Big Sister is Watching. Tim Wikiriwhi’s submission to the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification (Urgent Interim Classification of Publications and Prevention of Online Harm) Amendment Bill

Films, Videos, and Publications Classification (Urgent Interim Classification of Publications and Prevention of Online Harm) Amendment Bill.

Submission of Tim Wikiriwhi RUFF DRAFT.

This Draft below contained most of what I wanted to submit to the Public submissions for this bill, yet unfortunately it was to lengthy to be accepted by the Government database so I was forced to substantially reduce it to fit… at the expense of many important things I wanted to state publicly.
I however will keep this draft available on Eternal Vigilance Blog because at least here people can find my full thoughts.
My final draft could not even fit my caveat about these things being my personal opinions.

Final Draft can be found here .
Submissions are limited to 10 000 characters.
Mine is 9996.


To the Committee,

Thank you for considering my submission.
These are my personal views and opinions.

I would like to express my grave concerns about this bill.
I believe it to be corrosive to the wellbeing and democratic health of our nation.
I believe it is an attack upon bona fide free speech and will be used to suffocate religious liberty, and therefore I oppose it.

My commentary may not be appreciated by those seeking to pass this legislation as I believe the danger inherent within the document is not accidental or a result of a lack of foresight, but intentional.
This bill is framed to further partisan political interests and powers pushing a subtil anti-democratic anti-freedom agenda cloaked under humanitarian guise.
Wolves in sheeps clothing.
The ultimate goal is to control all information.

I do not make these assertions callously.
If they cause the committee some alarm… possibly offence even, well then so be it.
In truth it is in defense of my right to publicly utter things than might cause offence to others… esp to those in power which is at the heart of my submission, and why I oppose this bill.
There are times when Truth must take precedence over pride… when a Spade must be called a Spade… irrespective of who faints.

I dare to speak essential hard truths in love… for my children’s sake… and for my fellow citizens against what I see as a Government acting in it’s own political interest and agenda rather than what is in the interest of the people of New Zealand.

For a healthy democracy to endure New Zealand needs to maintain an open public forum where tuff and uncomfortable discourse can be engaged without fear.
An open Forum that is not hobbled by pitiable cries of hurt feelings, not wrapped in cotton wool for the sake of precious and dainty hearts, or cut short by the whimsical taking of offence, effectively muzzling plain speech and making the public expression of certain views and opinions crimes.

Only an open forum truly represents a tolerant society.
A society that will not countenance opinions that are at variance with the Governments agenda, is the very opposite thing of Tolerance … it is a closed and oppressive society… and in my view that is what this legislation is seeking to establish… less tolerance.
It seeks to impose a world view upon a population by force because it simply cannot win over the people to voluntary acceptance in open well reasoned debate… which is the only way a healthy democracy can function.

And a Free society *tolerates* dissenting opinions and understands that allowing them to circulate as part of the Open forum and debate for the public to make up their own minds about is at the very heart of a healthy and free society.
It is part of the *Anti-freedom mentality* to see contrary opinions as *only bad*, because in truth… like a Black canvas allows a white picture painted upon it to be more clearly seen, so too bad and weak arguments are opportunities for superior Reasoning to shine.
Yet when it is the official narrative that turns out to be dull when the dissenter shines with superior proofs and reasons … this is when the Powers that be are provoked, and instead of embracing the superior rationale and changing course, they resort to calling them ‘Fake news’, haters, Harmful, etc in a bid to justify silencing them before the general public grasp that the official narrative they are being spoon fed is in fact weak and dull and not the best opinion to be derived from the facts.
The vital question is this…How can the people appreciate they have been fed propaganda if the dissenting opinions have all be censored?
They can’t… they are trapped in a spiders web.
The people pushing this bill are seeking subversive powers, and that is what makes this bill a danger to our nation.
These Ideologues relish the power to make their own opinions law and to dictate what is acceptable for the voting public to hear and to think.

There are serious and intentional ambiguities that expose the people of New Zealand to open ended and whimsical prohibitions and dangers that are starkly apparent.
This legislation is too loose.
It has no safeguards against arbitrary judgements and partisan abuses… again I say this is no accident or oversight, but intended.

This legislation does not spring from any genuine need or shortfall in current Legal protections for citizens.
It is mere pretense to claim otherwise.
The scourge of Politically Correct madness that has gripped western civilization is the underlying intent underpinning this bill.
The design is nothing short of undermining our national identity, culture, values, and the hard won freedoms and progress of the past 200 years and replace it with a narrow and hostile ideology that is at variance with National autonomy, freedom, equal rights, and limited government.
A politically correct Socialist globalist tyranny is the end game socialist ideologues are working towards for our country.
Some may describe what is going on as treason!
Selling out our nation to foreign globalist powers and ambitions.

How can any ideological dictatorship seeking to control all information sell their diabolical scheme to the public without outing themselves as the enemies of free speech?
Simply by not articulating explicitly in the legislation itself the specific ideas and opinions they plan to make illegal as any overt admissions would expose their real intent, and how it shall negatively affect significant portions of the population and their commonly held ideas and values that Leftist Globalists intend to silence and criminalise.
Instead they take a far more cunning approach and promote their censorship by the use of ambiguous terms such as ‘harmful’, ‘objectionable’. ‘hateful’, ‘offensive’, ‘misinformation’, ‘fake news’, etc.
Framing their legislation with intentional ambiguity and open ended ill defined clauses… leaving the reality to become painfully apparent after the bill has become law.
Later on they will be at liberty to interpret these ambiguities any way they wish.
They seek to gain the assent of their fellow legislators via the ruse… ‘Who could possibly protest the suppression of ‘hate’ and ‘harm’?

The bill states that take down notices may be issued when ‘(c) the Inspector believes, on reasonable grounds, that the online publication is objectionable’… hence the scope of the people of New Zealand’s Free speech will be limited to conform to what some Thought Police Official ‘believes’.

This bill can easily be exposed as being totalitarian, as nothing is beyond it’s scope because Woke social Justice warriors literally take offence at *everything* and consider making Public complaints and calling for censorship a means of signaling their own virtue.
Not even Dr Seuss is safe!

These amendments are so worded that all it takes to trigger the censorship powers in this bill is for someone ‘to submit a complaint.’, and for some Orwellian ‘Inspector’ from ‘the Ministry of Truth’ (Read Orwell’s 1984) to deem any utterance as ‘probably harmful to the public good’.

I see no safeguards protecting unwelcome statements of fact from being deemed offensive and therefore ‘harmful’.
This bill will make the taking Offence a trump card negating any need to own up to any unwelcome facts or criticisms.
When people are being confronted or challenged about contentious matters, truthful counter claims can cause offence.
The fact that offence is caused is not legitimate grounds to forbid sharp opinions from being aired for public scrutiny.
Let the people hear and decide matters for themselves!

This Bill exposes all citizens at all times to the danger of being found upon the wrong side of the line based upon the most whimsical and petty of human vices… that of spineless and intolerant taking of offence.
This bill once it gets operating will intimidate the people into silent, obedient, conformity.
The self-censorship that will ensue out of fear will be the greatest controlling factor of all… esp after the State makes a few examples out of foolhardy dissidents or better still when some Kiwi Icons discover how quickly they have become public pariah’s for daring to commit the equivalent of Politically incorrect Blasphemy.
When the mighty are brought to their knees… fear will keep the rest of the people in their place.
None will dare tell an off-colour joke. They shall become crimes.

Ambiguity leaves the ‘Official’ the caprice of ignoring any truly malicious speech that is congruent with ‘politically correct prejudices and bigotry.
From knowing the mindset of those behind this bill we can anticipate how they intend their minions to apply this legislation … simply ask yourself if any statement or article would have the assent of our great leader The very embodiment of kindness in Jackboots… PM Jacinda Ardern.
If She thinks it is kind we can be certain that it is not hateful or ‘misinformation’ according to this Bill.

Politically indoctrinated operatives in office will use the legal ambiguities in this Bill in two ways… by rigorously implementing censorship and punishment’s for wrong think, and by conveniently giving a green light to officially endorsed ‘right think’.
With not a single well defined objective principle in sight that can be easily grasped and applied equally to all, censorship shall proceed on a purely arbitrary basis and fully dependent upon the bias of the ‘Politically correct’ powers that be.

There could not be a more pernicious idea to justice and freedom than the rationale that hate speech legislation needs to be broad and open ended, and that it simply shall not be abused because the standard that shall be applied is that the agents of the State will ‘instinctually recognize hate speech when they see it’.
You could not formulate a law more open to abuse and prejudice.

Let me list a few specific examples of really offensive, hateful, and bigoted ideas that shall conveniently pass through the Gauntlet set up by this bill… unhindered.
When hate and prejudice is leveled at White people, it will be condoned.
When sexism and disadvantage fall against men and boys it will be condoned.
When Doctors refuse to tow the Official line on such things as vaccines or lockdowns but dare to promote the efficacy of alternatives their appeals to the public will be taken down and they will be threatened into silence.
When Christians are forbidden to express their long held beliefs, this muzzling will be officially sanctioned.
We know this because these are the Identities and demographics who have been singled out by the Woke left for subjugation… and no complaining allowed.
Conversely not a single contempt filled Maori Radical, or Man-hating Feminist, or bitter irreligionist, or ribald trans-sexual despiser of heterosexuality will be suffered to tone down their guile.
Any Written complaints against these haters will be summarily dismissed.
They shall enjoy their Free Speech because they are the Champions, Heroes, and trail blazers of the New woke Socialist ‘inclusive’ Utopia.

The New Zealand we grew up in will be gone…. destroyed.
As George Orwell penned in ‘Animal Farm’… the once ‘oppressed’ become the next oppressors.
This is not progress!
It is a new tyranny.

Conversely any statements critical Of Treaty separatism, critical of Climate change, critical of open immigration, critical of transgender sex theory, critical of Covid 19 vaccinations, or is vocally opposed to abortion, or who simply promotes traditional Christian values… shall be deemed as hateful, harmful, offensive, misinformation, bigoted, conspiracy theory, etc… and in the jargon of this bill may be deemed as being… against the public good… and therefore outlawed, and any platforms carrying such content will be forced to remove it.

This is the end goal in mind.
All part of the Globalist Agenda.

All criticism, debate, and expression of opinions that do not rigorously abide by the official narrative become ‘forboden’ ‘wrong think’ and will be censored off all media formats so that such opinions cannot be discussed or disseminated amongst the voting public.

Only one narrative can be allowed… The Official narrative.

This is the death of democracy and the death of freedom and societies that function like this are definitively oppressive… not loving… not caring… not tolerant … not inclusive.
They are frightening, and suffocating, at any time a person who dares to speak their thoughts out loud could hear jackboots approaching their door… and have their lives ruined

If there ever was cause for suspicion of ill intent on the part of the framers of this legislation it surely must be in the clauses that create indemnity for officials from being held accountable for any injustices found to have been incurred by innocent parties wrongfully censored or punished.
‘No action to lie against Officials’… So no accountability or consequences for abuse of power!
There are no safeguards for Free speech against Official caprice.

Should this Bill not be scrapped as it ought to be, one amendment that ought to be considered to safeguard free speech from abuse of power would be reverse these indemnity clauses to in fact make any misuse and abuses by Government officials personally liable, and emphatically grant citizens the express right to redress and compensation.
Heads should roll!
This would make the over zealous and partisan official think twice!

Big Sister is watching.

In The closing years of the last decade the Gargantuan Internet/ Tech Corporations have formed a cozy relationship with Socialist governments… like Jacinda Ardern’s Radical leftist government here in NZ.
They share political outlook, and working in collusion together they successfully shut down a significant portion of political opposition from being able to get their counter-narratives herd by the social media addicted voting populations. Enough to skew elections.

They did this via de-platforming and censorship on an unprecedented scale, yet as a backlash *alternative social media and video streaming platforms have sprung up in the name of free speech* and those portions of the voting Public who have suffered Mass censorship from this unholy alliance between Big Tek and Socialist Parliaments, have migrated to new platforms that allow them to congregate and share their views and expound their arguments. This makes these new platforms a threat to the Leftist woke powers that be and it is via legislation such as this bill that we see these Power Mad Machiavellians mobilizing to crush these new platforms where dissent is starting to flourish.

Up till now The underlying rationale that has been applied that has allowed these Woke big Tec giants to operate with extreme prejudice has been because they are ‘Private entities’.
Yet now that alternative ‘Private platforms’ independent of the Leftist Cabal have entered the market that are dissident in nature, countless numbers are slipping out the Socialist Net’
Woke Politicians now seek to extend their tentacles to encroach upon and crush these new private enclaves of Free Speech and association… *forcing them* via this bill to comply with their maniacal ‘Politically Correct’ agenda via take down notices that must be complied with.
None of them will admit their true intents… they all hide behind a façade of humanitarianism seeking to curtail ‘Hate and harm’.
Satan laughing spreads his wings!
This regulatory activity by Socialist governments is much to the advantage of the Old boy Mega corporations, like facebook, Twitter, who have been losing market share and control as Freedom lovers exodus their politically skewed platforms.
This legislation will plug the leakage.
The mega wealthy billionaires of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, etc will all dance a jig!
Freedom will be the loser.
The fanatical Zeal of Woke leftist Globalists like Ardern and her minions will not be content with anything less than total control of all information being shared either On line, or off.

The result if this bill becomes law will be Police raids and intimidation of Political dissidents,
Mass social conditioning.
Thought Police.
It is not creating a tolerant society but a political correct tyranny.
It is establishing intolerance as the rule, and offence taking as the means of silencing opposition.
This is not Social progress but a headlong regressive slide backwards.
Humorless, fearful, oppressive, stupefying.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

The Bill can be found here.

Public submissions opposing this Bill can be submitted here.

Closing Date 01 April 2021.

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  1. We might live many thousands of miles away, yet still we can act and show our love One of the best things we Christians can do for sick Children and grieving and struggling families is to Pray for them and let them know we are praying for them. I believe such prayers, Encouragement, and Charity to be one of the most valuable contributions we can make in our lives. While so many other endeavours can seem futile(Eg like trying to establish a free society) Charity can have real results! We can have a real positive impact helping those whom need it most. It is humanity at our Best. This is especially true for Christians. We are God s hand s and feet. God s Love of humanity ought to flow through our actions. Tim Wikiriwhi

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