Global Domination.
Soros is counting on Mass Trump Derangement Syndrome to cause the world to turn a blind eye towards this massive travesty against the American democracy.
Sadly I think he can have confidence that a massive portion of humanity don’t care if Trump is defrauded. They are blinded by their own contempt.

If you don’t want your children to grow up slaves be ready to march in the streets!
Be ready to go to Parliament and protest!
They are getting ready to impose their New World Order under the guise of the climate emergency. *NOW*
And it will resemble North Korean Type totalitarianism… but on steroids.
They have the technology now to monitor and control all human beings on Earth.
Big Brother… 1984… George Orwell.

Understand the level of tyranny they must impose if they hope to maintain an iron grip on power over the entire earth!
Understand the level of suppression of Thought and ambition they must hold over the peoples minds!
Enlightenment Ideals, and Christianity must be crushed out of existence.

We can still beat them and they know it!
They are desperate to gain control of the internet and pass censorship laws to make articles like this one ‘illegal’!
Because it is via Free speech that We the people can rally against them and thwart their evil plans.

Remember what these Evil Bastards did during the Covid Scamdemic!
Remember it was only the compliance of the sheeple that allowed them to trample our human rights, destroy our nations economy and impost tyrannical lockdowns… all of which were a travesty!
Did we learn anything from that massive social experiment on Global control????
Realise what I am saying is not fantasy, but an accurate description of the Political Establishment’s modus opperandi.

Wake up Sheeple!
So be ready to march in the streets people!
Be ready to resist!
Be ready to defy their evil orders!
Refuse to comply!
United we stand!
And especially remain peaceful in your civil disobedience… for history has proven that peaceful resistance can break despotic powers… as long as *all the people* act in solidarity and do not waiver in the face of the jackboots.
We must be prepared to make the ultimate personal sacrifices to save our children from Satanic Slavery.

It is also election time!
We desperately need to get rid of Labour, The Greens, and the Maori Party, yet if you want to save New Zealand from the great Reset for goodness sake Don’t vote National.
Don’t vote Act! Certainly don’t vote NZ first!
These parties were fully complicit in Arden’s Tyrannical activities since 2017.
Under Ardern these parties absolutely failed to be an effective opposition… that is because they are fundamentally in agreement on 90% of the big issues that New Zealand has faced… and they are fully on board with The Globalist agenda.|
I implore all Freedom fighters to vote for one of the New Freedom based parties!
Vote for New Conservatives, or Democracy NZ, or Leighton Bakers party, Or NZ Loyal, or Sue Grey’s and Brian Tamaki’s Freedom coalition.
New Zealand desperately needs to sweep out the despicable Status quo parties, and elect new blood!
It is my understanding that all these New parties stand for New Zealand’s Independence and National Sovereignty in opposition to the Globalist’s aims.
Voting for any of the status quo is a wasted vote.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

Update: 26-8-23 *Here we go!…

No less than 79 Arsonists have been arrested in Greece! You can bet they are all Far Left Radicals who are part of the Globalist scheme to promote the idea of ‘Global Boiling’. Their counterparts are lighting fires all over the globe then screaming ‘Climate change!!!!

Read article… here

“… Greece has called out “arsonist scum” after police made 79 arson arrests over wildfires ravaging the country.

Civil Protection Minister Vassilis Kikilias said there had been several attempts by arsonists to start new fires on Mount Parnitha, north-west of Athens.

The blaze is one of hundreds in the nation where wildfires have already killed at least 20 people this week.

“You are committing a crime against the country,” Mr Kikilias said.

“Arsonist scum are setting fires that threaten forests, property and, most of all, human lives,” Mr Kikilias told Greeks during a televised emergency briefing on Thursday.

“You will not get away with it, we will find you, you will be held accountable.”

Summer wildfires are common in Greece and scientists have linked the increasing frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, including heatwaves, to climate change…”

Christian post-script.
The Bible predicted the Antichrist minions of Satan would try to enslave the world. It will only happen on our watch *if we wallow in apathy and indifference*.
If we fight this I see no reason in the scriptures why this ultimate scheme of Satan cannot be delayed for a generation or two… when a more Godless, and docile, and ignorant generation fails to appreciate what is at stake.

And irrespective of the outcome of this struggle, every one of us needs to turn to God Almighty and realise our need to accept the Gospel of his grace.
For We are all *individually* Sinners, and as such our souls are in danger of eternal damnation. It is sin and rebellion against God that is behind the New World Order. yet the gospel say’s God loves us all *as individuals* and has made a way for us to be redeemed, forgiven, and cleansed of our sins, so that we can spend eternity in heaven… in his presence.

The Gospel is that God our Father sent Jesus Christ his son to die on the cross for our sins, and that he was burred, and that he rose from the dead in victory over sin and Death.
Whosoever choses to believe this good news will be saved. Without works! Salvation is the gift of God! You can be saved and put right with God Almighty right now!

It matters not what evils you have committed or what vises you struggle with. If you turn to God and call upon the name of Jesus… you will be saved!
For his love and grace are sufficient *for all*.

Trust in the gospel and no matter what happens, you will spend eternity in Heaven. These are the sure promises of God found in the Bible.

When the Kingdom of the AntiChrist appears (The New World Order) The saved will be raptured out by God, yet all those who rejected Christ will be deceived by strong delusions and will accept the Mark of the Beast.
All who receive the Mark will be judged by God Almighty… Jesus Christ… and be separated from God… Damned… For eternity.
This is the Ultimate spiritual battle that is going on.
Schwab, Gates, and Soros are just the Foolish minions of Satan… deceived by their own Vanity, and lust for power.

My personal testimony is I believe Jesus Christ is the Way, The Truth, and the Life!
The accuracy of the Bible in predicting the coming of Global Tyranny is evidence of it’s Divine truth.
Christianity is the salt of the Earth that prevents the rot… yet Christianity has been systematically attacked and is being forsaken. This is why the world is sinking back into darkness.
Yet We can have a revival!
we must have a revival… if Western civilistaion is to be saved from the false evil Gospel of Socialist Tyranny.

When The Antichrist does finally come to power, he will rule for a mere 7 years… yet these shall be the worst years in the history of Human Government.
In the End, The reign of the Antichrist shall be cut short by the Return of Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
The Antichrist shall be destroyed, and Christ will set up his Kingdom in Israel.
Sounds Far fetched?
It is happening before your very eyes!
Christ visited Israel in the 1st century BC in accordance with the promises of God to the Jewish Fathers.
He changed world history.
Pears encyclopedia calls him “the greatest figure in Human history”.
The Bible promises that he shall return.
He shall rule from Jerusalem for 1000 years… the Prince of Peace.


More from Tim.







Hell is for the Self Righteous, Heaven is for Sinners.

A High Calling.

Christ’s work of Salvation on the Cross… The Great Equaliser.

The Christian Fellowship is a voluntary private society, not a theocratic political movement.

Do you believe you have the Perfect Word of God? Theism vs Humanistic Rationalism. Seeing The Light! My Testimony.

The hope which is In Christ. Terrible grief shall be turned into great joy!

The Rock of Divine Revelation.

Jimi vs Jesus.

Car Crash.



Tim Wikiriwhi: My Submission to the Discussion Document for Safer Online Services and Media Platforms.

Above picture from New Zealand’s Free Speech Union

From the free Speech Union…. here.

The Department of Internal Affairs has released proposals seeking significant content regulation for media and online platforms. We must push back to keep our internet and press free:

The Discussion Document here.

They are at it again! This Labour government might be about to be kicked into touch yet they are hell bent of attacking Free speech and controlling On=line content via creating a new un-unelected Censorship Authority to carry on wreaking havoc on our country after they have lost supreme power.

Opportunity to make a submission against this latest attack closes at Midnight tonight 30-7-23.
There is still time!
The quickest way to make a submission in time is to follow the Free speech Unions ‘Easy step’ submission generator.

Or go to the discussion documents ‘Feedback’ function. here.
Answer their questions the best you can.
The final section allows you to add your own submission in your own words.

Any submission resisting the curtailment of Free speech is better than doing nothing and allowing these evil power to rob us of Free speech without challenge.
Free Speech is Essential!
The Globalists and Woke Socialists are hell bent on suppressing their opposition by force of Law.
We cannot let that happen.
That is to surrender our country to Marxist tyranny!

Special thanks to ‘Hobson’s Pledge’ and The New Zealand free Speech Union for alerting Me to what was afoot.
The Government tried to sneak this through!
A Poll discovered only 25% of New Zealanders were aware this was coming down the pipeline.
Most transparent Government eva! Tui Ad. (Yeah Right!)
Without question This Labour Government has been the most dishonest and sleazy and disastrous in our entire history!

My submission was been rushed… as usual, and so contains my usual writing, spelling and grammatical crimes… Long winded… repetitious… waffling.
I have edited and corrected many errors in the draft below that embarrassingly still exist in my real sub, yet could not bear to let them stand…


Please read on…


This is my submission.

On the Proposals for a New Regulatory Body within the Safer On-line Services and Media Platforms Discussion Document.

To the committee.

This is my written submission opposing the government proposal to create a new appointed regulatory body that will essentially prohibit New Zealanders sharing their personal views, and opinions on line which do not conform to the narrow one sided opinions of Gov appointed gatekeepers under the guise of ‘protecting vulnerable minorities’.

The new authority will not be subject to the democratic process.
That is unacceptable and dangerous.

I reject the idea that the creation of such a regulatory authority will make New Zealanders safer.

I believe it will have the opposite effect because it will curtail the most essential attribute for a free and civil society… The right to free speech, which includes the right to hold and express views that are contrary to those of the government of the day.

Free speech is essential to the safety of the people, including minorities as their views, opinions, and general liberty are protected by the same principles of Law… equally applied.
History shows that Government regulation of free speech puts populations in grave danger!

This government has tried to enact hate speech laws in the recent past yet met with strong public outrage and yet here we are… the same meddlesome radicals hoping to enact their own designs through the back door while the people are unaware.
The majority of New Zealanders do not even know these proposals are being pushed forward!
This is an attempt to subvert democracy and enact this regulatory body by stealth!
Where was all the Public advertising that you were planning this curtailment of their free speech on line?
Where was your invitations to the public to have their say?
This can be juxtaposed with all the Gov mass advertising telling the people to get vaccinated!
Obviously this government thinks free speech is not a matter of great Pubic importance!
In truth this government considers free speech an impediment to the implementation of their radical agenda.

So on the basis that this proposal will not face thorough public notification and consultation, I hold this committee to desist from moving forward with the proposals in the discussion document as they have no legitimate mandate from the New Zealand people.

I had to receive my short notice of your intended power grab from independent free speech watchdogs ‘The Free Speech Union’, and Hobson’s Pledge!
This exposes the underhand nature of what is afoot… You wanted to minimise public input because you know what you are proposing goes against the will of the majority.
For the same reason this Government has pushed through so many radical new laws under urgency when there has been no legitimate justification for doing so!
They have done this to sidestep the Legal safeguards that are supposed to prevent Radicals corrupting our Democracy.
This has been the least transparent, most undemocratic Government in the history of our nation.
They are running our country into the dirt!

This Radical Labour Government is in it’s death throes.
Jacinda Ardern quit her post knowing the writing was on the wall.
This Government cannot claim to represent us.
To enact this proposal will be an act of subversion against our democracy.

Let me now propose the correct way the rights of minorities and individuals are legitimately protected in a free and civil society.
Rather than by creating more Bureaucratic monstrosities and apartheid laws, the proper means to protect minorities is the entrenchment of a Bill of Equal Rights that Parliament and corporations must honor as the highest laws of the land.

It can be rightly argued that an absolute democracy ( Democratically elected parliament with absolute power) is nothing more than arbitrary mob rule and that as such minorities and individuals can and do get trampled under foot. This is what a Bill of Rights *with teeth* prevents.

The unspoken rationale for creating the proposed new on line Authority is to steer the public discourse, preventing popular dissenting voices from successfully rallying the people against Government desired social reforms and policies. The rationale is if Free speech is allowed to reign this will thwart unpopular Government interventions thereby perpetuating the imagined oppression of select minorities the woke socialists wish to ‘elevate’.
The means by which they now seek to achieve this (by censoring opinion) to control the public discourse is extremely partisan.

The establishment of Apartheid institutions such as this proposed Authority will corrupt the democratic process of which free speech and the right to dissent is fundamental.
Instead of fighting Racism These patently Racist laws and institutions entrench racism!
They ferment prejudices and disrupt racial harmony.

Noam Chompsky

The proper way to protect minorities from mob rule is by having an iron clad Bill of Rights which Parliaments must respect. This way minorities and individuals *are guaranteed the same rights* as everyone else. So that they cannot be legally oppressed as they have full redress to the Law and the principle of equality of rights!

Clearly the aims of the present Government is not true justice as defined by equality before the Law, but to grant special rights, privileges, and advantages to their pet demographics with one hand, while actively suppressing, disadvantaging, and trampling the rights of Demographics they disfavor.

This is how ‘Critical Theory’ and ‘Identity politics’ functions. It is diametrically opposed to equal rights, and justice, and the traditional enlightened ideals and values which made New Zealand a first world nation and makes our country such an exceptional place to live.

New Zealand is not a racist country!
New Zealand is not a bigoted Nation!
Any pretenses to the contrary are Radical Political constructs with no basis in fact or reality.
For example it is a travesty to sugest the greatest threat to New Zealand society is ‘White Nationalism… White supremacy’!
That is an outrageous slander against the good character of the New Zealand people!
It is a political lie!
On-line hate is not a serious problem in New Zealand that warrants this heavy handed intervention.
Critical Theory is in fact a recipe for creating Racist and bigoted societies fragmented by pitting one demographic against another.

It is easy to foresee the new regulatory Authority would seek to suppress opinions like mine from being desseminated on line.
I would be censored out of existence in the on-line public square.
I would most likely be maligned by this Regulator and defamed as a hateful and dangerous racist, and would have no way to defend my name.
Their Hate speech laws could even threaten me with jail.
The idea is that people like me should not participate in public discourse, but shut up… and allow the government to impose it’s will unchallenged.

These are serious matters.
The powers that be seeking to establish this new authority do not wish the conversation to be taken in this direction for obvious reasons.
They don’t like opinions like mine that express concerns their new engine will be used for nefarious political ends. They take umbrage at the very thought their personal views might be considered dangerous and hateful! How dare I!
As we speak they are attempting to de-legitimise and disqualify submissions like mine under the guise of being ‘hateful’ ‘offensive’, and thereby not be obliged to register them and make them publicly available for scrutiny.

Tell me whose interests are really served by this raft of curtailments of long established democratic rights?

They want to maintain the pretense that the proposed authority will make the internet ‘safer’ for certain groups and will lose little sleep that their Thought Police will suffocate dissenters like me.
In fact they salivate at having such power.
I’m a member of a particular minority they despise!
I’m the type of ‘dangerous’ thinker they wish to keep everyone ‘safe’ from!
In reality I am a defender of truth and freedom and an enlightened advocate for limited government and equality before the law.
Values and ideals held by a majority of New Zealanders… The group the Socialist radicals wish to subjugate.
I have no hate in my heart.
I am passionate about protecting Freedom and National independence for my children’s sake… and their children.

Why do you think most New Zealander strongly oppose the government setting up such an Authority which will curtail their On-line freedoms?

We know such an authority will be used to prevent criticism and protests against the governments radical socialist agenda which stands in opposition to New Zealanders long held traditional values and ideals… and that is why this governments agenda can accurately be described as radical and hostile.
The proposals are in fact seeking to impose Racial prejudices into law under the pretense of combating racism!
I am of Maori decent yet the proposals frighten me because they give powers to censor dissenting views which seek to rally the people of New Zealand to defend our national interests, and resist the Globalist socialist agendas being planned abroad by powerful organizations which is nothing short of surrendering our National sovereignty.

It is no exaggeration to say that should this new Authority be enacted that it will be done so without any mandate of the Majority of New Zealanders but against their well established and previously clearly expressed will… that of strong and overwhelming opposition to the furtherment of institutional Racial separatism. This is easily gleaned from the many other attempts New Zealand Governments have tried to further entrench separatism, yet were faced with overwhelming expressions of public objection.
Examples of this are plentiful, such as the 2013 Government Constitutional Review.
Now the Radicals, having had their aims thwarted by the safeguards of Democratic due process, now seek to achieve their apartheid goals by subverting public consultation processes, referendums, and other impediments that have been put in place to prevent our Government and Laws being highjacked by Radicals against the will of the people.

Regarding The concept of Te Ao Māori (Māori world view)
What a travesty!
The truth is there is no such thing as ‘The Maori position’. The Pro-Maori position, etc. *That is a politically manufactured travesty*,
Like all peoples (such as the Pakeha) despite decades of propaganda and indoctrination in the State education system, we Maori don’t all think the same things, believe the same ideas, etc.
The notion that People can be so easily compatmentalised is shambolic!

Thinking Maori individuals can and do exist on all sides of any debate… They are not all locked in ‘Group think’… slaves to their tribes, or their ethnicity. It is therefore a scam to pretend any hand picked body of Bureaucrats will be ‘representative’ of Maori.

In the same way that the majority of Maori do not support the regressive and divisive views of Te Pati Maori!
Yet we can be sure your new Regulatory board will be peopled with Radicals who peddle Te Pati Maori type wares cloaked under the guise of being ‘The Official Maori World View’.
Most Maori today are not stuck in the past but happily share modern Western Values and concepts with the rest of New Zealand. ‘He Iwi Tahi Tatau’ We have become one people in the true spirit of the Treaty of Waitangi. While we still enjoy many aspects of our cultural heritage we do not appreciate nor desire to be hog tied to the past, values, and backward concepts that may have held currency long ago.
So any idea of an Official ‘Maori view’ being today distinct from all other Kiwis is a false political construct designed to institutionalise Racial divide and prevent citizens from being able to voice their abhorrence for such a contemptible, and divisive scheme. To speak against this scheme will be deemed to be *Anti-Maori and Hateful Racism*.
This is a claim Te Pati Maori Radicals make all day every day!
That is the sort of politics this new authority will represent.

The idea of entrenching an ‘Official Maori world view’ is a scheme that seeks to reverse the progress of the last 150 years and Re insnare most Maori back under tribalism.
The very act of speaking out against these racist schemes will be deemed to be ‘Anti-Maori’ and rendered a thought crime!
How can a democracy work when Political Parties Like Te Pati Maori, The Greens, and Labour make all sorts of derogatory claims about Pakeha New Zealanders, and twist historic reality to suit their own agenda, accruing more and more Authority, Power, and Tax money unto themselves all the while the rest of New Zealand must sit in silence while they are being defamed, defrauded, and disenfranchised?
This is what happens under an apartheid State!
This is real racial prejudice!
This is what your proposal seeks to establish and why it is an abomination!

When will you wake up to the fact that all your decades of so-called socialist ‘positive discriminations’ designed to raise Maori out of their dire social statistics are a complete failure?
The true problems facing the Maori people today is not racial oppression, but poor ethics, backward ideas, and a massive lack of self responsibility!
All your socialism and victim blaming of the Pakeha has rendered them basket cases!
They take zero ownership of their own circumstances.
If they are ever to rise out of the mire they must quit all the blame and take ownership for their criminality.
They must take ownership for their own ill health.
Socialism traps people in Dependence upon the State!
It does not promote Moral fibre and strong self-reliance!
Maori are already the most politically favoured race in New Zealand by a country mile. Yet that truth never prevents them from claiming to be the perpetual victims of Racism.

Socialism is a totalitarian ideology that treats populations like hapless puppets rather than free Self governing individuals with rights… to be manipulated, and cajoled into conforming
to Socialist aims… all under the guise of Social justice as conceived by them… The self-professing benevolent Puppet masters.
They are forever attacking freedom and forever hungry for more power and authority.
They know best! That is what they believe and they expect us to surrender our own values and beliefs and bend to their superior will.
To question their motives and wisdom is to be considered a Hateful bigot and crackpot.
The thing is we New Zealanders are not so easily fooled! We know who really are the dangerous Crackpots and extremists whose values are at variance with the people and traditions of our country!
The race question is just one Free speech issue your proposed regulator threatens to suffocate.
Other socialist schemes will also become forbidden to dissent… such as on matters of Immigration, Vaccination, Climate Change policy, Matters of Sex Education, sexuality, etc. as it is easy to predict ‘scope creep’ from this new body and the very idea of ‘A Maori World View’ must be by it’s very nature.. an ‘All encompassing Wholistic paradigm’ with tentacles reaching into all things political.

We Freedom loving New Zealanders will not tolerate our Free nation being hijacked by Radicals hell bent on destroying the foundations of Freedom… esp Free Speech.
We shall peacefully resist at every step, as is our right.

“Free Speech is a lighted lamp to be held high so as to dispel the darkness of barbarous, backward, and unjust traditions and ideas that have yet to be vanquished, and it is for this reason that Freethinkers with new, progressive, and better ideas have always been in danger of being lynched by the mob who don’t take kindly to having their ingrained delusions exposed to the light.
We must always be vigilant, and fearful, and view with suspicion any political party or vested interest that seeks to pass laws that restrict free speech.
Guard it as you would your own family for, should this right be whittled away and lost, so too will other precious rights fall in quick succession and, if you fail to defend this essential right, you will bequeath to your children a life of virtual slavery and indoctrination.
Their future depends on their rights and liberties being secure and it is our duty to ensure they remain so on our watch until we exit the stage. Then it will be up to them to remain eternally vigilant for that is the price of Liberty.” (Free Speech Under Attack. Tross Publishing. pg 181-182)

There are members of our parliament whose true allegiances lie with a corporation of Foreign interests such as the World Economic Forum, The United Nations, The World Health Organisation… who desire to destroy the foundations, values, and traditions that underpin Western Nations, and which have caused them to prosper far above other portions of the world.
These Globalist organisations have a plan by which they seek to usurp the Sovereignty and Independence of prosperous Nations like New Zealand.
They desire to cripple our democratic foundations whereby the people elect their own leaders for the sake of putting their nation and peoples interests first.
This creates a bulwark that stands in the way of the Globalist scheme for a New World Order, Global digital currency and ID system.
That is why the Golbalists know nationalistic democracies like the one we have in NZ must be weakened, so that their Global schemes can be imposed… most of which is contrary to the best interests of these First world nations.
The people are not fools. We can see when politicians are betraying our interests. And when they do this we protest, and we sack them.
The Globalists plan requires politicians of divided loyalty to gain control over their nations internet and regulate what citizens may or may not say on line.
Then they can control dissent
and prohibit online discussion and protests against the implementation of the Globalist agenda.
You may mock my opinions. That’s fine. Just remember I have the right to hold and express them on line and out on the street.
I have the right to participate in the Democratic processes of this country,

In conclusion I reiterate my absolute opposition to the establishment of this Un-elected regulator of New Zealanders On-line activities.
I believe Free Speech must be upheld for All New Zealanders and that no ‘official Narratives’ be allowed to be ‘blueprints’ for what New Zealanders are allowed to Think, or say.
It is not hateful to hold and express values and beliefs that dissent from the Government of the days opinions and theories’.. or even ‘Science’. It is a right that must remain protected By Law for that is vital for any Free society to exist.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Maori Christian Libertarian New Zealander.
He Iwi Tahi Tatau.
‘We are now one people’.

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