My Submission to The Therapeutic Products Bill. Tim Wikiriwhi.

Update: My Official submission is here

Below is a ruff draft of my submission on the Therapeutic Products Bill.
My final submission is slightly tidier than the draft below yet as I did my editing on the official submission database I do not have an exact copy of it.
I made the deadline with only 3o minutes to spare.
When my submission appears on the Government website I will transfer the final draft here… yet the draft below is 90% identical.

Read about the Bill here.

Tim Wikiriwhi.

To the Committee for the Therapeutic Products Bill.

I oppose the enactment of any new regulations that will impinge upon the current liberty of Truck between New Zealand Citizens and Alternative health businesses and suppliers of alternative products.
We already have a heavily regulated Health care system that is under extensive Bureaucratic control, the purpose of the alternative health industry is to empower citizens to participate more in their own health and well being and have access to products and services that are exempt from running the excessive bureaucratic gauntlet (trials) which most of the products available at pharmacies must navigate… increasing such legal hurdles will mean only the wares of wealthy Pharmaceutical Giants will be available in the marketplace.

This is at the heart of the matter.
Under the misguided delusion of concern about ‘risks’ to public health via tightening regulations the State will in fact put small time Health professionals, herbalists, and suppliers of unique and novel treatments out of business much to the glee of Big Pharma Cartels who relish the idea of holding a monopoly over the supply of health products, and much to the anguish of thousands of New Zealanders like myself who regularly use alternative products as part of our personal health strategy.

I have not herd a single Herbalist say they support this Bill.
In fact they all fear this will put them out of business.

This in my estimation constitutes a massive health risk to New Zealand citizens… a massive step backwards, in that on the whole it will result in less alternative products being accessible, and drive up the costs of those that remain… and that is a big factor for people on tight budgets.
Extra Bureaucratic costs may put many products out of reach of the poor!
These factors will far outweigh any supposed risk reduction heavier regulation is supposed to deliver.

The Hamilton Herbal shop. Where I get me urbs and alternative Medicinals. (Note: The opinions expressed in this submission has no association with the Hamilton Herbal shop. They are strictly my own.)

I am a happy customer of my local herbalist, who supplies me with many health support products, including a mixture they make for my Gout rather than taking officially proscribed medications.
We are adults! We demand you respect our rights to make our own health decisions and to evaluate risk/benefits for ourselves.
We don’t need or want any new regulations thank you.
Things are fine the way they are… in fact less regulations would probably be in the best interests of New Zealanders!

We need to protect our rights and alternative health sector from Political/ State over reach.

How about Parliament tidy up the massive problems you have in the Health system that you already are responsible for. Surely you have enough on your plate to deal with in that regard?
Leave the alternative Therapeutic market alone!
Lasize Faire!
It is doing fine without ‘more government’.

Look at the mismanagement of the Covid 19 Pandemic!
Mainstream ‘officials’ said that promoting Vitamin D to fortify natural immunity was dangerous misinformation and pseudoscience, yet the truth has now come out of the vital roll of Vitamin D in fighting the corona virus!
Of course the politicians and Big Pharma wanted everyone to think their MRNA vaccines were the only hope!
Ivermectin was banned! No doubt this cost lives.
Bill Gates and Big Pharma made Billions!
The world is waking up to what a debacle the whole Official narrative was.
Thankfully we… independent thinking citizens were able to network and do our own research, and still able to get hold of Vitamin D and Ivermectin substitutes like Quercetin, no thanks to attempts to try and prevent the citizenry from putting hope in anything other than Bill Gates/ The States Mass MRNA program.
Why, in the light of all this anti freedom State activity over the past 3 years, and how poorly the National Health sector is functioning, and how the Big Pharma cartels’ enriched themselves while the world reeled under Draconian lockdowns would you expect independent Thinking New Zealanders to desire the state to usurp greater control over alternative treatments?

It matters not if any of the hearing committee concurs with my evaluation of how the Covid 19 pandemic was handled, what matters is that you respect the rights of New Zealanders to continue to enjoy access to the broadest range of alternative heath products without additional restrictions and expense.
This sector is complimentary to the State Health system, the same way heathy food suppliers are, and as Free and self-responsible Adults we decide what dietary regime is best for our own heath and well being, and in this way we are less likely to require the services of the State health system.
I submit that this Bill be withdrawn.
Thank you for reading my submission.
Please forgive my tone, I am very passionate about this issue, and I have written this submission in the final hours before submissions close, and dont have time to tidy it up and smooth it out.

Tim Wikiriwhi.

Update: 1-8-23.
Why Do drug companies want to capitalize on Natural health products?
Do I reall have to spell it out?
Read what the Merck CEO had to say about the future of Big Pharma profits…

Update 2: The despicable Labour Greens in parliament have used ‘Urgency’ to bypass the safeguards against tyrannical legislation and made this evil bill Law.

Read: The Final Nail In The Coffin For The Natural Health Industry?

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  1. Are We Going Backwards or Rushing Ahead?

    “On Tuesday, along with Winston Peters, Gary Moller, and others, I spoke at the Wellington conference opposing the Therapeutic Products Bill (TPB). I was gratified to hear Winston, our former foreign minister and deputy prime minister, reiterating his long term opposition to draconian regulation of natural health products. 65% of Kiwis use them. They’re safe. Winston described the TPB as an overreach out of touch with the people, which should be abandoned…”

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