The Fate of our Nation is in the Hands of Clowns. The Circus of New Zealand Election Year 2023.


Garrick Tremain Here.

The Yappa is running circles around the Dozy porch pooch. Compare Luxon to that old dirty dog W Peters! Peters is a singular political dinosaur outliving all rivals not because he’s a man of integrity. Peters epoch spanning career comes from his ability to see what the sheeple are pissed about on election year then pretending he’ll change things if you vote for him. A shyster IMO, yet has the instinct of a fox.
Luxon is missing a golden opportunity for National to correct their course back to their core values which would be hard for Hipkins to critisise without showing his radical woke underpants… something he’s doing his best to hide. That’s his strategy to dupe the sheeple… and it’s working esp because Kiwi see Luxon wears woke undies too, and National was complicit in what the Ardern/ Hipkins Regime did to our Nation over the past 6 years.
Who would have believed our country could be so radically altered in such a short timeframe… against the will of the majority? And they had far more radical ambitions too, yet thankfully the People protested, and Ardern resigned a pariah. Yet the damage is done. Luxon is too stupid to campaign on undoing *All Ardern’s Radical Woke Anti-Freedom Anti-Kiwi Impositions* Repeal all those Extreme Tyrannical Health Laws, Uphold The NZ Bill of Rights, Put National back on track to finish the Treaty settlement process and ditch the separatist seats in parliament. Defend Law abiding New Zealanders Gun rights from further erosion. etc, etc. Sadly Luxon is woke too, and a WEF stooge. The WEF has Dogs in both camps, That’s how the Super Global Elites rig Democratic systems…. No mater how the sheeple vote… their minions get into power, and the West continues it’s march towards the Great Reset, The New Global digital currency, and the NWO… sold out by the likes of Luxon and Seymour who are too gullible to see what is happening right in front of their snouts! We are talking about an end to National Sovereignty in which New Zealanders retain control of their own country. Instead Global committees will dictate to us how things will be from now on. Enforced by politicised Police, Heavy restrictions on Free speech, and eventually a Social credit system for which the Covid Passport was a test run. Those who obeyed the Ardern regime and got the Jab, they received their ‘Papers’. Their Jobs were protected, and they could enjoy Bars and Cafes, restaurants, and attend weddings/funerals. Those contrary Social misfits who went against the Dictates of Our Great Leader lost their jobs, and were forbidden from all those things… That’s exactly how a Social Credit system works. If you don’t comply, If you hold contrary opinions, you will be ‘Taught’ a lesion… you will be ‘encouraged’ to fall into line… and it’s all done under the colour of the public good. The individual is secondary to the Collective and the all wise benevolent woke State. And all of this was being planned and imposed from afar… with all western governments in Lockstep!
Who would have believed any of this would become ‘the new normal’ just a decade ago?
and yet we wake up today with this whole system rolling out… and Luxon, and Seymour don’t even see the Floodwaters about their ankles. Everything I have just said is a whack conspiracy theory….
Sorry about the long rant.
It just scares me to see Luxon snatching defeat from the Jaws of Victory… and that even if he wins… what real difference will it make?
Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

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