Open Letter To Synlait Dairy Company Defending You Tuber Lee Williams Democratic Right To Critisise The Political Policies Of The Maori Party.

This blog post is an open letter to the Synlait Dairy company.
It covers matters of a very sensitive, unpleasant, yet vitally important nature to justice, freedom, and the future wellbeing of our country.
Right now, a brave and good man’s livelihood hangs in the balance.
Now He needs his countrymen to speak up in his defense.
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Thank you.

To the management of Synlait Dairy Company.

I write to you in defense of Dairy worker and independent You Tuber Lee Williams for the purpose of explaining why Synlait must not dismiss Lee because to do so would be wrongful.

Your company has become ensnared in a dirty political game through no fault of your own, and for this you have my sympathy.
Take courage, most New Zealanders understand this.
New Zealanders are not blind to what is going on.
This is a matter of National importance.

Lee and Synlait are but the latest victims of despicable systematic, politically motivated attacks upon your names and character.
These attacks are attempting to circumvent the rights of free citizens to speak out against the political policies of Racist radicals peddling a blatantly racist agenda by threatening their reputations and livelihoods.
I am in this instance talking about the unscrupulous behavior of the Maori Party, who are a notorious bunch of racist radicals who do not even represent what most Maori people believe, let alone what most New Zealanders believe, yet still because of the way they operate in labeling anyone who speaks out against their racist agenda as being ‘White Supremacist’ most New Zealanders are too scared to stand up against them.

I am well aware of the pressure Synlait will be feeling having become the focus of their attention, and that the last thing you want is to be dragged through ongoing ugly public protests with a bunch of ill behaved radicals saying all sorts of nasty things about your company… until you give them what they want… the head of your worker… Lee Williams.

Every time companies cave in to such demands only serves to embolden this type of political extortion.
The latest occurrence was when Media Works Corp decided to ‘let go’ 2 of their best broadcasters, John Banks and Sean Plunket, because like Lee, they dared to take less than agreeable positions with the racist radical agenda that divides New Zealand into a two tier society… First class citizens being those with special indigenous rights… and Second Class citizenship goes to all the rest.
If you complain about being rendered a second class citizen, the Maori party will call you racist!

Woke left wing activists successfully applied the very same pressure Synlait is now experiencing to several of Mediaworks major advertisers who then threatened to pull their advertising revenues from Media works unless they ‘deplatformed’ Ex Mayor of Auckland John Banks.
Fellow Radio Works talk show host Sean Plunket made ‘the mistake’ of speaking up for Banks.
When the despicable tactics of the radical Left got the results they hoped for New Zealand lost two prominent public voices brave enough to challenge the racist policies of the Maori Party and others in parliament.
Now they have turned their sights on defender of the Kiwi Dream, and You Tuber Lee Williams.

These tactics are what has become known globally as ‘Cancel culture’ and are a clear demonstration of how leftist militant political activists are systematically undermining legitimate free speech, and attacking their critics… not in a civilised manor with superior reason and facts, but with Bulling and threats, and slander… going for their throats by attacking their jobs and livelihoods.
These underhanded and Machiavellian tactics cause New Zealanders to shut their mouths to the vile antics and policies of these radicals out of fear of coming under attack themselves.
These despicable tactics are running amok across Western societies because of a failure of Parliaments to recognize this subversive political behavior for what it really is.
Hateful, malevolent, and anti-democratic.

The Lust for power is the root of every form of evil.

Let me make this clear.
It is outrageous slander to label anyone who disagrees with the separatist policies and financial largess going on in our parliament today as being ‘White Supremacist’.
I myself am of Maori descent, and I stand with Lee, as do the majority of New Zealanders in opposition to the racially divisive agenda commonly known as ‘Treaty Separatism’.
Lee, a migrant from Britain, in his private life is a passionate defender of the Ideals and values that made New Zealand great.
Far be it that his attitude should be frowned upon!
He ought to be highly commended, esp given the caustic political environment of our times under which brave and principled people come under attack for defending such fundamental principles as racial equality before the law.

Lee did not ask me to write this.
I do not personally know Lee, nor do I agree with everything he says yet from watching his videos I can tell he is a good worker as he is often seen on his Go Pro walking in the cold and dark to work while the rest of the community are still lights out… snuggly tucked into their beds.
Synlait is fortunate to have such a conscientious man with strong work ethic on their team.
I understand the predicament he has now found himself, not because of any evil he has done, but because he has chosen to take a stand against Political corruption in high places.
He is a fighter for all that is Good about New Zealand that has become endangered by the Radical politics of Treaty separatism.
Lee now needs the Good people of New Zealand to stand up in his defense, and I for one will not cower from coming to his aid, and giving him my moral support out of fear the radical mob might turn their attention upon me.

Synlait must not submit to this Political harassment. It was a big mistake to suspend Lee because now you have sullied yourselves in private matters that are legally none of your concern.
That we are talking about *private matters* here… about what workers do in their own time… in their private lives… Lawful things that are not crimes.
These facts show the swampy ground Synlait is treading upon in suspending Lee.
In truth this should never have been made a question of his employment with your company. That it has become so is no fault of Lee, but yet another frightening example of how Radical Leftist political activists with malevolent intentions are working to ruin the lives of their political critics.
Getting people like Lee the sack from their jobs by labeling them as racists is one of their nasty tactics, and they are applying this tactic here and now, attempting to drive a wedge between Lee and his source of income… how he provides for himself.
Synlait must not allow themselves to be manipulated in such a despicable way… out of fear of being slandered in the public sphere by radical activists for refusing to play their dirty games.

You would do well to contemplate the fact that Rugby Australia had to apologise and reach a hefty settlement with Israel Folau because in dismissing Israel for things he said in private on Social media they violated Israel Folau’s rights. Though this case was in Australia, the principle is the very same as your situation with Lee Williams. If you recall, Rugby Australia had suspended Israel because he had privately expressed his Christian beliefs that among other things that Homosexuality is a sin, for which Rugby Australia had taken offence.
This is symptomatic of the vehement Social intolerance and spirit of persecution which has sprung up in Western Nations today in which private citizens come under threat simply for expressing their own personal views. And all this we are told is supposed to be making our societies ‘less hateful’.
In reality it is making our Nations Less free, and more like oppressive Socialist dictatorships, and Police States.

The only legitimate reasons Synlait might have for dismissing Lee is for serious misconduct at work, or for criminal activities.
Certainly not because of the shrill and venom filled cries of Racist radicals baying for Lee’s blood.

This is a shameful politically driven ‘witch hunt’ that must be called out for what it is and rigorously opposed.
This sort of political Bully tactics cannot be condoned.
The MPs behind this evil witch hunt should be dragged over the coals for such a malicious attempt to destroy a mans life… simply because he opposes their politics and aims.
That New Zealand countenances parliamentarians and policies that divide our nation according to race… that is the *Real Racism* New Zealand suffers.

I believe the best course for Synlait to take forward would be to engage Legal representation and make a complaint to Parliament for the behavior of Maori Party MP Debbie Ngarewa for her despicable actions that have caused your company harm to its reputation, and the well being of one of your staff… for personal political gain, esp her creation/promotion of a ‘Change.Org’ on line petition with the title ‘Synlait- Stop Employing White Supremacists’.
This crosses legal boundaries, and is a form of defamation and intimidation, and it is in the public interest that this corrupt political behavior by members of parliament be called to account.

When you read what his accusers actually say… they attack Lee because he dares to warn the public about what he perceives as the dangers of the ‘He Puapua report’… a document that Jacinda Ardern was keeping secret from the New Zealand public but an unredacted copy was leaked to the Opposition.
These same concerns that Lee expressed on You Tube have also been highlighted by the Leader of the National Party Judith Collins!
Is Judith also a ‘Far Right White Supremacist’?

The ‘He Puapua Report’ is a government commissioned blueprint upon how New Zealand might be systematically and fundamentally changed under the pretext of honoring the UN Declaration of indigenous rights, itself a document signed by the Key led National Government in 2010 which New Zealanders were told at the time was not binding.

Judeth Colin’s has publicly called out Jacinda Ardern for working in stealth towards the goals listed in the report, and asked the PM to start ‘an open public conversation’ about the contents of He Puapua to lay on the table what is at stake.
Yet here we see that the Maori party has straight away gone on the attack when Lee Williams has dared to start expressing his view on this subject… which the National party Leader herself has said we need to have public discussion!
Can we have any sort of public discussion if the Maori party is able to get people fired from their employment for simply not going along with Maori Party ambitions regarding the He Puapua Report?

The petition against Synlait and Lee Williams not only accuses Lee of ‘disseminating extreme white supremacist material’ but also say’s “Synlait espouses values such as diversity, inclusion and thriving communities. This is entirely at odds with the violent rhetoric of their employee Lee Williams.
We call upon Synlait to review his contract, in reflection of their espoused values, and make it clear that they give nothing to racism, most especially a paycheque.”

Now there is so much vile contradiction and hypocrisy in that statement (above) that beggars belief!
I will only have space here to mention a few.
Firstly Lee does not advocate or incite any violence and it is a patent falsehood and slander to say otherwise.
On the contrary it is the Maori Party themselves who disseminate ‘extreme racist materials’, and are attempting to perpetuate Real harm/violence against Lee Williams by seeking to destroy his livelihood!
This is the sort of staggering dishonesty and malicious nature of Lee’s accusers… and the whole country knows this… even if few have the moral spine to say so.

Also, and most importantly, the case at hand has very serious implications for our country’s democratic processes.
It is the right of Citizens, and permanent residents to critisise the political policies of Parties and members of parliament.
The Maori Party MPs have no special rights that render *their political views* as sacrosanct… above reproach, and the idea that anyone who disagrees with them can be labeled a racist and a white supremist is an outrage!
Offensive in the extreme and nothing more than a fallacious Ad Hominem attack upon the character of their detractors.
Maori party policies must withstand the rigors of public scrutiny and criticism just as every other political parties wares must do for this alone is how democracy justly functions.
That New Zealanders and residents should have their jobs and livelihoods placed in jeopardy for expressing legitimate dissent is despicable!
Synlaits Legal response should definitely incorporate these counter claims against the perpetrators of this witch hunt.
Some sort of Legal ‘Cease and Desist’ Order should be sort to prevent the ongoing harassment of Synlait and its employees.

Ultimately the goal should be to turn the tables upon the real Bad actors in all of this, and set a precedent whereby New Zealand Businesses and Employers demonstrate the proper demarcation between employees private affairs, and what rightfully may be deemed to be within the bounds of a fair employment contract.
A persons privately held political views cannot become the basis for discrimination in Employment contracts because this violates that persons democratic rights.
Nor should a person lose their job for lawfully and peacefully exercising their right to free speech simply because it is critical of the political policies of any Party or members of parliament.

This highlights just how dangerous are our Socialist politicians current attempts to legislate Free speech into the criminal codes because in so doing they will be able to construe what is currently lawful criticism of government policy as an actual criminal offence.
These are the grave dangers we face today as a Nation.

It is my sincere hope that Synlait takes the high road and boldly choses to defend itself, and your employee Lee Williams from this malicious activity.
In so doing you will be doing our nation a great service in defense of Free Speech, and worker rights for which the great percentage of New Zealanders will be grateful.

I offer my services to Synlait, and Lee Williams for any support I can give.
I have been actively opposing Treaty Separatism for two decades, and recently contributed to a book entitled ‘Free Speech under attack’ (Tross publishing).
I place my experience in these matters at your disposal.
My Email address is below.

Lee, If you are reading this you have my support.
Please contact me.
I understand how heavy is the burden upon your shoulders right now, yet you should not go to England at this time but remain here to defend your name.

Tim Wikiriwhi.


Judith Collins calls for ‘national conversation’ from Jacinda Ardern after controversial He Puapua report. Synlait – Stop Employing White Supremacists

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Update : see video below.

44 thoughts on “Open Letter To Synlait Dairy Company Defending You Tuber Lee Williams Democratic Right To Critisise The Political Policies Of The Maori Party.”

  1. You have said what so needs to be said, Tim. Thank you!
    Watch for more of this from co-leader of the Maori Party, MP Debbie Ngarewa-Packer and her ilk. If you go to her Facebook page, you can read the appalling racist comments under the petition. Racism is a one-way street in NZ now.

    Synlait has responded to the many complainants thus:

    “Kia ora, and thanks for your message. Synlait takes these matters very seriously. We are deeply concerned that someone has these views. Lee Williams’ views are his own. These views are not shared or held by Synlait. We are conducting an investigation. Ngā mihi.”

    1. Thanks Carol, That response by Synlait is very weak.
      I would like to somehow get my ‘Open letter’ directly to Synlait somehow.

      1. You gotta wonder why Synlait does not express their repugnance for the overt racism expounded by the Radicals of the Maori Party!
        We know why… because the decades of brainwashing that has stupified so many feeble minds… That Racism is ok… when it is Maori Radicals doing it.

        1. i hope Lee goes all the way with Synlait
          and i wish him all the best.
          Stick with it Lee dont let them get you down, Just dont let them wear you down

      2. Maori party didn’t start this arsehole, I told you that last time. You’re so very sleazy and corrupt, just a massive grease stain of dishonesty and distortions. I started the trainwreck that his life has become…….told you that prick………ask Lee who Bob Here is…….he knows

  2. Come on, this so called ‘leaked’ document and obvious attempt at racial devision in NZ is all out of the UNs agenda21 playbook and merely serves as a distraction to the real issue, of Jacinda fulfilling her overlords vial depopulation assault on us all… Wake up!

    1. So happy you spoke out
      Its a lonely place when people come after you

      Also give all the information about the un and the vax / water contamination for de-population programme

  3. Excellent letter Tim you covered everything. This is NOT ok! This Maori party does NOT represent Kiwi values nor Maori that are tuned in to the bigger picture here. Worldwide Democracy is being destroyed for the New World Order. They will NOT succeed. Be on the right side of history Synlait. Lee is a true hero.

  4. Bravo, Tim.
    Superb writing.
    I trust that your messages reaches Lee and that the two of you can club together to ensure that justice will be served.

  5. I also have commented to Tina Ngata and another person I know has written to Debbie about the situation with Lee but have had no feedback from them at all. AND I heard a maori guy from Rotorua on talkback zb a couple of nights ago saying what is happening is disgusting about what our govt and MP’s are doing to our country with the maori language even which is over the top on media, etc. He said it will and is dividing our country…Thanks you Tim and others whom are making a stand for justice in Lee’s situation.

  6. Tim I haven’t been home to NZ for 36 years, but take a very close interest in everything going on there. I’m of Maori decent, (amongst several other ancestral trees) Our Whanau are Ariki, almost all of the Waikato /Tainui Chiefs of note are in my lineage, I am a direct Descendent of Tawhiao for instance on both my fathers side and my mothers side . I can even count TeRauparaha as an Ancestor .My mums father was full blood Ngapuhi /Terarawa whose grandfather Temorenga. A signatory to original Treaty So given this snapshot of my antecedents who were all in favour of a Maori European mixing of Societies I find it stounding that a group wishes to return to a form of tribal culture ,based on Pure marxist principles. Such a thing will lead to a leadership strata over lording all else, who will become serfs . Will we see a situation that Saw Tawhiao fighting off another direct ancestor of mine, Hongi Hika happening as one tribal group decides they need such and such piece of land? The forecast is looking bleak right now.

    1. Yes New Zealand has been very poorly governed over the past few decades, yet especially so in recent years… a headlong slide away from Freedom and Equality into all sorts of Radical Marxist insanity.
      I very much appreciate your comments that show you are both a Proud Maori, and also an Independent thinker and humanitarian.
      Freedom and Equality before the Law … justice… is beneficial *to everyone*… in fact the lies of Treaty separatism and the racist grievance and victimism that Maori are taught to carry in their hearts by their Corrupt political leaders is the chief reason why Maori Statistics continue to slide downwards.
      The sooner Maori shrug off this hateful ideology and dependence upon Socialism the sooner they will turn the corner and generate their own prosperity… by their own efforts… like everyone must do.
      I have been an advocate of Independent self reliances as the way forward for Maori as individuals for over 20 years.
      It breaks my heart to see them trapped in the lies of Grievance and victimism… in truth they are the victims of the lies of their own Radical leadership…

  7. Division is the KEY to cause chaos. We must resist this and stand united. I see the discussion is opening up because of brave men! Thankyou Tim. I have been praying for voices such as yours. We must gather our moral fortitude and back authentic leaders. Some great comments here, well done. Look forward to hearing more push back from you and other good people of God’s own country, NZ.

  8. Tim you say people will die in 2 years after taking mrna vaccines. 🙄 Mrna Vaccines were created after the pandemic started. Its just been a year so how come the tested animals died within 2-3 years . Just ridiculous.

  9. As a Metis Canadian I can say that here in Canada Leftist political parties are adopting the same strategy of falsely labeling opponents as “racists”. It is uncanny how consistent this strategy has become in recent years when viewing Leftist politics in Canada, UK, USA, Australia, Europe… seemingly everywhere!

    Many Canadians also follow politics in our southern neighbor (the USA), and see an extraordinary increase in the use of this strategy of falsely labeling political opponents, and even regular citizens, of being “racists” or “Nazis”.

    Leftist political entities everywhere are employing this nuclear option ad hominem attack en masse. It is a strategy of calumnious attack, meant to knock out the opponent and quash all discussion, by abusing the use of one of the most serious accusations that one can level upon another. The blanket use of this tactic is an offense to all those people throughout history, including my ancestors, who have suffered and died as a result of real racism. This ultimate “cry wolf” strategy of the political Left is beyond disgraceful, and it must end.

    Synlait, we strongly urge you to review the FACTS, rather than vexatious accusations. We’ve looked at Lee’s political commentary and satire… calling him “racist” or a “white supremacist” is a libelous lie. Lee is functioning as an investigator, reporter, journalist, political activist, and satirist.

    Synlait, please follow the rules of liberal democracy. Lee has supporters around the world who will donate to his legal costs should he choose to litigate.

    The immoral lies and tactics of the modern radical Left MUST BE OPPOSED.


    A Metis Canadian
    BC, Canada

  10. The so-called Maori MPs are not actually Maori; they are a mix of ethnicities. Nothing can change that.
    The rest of New Zealanders are also people of mixed ethnicities.
    Maori were NOT indigenous. They were immigrants like the rest of us. Nothing can change that.
    With names such as Packer, Jackson, Davis etc, how can we view them as Maori.
    In fact they are the “Brown Supremacists”.

  11. Awesome heartfelt letter expressing such honesty and courage through a transparent lens of truth. So much fear tactics shut and condemn the genuine people like yourself and Lee. Born in NZ, now live overseas. NZ a country no longer recognizable for any freedoms that were once abundant such as the right to speak your truth, not always agreed with yet part of being a kiwi it was safe. Now people are overly intimidated and left in shock through what claims to be political and is hypocritical. Imagine a world where the people in power walk the talk they claim to enforce penalties over. Each of us deserve to live in a world honoring each individual the more of us that live true to what feels right and aligns to our values the louder this message of freedom becomes.

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