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Intelligence? Why did ‘intelligent’ people fall for All the Nonsense? (All The Covid 19 Pseudoscience and State Tyranny and Propaganda) Teacher Nigel Watson: YouTube.

Intelligence? Why did ‘intelligent’ people fall for all the nonsense? (All the Covid 19 pseudoscience and state tyranny and propaganda). Teacher Nigel Watson: YouTube.
Watch video (below).

Individualism. Stay The Course, Remain True To Your Convictions. Don’t Let Other Peoples Actions Govern Your Own Conduct.

Some people may live this way… yet I don’t agree with it.

It is a Machiavellian tenet that say’s because other people are prone to breaking promises, that this absolves you from keeping yours.

The question is what sort of person do you wish to be?

I believe we should keep our word even to people who are not trustworthy… So we should watch what we agree to do and with whom.
This is because the sort of person we chose to be, and how we conduct ourselves ought not to be dependent on the character and conduct of others… but on our own integrity… we ought to walk the higher path even when most others are taking the lower road.

This way we remain masters of ourselves… consciously and purposefully acting according to our values… not living sympathetically in reaction to the rest of the world… and it’s lack of values.
In this way when you look in the mirror you will see a good man staring back at you… a champion of what is right.
Not living like a victim excusing yourself for being a person of Bad faith.

.. and your reputation as a Solid Guy (or Gal) … a person of integrity will precede you… and doors will open for you because of your own conduct…
This is the Old School virtue that ‘a mans word is his bond’
Thus it ought to be only in extreme circumstances that we should ever even consider breaking an agreement or betraying trust might possibly be an acceptable proposition, and the righteous path.

The Bible warns against making ‘oaths to God’ because most of us being pathetically weak mortals who have so little command of our own passions let alone any control of exterior happenstances we will too often break our vows.

Better not to have sworn to anything in the first place!

Knowing our own weaknesses therefore also ought to make us wary of making promises to people when there is any likelihood we may not be able to honor them.

Take care what you commit yourself to undertake and be sure to make any conditional caveats understood before any deal is shaken upon.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

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How Manufactured Fear Turns Society Against Minorities and Individuals. The Jackboots of Jacinda Ardern.

Read/ watch An Ex-police View of the Arrest for Not Wearing a Mask

Great article (above) by the BFD.
Must read to get a legal analysis of what happened from an Ex Cop.

This looks to be yet another case of NZ Police acting like Nazi’s/ Political enforcers with regards to yet another Comrade Ardern dictate.

This guy may have been an annoyance, and yet I did not see him commit any crime.
He said he had a mask exemption.

Two You tube videos from the BFD article (above).

These NZ Police brutalised this guy and have stitched him up with Bogus charges.
They did not follow a single principle of good policing.
They intended to make this guy regret not being a compliant slave and instead challenging Ardern’s dictates.
The question really must be asked what sort of ‘instructions’ had these Junior officers received from their superiors in dealing with ‘resistance to the mask mandates’?
I suspect NZ Police are being brainwashed into thinking Non-compliant people *are a real and serious danger* to the Public…. which is complete BS.
They never seem to contemplate that *they themselves* and their Oppressive enforcement of tyrannical laws *are a real and dangerous threat to the public!*

I recently watched a similar situation in Australia whereby the Thugs in uniforms were bullying a woman for not wearing a mask even though the law stated she did not have to wear one when exercising… which is another example of police willingness to break the rules, and attempt to make up the rules thinking the public are too scared or too ignorant to know the cops are scamming them.
We live in such times when the people can’t trust the police to be acting lawfully!
In this particular instant the vile evil of these Auzzy cops they tried to insinuate the woman had ‘mental health issues’… which is simply a pretext for them to arbitrarily deny her rights, grab her, and get her treated like a raving lunatic!
Luckily for her she managed to walk away from these dangerous criminal cops who enjoy abusing their powers.

The Covid Plandemic has turned the free West into a collection of Leftist Police States!

These mask mandates are just another travesty… pseudo-science… BS the net result will be not greater safety, but *detrimental to public health*.
They are a Joke… a symbol of paranoia… and a pretense for Police State surveillance and control… and the sheeple ‘feel safe’ when they should feel outraged and horrified that their freedom and rights have been swept away….
For an observer of Social dynamics, what an amazing social experiment this is to witness… all it takes is an edict from our Supreme Leader and instantly our once smiley friendly Supermarket staff become Nazi Informants and look upon any non-compliant black sheep with dehumanising contempt.
This gives us an insight to the fickle herd mentality and is a modern demonstration of how the Witch craze of the middle ages in which old woman would suffer the hysterical outrage of their otherwise ‘normal’ neighbours and get burned at the stake… because of the perception these woman represented a grave threat to them and their children… and it was all complete BS… yet the ‘Civil society’ at the time turned into a frenzied murderous mob.

Read the following Newshub article…

In a blogpost last week I warned that the Ardern Regime would have to resort to compulsory vaccination to achieve their stated targets.
It is difficult to exaggerate just how outrageous, backwards, and dangerous are these calls by a so-called ‘Legal Professor’ Alexander Gillespie to the rights and liberties of New Zealanders.
His proposal literally reduces New Zealanders to slaves… and yet too many people choose to turn a blind eye to what his proposals really mean.

‘Reasonable levels of Compulsion’… is like saying ‘reasonable levels of Rape’.
These are the sorts of ‘Law Professors’ Kim Jong -un and Xi Jinping use on a daily basis to run their ‘Reasonable Tyrannies’….
To think we taxpayers pay this arsehole Nazis wages!
We must resist this at all costs.
If the government can inject you against your will you are no longer a free person… you are like their Cattle… Farmers don’t ask permission of their cows and sheep when they Dip them and dose them… This is what this Scum Legal professor is advocating and calling it ‘reasonable’.

The principle of consent is one of the most important prerequisites of personal freedom and self ownership, yet in recent years duplicitous Socialist academics have been muddying the waters of what consent really means. The hypocrisy of Leftist academics is exposed when you consider how vocal they have been screaming ‘My Body, My choice’ when it comes to Abrortion, and yet now they turn around and say Your Body, but not your choice when they want to force toxins into your veins!

Where are the Legal professors defending out right to choose?
Their cowardly Silence is deafening!

The treatment of this peaceful man by the Supermarket and esp the New Zealand Police also exposes the true nature of Ardern’s politics… Your rights have been taken away and her edicts are ultimately undergirded by Thuggery in uniform… and she can get away with this because the Sheeple believe such thuggery is justified… to keep them safe.

Had enough of this Nanny State Tyranny?
Find a local group of likeminded people and start Peaceful Resistance and protest!

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

PS. PARENTS BE WARNED! The government is now advertising on the radio and elsewhere offering vaccines for kids ages 12 and above without informing listeners that the Pfizer shots have not been through thorough safety checks and still only have ‘Emergency use authorisation’ from the FDA which itself is only for ages *15 and over!*
There are serious health risks involved to getting the shots.
They are not ordinary true vaccines, but are completely different… they are a form of Gene therapy.
There is a massive gap in understanding what the long term affects of these shots will be.
And given children and young people are at extremely low risk from Covid 19 I believe it is callous to risk their health with these Vax.
In truth I believe it would be much better/ safer for our kids to gain immunity naturally by exposure to the virus… which has been common practice for generations, eg such thing as ‘Chicken pox parties’. These is a hell of a lot of propaganda and mis-information that tries to promote vaccines over such ‘Old school practices’, yet the people promoting the vaxes are in the Back pocket of Big Pharma who make Billions from Vaccines.
Medicine is one of the most heavily propagandised markets that is rife with money making pseudo-science.
Appreciate that greed and money corrupts science all day long.

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Nazi Thugs just over the ditch! Australian Police State well advanced… New Zealand Bikers Beware!

Protect and Serve.

Police Brutality in ‘God’s Own’

Filthy Bastards: “It was an Accident”. Kim Dotcom Raid.

Un-ask-able questions… Police Brutality: When should you shoot a Cop?

Righteous Law Enforcers want to end the War on Drugs.

Anna McAllister: Portrait of a Maori Supremacist, and Serial Social Media Extortionist. ‘The Great Deplatforming of Matariki 2021’.Part 2.

The contrast could not be more stark between Martin Luther Kings dream and the ambitions of co-leader of the far left racist radical Maori Party… Debbie Ngarewa Packer.
Packer recently endorsed and promoted a malicious public petition that extorted Synlait Dairy Company into wrongfully sacking their then employee Lee Williams because he critisised the He Puapua report and the Maori Party on his Youtube channel ‘Cross the Rubicon’.


Lee Williams has now filed a personal grievance case against Synlait for wrongful dismissal, Packer however is yet to face any censure for her abuse of Office from her colleagues in parliament in regards to her involvement in such an illegal activity that bodes ill for workers rights to Free Speech in New Zealand.
This failure on the part of New Zealand’s parliament and the police to bring Packer and those involved to justice speaks volumes about corruption and cowardice in high places.
She is getting away with behavior that goes far beyond mere bullying to the extortion of a business and the destruction of a man’s life simply because she did not approve of him publicly expressing his personal beliefs.

Members of Parliament have to accept that some citizens will disagree and critisise them!
That is part of a Free Society… They have the right to do so.
That she instead decided to support his ruin speaks volumes about her respect for freedom and democracy!
She expects to enjoy immunity from critisism!

She is getting away Scot free because parliament today is peopled with spineless unprincipled weasels more interested in their own comforts than in standing up against a nasty Racist Radical in their very midst!
Had a Pakeha MP been involved in such activities against a Maori citizen exercising their rights to free speech all hell would have broken loose!
Yet because the perpetrator of this blatantly bigoted abuse of power is a member of the favoured race against whom it is virtually a crime to criticize… and that the victim of her abuse is a loud mouth White man ‘who does not know his place’… Parliament sits in silence!
The systemic racism that demonizes anyone who talks about the systemic Racism as being racist is why this Evil has been allowed to flourish and take over the levers of power.
We see this in what has happened to Lee Williams being labeled ‘a white supremacist’ and We see this in how the Far left radicals slander Judith Collins and David Seymour.
I have to ask why these two Party Leaders have not called Packer to account in parliament?
We already know that Seymour has a personal dislike for Lee Williams that he is allowing to corrupt his getting involved on his behalf.


Some may wonder where were Ardern’s ‘Hate Police’?… you know… paying visits to the hateful radicals and racists, questioning those involved in the Deplatforming of Lee Williams?
No. The Police have only a brief to harass ‘White Politically incorrect Extremists’…individuals who dare to run their own you tube channels keeping within Lawful bounds.
Hate on the Far left gets a free pass.

Interestingly Lee Williams, Vinny Eastwood and Co who suffered deplatforming were not obsessed … in fact not even interested about getting anyone deplatformed.
They didn’t rally people to harass, and extort, and to cancel others.
For Haters they sure were amateur’s!
That’s what the Real Racist hateful radicals in New Zealand do all day long, yet as they are all on the far Left they have enjoyed political immunity… just as Black Lives Matter and Antifa do in the US.
The duplicity in all this is rank!
This is the sorry state… the gross inequity of how the powers that be function in New Zealand!

Martin Luther King fought for unity and racal equality before the law, The Maori Party and co fights for separatism and racial inequality before the Law aided and abetted by Far Left Radicals like Jacinda Ardern and the Greens.

Today’s post will highlight the sort of radicalism and hate these politicians propagate in the cotton-wool minds of ignorant youths and others… the Useful idiots and foot-soldiers doing much of the dirty work who look up to these contemptible Charlitans as exemplars.

‘Free Speech Under Attack’ 2019 Tross publishing. This book discusses the many way’s free Speech in New Zealand is under bombardment. I contributed several chapters.
For more details go here.

As a Libertarian free speech is something I feel very strongly about.
In being moved by my conscience into writing about the string of Kiwi Youtubers and radio show hosts who have been deplatformed this year I must say has been very unpleasant and I would prefer to have nothing to do with it.
Unfortunately that is not possible given the people I am going to write about today have been involved in malicious and hateful activities, attacking and undermining New Zealand citizens lawful and rightful free speech, and destroying peoples lives.
This must be stopped, and these people need to be exposed, and held to account.

The Twitter screenshots above are a tiny fraction of evidence that could be presented exposing a dozen or more Leftist activists involved in prolific and ongoing deplatorming attacks against the free speech of other New Zealanders.
The actual scale of the problem is undoubtedly far wider than that!
The seriousness of this with respect to Free discourse and it’s implication for New Zealand democracy should it continue unchecked is difficult to exaggerate.
Something must be done about it.

It would be relatively easy for some counter revolutionary group not constrained by morality to simply serve this nasty gang with ‘Utu’… Reciprocity… ie render unto them in kind as they have been doing unto others… and boasting about it.
These haters are as exposed as their victims were and vulnerable to being doxed, having their employers harassed and extorted for the sake of getting them fired, Public Petitions could be run calling them Hateful Racists, Far Left Extremists, etc.
Their YouTube channels could be systematically trawled for any ‘vulnerabilities’… statements that might be construed as being Racist, threatening, hateful, etc and then attacked via mass ‘reporting’ to Youtube via their automated Moderation systems.
Their Paypal accounts which they have published online soliciting donations could also be shut down by complaints to Paypal, etc esp given they are using their accounts to promote hate, racial intolerance, etc.

All these things and more could be done… justifiably so…. by anyone who was prepared to stoop to such methods… as these are the things these Far Left extremists and racist Radicals have been doing to many people over the last several months… and longer.

These nasty haters actually endorse this vile behaviour as legitimate political activity… they exclaim ‘Deplatforming Works’… and revel in cancelling others.

All these things being so, should they themselves become targets for deplatforming these people would have absolutely no right to complain about it… and yet they would howl like stuck pigs!

Having received a small measure of ‘Backlash’ for what they have been doing they have already began to cry about suffering ‘Hate’ from ‘The Far Right’, never admitting to themselves that they are only reaping a tiny fraction of what they themselves have sown!
They attacked first.
It never occurs to them that what they have been doing is evidence of their own hateful Racism and extremism!
They could never contemplate such a possibility.
Not only are they consumed with malice, these people are professional grievers.
Just as in their deluded minds Maori are over represented in prisons because of ‘institutionalised racism’ and ‘Police profiling’ rather than the because Maori themselves commit more crimes than any other demographic… by a country mile… so too when ever they receive ‘push back’ for their malicious extortion, slander, and deplatforming operation they make out they are suffering ‘Far right abuse’ rather than reaping Karma for their own flagrant misdeeds.

This is how these deranged racists operate.
Falsely claiming to be the perpetual victims of injustice and race hate is how they justify their own hateful deeds against Pakeha.

Everything about their politics and methods are repugnant to me.

I myself would never stoop so low as to mimic these haters!
Their actions and racist mindset brings shame upon Maoridom.
Politics is a branch of ethics, and how individuals, activists, and politicians carry themselves in stormy times is a reflection of their own character, psyche, values, and ideals.
Socialist Ideology is full of toxic ideas that corrupt the soul.
They practice the belief that ‘the end justifies the means’ and as they have no higher scruples to restrain them, literally nothing is unconscionable or beyond the pale for socialist radicals seeking to achieve their selfish goals.
They leave pain, chaos, and destruction in their wake.
They seek to reverse social progress… the march towards more Freedom and Self Reliance, and regress backwards into Tyranny and Tribal slavery.

They are the very embodiment of hypocrisy… as they pretend they are noble and selfless, and yet they are driven by the most base of selfish human emotions.
They are motivated by vanity.
They seek to destroy those they envy.
A big part of why the likes of Marc Daalder and Byron C Clark attacked Lee Williams and Vinny Eastwood’s you tube channels is because they enjoyed far bigger followings than they do themselves!
And being incapable of beating these Youtubers by dint of their own content, they resort to dirty deeds to destroy them.

Kiwi Independent You Tuber ‘Cross the Rubicon’ Lee Williams.

These Leftists are pathetic.
If they were respectful of Free Speech, I would simply ignore their existence, yet because they are so consumed with hate that they now engage in anti-freedom,, anti-democratic practices, they must be stopped.
And yet this cannot be achieved by employing the same disgusting tactics they employ.

I choose to walk the higher path.

I shall fight them via more honorable and civilised means… via free speech.
I will expose them with the truth of their own actions, and having been exposed I hope that people in a position to do something about it… members of parliament, or lawyers, or journalists, using whatever legitimate means are available will stop this extortion racket that is attacking Free Speech in New Zealand, and serve up some justice!

This vile practice of deplatforming and extortion must be put down.
Perhaps some sort of legislation needs to be forthcoming to protect Free speech on line from the sort of hateful collusion these people have been engaging in that abuses Internet moderation systems to silence lawful legitimate free speech.

What I am suggesting is the very opposite thing that is being proposed and implemented by the Arden Regime with respect to laws governing the internet.
Comrade Ardern seeks to use the Law to restrict rights, and curtail Free Speech.
What I am suggesting is using the Law to uphold legitimate rights, and protect free speech.


Today I am about to talk about Phil’s equally unpleasant opposite… a far left extremist racist… one Anna McAllister.
She is as equally disturbed As Phil Arps, and just as committed to racism and bigotry and hate as he.
She is a hater of White people… Pakeha… and she harbors a deep malevolence towards them which she was spoon fed at University. She was taught to hate by being indoctrinated in Anti-colonisation propaganda and radical historic revisionism.

It is no exaggeration to say that her hatred manifests itself in Satanic cruel ways.
She enjoys destroying peoples lives and revels in their pain.
Truly Savage.

All the information I am sharing today about Anna McAlister and associates is in the public domain, publicly shared by these Radicals themselves, and others so no nefarious means were used in obtaining this material, the primary sources being social media.

Racist Radical Deplatformer, Maori Supremacist, Satanist, and Artist. Anna McAllister.

Anna is one very nasty piece of work. She takes pleasure in the pain of others… specifically in the pain of Pakeha… white people.

I had the misfortune of entering ‘Anna’s World’ having been encouraged to “Go take a look for yourself on Twitter at how Anna and her posse of far left deplatformers were gloating about what they had done to Lee Williams”… taking perverse pleasure in the misery and destruction they were instrumental in bringing upon him.
What I found on Anna’s Twitter stream was almost unbelievable if I were not seeing it with my own eyes.
Her Twitter page is a mad house, and literally seethes with malice towards White people.
It also displays many other traits of a psychologically unbalanced mind.
I shall do my best to refrain from discussing much of her personal revelations that I find alarming because it has no relevance to the business at hand, It behooves me to mention a couple of distasteful things I would prefer to avoid except that they are relevant to this conversation and understanding how her mind ticks.

Lets inquire into how Far Left Racist Maori radicals like Anna have proliferated in New Zealand.
Anna serves as an exemplar and an education into Far Left Maori Radicalism.
It’s impossible to cover every attribute Anna embodies of Maori radicalism, yet hopefully by the time I have finished this post it will be clear as to why writing this was unpleasant for me, and why it is that I pity rather than hate Anna for what she has become, and what she has been doing.

Back in 2013 I wrote a Blogpost called ‘WHERE HATERS COME FROM.’

In this post I talked about how some children grow up to become hateful and dangerous radicals from their home environment… taught to hate by their hateful elders… this is an inter-generational perpetuation of hateful ideas and prejudices.
I focused on some examples of Islamic Extremist Terrorism, and show that the same process involved in raising an Islamic Terrorist is often involved in raising Hateful Racist Maori Radicals like Hone Harawera.
Hone sat at the feet of his infamous Maori Radical and activist mother Titewhai Harawera, and imbibed her undiluted racist contempt for Pakeha straight from the spring.
How then can anyone be surprised that she raised a little racist radical whose mind she filled with her own twisted thoughts and emotions?
Hate breeds hate, and by sowing hate into the hearts of their children, these parents perpetuate hate into the future, and poison the minds of their own children, turning them into hateful bigots…little carbon copies of themselves.
Hone had not experienced any oppression at the hands of ‘evil Pakeha’.
He therefore had to be trained to hate.

Did Anna McAllister have a similar upbringing as Hone?
I don’t know… it is possible… and yet in New Zealand today it not necessary to have had such an upbringing to explain how young people like Anna can become radicalised.
It is sufficient to explain her hateful racism by looking at how prolific and accepted the toxic ideas that underpin Maori radicalism have become over the past 50 years, and how they have been assimilated into the National education system, and official narratives underpinning the Treaty Settlement racket, and modern fabrication of ‘Treaty partnership’.

“He who controls the past, controls the future”. George Orwell.

Many people today have been fooled into thinking the Maori Separatist movement grew up from long remembered injustices committed by ‘Greedy invading White people’, and therefore represents a legitimate struggle for restitution.
That is pure ‘Fake news’… old school style communist propaganda.

The modern ‘Maori Sovereignty movement’ sprung up via Far Left Communist subversion founded upon ‘Anti British Imperialist’s’ doctrines designed to ‘Divide and conquer’ nations all over the globe for Communism.
Communists looking to spread their ideology were well versed in which demographics were most easily converted to their way of thinking.
Contentious events in New Zealand’s past were ‘Taylor made’ for sowing racial discord, and creating social unrest… vital ingredients for a Communist takeover.
Maori became the targets for this Leftist subversion which first required them to be radicalised into militant activists.
They needed to be taught to hate and claim to be the victims of British imperialism.
The Left have utilised this basic strategy ever since.
It has served them well.
They have almost brought our Nation to it’s knees, and nothing symbolises this more succinctly that having Far Left Tyrant Jacinda Adern at the helm.

Further research has vindicated my suspicions…

Anna says she spent 6 years at University … “The time I spent studying was vital in my hīkoi of reclaiming Māori knowledge, lost through intergenerational colonisation. For many Māori, university can be the first opportunity they’re given to deeply and critically understand this country and its troubled history. It is a shameful fact that most of us finish our public education with little to no awareness of the history of colonisation in Aotearoa and the impact it continues to have on Māori.” from here


The angry brown woman: My issue with art schools

Anna McAlister’s Radicalisation and hatred towards Pakeha was manufactured in State University!
Though her pathway to Radical race hatred differed slightly from that of Hone Harawerea, fundamentally it was the same.
Like Hone, Anna has not personally experienced any Real oppression at the hands of ‘evil Pakeha’.
She too had to be trained to hate via mythical tales of the past…. fabrications of the Far left.
The only difference being Hone learned to hate Pakeha from his mother while Anna was radicalised at State University.
She is representative of the vile lies and indoctrination going on there!
Our Universities are factories for the mass production of Leftist radicals!
This has been known for a long time and yet is hardly ever talked about.
This is why Treaty separatism has become an overwhelming scourge in our land.

One of the most dangerous powers that foolish nations grant to their governments is control of the education of their children.
This is a standard practice in Totalitarian States whereby the youth are conditioned to think the way those in power want them to think.
The late great Herbert Spencer warned what would happen should free nations allow their governments to usurp control of Education.
What is really bonkers is that so many New Zealanders don’t appreciate how politically corrupt our own education system has become.



That Anna studied at Massey University should also give those in the know an ‘ahhhh’ moment!
Massey is the epicenter of Far left Woke radicalism in New Zealand academia!
I have mentioned this in previous blogposts… parents be warned… send your children there at their peril!
They are highly likely to return unto you politically Radicalised and mentally lobomised.

Leftist Racist State radicalisation, political indoctrination and the race-hatred it fosters within Maori towards Pakeha is demonstrated in the ‘Educated’ character of Anna McAllister and others just like her.
It has it’s parallels in Nazi Germany when the German state propagandised that the Jews were also greedy foreign invaders that were responsible for ‘indigenous Germans’ poverty and woe.

None of these facts are openly discussed these days in respect to far left radicalisation.
These are the dirty secrets that underpin the Politics of Jacinda Ardern, The Greens, and The Maori Party.

I could write a book on this subject and still not do full justice to the truthfulness of what I have here declared. We don’t have time, or space for that. I must however point out just one more characteristics Anna displays that betrays the toxic falsehoods she has been taught to harbour in her heart.
I must address her affinity to Satanism.

Anna’s musings about Satanism has relevance to her ideas that underpin her hatred towards Pakeha.
Her Satanic attitude towards Christianity may be understood as a facet of her indoctrinated Racism and skewed views about New Zealand’s Colonial past.
She see’s Christianity as an Evil Ideology that lulled Maori into a stupor that rendered them passive and prepared the way for the take over of their land.
This is a complete fabrication and outrageous slander against some of the greatest human beings every to grace these shores.
The Church Missionary Society was instrumental in the abolition of Slavery in the British Empire and it was this very same Humanitarian Society that sent missionaries to New Zealand to bring the light of the Gospel to Maori.
They left the comforts of Civilisation at the hazard of their own lives to teach Maori about Jesus Christ so that they might be saved from the darkness of Superstition, Cannibalism, Endless Tribal warfare and subsistence living.

These are irrefutable recorded facts!
The mana of many missionaries was unquestionable in the eyes of Contemporary Chiefs of the highest rank!

Anna’s Education would mention none of this.
Leftist Subversives seeking to turn Maori into thorns in the side of Capitalist New Zealand has no use for such truths!
They must twist and deform everything to render their subject absolutely and fanatically committed to the Far Left Revolution.

It must be understood that the Far left is fundamentally Anti-Christian.
Marx claimed his Politics were foundered upon ‘Scientific Materialism’… Atheism, and that ‘Religion is the opiate of the Masses’.
The implementation of his ideas have resulted in mass genocides in the 20th century on never before seen scales where Far Left communists attempted to stamp out Religion.
This is still going on in Communist Nations today such as China and North Korea.
Communism cannot tolerate belief systems that teach the plebs there exists higher authority than the State.
This murderous hatred for Religion and for ‘British Imperialism’ has been deployed to paint the Missionaries who came to New Zealand as Deceivers and Devils, who via cunning softened up the Naïve Maori population into allowing Colonisation to take place.
This is nothing short of a Satanic Lie!
This vile mischaracterisation of the heroic humanitarian missionaries can only be entertained by extreme ignorance.
Anna’s Satanism is a hallmark of a person who has had their minds poisoned towards Christianity to turn her into what she has now become… a Racist Far left radical.

When considering how a young Maori girl has become so radicalised and filled with such hatred as is on open display with Anna McAllister we might ask from where does she take her political cues?
Who are her mentors?
This is important.

We do not have to look any further than the Racist hate filled radicals of the Far left Maori Party.
These racist radicals not only preach race hate against Pakeha for imagined wrongs committed 150 years ago, they virtually endorse every single Far Left Radical idea such as Global Warming, Transgender indoctrination, Support for Hamas Terrorism against Israel,etc.
Virtually all of the supposed racist crimes of colonisation that such separatists framed as ‘breaches of the treaty’ are pure fictions, and again only hold currency in an environment of ignorance about the true history of the colonisation of New Zealand.
Yet even if they were true that cannot justify the Race-hatred harboured by the likes of Maori Party MP and Co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer against Pakeha living today who had nothing to do with colonisation and they themselves are as ‘Tangatawhenua’ as any Maori… ie People of the land… Born here… and their ancestors are buried here, and they have even intermarried and become genetically entwined with Maori themselves!

These are Facts.

There is not a single Maori radical today who does not share some of the colonizer genes… including Anna McAllister and Debbie Packer!
That is how big a scam this whole ‘Treaty separatism’ is because physically there is no legitimate racial division!
Reality exposes the political lie.

While the gullible, and Naeve, and indoctrinated radicals like Anna McAlister look up to the Maori Party Bigots, hapily many many more Maori refuse to associate themselves with the racist Radicals of the Separatist movement.
The Maori Population is estimated at 850,500 or 16% of all New Zealanders.
In 2020 the Maori party gained less than 2% of the party vote which demonstrates that The Maori Party in no way can be construed to represent Maori.
A little bit of research also shows that despite 5 decades on intense Left wing propaganda almost half of all Maori still chose not to even be on the Maori Electoral roll!
That is a testament of courageous moral fortitude and common sence!
Instead… turning their backs on Racist separatism they are registered on the General Roll standing side by side as equals with the rest of New Zealand.
Ask yourselves why is it that *this truth* is not being taught by the State to Maori?
It’s like the State wants to maintain the lie that to be a Maori, you must support political apartheid.
When you appreciate just how small a support base the Maori Party has it just goes to show how much bluster and grand standing they are engaged in falsely portraying themselves as the Voice of Maoridom.
Esp in this they are provable Frauds.

And this brings me to my final point… the absolute hypocrisy of Anna in what she has been doing.

Read this Tweet….

Here we see Anna being extremely angry that a Herald reporter tried to contact her at work.
She exclaims how most of her work colleagues don’t know ‘the full extent’ of her activism.
And tries to say that her political activities have *nothing to do with her day job*!!!!
She said that simply by asking to speak with her at her place of work *was a huge breach of her privacy*!!!!!

Now think about this in respect to what she and her gang of leftists did to Lee Williams and his day job!
They created a Public Petition that threatened his employers Synlait Dairy Company’s reputation by insinuating they support White supremacy!
Now considering what Anna tweeted about her own privacy and separation between her own activism from her employment… where were her considerations for Lee Williams on these accounts?
Simply put… she does not give a shit about them!
Her admission here does reveal she is fully cognizant that her own actions in attacking peoples jobs and livelihoods are immoral and yet she not only is a serial offender, she openly celebrates the misery she causes!
This group of hateful abusers of Free Speech must be stopped.
Blackmail and extortion are crimes, It is my hope that some legal expert can see what is going on here and bring charges against these people for their malicious activities.
For the sake of Free Speech New Zealanders must Rally and demand justice for Lee Williams.

I am appalled by the malicious attacks Anna McAllister and co have perpetrated against other New Zealanders, esp how far they have gone to destroy Lee Williams life.
Their absolute disregard for Democratic principles, esp Free Speech caused me to stand up in defense of Lee Williams and commit myself to seeing these haters brought to heel.
Their activities and behavior cannot be tolerated in a Free Society.
They are tramping upon the rights of others.
I can appreciate that people like Lee Williams have just reason enough to hate them… and yet I cannot bring myself to hate them.
Because of all the monumental lies that abound today I can only I pity them having become ensnared in the grand delusions and lies of Far Left wing Propaganda.
In truth my heart is filled with sadness that part-Maori like Anna have been taught to habour racism in their hearts, and taught to hate Christianity.
I have no doubt that Anna will consider me her enemy… if only she could know my love for the Maori People and for All New Zealanders, and that like the Missionaries of old… I want to use my life to bring light and liberty to those in darkness.
Jesus Himself said “And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you Free”.

Tim Wikirwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

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Ardern Government Will Use ‘History Curriculum’ To Indoctrinate Our Children With Racist Falsehoods. Tim Wikiriwhi’s submission for ‘ Aotearoa New Zealand’s Histories in the New Zealand Curriculum ‘.

Submission on ‘Aotearoa New Zealand’s Histories in the New Zealand Curriculum’
By Tim Wikiriwhi.

Ministry of Education
P O Box 1666
Wellington 6140

My submission on the curriculum is written from several perspectives.
Firstly, that of a Father and Grandfather whose children will be subject to this curriculum, thus I speak in exercising my parental responsibility and rights.
I am also a private student of New Zealand history, and have studied it with passion my whole adult life and so it is a subject close to my own heart.
My studies have been carried on independent of any curriculum. I have wandered through the pages of our history wheresoever my mind has carried me.
This is an important fact that goes a long way to explain why I am able to write what follows.

Secondly I speak as a citizen and active participant in our democracy with respect to what We the people expect from our servants… the government.

Thirdly I speak as a Kiwi of both Maori and Pakeha descent who is acutely aware of the radical separatist politics which is currently running amok, subverting the truth for political gain and causing massive racial division and strife.

My Libertarian principles enlighten me to the Ideal that there ought to be a constitutionally protected separation between the State, and the education of our youth.

This is because the State being a political power is disposed to propagate the political ideology and agenda of the people and parties in power, this inevitably threatens the integrity and objective quality of what is instilled into the minds of the innocent, when the truth is seen as being antagonistic to the ambitions of those in power.

Given opportunity the State will misuse the Education system to influence the next generation of voters to benefit their own political aims.
This is why allowing the State to control the education system and to dictate the curriculum is extremely dangerous to truth, freedom, and democracy.
The threat is not only real, it can easily be seen in action today on a variety of subjects.
This ought to be a grave concern to all honest and enlightened parents and teachers alike.

Most people know this type of political indoctrination is commonplace in Totalitarian States like North Korea, and China.
Far Less will admit the current bunch of MPs in the Beehive demonstrate the very same tendencies.
There is great cause for alarm at what is going on across the spectrum of education, yet in no other subject is politicisation more insidious than in the mutilation of our epic colonial history.
Any public discussion on a history curriculum cannot be undertaken without keeping this dangerous reality at the forefront of our concerns, and working to insure separatist politics do not absolutely corrupt this enterprise.
There are powerful vested interests at work seeking to hijack this curriculum and twist it to serving their own political advantages, which depend upon the perpetuation of racial angst and divide.
This is the real reason our politicians seek to make New Zealand History a compulsory subject.
It’s called mass social conditioning.

My submission below will give a few examples of the political sleight of hand going on via historical revisionism, yet will also set down a few ideas about how despite the many dangers involved, it could be possible to mitigate them, and make this enterprise conform more closely to the professed intention of teaching actual New Zealand History rather than a politicised false narrative.

There is no way that I could have made this submission without first stating these uncomfortable things, and yet still, having sent my own son to a public primary School for the past 5 years, and participated school activities, I must declare that I have been very happy with the way my son has been taught, and nurtured there.
I do not have anything but good things to say about the teachers and quality of my son’s time at primary school.
I hope this statement quells any notion that I have no appreciation of the quality and integrity of the average teacher and school.
My purpose in writing this is not to undermine good people with the best of intentions and genuine vocational aspirations, doing a good job.
My criticisms and warnings are system and ethos based, not personal, save for the politically corrupt actors with nefarious designs embedded both above and within the structure who seek to use the education system to indoctrinate our children in their own woke partisan political opinions. .

I do not harbour any delusions that Nanny State will divest itself from education any time soon, and so it would be pointless to write a submission that hinged upon such a forlorn hope.
I would not waste your time if that was the heart of my submission.
The best I can hope for presently is to make some positive suggestions that might aid the good teachers and staff at schools to be able to provide the best quality education and history under the circumstances.

To the genuine teachers of History and sociology, this submission is written in your defense, to assist you in having a curriculum that you can be proud to teach… because of adherence to truth, and the value it adds to student education.

I myself spring from a family of civil servants, and educators who instilled in me some of their zeal for civic duty and a desire to serve their communities.

Let me now begin my Submission proper.

Such weighty matters cannot be ‘breezed over’, yet still I will keep my submission as succinct as possible.

The love of power and money is the root of every form of evil.

How easily Machiavellian political operators turn outwardly noble intentions into tools for exploitation.
When we raise the prospect of Governments teaching children what to believe about their own heritage, we are treading upon quicksand.

There is every reason to lament that what will be taught to future generations of Kiwi via compulsory ‘New Zealand History’ will not be history at all, but a heavily partisan political re-hash in which the truth takes second place to a preferred constructed narrative, that is not only a litany of falsehoods but also will inevitably tend to deepen racial divides… which is the intended purpose of the revisionism.
To sow discord, to poke tender spots, to enflame fires that have all but run their coarse, to invigorate political tensions to ensure these troubles are inherited by future generations… perpetually… thereby shoring up the foundations of the various Racist Apartheid political institutions that we have gullibly established, bequeathing these monstrosities to posterity.

Instead of well written and nuanced objective history, the curriculum is in grave danger of being subverted to teach radical revisionism which has sprung up via the Treaty Settlement process involving hundreds of millions of dollars.
Paid, credentialed, ‘historians for hire’ have tailor-made narratives for the express purpose of gaining large settlements.
In no way has this process been an attempt at objective history, but by their very nature these ‘histories’ are purposefully ‘adversarial’ designed to sway proceedings in the here and now, attempting to claim injustices have been suffered by the claimants, and to foist blame for pitiable outcomes upon the ‘White dominated colonial New Zealand State.

These cases themselves have not been herd in genuinely objective courts nor subjected to anything nearing rigorous legal scrutiny to determine whether the claims are well founded, but instead have been herd by the notoriously un-objective Waitangi Tribunal.

Under such heavy motivation to skew the truth in one direction, this is not how objective history can be ascertained and then recycled as the basis for a national curriculum!
Yet this is precisely what is going on!
We are talking about Politicised history.. not objective history!
Such Historians as Dr Vincent O’Malley have made a career out of writing such skewed narratives for commission to be used in the Political arena.
What is at stake for our nation besides the exchange of large sums of taxpayer money, the deepening corruption of our Legal system and government with Race based Laws and institutions… all things detrimental to the future wellbeing of our nation. In Truth nothing short of our National heritage and Identity itself is under mortal attack!

Will there be a Hamilton City in the future?
Will there be any monuments to Captain Cook?
Or will the only culture allowed to be celebrated here in New Zealand be a false Idealised Maori culture?
Must all Pakeha be ashamed of their roots?
Will such hollow myths as ‘Maori being the caretakers of the land’, become canonised?
There is no real history in these things, but pure woke politically correct propaganda.

The politisisation of New Zealand history and the threat it poses to our National Identity can be observed via recent events in Hamilton City whereby the City Council in partnership with Tainui employed professional historian Dr O Malley to produce a ‘Historical report’ to ‘help city councilors’ evaluate the claims of Radical Activists that have been harasing the city and vandalising one of it’s colonial monuments.
These Activists protest the name of Hamilton City, and the names of several streets as ‘offensive memorials to colonial oppressors and war criminals’ who are said to have participated in atrocities against their forefathers in an unjust war.
The Activists demand the name of Hamilton to be stripped from the city, and replaced with ‘Kirikiriroa’.
The streets Grey St, Bryce St, and Vontempsky st, are to be renamed.

Though having no mandate from the people of Hamilton city to pursue such radical propositions, the spineless Council removed the ‘offending statue’ of Captain Hamilton from the town square, and by engaging the services of Dr O Malley Hamilton City Council demonstrated they were giving all this craziness serious consideration!
When Dr O Malley tabled his report, as predicted his narrative 100% endorsed the claims of the Maori Radicals!
Is it any wonder the report contains such prejudice given one of the principle parties which commissioned his report was Tainui, one of the antagonists in the war of the 1860s, and who were defeated?
Being a trained and credentialed ‘Historian’ Dr O Malley’s report is supposed to be historically ‘Authoritative’, and yet it was compromised from the very beginning.
The Report stated that the war was an invasion, and wholly motivated by lust for Taunui lands.
This narrative paints the Pakeha as being greedy and corrupt and guilty of atrocities.
Absent was any culpability for the war on Tainui’s part.
Hamilton City Council was then going to hold a public hearing to receive public submissions upon the report, before deciding what would be done.
This process was interrupted by Covid 19.
I myself wrote an extensive (yet not exhaustive) rebuttal of the O Malley Report which can be found on line here.

War in the Waikato. Rebuttal of the O’Malley report for Hamilton City Council with regards to the proposal to change the name of our city to Kirikiriroa.

I presented well documented records and accounts of the war and character of the accused that was in sharp contrast to what Dr O Malley had tabled, and that there were good reasons why these men were honoured and memorialised with monuments, and that these memorials must stand as a testimony to our rich history for future generations to ponder.

So here we have a demonstration of how politically charged the subject New Zealand history is.
We have the Truth, and we have Radicals seeking to pervert history for their own political and financial gain.
Protesting, feigning grievance at the hands of Pakeha has netted Tainui elites Hundreds of millions of dollars.
Will our School history classes now be used to facilitate this extortion racket… to a greater degree than is already the case?

New Zealand historian Paul Moon talks about this very thing in an article he wrote ( Stuff Sep 13, 2019)
“Given this importance, the Government’s decision to ensure all school students will be taught our country’s history is to be applauded.
Perhaps the most common response to emerge from the announcement is “which history?” or the more prejudicial “whose history?”. And there’s the rub. History is no mere list of dates and facts. It is often a contest between sometimes different ways of seeing the past, and what particular events in that past ought to be more pronounced. Many of these interpretations tend to chafe on contact with each other, resulting in history being a discipline that has to accommodate a wide range of views. Maybe this is why successive politicians have been reluctant to support compulsory New Zealand history in schools – it seems too contentious. Of course, there are risks that, if done poorly, compulsory history in our schools could veer into the realm of indoctrination. It is no coincidence that one of the first functions authoritarian regimes undertake on assuming power is to produce new history books in order to emphasise the “correct” version of history that is passed on to students. “

“He Iwi Tahi Tatou”. “We are now one people”.
This is what Governor Hobson said as he shook the hand of each chief who signed the Treaty of Waitangi.
Dr O’Malley would do well to remember this historical fact.
The Treaty united Maori with the rest of New Zealand under British sovereignty.
The modern politically driven construct of ‘Treaty partnership’ contravenes the first clause of the Treaty of Waitangi whereby sovereignty was ceded to the British Crown.
Instead the nefarious school of thought to which Dr O Malley subscribes claims sovereignty was never ceded but supposed to be shared.

I will provide historical validation that sovereignty was ceded from no less an authority than Sir Apirana Ngata shortly, yet from the fundamental fallacy of ‘Treaty partnership’ Dr O Malley insists that the Kingitanga movement was not a breach of the Treaty… despite this being exactly how it was seen by the British government and settlers at the time, and from this false determination he then proceeds to make a case that the cause of the wars were fundamentally that of colonialist greed for Land, rather than what History proper records… That the Kingitanga movement was a rebellion against the Treaty and that it was Tainui who began the war preparations, and instigated the dispute.

The war in the Waikato with the Kingites was about sovereignty not greed on the part of the settlers… not lust for land.
It was about the establishment of A Maori Kingdom separate from the British Empire… a clear breach of the treaty and why the war with Britain was provoked.
To better understand all this I encourage the committee to read my rebuttal of the O Malley Report (link above)

Revisionist historians like Dr O’Malley for the last 50 years have eroded our nations pioneering pride and sense of unity to the degree that Treaty partnership concepts, and the notion that colonisation as a whole was one gigantic racist crime… (Marxist Dogma) have become ‘official doctrine’ via a shameful process of successive political parties and governments retreating and pandering to radical separatist Maori activism… for the sake of gaining the support of the radicals occupying the Maori seats in parliament which so often have held the parliamentary balance of power.
All this politics makes for very poor history.
New Zealand has been in the throes of systematic indoctrination for the past 50 years, and this is why today the legacy of these great men, Sir George Grey, Bryce, Hamilton, and Von Tempsky and others like Captain Cook are under relentless attack.

“Some have said that the land confiscations were wrong and they contravened the articles of the Treaty of Waitangi, but the chiefs placed in the hands of the Queen of England, the sovereignty and authority to make laws. Some sections of the Maori people violated that authority. War arose and blood was spilled. The Law came into operation and land was taken in payment. This in itself is Maori custom-revenge-plunder to avenge a wrong. It was their chiefs who ceded that right to the queen. The confiscations cannot therefore be objected to in the light of the Treaty ”
Extracts from “The Treaty of Waitangi, An Explanation.” by Sir Apirana Ngata

Lets look at Maori History…

In an article published on line by the NZ Herald 16 June, written by Peter Jackson talking about what is going on here in Hamilton.
Ngapuhi Leader David Rankin is quoted as having… ‘turned the whole Black Lives Matter trend on its head as he called for Tainui’s Turangawaewae Marae to be torn down’.
“Black Lives Matter-inspired demonstrations against symbols of history, in New Zealand and around the world, have focused on monuments to Europeans, but Ngapuhi leader, David Rankin, has called on Tainui to take down Turangawaewae Marae, which, he said, his iwi had long regarded as a symbol of enslavement and oppression.
The marae, he said, represented a dark period in the iwi’s history, when Tainui slavers abused his people to build their marae and grow crops for them.
“For us in the North, Turangawaewae Marae is a symbol of that slavery, murder and cannibalism, and so needs to be pulled down,” he said.
“The wealth that Tainui generated was made on the backs of Ngapuhi slaves.”
He had the support of his Te Matarahurahu hapu, whose ancestors were among those captured by Tainui, and used as slaves. Sometimes slaves had become part of the communities of their captors, but in this case they were eventually killed and eaten.
“Tainui famously acquired corn by disembowelling my ancestor and removing the kernels in his stomach for seed,” he said.
“Tainui has a moral obligation to pull down that marae, which for us is a symbol of cultural hatred, and if they don’t pull it down, then we will come down and do the job for them.”
This article seems to have been too hot for the NZ Herald to keep in the public eye, and it was soon deleted, yet excerpts can be found here

NZ Herald Appears to Have Memory-Holed This Article

It is at this point I ask… Will the true nature of Pre-colonial life and intertribal warfare be taught in the NZ curriculum? or instead will that all be revised and rehashed too into some politically sanitised and idealisd mythical race of Nobel Savages?

Only if the truth about what life was like for the average Maori in pre-European times is understood, can any real judgement be made about whether or not subsequent British colonisation was a boon or a great evil upon the Maori race.
As an Independent thinking Maori I quite enjoy life in 21st century New Zealand!
I certainly prefer it to living in a reed hut with dirt floors in constant fear of being attacked by neighboring tribes and eaten!
When the truth is understood, only ignorant or prejudiced minds can maintain that British colonisation brought evils upon Maori.
That perspective cannot stand in the light of day!

Given there is a radical political revisionist narrative being imposed upon our nation how can it be hoped that a new history curriculum will be a benefit to our children?
How then can conscientious History Teachers save themselves from becoming the indoctrinators of Radical Political propaganda, as has already become the case in so many other subjects, and threatens to expand in to such areas as Gender Identity?
What follows are a few ideas which could serve to help teachers maintain professional integrity as teachers rather than State indoctrinators.

My proposal for the curriculum.

We have established that there are competing views of New Zealand History.
Because modern historical revisionism is currently being heavily imposed upon our society at all levels, it’s too much for me to expect this heavily politicised false narrative be kept out of our nations history curriculum.
This being so I propose this perspective be counterpoised by the far more well established ‘classical interpretation’ of New Zealand history *also* being included in the curriculum.

This would be an education in itself as it would at least teach students the importance of critical thinking skills because of the reality that there can be more than one perspective of history, and that they must honestly weigh up which narrative is best supported by the facts… an undertaking all thinking people ought to be doing rather than simply and unquestioningly swallowing what ever single narrative they are being spoon fed.

I perceive how these conflicting viewpoints might be interwoven into a single class of quality education, should the caliber of Teachers be of high enough character to do objective justice to two different perspectives, placing them in juxtaposition so that students can perceive the nature of the controversies. Thesis, and Antithesis.

Alternatively the History Curriculum could be divided in two sections, The Classical perspective class, and the so-called Modern Revisionist perspective.
This would be interesting because when both perspectives are laid side by side, this would test the integrity and tolerance of School faculties, the advocates of each perspective having to refrain from demanding the opposite perspective be suppressed.

I can already predict that those who desire the youth to prefer the modern revisionist perspective will also be the party that will be most antagonistic, and prone to attacking those of the classical perspective.
Given that both perspectives ought to be on equal standing, so that the students themselves can ponder which perspective is best supported by the facts, or whether a third perspective grows up… a Synthesis might develope… who can tell?
As things stand these renewed disputes are far from settled.
This is a controversy that must be debated in the public sphere and unless political pressure is used to give advantage to the fables of modern revisionism, free and open debate will ensure the true history ultimately prevails, and the politicised false narrative will fall by the wayside.

Part of the genius of my proposal (forgive my vanity) is that for such a scheme to work would require all parties, teachers, administrators, and students to co-exist and co-operate on the basis of Equality and tolerance… two very valuable virtues for students to attain, and vital for a free society in which people of different perspectives agree to peacefully co-exist in community with one another, respecting each others equal dignity and freedom.

This is how New Zealand used to be until a mere handful of decades ago before Leftist Racist Radicals began their shrill agitation that gave birth to Treaty separatism.
I do not believe the factions promoting Treaty separatism have the strength of character to be respectful and civilized should the Curriculum provide a balancing counterpoise to their prejudiced views.

Schools in a Free society ought to focus on teaching children how to think, how to apply principles, and discover truths for themselves rather than being factories of indoctrination and telling students what they must think.
This distinction is stark, because in a free society the ‘Zeitgeist’ or culture of that community will be ‘organic’ and free to modify itself at will… and founded upon reason rather than coercion, whereas indoctrination is the norm under Totalitarian States whereby the State dictates what the subjects must think… or else.

The dire situation we face today however is there are Radical Socialists in parliament who are actively rendering our nation less free, and more akin to Totalitarian Police States like North Korea and China whereby the Governments dictate what shall be taught with less and less dissenting views allowed.
We may already have moved past the point whereby our National Freedoms might be saved, because the current Government and a large activist, noisy portion of our population are already radicalised to the point whereby they will not countenance any views being expressed that challenge their own narrow woke radical views.

What the future will be for our Children and theirs will be determined by such important decisions as are being considered here and now.
The form our future government and laws will take shall be determined by what sort of ideas and perspectives our children are presently taught.

“He who controls the past, controls the future” warns George Orwell.

The Radicals know this as well as I do and that is why they will fight like demons to insure their ‘revolutionary propaganda’ holds a monopoly over the minds of future generations.
Indoctrination and conditioning being the order of the day.
This is the very opposite thing to having a Free and independent thinking population of self reliant and self responsible citizens.
Currently Politically correct politicians seek to create a herd of indoctrinated sheeple, incapable of thinking outside the box those in power have socially engineered.
Censorship, Deplatforming, and Laws which allow people to be punished for ‘wrong think’ are the hall marks of Tyranny…yet this is the way our society is heading under the guise of a caring Nanny State.
Jails will begin to fill with those who defiantly continue to dissent in the public square from the official line.

I implore the committee to consider my proposal for the history curriculum. To understand the very real dangers for our Nations future I have expounded upon in my submission, and be honest and objective enough to insure our children understand *Both perspectives* so that they may judge for themselves.
Let us foremostly instruct them in the truth that history is a subject that is open to all sorts of interpretation and therefore they must question and take the time to ponder rather than simply thinking a single perspective can be safely swallowed whole.

If you only succeed in helping youth understand this *one truth* you will have given them a very powerful tool with which they will be able to navigate themselves in life with respect to history and given them a principle whereby they can guard themselves against False historic narratives written for tyrannical ends.

Schools and universities in Western Nations used to be the vanguards of Free Speech and open debate upon the sharp Political questions of the day.
Sadly those days are quickly fading.
Instead we now have Universities etc which seek to shut down debates, and De-platform the voices of dissent and critisism, , while promoting the Politically correct and woke narratives of the powers that be.
In this way our schools have become far more like those in totalitarian states whereby only the official line is permitted to be advocated on campus.
It is not uncommon these days to see students marching for more Tyranny, less Freedom!
This is what happens when Schools are dictated to by political agenda.
PM Jacinda Ardern seeks to use the education system to condition future generations into accepting the establishment of a full blown Apartheid State under the guise of fulfilling the principles within the UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights.
Re: The He Puapua Report.

Should public submissions and appeals like mine fall upon deaf ears, and the forthcoming history curriculum turn out to be nothing short of an absolutely corrupt Radical Anti-colonial Historic revisionism, accompanied with it’s Global counterpart, the psychotic Neo-Marxist Radical doctrine of ‘Critical Race Theory’, I would hope such toxic doctrines and Fake history will be met with mass parental protests.

Unless the History Curriculum is so framed as to present an honest account which does not patently serve to politically radicalise our children, Parents ought to unite and organise themselves to boycott any School which is so ideologically sloped as to try and use their history classes to brainwash our children.

Currently there is a rising backlash from communities all around the globe calling out Critical Race theory for the Marxist Toxic Racism that it is.
This includes many Parents of ethnic minorities who are sick to death of being used as a Left wing political football.
I would hope that good teachers would also stand in solidarity with parents to resist the Political pressures to use History classes to peddle political propaganda.

The true history of New Zealand from the 19th century is a fabulously enlightened story of the unification of two worlds, and the forming of one Nation.
There were some serious bumps in the road yet our Nation was born in an age in which Britain had ended slavery and recognised the brotherhood of all humanity.
It is a history that all New Zealanders can be proud of.
The spirit of unity as New Zealanders is the true current that flows through the pages of the New Zealand story.
We must not allow the bigotry and falsehoods of a tiny minority of racist radicals and Marxists destroy our Colonial monuments and rob us of such a fine and proud heritage.

Ironically, this recent period of Racist radicalism and historic revisionism, has itself become part of the overall history of our nation which it may be hoped future generations will look back upon these times as an aberration not to be repeated. A period in which The New Zealand dream came under threat by dangerous Marxist activists and radical politicians, and this knowledge will arm future generations to defend themselves should this evil ideology attempt to rise again from the dead.
The price of Liberty is Eternal vigilance.

I make myself available for answering any questions, and offer my ongoing support and critique in constructing a truly educational curriculum of New Zealand history, doing justice to all sides.

Tim Wikiriwhi.