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Knife Makers Code of Ethics: Terms and Conditions of Gift or Sale… “This Blade will never be raised in Aggression or Inhumanity” Tim Wikirwhi.


I have already thought of a better lay out…

Knife makers Code of Ethics and terms and conditions of gift or sale (Transfer of ownership).
(Breach entails Forfeit of Ownership )

Deed of ownership of This blade is transferred from its maker upon the following Conditions that the new owner agrees to comply.

1, This blade will never be employed in the perpetration of Acts of aggression [Real crimes] against peaceful others…irrespective of Race or religion.
2, No Animal will suffer cruelty at this blade.
3, Ownership of this Blade will never be transferred to anyone who does not agree to comply with this caveat

Note: Self defense, or the defense of others cannot be construed to be a legitimate crime irrespective of the Law of the land.


I am interested in discussing this topic and modifying this Credo accordingly.
It could include things like “Keep out of the reach of small children” [as pictured],yet I now think that is too obvious to state.

I was thinking that small cardboard cards with a code of ethics (Penned in a funky font) could be a novel and ethical addition tagged to Handmade Blades that are sold or given away.

This Idea is Free to any Knife maker to utilize.

Peace…. out.
Tim Wikiriwhi.
Novice Knife Smith, Libertarian, Christian.

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