A Salute to a Kiwi Hero. Don Brash.

Don The Freedom Fighter. With his fall New Zealand lost its best hope of economic recovery, improved property rights, greater personal freedom, and racial equality before the Law.

I Salute You Don. You stepped forward in the time of your country’s need and did your best to bring economic sanity to the table and halt our spiral downward into the abyss. You opposed Waitangi Racism. You opposed The Green Scam of ETS. You sought to end the stranglehold of the RMA, and you even dared to question the popular bigotry and oppression of the war on drugs. You did not fail in my book. You are a hero. It was the one eye media and the Sheeple of New Zealand, and the Luke warm whimps in your midst whom failed you and themselves. Please dont regret your Idealism. Do not think you ought to have pandered to the Sheepish mentality. Be proud that you made your appeals to Reason and justice.
Tim Wikiriwhi.

Don The Stoner. This image appeared after Don Brash bravely declared he believed Cannabis ought to be decriminalised. Truly a Legendary appeal for Liberty and Justice.




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