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The Rock 2000. My 2022 Picks….

Its that time of the year again my Peeps!
Cast your votes here… The Rock 2000!

Here are my picks…..

Looking forward to the countdown!

Here is some Blogs I have written about the Rock 2000 and other stuff… including 2020 when I won VIP tickets etc to the Live Rock Countdown and Concert at Victor Arena headlining Devil Skin… thanks to Sponsors Carlsburg Beer!
This post also contains an 800 unit song title list… by bands… I have spent literally months writing… to help people to pick their own 20 songs they would like to win….


MY ROCK 2000 2021 PICKS…




Te Ara Nui

Completion April 2020

It’s been a while.

Today, all being well, Transmission Gully opens to traffic. I look forward to driving along it for the first time this weekend.

headlines on Google News

I thought it opened yesterday, when I read the headlines on Google News. But then I remembered that we live in the post-truth era. “Officially opened” just means opened to government officials, in particular, opened to the current Prime Minister and her cronies. Plebs like us have to wait until the very early hours of this morning.

The official name of the new road is Te Ara Nui o Te Rangihaeata. Te Rangihaeata was a Ngāti Toa chief and nephew of the Ngāti Toa warlord Te Rauparaha. In August 1846 he led the Ngāti Toa forces at the battle of Battle Hill, which overlooks the new road roughly halfway between Paekakariki and Pauatahanui. Te Rangihaeata is also famous for having been a signatory to the Treaty of Waitangi in June 1840, and for his involvement with his uncle Te Rauparaha in the Wairau Affray in June 1843. During the latter confrontation, which was the first major skirmish of the Land Wars, a stray bullet killed Te Rangihaeata’s wife, Te Rongo. In an act of vengeance, Te Rangihaeata bludgeoned to death the nine special constables of the New Zealand Company who had been taken prisoner. Later, the newly appointed second Governor of New Zealand, Robert Fitzroy (former captain of the HMS Beagle), investigated the incident and exonerated Te Rangihaeata and Te Rauparaha, on the grounds that the New Zealand Company had attempted an illegal land grab.

These days New Zealand is a less bloody interesting place, but still a place blighted by corporate grift, government graft and endemic low-level corruption. Here’s a timeline of the Transmission Gully project’s 103-year history. Have a read of the history of the project, especially since construction commenced in 2014, paying particular attention to the steady stream of delays, build errors, cost overruns, and silt running into the harbour. I think it’s hardly plausible to deny that some of those involved are on the make.

Someone once said, never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence. But why not both?

My Rock 2000 2021 picks…

I finally submitted my 20 songs for this years Rock 2000.
It is never an easy choice.
I decided against just listing 20 Tool songs… or any double ups for that matter.
I also thought that the songs chosen had to have a bit of a ‘party beat’ rather than simply being Epic ‘musically’.
I also did not want to be restricted by the fact that some of my pics may not even make the 2000 list.
These were self imposed ‘rules’, everyone being free to make their picks howsoever they please.
I only write them here to explain how I arrived at my particular 20 from a longer pick list of 60… and why even this longer list excluded some of my favorite sounds… such as Pink Floyd… whose music tends to the darker side rather than upbeat party sounds…

It certainly is starkly different from last years list… and knowing my own disposition to modify my own standing… next years list no doubt will be different again…. and I will be willing to justify myself with a completely different set of concerns…. not that any of this matters to anyone other than myself.
It simply amuses me to record such thoughts to be able to review them later so that in retrospect I can smile at my own musical mystery tour….

Last year I won tickets to the main event down town Auckland… which was a blast.
That post also includes a band/song list of over 800 which I put together as a prompt for future Rock 2000 voting.
It could help people write their list.

Rock On!
Tim Wikiriwhi

Update: The show has started… and it’s EPIC!
I cant believe the quality of the songs that only made it into the 2000-1500 range of the first week, but then again some blow your mind that people still love them after 30,40,50 years!
The first song that got played off my list was…
Steppin Wolf…. Born to be wild. *1804.
The Who…. We don’t get fooled again…. *1731
The White Stripes…. The hardest Button to Button. *1711.
Golden Earing Radar Love *1158
Black Sabbath Children of the Grave. *748
Deep Purple Child in Time *476
Alice in Chains. The Rooster. *51
Tool. The Pot ****8****

One special mention is Monster Magnet Space Lord made it to 1761!
Mind blown!

Apparently 7000 songs got voted for this year yet any songs that got less than 5 votes automatically get axed even before the list gets tabulated, and 5000 songs got 5 or more votes.

Other Stats….
Alice in Chains got 18 songs in.
Black Sabbath had 15.
Ozzy sang in 27 songs in total.
Shihad had 26 songs.

Metalica’s ‘One’ made it to number 10 and is the Rock’s best performing song over the years.
It has been number 1 four times, number 2 four times, and 18 times in the top 10.
It was their 52 song in this years countdown!

1.5 million votes cast.

Update 14-9-21.
NOTHING makes me feel more happy at being a Bougan Westy and reminds me of why I love music more than listening to the Rock 2000!
It really is a celebration of My Culture.
Tim Wikiriwhi.

Update 24-9-21.
Top 10 Tracks for 2021.
10….. Metalica. One.
9…… The Dudes. Bliss
8……. Tool. The Pot.
7……. Queen. Bohemian Rhapsody.
6……. Slipknot. Duality.
5……. Pearl Jam. Black. Same as last years countdown!
4…… Blindspot. Nil by mouth.
3…… Lynyrd Skynard. Simple Man.
2…… Metalica. Enter Sandman.
1…… Rage Against the Machine. Killing in the name of.

The Rock FM 2000, 2020. Bands and Best Song lists. Cheers to Carlsberg Beer!

Live show The Rock 2000 ( Photo credit… and check out more epic pics at Ambient Light. )

The Rock FM Radio Station is New Zealand’s number 1 Bogan Rock Station and has been so since that early 90s.
For over nearly 2 decades The Rock has run an Epic Music comp whereby listeners have voted for their favorite songs.
It started out as the Rock 500, yet has grown by increments of 500 songs through 1000,1500, to the glorious 1 month music event now called the Rock 2000.
It gets millions of votes, and is live streamed to millions across the globe.
Read more about the Rock here

They stream live here.


Update: 7-11-20 The Countdown and Live show.

Top 10 songs for 2020 were…
10- Lynard Skynard: Simple Man.
9- Chris Cornell: Patience.
8- Blindspott: Nil by mouth.
7- Rage against the Machine: Killing in the name
6- Black Sabbath: War pigs.
5-Pearl Jam: Black.
4-Shihad: Home Again.
3- Guns and Roses: November Rain.
2- Tool: The Pot.
1- Foofighters Everlong.

The Rock’s Official report here

Now I just so happened to make it to the Live Countdown and Rock Concert thanks to winning tickets from Carlsberg Beer! (How cool was that!)

They got me and my Bro (The legendary Jamie C) accommodation at the Ramada Suites on Victoria st…Great service from their Staff.
There was an Ice bucket of Carlsberg beersies, Concert Wristbands to get into the Carlsberg VIP Box set up Center rear of the stadium, with great views of the stage and of course… a Bar looking down upon the envious multitude.
All the Event staff involved, from the Rock, Fuse promotions, and Carlsberg Beer were wonderful and made us feel very welcome.
The Crowd was having a blast with the countdown, everyone was trying to figure out which song would make it to Number 1.

My Favorite Band Tool’s ‘The Pot’ got piped at post by The Foofighters ‘Everlong’.
Dave Grohl recorded an acceptance speech, thanked his fans and promised a Tour in NZ in the near future (Damn the Rona!)

The Rock celebrated Bryce Casey’s 20 years at the Station, with video tributes from Kiwi Celebs beamed onto the big screen, many of them expressing their respect for Bryce’s Voluntary work in the area of Mental health.

Head like a Hole… From here

Then it was time for the Bands!
Legends Head like a hole opened.
Then ‘Racing’ which I have never herd before, and they had a cool sound.
Villainy was obviously popular with the Younger folk.
By the time Devilskin came on we had abandoned the Carlsberg VIP box and were Front row center stage… Rockin out!
When the show was over, Jamie and I ended up at a bar called ‘Father Teds Original Irish pub on Wellesley st listening to a 2 piece band.
It was sometime after 1am that I got back to the Motel… god knows where Jamie went… but he was there in the morning when I woke up so we survived it!
Many Thanks to Carlsberg for all that!

My Rock Picks for 2020.(Below)

My Rock 2000 choices… Thrown together at the last moment.
I intended to do a far greater systematic evaluation yet because I had pissed about too much… I ended up winging it….

Below is my Rock catalogue that I was intending to use to pick my Top 20 for the Rock 2000, yet I never got it finished in time.
I will add to this and it will be ready for next years Rock 2000.
Everyone who digs a similar range of sounds as I will be able to use the list to jog their memory.
The idea is not to list *all the songs* any band or artist made, but their best ones… in my humble opinion.

So many great bands and songs still to list… please feel free to tell me some you think need to be here.

A little about my musical taste.
Tool is my favorite band.
Love Classic Rock!, Love Hair Metal!, but the Zenith of Music for me was 90s Grunge.
The 90’s were the greatest party years of my life… I guess everyone has their own ‘Heyday’.
There are no rules written in concrete that we all must agree as to who is the greatest… etc… and everyone has a soundtract to their own life (to plagerise a slogan from another Radio show! :-))

Tool won the Rock’s ‘Rock Wars’ in 2011.
They won the Rock 1000 in 2013 with Sober.
Tool also won the Rock 1000 in 2014 with Stinkfist.
Tool was second last Year in the Rock 1500 with The Pot.

Of course I like some Cruzzie Lazy Sunday tunes too… and some trippy stuff!
Even some 80s pop cheese… never to be herd on the Rock… but what the hell….aaaand even… dare I say it…some pop country!
I’m going to have to kill you to keep my dirty secrets safe! 🙂
Buffalo Girls go around the outside!
Word Homie.
I’ll probably have to surrender my Westie membership card after this… I cant help it…. I enjoy a broad spectrum of music!
Though I am not a musician myself, I think life definitely has a soundtrack, and I habitually think of songs to fit situations or conversations… a lot of what will be listed below cannot be called ‘Rockin Beats’… not Party hard music, a lot is trippy… a lot is cruizzie… yet if you have gone to a lot of Gigs… and rages the *real trick is to take the people on a bit of a ride*
I am sure those of you who play in bands know that you set out your song list like a rollercoaster ride… Building up… then going down which is important so that you can take the party back up again!
Its the lows of life that make the Highs High… that’s a free bit of Life Coaching for you younguns… enjoy it all.
Many songs listed below are there simply because I rank them highly… despite not having a single ounce of Rock juice…
They are there because I want them to remain a part of my life till my last breath.
What is interesting about the Rock 2000 is just how broad a range of songs actually make the list!
It is not what might be expected… just a narrow succession of Bogan head banging Anthems… this tells me I am far from alone in my fetish for freaky flavours.

The Rock 2000 is sponsored by Carlsberg Beer!
I am no expert on German Ale, yet am very familiar with the Gold Can Elephant Beer 8%!
Top Beer!
And for that reason Carlsberg is one of the few Foreign Beer brands whose stuff I collect.

I will add references to where each song scored this year if they made the cut.

I have my own Facebook music page (here) where a regularly post new Music video’s that I have just discovered, or Blasts from the past.
Music related articles, jokes, etc.
Music is a massive part of my life.

Tim Wikiriwhi.

My Song list… No* is 2020. * is *2021

Hell’s Bells. 79. *112
Shoot to thrill. 366. *359
Long way to the top. 151. *218
Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap. *318
Aint no fun waiting around to be a millionaire,
Live wire.
Little lover.
Back in Black. 49. *53
Whole lotta Rosie *407
Highway to hell. 70′ *100
TNT. 215. *456
High Voltage. 1162.
Let there be Rock. 262. *393
Ride on. 409. *419
Can I sit next to you girl. 1644 *1419
Squealer. 1675
Heatseeker. 1149. *1224
Big Balls. 878.
Jailbreak. 428. *593
Whole lotta Rosie. 326.
You shook me all night long. 105. *130
For those about to Rock. 119. *15
Thunderstruck. 37 *39
Touch too much.
Soul Stripper.
Rolling in the deep.
Someone like you

Because I got high.

Laurie Anderson.
O Superman.

Alice in Chains.
Down in a hole. 139. *145
The Rooster. 43. *51
Rain when I Die.
Man in the Box. 85. *142
Would. 61 *58
Nutshell (unplugged) 17 *19
No Excuses. *651
Don’t Follow.

The All Saints.
Pure shores
Black Coffee.
Lady Marmalade.
Rock Steady.

Ventura Highway.
A Horse with no name.

Forever Young.

Everything Burns.
Left outside alone.

The Animals.
House of the Rising Sun. 561.
I’m Crying.

Aphex Twin.
Come to Daddy.

Dream on. 168. *197

Joan Armatrading.
Drop the pilot.
Me myself I

James Arthur
Empty Space

Artic Monkeys.
Do I Wanna Know?
I bet that you look good on the dance floor. *985
R U mine? *656

I am the highway. 150. *184
Like a stone. 69. *71
Be yourself. 335. *488
Doesn’t remind me *

Australian Crawl.

Sail. 348. *542



Aint seen nothing yet.
Taking care of business.
Let it ride.
Hey You.

Bad Company.
Bad Company
Shooting star.

Day after Day.

Bad Wolves.

Jimmy Barnes.
I’d die to be with you tonight. 394.
Working class man. 40. *48
No second prize. 306. *412
Good time tonight.

Basement Jaxx
Where’s your head at.

The Beachboys.
wouldn’t it be nice.
Good vibrations.
Surfin USA.

Beastie Boys.
Fight for the right to party 1007.

The Beatles.
Revolution. 1781 *1401
Here comes the sun.
Hey Jude. 825. *209
Get back. 1895
I feel fine.
Little help with my friends.
She came in through the bathroom window.
All my loving.
While my guitar gently weeps. *663
Glass onion.
Bungalow Bill
Rocky Racoon
Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
Back in the USSR. 1904
Happiness is a warm gun.
Across the universe.
Paperback writer.
Helter Skelter. 1070.
Magical mystery tour.
Norwegian wood.
Come together. *398

I started a Joke.
New York Mining disaster.
Too much Heaven.
Stayin alive.

The Bellamy Brothers.
Let your love flow.

Pat Benatar.
Love is a battlefield.
Heartbreaker. 1795

Justin Bieber.

Black-eyed peas.
Where is the love?

The Black Keys.
Gold on the ceiling. 682

Black Sabbath
The Gypsy.
Paranoid. 87. *91
Iron Man. 196.
War Pigs. ***6*** *18
Children of the Grave. 598. *748
Heaven and hell. *495
Sabbath bloody Sabbath. *684
Planet Caravan. 1088.
The Wizzard. 1106
Sweet Leaf. 798. *646
Black Sabbath. 801. *700
Heaven and hell. 164.
Lord of this world.
Changes. *1171

Blind Melon.
No Rain

Nil by Mouth. *(****4****)

Blink 182
What’s my age again? *361
Adam’s song. 367. *494
Miss you. 380. *502
All the small things. 418. *533
Dammit (Growing up)

Heart of Glass. 1312.
Call Me.

Blue Oyster Cult.
Don’t Fear the Reaper. 513. *512
Burning for you.
Then came the last days of May.
The revenge of Vera Gemini
ETI. Extra terrestrial intelligence.

The Blue Stones.
Rolling with the Punches. 1889

Blues Traveler.
The Hook.
Look around.
The Mountain wins again.
Just wait.

James Blunt.
Your Beautiful.
Goodbye my lover

Bon Jovi.
Keep the faith.
Wanted Dead or Alive.

More than a feeling.
Rock and Roll band.
Piece of mind.

David Bowie.
Space oddity. 393.
Star Man. 950. *1036
Ashes to Ashes. *1463
Cat People. 446.
Ziggy Stardust. 553.
Ashes to ashes.
Heroes. 303. *223
Bring me to the Disco king.
The Laughing Gnome.

The Guitar Man.

Breaking Benjimin.
Dairy of Jane. 165 *179
So Cold. 221. *220
Ashes of Eden.
Breath. 647.
I will not bow. 790.
Had enough.

Breaks Co-op
The Other side.

Jackson Brown.
Running on empty.

Buck Cherry’
Lit up. 949.
Head like a hole.

Buffolo Sprinfield.
For what it’s worth.

The chemicals between us.
Glycerine. 234. *315
Everything Zen
Letting the cables sleep
40 miles from the Sun.
Comedown. 582.

Butthole surfers.

The Byrds.
8 miles high
Hey Mr Tamborine man.
Turn Turn Turn.

The Call.
Let the day begin.

The Calling
Wherever You will Go.

Canned Heat.
On the Road again.

Lewis Capaldi
Someone you loved.

The Cardigans.
Favorite game.
Erase/ rewind

The Cars.
Your just what I needed.
Let the Good times Roll.
Bye Bye Love.

Johnny Cash.
Gods Gonna cut you down.

The Chainsmokers.
Don’t let me down.


Cheap Trick.
The Fame.
I want you to want me.

Chemical brothers.
Hey Boy, Hey Girl

Gary Clark
Bright Lights.

Kelly Clarkson.
Already gone.


Cocoanut Rough.
Sierra Leone.

Leonard Cohen.

Marc Cohn.
Walking in Memphis.

Cold Chisel.
Bow River. 57. *185

Dont panick.
Fix you.
Speed of sound.
in my place
Clocks. 1733
The Scientist
God put a smile upon my face.

Paula Cole.
Where have all the Cowboys gone?

Edwyn Collins.
a girl like you.

Collective Soul.
Where the river flows.
The world that I know.

Alice Cooper
Halo of Flies.
From the inside.
Milly and Billy.
Nurse Rosetta.
I’m 18. 1173
Welcome to my nightmare. 984.
Schools out. 998.
Only Woman Bleed. 200.
We’re all crazy.

Chris Cornell.
Cant change me. 1530
Patience. ***9***.

Coverdale / Page.
Shake my Tree.
Take me for a little while.


Zombie. 123. *132
I can’t be with you.
Ridiculous thoughts.

Robert Cray.
Strong Persuader.

Crazy Train.

Credence Clearwater Revival.
Bad moon rising
Fortunate son.
Long as I see the light.

Arms wide open. 193. *342
My own prison. 231.

Jim Croce’
Time in a Bottle.

Crosby Stills and Nash.
Sothern Cross.

Christopher Cross.
Ride like the wind.

Sheryl Crow.
If it makes you happy.

Taio Cruz.

The Cult
She sells sanctuary. 761. *732
Black Angel.
Fire Woman. 819.
Edie. 1047. *1422
Wild Flower. 1663
Sweet Soul sister *1445

Cutting Crew’
Died in your arms

Cypress Hill
Whats your number

Roger Daltry
Avenging Annie.

Dance Exponents.
Even though I’m Blue.
Why does love do this to me?

The Darkness
Love is only a Feeling. 1664 *1238
Rock and Roll deserves to die.

The Datsuns.
Harmonic Generator. 913.
Blacken my Thumb.


The Dead South.
In Hell I’ll be in good company.

Lana Delray
Video Games.
High by the beach.
Summertime sadness.
Born to Die.
Blue Jeans

The Dandy Warhols.
Bohemian like you. *1466

Deep Purple.
Child in Time. 538. *476
Holy man.
Smoke on the water. 440. *648
This time around.
Hush. 1726
Highway star. 1036.
Perfect strangers.
Knocking at your back door.
Black Night. *1177
When a blind man cries.

Gavin DeGraw.
Chemical Party.
I don’t want to be.
Just Friends.
Nice to meet you.

Beers. 1304
Frat Nation.

Rick Derenger.
Rock and Roll Hoochie coo.

Willy Deville.
Storybook love.

Little pills. 51.

Here with me.
No White Flag.
Life for rent.

Die Antwerd
Ugly boy.
I fink you Freaky
I am an Alien.

Holy Diver. 347. *241
Dont talk to strangers.
Sacred Heart.

Dire Straits.
Brothers in Arms. 19. *63
Telegraph Road. 502. *719
Sultans of swing. 67. *84
Industrial Disease.
Romeo and Juliet. 237. *396
Skate away.
Money for nothing. 52. *59

Counting Blue cars.

Down with the sickness. *40

The Divinyls.
Pleasure and Pain.
I touch myself.
Back to the Wall.

Doobie Brothers.
Long Train Running. 1718
What a Fool believes.
Listen to the music.
China Grove.
Black water.
The Doctor.

The Doors
The Changeling.
LA Woman. *730
Breath underwater till the end.
Riders on the storm. 399. *440
Lover her madly. *1471
Horse latitudes.
The Crystal Ship.
Light my fire. 1627 *428
Break on through to the other side. 1314. *1450
The End. 937. *721
Roadhouse Blues. 496. *677
The Spy.
When the music’s over.

Gods plan.

The Dudes/ DD Smash
Be mine tonight.
Better the Devil you know.

Duran Duran.
Ordinary World.
Come Undone.
Save a prayer.
Hungry like the wolf.

Bob Dylan.
Sad eyed lady of the lowlands.
Simple twist of fate.
Tangled up in blue.
Sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.
Serve somebody.
Like a Rolling stone.
Stuck inside a mobile with the Memphis Blues again.
The Hurricane.
Everybody must get stoned.
Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts.

The Dudes.
Bliss *(****9****)

The Eagles.
Hotel California. 41. *45
Lying Eyes.
Lifer in the fast lane.

Electric Six.
Danger! High Voltage.

Telephone line.
Don’t bring me down.
Livin thing.
Cant get you out of my head.
Evil Woman. 1714
Out of the Blue.
Mr Blue Sky.

Return to Innocence.
Principles of Lust.

Call me when you’re sober.
Going Under. 910. *579
Everybody’s Fool.
My Immoral.
Bring me to life. 294.

Father of mine.
I will buy you a new life.
Santa Monica. 590.

What its like. 464. *484
Black Jesus. 1713 *1426
Little miss America.

Eve 6.
Inside out.

Do not copy or reproduce without permission

Me with Deep Purple legend Glenn Hughes… back in 2017


Faith no more.
We care a lot.
Epic. 256. *232
Ashes to ashes.

The Feelers.
Stand up and be counted. *997
Venus. 1102. *235
Astronaut. 1914 *1048
Fishing for Lisa. 1520.
Pressure Man. 893 *582

Honey Honey.

Take a Picture. 1112.

Five finger Death Punch.
Bad Company. *733
Wrong side of Heaven.
House of the Rising Sun.

Five for fighting.
Superman. It’s not easy.

Fleetwood Mac
The Chain. *24
Oh Well.
Green Manilishi
The Chain.
Closing my eyes.
Man of the world.
Need your love so bad.
I’ve got a mind to give up living/All over again.
Tusk 334 *503
Go your own way. *151

Cererus is as Cerberus does.

Flock of Seagulls.
I Ran.

No handlebars.

Fully alive.
all around me.
I’m so sick.

My Hero. 102. *83
Everlong. (******1******) *11
Monkey Wrench. 128. *144
Learn to Fly. 157.

Lita Ford.
If I closed my eyes forever. *655

Cold as Ice. 1700
I want to know what love is.
Waiting for a girl like you.

4 Non Blondes.
What’s Up.

Wishing Well.
Fire and Water.

The Frey.
How to save a life.

Ruby Frost.
White noise.

We are young.

Nelly Furtardo.
Turn out the light.
Say it right.
I’m like a bird.

Peter Gabriel.
Solsbury hill.
In you eyes’
Dont give up.
Digging in the dirt.

Lady Gaga.
Poker face.
Bad Romance.
Rain on me.
Just dance.

Golden Earing.
Radar love.

Ooh la la
Ride a white horse.

Golden Horse.
Run Run Run.

Blue moon rising.
We haven’t turned around.
Revolutionary kind.
Bring it on.
Las Vegas Dealer.
Rhythm and Blues Alibi
Devil will ride.

Goo Goo Dolls.

Feel good inc.
Melancholy hill.
Clint Eastwood.
Dirty Harry.

Somebody I used to know.

Elle Goulding.
Starry Eyed.
The Writer.

Gnarls Barkley.

Lukas Graham.
7 Years.

Ariana Grande.
Break Free (Video)
Thank u, next (video)

Eddie Grant.
Electric Avenue.

Green Day.
Wake me when September ends. 535.
Boulevard of Broken Dreams. 291. *436

David Grey.
Sail away.
My o my.

Dobie Grey.
Drift away

Macy Grey.
I Try.

Chemical heart. *1424

Ash Grunwald
The last stand.

Guns and Roses’
Paradise city. 64. *64
Sweet child of mine. 50. *61
November rain. ***3*** *17
Night train. 261. *201
Patience. 152.
Civil War. 86. *140
Don’t cry. *404
You could be mine. *417
Rocket Queen. *74
Welcome to the Jungle. *88

Wayne Hancock.
Miller, Jack, and Mad Dog.

Darren Hayes
Black out the Sun.

Jeff Healey Band.
While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

Magic man
Crazy on you.
All I want to do is make love to you.
Barracuda. *481

Beth Heart
LA song.

Hello Sailor.
Gutter black. 343.
Blue Lady. *1049
Billy Bold.

Jimi Hendrix.
Hey Joe. *727
Foxy Lady. 1249.
Voodoo child. 600.
Purple haze. *751
Electric Lady Land.
All along the Watchtower. *116

Highly suspect.
My name is human. 42. *50
16. 53.
Bath Salts. 329.

Lips of an Angel. 1798

The Reason.

The Hoodoogurus.
Stone age Romeos
Hayride to hell.
I was a Kamikaze pilot.

The Housemartins.
Caravan of Love.

Hunters and Collectors’
When the river runs dry.
True tears of joy.
Do you see what I see.
Holy Grail. 999
Throw your arms.
Imaginary Girl.


We can get together.
No promises.
Hey little girl.
Dont believe anymore.
Great Southern land. 987.
Cant help myself.
Taking the Town.
Dusty pages.

Billy Idol.
Eyes without a face.
White wedding.

Imagine Dragons.
Radioactive. 621.
Whatever it takes. 1304

Are you in.

In this moment.
Sex Metal Barbie.
The in-between.
Big Bad Wolf.
Oh Lord. *1213

Iron Maden.
Number of the Beast. 141. *172
Run to the hills. 101 (odd 1141.) *110
The Prisoner
Can I play with Madness. 415.
2 minutes to midnight. 448.
Hallowed be thy name. *154

Chris Issak.
Wicked game.


Terry Jacks.
Seasons in the Sun.

Mick Jagger.
Hard woman.
War baby.
Say you will.

The Jam.
That’s Entertainment.

James Gang.
Walk Away.

Janes Addiction.
3 Days.
Been caught Steeling.
Jane says.
Just because. 1758

Jefferson Airplane.
White Rabbit.

Carley Rae Jepsen
Call me maybe
Good time.

Jesus Jones.
Right here right now.

Are gonna be my girl *1429

Joan Jet.
I love Rock and Roll.
Crimson and Clover.

Jethro Tull.
Aqualung. 1652
Locomotive breath. 1371
Broad sword.
Watching me watching you.

Who will save your soul.
Foolish games.
My hands.
you were meant for me.
Angel standing by.

JJ Cale.
Same old Blues again.
Traveling light.
After midnight.
Crazy moma.

Elton John.
Rocket man. 807. *447
Candle in the wind.

Robert John.
Sad Eyes.

Greg Johnson.
Save yourself.

Paul Ubana Jones.
The Mountain song.
Rest in my arms.
Raga-Bird without a song.

Judas Priest.
Breaking the Law. 1041.
The Ripper.
Island of Domination.
Electric Eye. 1697
Diamonds and rust.

Gary Jules.
Mad World.


Hot Blood.
Way down we go. 352. *1147
Save yourself.

Somewhere only we know.

Tick Tok

Alicia Keys.
Empire State of mind.

Wiz Khalfa feat Charlie Puth.
See you again.

Greg Kihn Band.
The Break Up Song.

Kings of Leon.
On Call. 783. *516
Pyro. 388.
Sex on fire. 214. *163

The Kinks.
Sunny afternoon.
Ape man.

I was made for loving you. 609.

You Say.
Television eyes.
Last night in the city. 1534

The Kooks

Got the life.
Twisted transistor. 382. *433
Coming Undone. 187. *162
Right Now.
Word Up. 625. *674
Rotting in vain. *1412
Make me bad.
Throw me away.
Get Up (Feat Shrillex)

Led Zeppelin
Battle of Evermore. 1687
Black Dog. 220. *322
Immigrant song. 91. *96
Whole lotta love. 298. *297
Kashmir. 72. *86
Going to California. 833.
Misty mountain hop. 1788 *1073
Stairway to Heaven. 28. *26
When the Levee breaks. 565.
Babe I’m Gonna Leave You.
Rock N Roll. 1262
No Quarter. 642. *725
Over the hills and far away. 593.
Dazed and Confused. 338. *390
Ramble on. 194. *355
Good times Bad times. *1414

The Leamonheads.
The Outdoor Type.

John Lenin
Jealous guy.
Watching the wheels

Leona Lewis.
Bleeding Love.

Gordon Lightfoot.
Wreak of the Edmond Fitzgerald.
Face of a thousand people.
If you could read my mind.
Songs for a winter night.
Early morning rain.

Linkin Park.
In The End. *54

Little River Band.
Cool Change
The Night Owl.
Its a long way there.
Help is on it’s way.
Home on a Monday.
Lonesome Loser.

Heaven. 1954
The dam at Otter creek.
All over you. . 1294 *1113
We came to the Earth to graze.
Lakini’s juice. 1094
I alone. 762. *749
The Dolphin’s cry. 524. *685
Lightning Crashes. 126. *159

Party Rock Anthem.

Lincoln Park.
Numb. 16.
In The End. 62.

Looking glass.

Lost on you.

Luscious Jackson.

Pretend we’re dead.

Lynyrd Skynard.
Free Bird. 15. *13
Simply Man. ***10*** *(****3****)

G Tom Mac.
Cry Little Sister.

Manchester Orchestra
The Silence

Manic Street Preachers.
If you Tolerate this your children will be next.

Marilyn Manson.
The Dope Show. 736.
The Beautiful people. 58. *231
I dont like the Drugs (but the drugs like me) 361.

Toy Soldiers.

Martina McBribe.
Concrete Angel.

Massive attack.

Big city life.

Matchbox 20.
If you’re Gone.
Unwell. 1107.
3am. 1014.

One Day

Dave Matthews band.
The Space Between.

John Mayer.
Heartbreak Warfare.

Don Mclean.
Castles in the air.

Kick out the jams.
Motor City is Burning,
Ramblin Rose.
Looking at you.
Black To Comm

Bat out of hell. 136. *178

Countdown to destruction.
Symphony of destruction. 113. *127
Hanger 18.

Mental as anything.
If you leave me, can I come too?
Too many times.

The Unforgiven. 66. *82
Enter Sandman. 25. *(****2****)
Master of Puppets. 12 *14
Ride the lightening. 1043. *304
And justice for all. 555. *93
Blackened. 245. *204
For whom the Bell tolls. 11 *23
One. 21 *(*****10****)
Nothing Else matters. 29 *25
Fade to black. 30 *16
Sad but True. 78. *85


Paper planes.

Midnight Oil.
Bus to Bondi.
Stand in line.

Roger Miller.
King of the road.

Steve Miller band.
Keep on Rockin me.
Mercury Blues.
Take the money and run.
Fly like an Eagle.
Keep on Rockin me.
Jet Airliner.

Jesus built my Hotrod. 1613
Every day is Halloween.

Why does my Heart.

Kick out the Jams.
Ramblin Rose.
Looking at you.

Molly Hatchet
Beating the odds.
Penthouse pauper.
Fall of the Peacemakers.
The Rambler.

Monster Magnet.
When the planes fall from the Sky.
Cage around the Sun.
Gods and Punks.
Time Machine.
Space Lord. 1579

Gary Moore.
Still got the Blues.

Alanis Morissette.
You Oughta Know. *983

Morning Wood.
Nth Degree.

Van Morrison.
Into the mystic.
Brown eyed girl.

The Motels.
Only the Lonely.
Little Robbers.
Total control.
Remember the nights.
Suddenly last summer.
Where do we go from here?

Motley Crew.
Kickstart my heart. 147. *89
Without you.
Dr Feelgood. 406. *521

Iron fist.
Killed by death. *686
Ace of Spades. 80. *97

Jason Mraz.
I’m yours.

Pete Murray
Better days.

Sing for Absolution.
Supermassive blackhole. 539

Kacey Musgrave

Giant Friend.
Dominion Road. 1175 *1094
Anchor me. 1057.

My Chemical Romance.
Welcome to the Black Parade.

Love hurts.

99 Luftballons

Photograph. 840′ *340
Rockstar. 1428.
Far away.
How you remind me. 203. *198
feed the machine. 424.

Stevie Nicks.
Edge of seventeen.
Talk to me.

Smells like teen spirit. 18.
Come as you are. 106. *102
Man who sold the world. 199.
Lithium. 127. *148
Heart shaped box. 135. *167
Territorial pissings.
Lake of Fire. 211.
About A Girl.


O Type Negitive.
Everything dies.

Champaign Supernova 269.

Ocean Colour scene.
The Riverboat song.

The Offspring.
Come out and play. *735
Self esteem. 243 *221
Gone away. 451.
Gotta get away.

OK Go.
Here it goes again.

Counting Stars.

Op Shop.
One Day. *1105
No Ordinary thing. 1917 *332
Pins and Needles.
Stand up.


Owl city and Carley Rae Jepsom.
Good Time.

Ozzy Ozbourne.
No more Tears. 149. *153
Killer of Giants
Crazy Train. 99 *79
Under the Graveyard. 528. *125
Perry Mason. 976. *1417
I just want you.
See you on the other side. 318.
Mama I’m coming home. 183. *150
Dreamer. *756



Pain of Salvation.
Disco Queen.
Enter Rain.
Flame to the moth.
Panic at the Disco.
High Hopes.

This Love. *420
Domination. *276
Walk *30
Cemetery Gates. *62


Alan parsons Project.
Eye in the Sky.
Old and wise.
Turn of a friendly card.
The Raven.
Games people play.

Let her go.

Pearl Jam.
Black ***5*** *(****5****)
Yellow leadbetter 38. *52
Even Flow. 115. *128
Hard Sun (Eddie Vedder)
Elderly Woman behind the counter in a small town. 166. *174
Better Man. 77. *80
Alive. *118
Last kiss. *250
Daughter. *152

Peking Man.
Room that echoes.

Perfect Circle.
Weak and powerless 827.
The Noose.
The package.
By and Down the River
Counting bodies like sheep.
The Outsider. 342 *380
Weak and powerless.
so long and thanks for the fish. 240. *620
The Contrarian.
Talk Talk
The Doomed. 558. *752

Katy Perry.
Dark Horse.
I kissed a girl and I liked it.
Hot n Cold.

Tom Petty
Dont come around here no more.
Stop dragging my heart around.
Mary Jane’s last dance. *168

Pink Floyd
Heart of the Sun
Brain Damage/Eclipse 620.
Wish you were here. *31
Time. 686 *696
Dark side of the moon
Welcome to the machine.
Shine on you Crazy diamonds. *57
Breath in the air. 1005.
Us and them. 935
Great Gig in the Sky. 838
Hey you. 390. *343
Have a Cigar. 434. *519
Money. 283.
Another Brick in the wall. 222. *207
Comfortably Numb. 39 *35
Pigs (three different ones) *1227
One of these days.

Pure Morning.

Robert Plant/ Honey Drippers.
In the Mood.
Big Log. 1744
Ship of Fools.
Sea of love (Honeydrippers)
29 Palms *1082

Baby come back.

The Pointer Sisters.
Slow hand

Glory box.

My Happiness 885. *767
Sunsets. 1940
Since you’ve been gone.
My kind of scene.
How far have we really come?
On my mind. 1879

Powerman 500.
When worlds collide.

Daniel Powter.
Had a bad day.

The Presidents of the United states.
Peaches. 1034.
Old Man on the back porch.
Lump. 1432.
Tiki God.
Dune Buggy.
Back Porch.
Naked and Famous.

The Pretty Reckless.
Going to hell.

Shake your Blood. *1437

Firestarter. 581. *692
Breath. 638. *650
The Day is my enemy.
Smack my Bitch up.

The Promises.
Baby it’s you.

Pseudo Echo.

Puddle of Mud.
Blurry *654

Queen B
The Humbling river
Momma sed
The Mission.
The Remedy.

Harden my heart.

Radio Gaga.
Another one bites the dust.
The show must go on.

Silent Lucidity. 747. *693

The Raconteurs
Steady as she goes. *1223

Karma Police. 665.

Gerry Rafferty
Baker street.
Right down the line.
Stuck in the middle with you.

Rage Against the Machine.
Killing in the name of. ***7*** *(*************1*************)

Catch the Rainbow.
Since You’ve been gone.
Temple of the King.

Ram Jam.
Black Betty.

Du Hast. 60. *75
Keine Lust

Chris Rea.
Road to hell.
On the Beach.

Red hot Chili peppers.
City of Angels.
Give it away.
Under the Bridge. 74. *92
Suck my kiss. *680

Come back Brighter.
Summers in Bloom
Higher vibration
Place you hands on. 1705
Good Feeling.

The River.
Man on the moon. 1741
Losing my religion. 551. *711
Everybody hurts. *1084
Bang and Blame
Shining happy people.

REO Speedwagon.
Keep pushing.
In my Dreams.
Take on the Run.
Roll with the changes.

Ready to Go.
Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Only Girl in the world.

Rise Against.
Hero of War. 178.
Satellite. 480. *473
Savior. 195. *175

Rival Sons.
Keep on swinging.
Too bad.
Open my Eyes.
Electric Man.
Pressure and Time.

Rolling Stones.
Fool to cry.
Waiting on a friend.
Under my thumb
Paint it black. 159. *126
Gimme Shelter 132. *138
Start me up. 958.
Jack flash
Heart breaker.
Sympathy for the devil. 227. *371
Brown Sugar. 1689
It’s only Rock N Roll. 1793
Angie. 742.
Wild horses. 381. *675
Start me up. *952

Roxy Music.
Love is the Drug.
Dance away.
Jealous guy.
Slave to love.



Smooth Operator.
No Ordinary Love.
Your love is king.

Island Prisoner.
Times End.
Steel Killer.
Plan 2.

Carlos Santana.
She’s not there.

Savage Garden.
You can Still be Free.
Crash and Burn.
To The Moon and back.
I want you.
Truly Madly.
Hold Me.

The Eagle has landed.
And the Bands played on.
Strong arm of the Law.
Ride like the wind.

Winds of change 727.
Still loving you.
Rock you like a Hurricane. *1067
Passion Rules the Game.
Send me an angel.
No one like you.

Future Love Paradise.
Kiss from a Rose.

Seals and Crofts
Summer breeze.
Diamond girl

Second Coming.
Vintage Eyes.
The War.
The Song. (Constantine}

Faking it.287′ *293
Fine again. 947.
Broken. 407. *432
Remedy. 432. *562

Bob Segar.
Night moves. 661.
Fire lake.
We’ve got tonight.

Closing Time. 1937

Seven Mary 3.
Favorite Dog.
Cumbersome. *1114
Water’s edge.
Devil boy.

Shakespeare Sisters.

Home Again. ***4*** *12
My Mind’s Sedate. 250. *335
The General Electric. 111. *131

Peter schilling.
Major Tom.

State of my head.

The greatest.
Elastic heart.
She wolf.

Simon and Garfunkel
The Boxer.
The sound of Silence.
Scarborough Fair.
One mans sealing is another man’s floor.

Anna’s song (Open fire)
Anthem for the year 2000.

Ghost… Ian Astbury *1447
Promise…. Chris Cornell. 1263 *1170
Doctor Alibi … Lemmy.
Gotten… Adam Livine
Saint is a sinner too… Rocco Deluca
By the sword.

Snuf. 71. *27

The Small faces.
Itchykoo park.
Tin soldier.

Walking on the sun.

Smashing Pumpkins.
1979. 401. *180
Tonight. tonite. 879. *701
Bullet with butterfly wings. 225.
Today. 656.
Ava Adore

Sniff n the Tears.
Drivers Seat.

Snow Patrol.
Chasing Cars. 1273

Soul asylum.
Runaway Train. 1543

Blackhole Sun 20 *56
Spoon Man
Room a thousand miles wide.
Fell on Back days. 236. *300
Outshined. 358 *324
Rusty Cage. 468. *535
Jesus Christ Pose. 512. *630
Searching with my good eye closed.
Burden in my hand. 530.
Spoon man. *444

The Spindoctors.
Two Princes.
Little miss can’t be wrong.

Split Ends’
I got you. 1010.
History never repeats. 1729
I see Red.
I hope I never.
One step ahead.
Poor Boy.
My Mistake.
Shark attack.
Dirty Creature *1432
Six months in a leaky boat. *1413

Dusty Springfield.
Son of a preacher man.

Mazzy Star.
Fade into you.

Sterio MC’S

Dakota. 650.
The Bartender and the thief.

Born to be wild.
Majic carpet ride.
The Pusher.

Cat Stevens.
Father and son.
Moon shadow.
Peace train.
Remember the days of the old school yard.
Hard headed woman.
I’m gona get me a gun.
Matthew and son.
Wild World.

Stoned Jesus.
I’m the mountain.

Stone Temple Pilots
interstate love song. 197. *203
Still remains.
Pretty penny
Plush 182. *210
Vasoline. 788.
Lady Picture Show.

The Stranglers.
Golden Brown.
Skin Deep.
No mercy.

The Stray Cats.
Stray Cat Strut.

The Streets.
Blinded by the lights.
might be in.
Dry your eyes.
Fit but she knows it.

The Strypes.
A Good night sleep and a cab fare home.

Al Stewart.
Lord Grandville.
Year of the Cat.

Amii Stewart.
Knock on wood

Harry Styles.

Doin’ Time. *736
Smoke two joints.

Sugar Babes.
Hole in the head.
Freak like me.
Round Round.
Push the button.

Superman lovers

The Logical song.
Give a little bit.
Your bloody well right.
Goodbye stranger.
Take the long way home.
It’s raining again.
It’s a long Road.
Aubade / And I Am Not Like Other Birds of Prey.
Maybe I’m a Beggar.
Words unspoken

Love is like oxygen.

Taylor swift.
Shake it off.
Look what you made me do.
you belong to me.

System of a Down.
Ariel’s. 73. *68
Lonely day.
Chop suey. 27
Spiders. 96. *90
Toxicity. 48. *38
B.Y.O.B. 56. *72

Read: TOOL KICKS ARSE! THE ROCK 1000 2013.

Talking Heads.
Psycho Killer *653

Blister on the Moon.
I’ll remember.
What’s going on?
Railway and Gun.
If the day was any longer.
Dual Carriageway pain.

Talk Talk.
It’s my life.

James Taylor,
Fire and Rain.

Temple of the Dog.
Hunger strike. 13 *41

Dreadlock Holiday 1722
I’m Mandy
Rubber Bullets.
I’m not in love.

Thin Lizzy.
Don’t believe a word,

This mortal Coil.
Song to the Siren.

Thirsty Merc.
In the Summertime.

Thirty seconds to mars.
From Yesterday.

Three Doors Down.
Kriptonite. 206. *187
Here without you. 829 *580
Loser. * 761
When I’m Gone.
It’s not my time. 1172

George Thorogood.
Bad to the Bone.
One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One beer.
Get a haircut.
Who do you love.

Low lives in high places.

Thunderclap Newman.
Something in the air.


The Ting Tings.
That’s not my name.

Estas Tonne.
The song of the Golden Dragon.

Aenima 92. *47
Pneuma. 545. *228
Right in Two.
Sober 24. *28
Vicarious 83. *173
Lateralus 88 *111
Parabola. 98. *139
The Pot. ***2*** *(****8****)
Fear Inoculum. 1377 *120
Invincible. 1035
46 and 2. 23. *22
Tempest. 809. *104
Descending. 640. *453
No Quarter. 525. *504
Pushit. 389. *577
The Grudge. 317. *333
Third Eye.
Jambi. 133. *211
Eulogy. 173. *95
Stinkfist. 33. *36
Schism. 46. *42

If you could only see. *1439

Drops of Jupiter.

Way back to the bone.

Traveling Wilburies.
Tweeter and the Monkeyman.


Lay it on the line.

The Troggs.
Wild thing.

Twenty-one Pilots.
Stressed out.


One *1421
Sunday Bloody Sunday.
One Tree Hill.
Streets have no name.
Still haven’t found what I’m looking for. *1046
Who’s gonna ride your wild horses.
With or without you.

Uncle Lucius
Keep the Wolf away.

Urge Overkil.
Girl You’ll be a Woman soon.

Van Halen.
Jump. 1413.
Ain’t talking about love.
Eruption. *1403
You really got Me.
Panama. 251. *534

Van Morrison.
Into the mystic.

The Vapors.
Turning Japanese.

Stevie Ray Vaughn.
Cold Shot.

Velvet Revolver.
Fall to pieces. 414. *477

The Answer. *1425


VNV Nation.

The Wallflowers.
One Headlight.

Joe Walsh
Life’s been Good. 1196. *1058
Rocky Mountain way. 1540 *1031
The Confessor.

The Real Me.
The Headless children.
L.O.V.E Machine.
Forever Free.
Miss You.

The White Stripes.
7 Nation Army. 254. *244
Button to Button.

Amy Winehouse.
You know I’m no Good.
Back to Black.
Love is a losing game.

White Lion.
When the children cry.

Hash pipe. 667.
Buddy Holly. *1149
Say it aint so. 201.

Here I Go again. *708

White Zombie.
Thunderkiss 65 *734

The Who.
We dont get fooled again. 1400.
Behind Blue eyes.
My generation.
I can see for miles.
Baba O’Riley 395. *334
My generation
Who are You? *1124

Gin Wigmore.
Hey Ho.

Paul Mcartney and Wings.
Maybe I’m Amazed.
Band On the Run.
Listen to what the Man said.
Nineteen hundred and eighty five.
Let me roll it.
Uncle Albert/ Admiral Halsey.

Within Temptation.

Wiz Khalifa’
See you Again.

The Joker and the theif.

Neil Young.
The Needle and the damage done.
Your are like a hurricane.
My My Hey hey, 793.
Heart of Gold. 802.
Old Man. 529
Cowgirl in the sand (long version).
Down by the river.

Frank Zappa.
Bobby Brown.
Broken Hearts are for arseholes.
Dangerous Kitchen.
Cocaine decisions.
The Slime.

Rob Zombie.

Dracula. 258. *354
Living Dead girl. 264. *344

ZZ Top.
Legs. 1177. *376
Beer drinkers and hell raisers.
looking for some tush.
Old man
Tush. 1451. *569
Gimme all your lovin. 1293 *454
Sharp Dressed Man. 867.
La Grange. 460. *73
Party on the patio.
Brown sugar.
Somebody else been shakin your tree
Cheap Sunglasses.
Jesus just left Chicago.
I Gotsta get paid.
Just got paid
Back door love affair
I need you tonight.
Sure got Cold after the rain fell.
Hot blue and righteous.

If Ardern’s Political Contagion doesn’t Kill us…. The Caronavirus just might.

Get your copy of ‘Free Speech Under Attack’ from Good Bookstores or order direct from Tross publishing


This Blogpost has been a bloody nightmare to write… and will probably suck just as badly to read!
Not only is it Obscene in length, containing last weeks news that has been thoroughly covered by other writers when it was actually current … The whole theme I was trying to lay out simply didnt work!
There has been too much crap going on!
Yet because I have spent 3 days writing this sod of a thing, I am too peeved to just Euthanize it … letting it die quietly… with dignity…
I’m sorry…. Read at your own peril.

As the calendar clicked over into 2020 I was wallowing under a cloud at how oppressive Ardern’s regime and her henchmen The New Zealand Police has been behaving with regards to the Police raid on Right Minds Social media Commentator and critic of the Ardern Globalist doctrine and Concerned Citizen who made a Submission in opposition to the Firearms Amendment Act… Conservative Thinker Dieuwe de Boer.

The Police had evidently used his submission to the bill as ‘pretext’ to invade and ransack his home and traumatise his family… finding nothing…. yet leaving him (and the Independent NZ Blogging community) a clear message from the regime… of the consequences contrary opinions to the State Agenda could expect to be treated if they dare express them in the public domain.

This shocking act of Political Gansterism was just the latest in a series of such raids on independent Kiwi social media commentators … a clear systematic pattern now evident to all who are awake… one which the so-called mainstream media have done their part to condition the sheeple to endorse as a legitimate suppression of ‘Far Right extremism’.

I had predicted this Jackbooted activity would commence (here) given the Gun confiscation amnesty had been such an utter failure… the Police eager to ‘Punish’ those who had in any way attempted to protest against their new tyrannies…. and because the raid on de Boer’s family home was well covered by several Bloggers there was little I could have added to the discussion, and so I chose to share these commentaries rather than write another one myself.
Here are a few good ones….

BREAKING: The Raids Have Begun & I Was the First; All for a .22 Bunny Gun.

TRUST in Police Destroyed by Politically Motivated Raid Against Young Family

The Government, Media and Police Work Together To Suppress The Kiwi People

Excerpt: “Many New Zealanders were shocked yesterday by the news that Right Minds columnist Dieuwe de Boer had been raided by Police, ostensibly to look for a now-banned magazine for a .22 rifle. As this essay will show, the true reason for the Police raid was as part of a wider effort to suppress dissent – an effort carried out in co-ordination with the Government and the mainstream media.

The New Zealand Government knows what it wants to do to the New Zealand people, and it’s going to do it to them whether they like it or not.

Like all authorities throughout history, the New Zealand Government has a number of people who oppose it, and a number of arse-licking slaves who support it. Those who oppose it are the New Zealand people, whose natural will is to live freely. Those who support it are the soulless hordes of weaklings who have always fallen in line behind authority figures.

That the Government works together with the Police is obvious. In theory, the Police are supposed to be politically independent. The reality is that most Kiwi alternative media commentators have now received Police harassment visits. Vinny Eastwood, VJM Publishing, Cross the Rubicon and now de Boer have all been targeted in recent months – all selected for harassment on account of their outspoken criticism of the Government.

What is less known is that the Government and Police also work hand-in-hand with the mainstream media. The media plays an essential role in this suppression by manufacturing consent for the crackdowns. They present pro-Government propaganda, and attack the reputations of anti-Government speakers…”

^ That is an exceptional piece of truth telling by VJM Publishing which exposes the mainstream media as fake news and complicit in the loss of liberty and headlong plunge of our nation under the Jackboot of a Socialist Police State.

And If that was not enough to depress the Concern citizens of New Zealand… the media kept pumping out the bad news that the State Juggernaut was steam rolling forward with ‘more ‘Hate speech legislation’… and more betrayal of the ‘Full and Final Treaty settlement process’ (re: Arderns utter disregard for the Law with respect to Inhumatao).

Anti-freedom Social engineers are constantly baying for more heavy handed socialism.
Academics and the Media have been promoting sugar taxes… and Taxes on Meat and dairy… Hospitals are changing their menus, not to improve Patients health but for the so-called Politically correct rationale of making their operations ‘more environmentally sustainable’.

I was feeling the weight of the relentless Millitarisation of the New Zealand police as being the new and accepted ‘Post Christchurch ‘Norm’ … having been sold to the public via the same lies that were used to justify the concurrent disarmament of Law abiding New Zealanders… that the Christchurch attack ‘had forever changed the rules of the game’… and that We New Zealanders must accept a heavy curtailment of our rights across the board… because we are being told our rights and liberties were ‘dangerous’… and therefore the Police needed far more Powers.
Today if the police pay you a visit they will always be armed… and they will treat you as if you are dangerous irrespective of the reason they have come to see you about.

Until Ardern took office, that B.S only happened in Communist shitholes or in Gun ho America!
certainly not here in Gods own!
Yet in the blink of an eye The New Zealand Police have become a serious danger to the New Zealand Public and they waive loaded guns in people faces on a regular basis and have shot more people in the past 10 years than in the previous 40… and at an accelerating rate…

Just recently 14 armed police turned up to Uplift a child from a single mother

Read more here

This is the new oppressive reality that the Power Mad Socialists of both the Left and the Right are foisting upon us!
Worse… a huge deluded and ‘woke’ portion of our population are actively lobbying for their own enslavement… begging for the all powerful State to crush independent thinking and Self reliance… primarily these people are Bat-shit crazy … the brainwashed fear driven Pompously self righteous Vegan Zealots of the Cult of Climate change.

In the first weeks of the new year I was also contemplating how New Zealanders are being systematically railroaded into a cashless society… The enormity of this is chilling to the bone!

A Google search will bring up many articles that have been written in the past few years… here is one…

NZ heading to become a cashless society Wednesday, 30 January 2019

The realisation that this will probably happen without without any significant protest… being fully propagated in the public mind by our Mainstream media…. and the complete loss of Liberty and privacy… the All-seeing Evil Eye watching, and regulating, and taxing your every transaction… such a massive power accrual… in ensnaring the entire population into this system of Mammon.

What sort of future are we bequeathing to our Children????

It is Ironic that while the media report Climate change Doom hysteria is creating a wave of anxiety destroying the hopes and dreams of the youth because they are being told that the governments of the world are not acting decisively enough to reign in capitalism and Far Right extremism and hate…. yet I have been harboring my own anxiety and bleak outlook for precisely the opposite reasons… as I watch the loss of Liberty… The systematic vilification of dissenting opinions… and exponential growth of the Police state… how do tell my son to have faith in God’s grace and providence, while at the same time warn him of the fast approaching Global Kingdom of The Antichrist?

Laugh at me if you like yet anyone familiar with the New Testament and particularly Book of Revelation can see the Prophecies about the Global system of the Beast all coming to fruition… The spirit of Antichrist… the Roaring Lion… the evil seducing spirits at work sewing the idea that Christianity is Evil and its dissemination should be should be Legally suppressed as ‘Hate crime’.

Revelation 13
“11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

12 And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Satan Laughing spreads his wings.

These thoughts and others have been weighing heavy on my soul and because of a sense of utter helplessness to prevent the advance of Leviathan I have been suffering despair for the future… despair for my Children and Grand children… will they grow strong enough in Fortitude and wisdom… in Faith, and Truth to be able to walk the path that the Children of God must walk… and endure the Powerful delusions that will be propagated against the truth?
I am fearful that they will not be strong enough to resist and to endure… for I know what a monumental trial lies ahead for Christians and Libertarians.

And yet in the past few weeks several monumental things have happened that have reminded me of the importance of maintaining a positive faith.
When things look dark it is easy to get tunnel vision and to focus on the gloom… yet I am happy to say that I have today good reason to think that The Powers of Light are not yet defeated, and that Though things are dire… that still resistance is on several fronts causing the minions of Satan to retreat… and the first of those was January 31… BREXIT!
YAY!!!!!!!! 😀


What a great day for Freedom and self determination in Britain!
What a Kick in the teeth for Socialist Globalism and their desire to destroy Western civilisation via Immigration from the third world, and the suppression of western values under the guise of ‘multiculturalism.
Britain is about to restore their place in the world as advocates for free Trade which PM Brian Johnson rightly accredits as the greatest means by which to raise humanity out of poverty and of creating bonds of mutual benefit between nations thereby greatly reducing the likelihood of Armed conflict.

Read his Great speech here: Boris Johnson’s Beautiful Celebration of Free Trade

Will Brexit cause other European nations to reclaim their independence?
Lets hope so!
As Nigel Farage said in his epic Farewell speech to the EU while saying that Britannia loves Europe he condemned the EU as Power without accountability… he slammed the EU’s pigheaded refusal to bend to the expressed will of the people… relentless in their determination to impose their agenda

“I’m hoping this begins the end of this project. It’s a bad project, it isn’t just undemocratic it’s anti-democratic.”

What a kick in the nuts for Socialist Globalist One world order!
A return to Independent Nations!

Again anyone who is familiar with the scriptures and the Genesis account of the Tower of Babble stands in awe of the wisdom of God in dividing the nations in the first place… to prevent the Evil One world Government of Nimrod… King of Babylon.
Politically speaking the concentration of Power has always been the greatest danger… for as the dictim goes… ” Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” … so the Socialist delusion that a One world Globalist government is the way to end wars and wealth disparity is fundamentally flawed as by centralizing all power … which has always been a tenet of Socialism… you usher in not peace… but unleash the Leviathan upon humanity!
Christianity has the Ideological Goods that exposes such dangerous enterprises for what they really are.
Like Satan, Socialists hate the Bible because it stands in the way of their will to Power.
Being peopled and promoted by Globalists the EU is fiercely anti Nationalistic independence and effectively put the whole of Europe under the sway of UN Socialist Policies and agenda.

Hopefully we are in fact witnessing a turn of the tide against the machinations of Anti Western Socialist Globalism!

Add to this the acquittal of Trump in his Senate Impeachment trial… ending the latest Farcical and Malicious attempt by the Whacko Leftist Democrats to discredit and even topple Trump from power.
Now I am no Trump worshiper yet the fate of the World was very precarious in 2016 and the Defeat of Hillary Clinton by Trump may be understood to be akin the Brexit in that it represents yet another massive defeat for the Woke leftist Globalist Agenda.
Like British Brexit is patently a resurgence of Nationalism and independence… so too was the election of Trump a resurgence of American Nationalism…. away from the socialist New world order.

As Farage pointed out “Populism is becoming very Popular”, and Both Bexit and The election of Trump are symptoms of a Populist backlash against Woke Liberal Globalist bullshit that is attempting to destroy western values and ideals and impose a Global socialist dictatorship.
And as such the Rabid Woke democrats have sold their souls to Belzeebub …. and possessed with the deepest malice have incessantly labored to fabricate outright despicable lies to try and impeach Trump in the hope to damage his chances of Re election.
Their Fraudulent Congressional process of impeachment was an absolute partisan travesty by any legal standard, yet their Evil plans were once again thwarted by the US Senate which the Machiavellian Democrats did not control.

So My spirit has been buoyed by these huge events.

Now 2020 is not only a pivotal year for the US in that its Election year for them… it is also Election year for us too in New Zealand… an opportunity to Boot out The worst government we have suffered this millennia … the Ardern Regime, The problem is there is little to be gained given how utterly hopeless the main opposition party is!
This is of itself a very depressing fact, and yet the National party Leader Simon Bridges has made Several announcements that do in fact constitute some important improvements on what Ardern and Labour are peddling.
In particular he has said he wants the farcical Treaty settlement process to be fully wound up by 2024, He says that the waitangi tribunal should eventually go, and also wants to see an end to the Apartheid electoral system and race based seats in parliament!

Both these things are of the highest importance to me and so while ‘Regeim change’ will not exactly be reason for dancing in the street as would be the case if New Zealand elected a Libertarian party into office, none the less there are at least some reasons to be more positive than the current misery.

Given that Arderns recent meddling, having ignored the *Legal* status of Treaty grievances at Ihumatau as being full and finally settled , is threatening to completely put our nation back to square one

Read: ‘A dog’s breakfast’: Former Treaty Settlement Minister Chris Finlayson slams Ihumātao process

If Ardern is defeated so too will her Evil Collaborator be booted out!
Bridges early declaration that He will not consider any coalition deal with the current deputy Prime minister and Leader of the New Zealand First Party Winston Peters was music to my ears!
And watching Peters behave this a child kicking a tantrum has also been delicious!
It will be Good riddance to this Charlatan!

So I am doing my best to shrug off my recent depression and put on a more positive outlook…in spite of the Coronavirus outbreak!

Our world is in constant flux, and contrary to how I how I was feeling at the end of last year… I do appreciate that there is a wave of protest rising against Socialist Globalism that is starting to seriously impact upon their Agenda.

Their Greatest diabolical machine that is causing the most trouble is their great Global warming Scam… how much longer will they be able to fool so many billions of people and deceive them into supporting their Tyrannical Globalist ambitions?

Sadly there is very little to distinguish the National party from Labour esp when it comes to matters of Draconian militarization of the Police and intrusive surveillance.
Under National New Zealand’s slide towards a cashless society will not skip a beat.
What Simon Bridges has said about ending New Zealand’s Apartheid system is Great stuff…. yet will he actually deliver on it?
It was talk like this from Don Brash that put the fear of God into the Establishment Maori at the thought of losing all their Political privileges and Billions of annual tax loot that has them furiously working to entrench the Treaty and make it harder for this apartheid system to be abolished….
So be vigilant!
This challenge to Racist separatist power and extortion will not go without a nasty fight… and the real problem is that I fear New Zealanders dont have the spine to do what must be done.

Plagues and pestilence.

I have been doing my best not to freak out too much about this, yet evey day the news gets worse.
Is The Coronavirus Outbreak China’s Chernobyl?
What Bullshit are we being fed,,, and what is the real truth?

If we survive the Caronavirus Pandemic I myself will be giving my party vote to Act.

Read … Act’s David Seymour starts setting conditions for coalition

I cannot Blog more about the virus here and now… it will have to wait.
Still…Maybe it would be wise not to wait for people to start dropping dead in the streets and our country plunges into chaos and panic before making sure our Civil defense Survival Packs and your stores are in order to sustain your family for a Month at least, and start to fortify your body….
” Strengthen your immune system now. Stock up on iodine, high dose vitamin C, B.complex, garlic or allicin and vitamin D.Be prepared to self quarantine where possible, so stock up the pantry too.”

That last piece of advice was given me by a friend… (what the hell the Iodine is good for against viruses I do not know… a disinfectant?)
You will have to google that and find out yourselves, yet I think that sums up about all we can do for our own self reliance self preservation at present in the face of this terrifying virus… Waiting on the *The Government* to instruct you what to do is not a plan.
If shit gets real here in NZ supplies of essentials will immediately disappear off the shelves.
Dont be a sheep.

And at Times of crisis do you really want to live in a cashless society???
We all need to consciously resist the push to do all our business via the internet and make using Cash cool again!
This is just one way we can resist the evil desires of the Beast system and maintain our privacy and independence as Free Men and woman… lets tell the Banks, and IRD, and the Government to bugger off with their Evil plans for a cashless society!
Lets tell then No thanks!
We dont want it.

IMO despite all the evils we are wallowing in I believe having a positive outlook depend upon having a Life affirming faith in Christ and that no matter how bad things may get… Ultimately Good will conquor Evil.

Tim Wikiriwhi.

UPDATE: 24-2-20

Read: Public want a ‘right’ to use cash, says Reserve Bank governor Adrian Orr

More from Tim….





Takedown notices and internet filters coming to NZ

Also read…Climate change teaching as dogmatic as religious indoctrination

The Rape Culture of Woke Liberal Transgender Rights: Forcing Themselves Sexually Upon Unwilling others.

Note: The following commentary is not written to attack the Transgender Community but to discuss matters of Freedom and rights. I am critical about how the Liberal left movement is behaving and how they have corrupted the government, and Learning institutions, this is not an attack on the trans people themselves and their right to exist in Liberty…
I seek to define the limit to which everyone’s free choices and beliefs must be catered for by others… and the same rules apply to all… there can be no contravention of the principle of Adult volitional consent in matters of a sexual nature.

Full article here : PORN IDENTITY Police investigating ‘hate crime’ after transgender woman turned down for porn role ‘because she has a penis’

This person is Unhinged….. They seriously thinks that straight people must go along with their personal fantasy… yet we all know from where all these corrupt ideas emanate.
The Liberal delusional philosophy is the very destruction of freedom and rights!
They seek to abdicate other peoples Volitional Consent and *force themselves upon others *!
This is how twisted this Liberal Rubbish has become!
Their Ideas turn out to be a Rape Culture in Drag!

Read: Transgender activist who sued beauty salons for refusing to give her a Brazilian has human rights complaint DISMISSED after court finds her claims of discrimination ‘unjustified’ as workers weren’t trained to wax male genitals

*Freedom* and rights proper on the other hand would say you can be Trans if you like, and you can engage in *consensual sexual activities* with willing others without threat of legal persecution… but you cant *force* others into any sort of sexual activity… you have no more right to *Demand* sex than anyone else!
Rights *dont* impose obligations on others to abdicate their own volition.
Socialist politics of Course is all about *legal force* and that is why it is Totalitarian and anti individual liberty.

Read: Now Women are Being Raped by ‘Female Penises’

If only Trans people were not under the spell of Whacko Liberalism but instead understood true freedom and Rights!
The WOKE SJW delusions are in fact working to sow malice towards them from everyone else… including many feminists because of the militancy with which they have been programmed to impose themselves upon others by *unreasonable demands* like this… I mean *no other sexual demographic* Demands… porno companies give them work… eg One legged old men dont say “Its a hate crime that porno companies wont employ us”…. etc etc… because thats not how freedom or rights work!
Western societies ought to be *very concerned* alarmed that this sort of Anti-freedom rubbish is now being investigated as a possible ‘hate crime’ by the Police!
This is how far the liberal cancer has embedded itself in the Engines of the State… soon It will become a hate crime to even criticize this political madness.

We have already reached a point whereby anyone who wants to do a political analysis or commentary (like mine) that dares to critisise the Woke Trans Agenda risks being Banned from Social Media so that this ‘Threat’ in itself works to suppress free speech and open dialogue… the accusation of ‘Transphobia’ being the operative character assassination, when in reality Libertarians like myself are *not at all* hateful of Transgender people or seeking to ‘oppress them’ in any way… we are simply showing how the Liberal left has overstepped the mark and are now oppressing *heterosexuals*, and Christians, and Feminists, and even Lesbian feminists (who dont believe Transgender Men should be allowed to compete against Natural woman in sports!)
When will this madness end????

The Woke Civil War.

A Kiwi example of how the Transgender movement is now Savaging the feminists who helped them get established is seen in the saga of Ex NZ Herald writer Rachel Stewart who quit the herald after they spineless declined to publish an article she wrote about how the transgender movement was now turning against feminism….

BREAKING: Rachel Stewart quits NZ Herald after gutless woke censorship by NZs largest newspaper

And here: GUEST BLOG: Rachel Stewart – the column the NZ Herald didn’t publish

It seems far-fetched that the mere hiring of a Massey University venue by a feminist organisation could cause so much indignation and rage, but these are not typical times.

A bunch of females getting together within a public space to discuss the issues currently affecting them is far from new, and very far from radical.

Yet, the idea that ‘Feminism 2020’ would dare to congregate at a venue on Massey’s Wellington campus saw a number of students stage a sit-in, which culminated in the handing over of a petition calling on the university to cancel the event.

What is so threatening about women coming together and talking? According to the protestors and petitioners, the organisers of the event – Speak Up for Women – are essentially devil incarnates.

Petition organiser Charlie Myer said the university shouldn’t be “facilitating this kind of discussion”. Feminism 2020 “could have [the event] anywhere” but it wasn’t appropriate for them to hold it at a university, which was supposed to support transgender students.”

Last time I looked universities were required to respect and uphold the quaint, old-fashioned tenet of free speech too. And Massey has, thus far, held out against the pressure of every thrown guilt trip known to mankind. You know, we don’t feel “safe”.

Myer also disputed the group was feminist and simply meeting to discuss women’s issues. “If your feminism isn’t intersectional, it isn’t feminism.”

My advice to parents is to beware Massey University!
There are warped Academics there and any vulnerable young people will be exposed to heavy Transgender indoctrination…. Be warned.
It is in such places that vulnerable youth are conditioned to become transgender under the sway of such movements… only later to regret having transitioned… now it is being reported that *thousands* of Trans Youth now are full of regret and are seeking help to *transition back* to the sex of their nativity…. and we can be certian that a great deal of these youths were indoctrinated and conditioned into becoming transgender by ideologically twisted academics in Universities where these contemptible SJW Liberals congregate… spreading their Toxic and perverse ideas about sexuality.

Read: WATCH: ‘Hundreds’ Of Young People Regret Gender Transition, Seek Reversal

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.




Brexit. The EU: A Socialist Statist Bureaucracy from Hell! Absolute Power, Perks, Zero Accountability…

Must watch video below!

As a savage living way down in the underworld I have never focused any attention as to how the EU works.
Yet the Brexit mania has brought such issues to the surface, and I am Gobsmacked at how corrupt the system is!
I should not be…. Of Course *socialists* have set up something closer to the USSR rather than the USA!
Absolutely diabolical!
Only Socialists could take such a grand Idea and turn it into such a monstrosity!
Get the Popcorn out people… this Brexit stuff is getting very interesting!

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

‘This the beginning of a new political movement’: Nigel Farage promises the Brexit Party WILL contest a general election and wipe out the Tories if Britain doesn’t leave the EU by Halloween – after crushing win in Euro polls

Just say Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux is a Canadian political pundit and internet celebrity. In 2005, Molyneux began a podcast called Freedomain Radio (FDR) and in 2006 he started a YouTube channel. Today he has a large cult following. As of July 2018 his YouTube channel has 798,445 subscribers and has had 247,260,366 views.

By now many Kiwis will have heard of Stefan Molyneux, thanks to protesters—including Auckland’s mayor Phil Goff, the Auckland Peace Action group, and Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) president Hazim Arafeh—trying to shut down an event at which Molyneux was booked to speak. At this stage it’s unclear whether or not the event will go ahead as scheduled. What is clear is that these days Molyneux is both full of himself and full of the proverbial.

But Molyneux used to be all right.

Molyneux used to be all right. Now he’s alt-right.

Molyneux used to be a fresh and fervid anarchist. Now he’s lapsed back into full-blown statism.

It’s all very sad, but it’s worth remembering that back in 2010 Molyneux published this wee gem.

The Story of Your Enslavement

This is the story of your enslavement—how it came to be—and how you can finally be free.

I’m not your dad or anything, but it’s worth watching the video presentation or reading the transcript. Even though it’s somewhat offensive to many, including creationists and vegans, and riddled with alternative facts and flawed logic. There’s a discussion of its various shortcomings in the comment section here if that’s what you want to focus on.

Here’s the gist of it anyway.

Human society cannot be rationally understood until it is seen for what it is: a series of farms where human farmers own human livestock.

Some people get confused because governments provide healthcare and water and education and roads, and thus imagine that there is some benevolence at work.

Nothing could be further from the reality.

Farmers provide healthcare and irrigation and training to their livestock.

Some people get confused because we are allowed certain liberties, and thus imagine that our governments protect our freedoms.

But farmers plant their crops a certain distance apart to increase their yields—and will allow certain animals larger stalls or fields if it means they will produce more meat and milk.

In your country, your tax farm, your farmer grants you certain freedoms not because he cares about your liberties, but because he wants to increase his profits.

Are you beginning to see the nature of the cage you were born into?

Molyneux then goes on to describe how the illusion of freedom is maintained.

Keeping the tax livestock securely in the compounds of the ruling classes is a three phase process.

The first is to indoctrinate the young through government “education”.

And so on. There’s nothing particularly original in Molyneux’s claims. For example, the idea that we’re slaves who think we’re free was suggested by Aldous Huxley. It’s pretty much a variation on pānem et circēnsēs (“bread and circuses”) which goes back to the satirical Roman poet Juvenal circa 100 AD.

But is Molyneux right or are we living in a free world? In an important sense it’s a matter of perspective, and a matter of personal preference. Even in an ideal state of affairs—Molyneux’s “truly free and peaceful” society, a society “without political rulers, without human ownership, without the violence of taxation and statism”—people would voluntarily trade some of their absolute freedoms for security, and call the residual freedoms “liberty”. The nature of “the cage you were born into” is one that suits some people, who are relatively more free in virtue of the fact that they have no desire to leave.

What does Molyneux in 2010 tell us about Molyneux’s predicament now?

Molyneux is a free-range slave, the property of Canada’s ruling class. But he seems to have forgotten this. He’s bought back into the illusion that the government is the servant of the people.

Ask not what your slave-owner can do for you—ask what you can do for your slave owner.

Molyneux has reversed this paraphrase of JFK’s dictum.

Ask not what you can do for your slave owner—ask what your slave-owner can do for you.

And what is Molyneux asking? He’s asking his owners’ friends (NZ’s ruling class) to let him cross into and speak in their slave pen, and at the same time asking his owners (Canada’s ruling class) and their friends (Western governments) to keep Muslims out! The irony is rich. Molyneux requires permission to leave Canada and permission to enter New Zealand, and he’s only been given permission at the last minute and he’s only allowed to be here in Aotearoa for 10 days.

Stefan Molyneux will be allowed into the country for 10 days, Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway announced on Friday morning.

Today’s Molyneux is an immigration alarmist. I predict he’ll have about as much success stopping Muslim immigration as climate change alarmists will have stopping anthropogenic global warming. None at all. And this is for the simple reason that setting immigration policies is not up to Molyneux or to any of his fan base. Immigration policies are set, not by human cattle, but by human farmers. And they stand to profit from mass immigration just as much as they do from burning fossil fuels.

Give me Liberty, or give me Death!