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Ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo Confirms Lawfare Against Trump is Politically Motivated: Live on Bill Maher. Gateway Pundit.

‘Disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo admitted on live television that the legal cases against Donald Trump were politically motivated.

Speaking to Bill Maher, Cuomo stated that the attorney general’s case against Trump in New York would have never been brought if Trump hadn’t been running for president…”

Read more… *and watch video* here Dems using Lawfare to subvert democracy

The Corruption of the Democrats (And Rinos like Liz Cheney) has reached monumental heights.
They have turned American Politics into a Cesspool.
They have made a mockery of the Justice System.
They think the American people are stupid!
They seriously thought they can get away with all of it… that their blatant abuses of power are either so cleverly framed (in Legal Due process) as to deceive the people, or that the public are as corrupt as they are… so will tolerate their Machiavellian antics for the sake of Keeping Trump out of the Whitehouse. Ie They expect the majority of citizens to act as collaborators in their crimes.
They are partly right on both counts.
Many will tolerate blatant corruption and abuses of power for the sake of keeping Trump out of the Whitehouse. *Trump Derangement Syndrome* is rampant, yet this admission by Cuomo exposing The Dems ‘Lawfare’ (using the justice system to discredit political adversaries and subvert democracy) …simply states what most Americans already knew… *The charges against Trump were Bogus and a Political motivated travesty* and that is why after Trump was convicted for 34 Bogus Felonies the American People sent in a record level of donations in support of Donald Trump!

Millions of Americans are awake to the Wickedness of the Democratic Party!

This signals the Democrats evil schemes have backfired… and actually made a Trump victory more certain.

Now we hear the Dems howling that Donald Trump will reap vengeance upon them should he attain power… ie they are shit scared… imagining he will return to them in kind… as they have meted out to him.. for real!
Umm sounds like they know they have it coming!
Sounds like Justice to me!

“Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has shared concerns over the possibility Donald Trump would send her to jail should he retake the White House in November’s presidential election. ”
From here.
Of course she’s crazier than a Fruit Loop.

“He’s going to weaponize the Department of Justice…and use it to go after people like myself,” former Washington, D.C., police officer Michael Fanone told CBS News. Fanone testified at a 2021 public hearing of the committee and has been an outspoken Trump critic, accusing him of employing authoritarian rhetoric. ” from here

The sheer Hypocrisy of these shysters! They are the one’s (Dems) who have abused their powers! They are the ones who have ‘weaponised’ the justice system…
They should face *Real justice* for their Crimes (esp for their great Frauds around Jan 6 and their False ‘insurrection narrative)
They should be Jailed…
Yet We all know that will never happen… Ie Even if Trump gets back into office the likelihood of any of these corrupt politician ending up in court as being virtually nil.
Trump will instead busy himself taking care of Business… getting the country back on the road to greatness…. because that’s just how he rolls.

Cuomo himself should face criminal charges for his tyranny and corruption during the Covid 19 Scamdemic.
He certainly is not famous for his honesty! We know the only reason he’s prepared to spill the beans on his fellow Democrats is because he himself has been sidelined from the Party Politburo.
Otherwise his lips would remain sealed.

It is telling to me that even in my own country New Zealand I am surrounded by Zombified Morons whose cognitive dissonance prevents them from being able to objectively judge anything Trump does.
They automatically swallow Democrat lies the size of camels when it comes to completely dismissing Trumps many virtues proven in this last term in office.
You just need to listen to his speech he gave at the Libertarian party National Convention earlier this year!
He spent a full 35 minutes during which he spent much of that time speaking about his accomplishments while in office, and the rest speaking of his future plans.
For A Libertarian… it was a truly impressive
To list just a few..
Many of my fellow Kiwi friends… who should know better… don’t know that Trump is the only President in 72 years not to have started any new wars.

They either don’t know that Unemployment among Black and Hispanic Americans reached all time lows during his presidency or wrongly give credit to Obama demonstrating their economic illiteracy when it comes to Trumps regulatory reforms which began to restore Americas competitive advantages and inspire business confidence, etc.

They have no grasp of the numbers of Black and Hispanic Americans who have deserted the democrat plantation and are rallying under the Trump Banner…

Trump is a defender of the Constitution.. Of Free Speech… Of the 2nd amendment… of Keeping mentally ill men out of little girls toilets and changing rooms… ie protecting woman’s spaces… woman’s sports, etc etc.

Trump represents a Bulwark against Globalism… protecting Americans democratic rights to determine their own Laws and destiny.
He represents an end to Woke Madness… to Black lives Matter Riots and the unashamed maintenance and strengthening of America’s Protestant Christian Enlightenment Values and Ideals against such toxic Radical Left doctrines as ‘Critical race theory’ and Transgender Ideology.
He want’s to put a hand break on Climate change hysteria.

Ironically these are all reasons why they see Trump as the Devil!
These are the brain washed masses of useful Idiots whom have been conditioned into a state of Panic about impending Climate doom… taught to hate Freedom and capitalism… hate Christianity and don’t see that it has contributed anything of value to their own quality of life… and who now worship Socialist Globalist Totalitarianism!
They are fully prepared to be integrated into the Global electronic System… they have no grasp of the importance of personal privacy… or of having cash… They have resigned themselves and their children to the Great Beast Machine… as us ‘Resistance is futile’.
Satan laughing spreads his wings.

It only remains to be seen if enough sane enlightened Liberty loving people around the globe are committed to thwarting this Careen into Global Socialist hell!
The Bible predicts this God-rejecting world will at some future point slip completely under Satan’s power for a short season.
This is where Christians like myself make our appeal unto Heaven!
We Pray we can stay off the Time of the Antichrist for a few more decades…. Not on our watch… Dear God!

If I was an American Citizen… I would be supporting and voting for Donald Trump.
He is a True American Patriot and Hero.
May God protect him from his evil enemies.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.