The Looter’s Prayer

I got this in my email today.

Our Father,
who art in prison,
my mum knows not his name,
thy riots come,
read it in “The Sun”,
in Birmingham, as it is in London.
Give us this day our welfare bread.
And forgive us our looting,
as we are happy to loot those who defend stuff against us.
Lead us not into employment,
but deliver us free housing,
for thine is the Facebook,
the Blackberry & the Twitter,
forever and ever.

It’s been a month since the England riots. Liberty Scott had a good commentary (and some harsh words for Russel Norman) at the time.

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8 thoughts on “The Looter’s Prayer”

  1. I come from the swamp and applaud with my flippers/hands/flukes/tail at the drowning of the witch Baade. It does a village good to shun a few and behead a few and drive a few off.

    Some can be kept awhile like a cow, milked and fed and let roam the pasture. Like that odd zillionaire employer-of-vague-brown-servants E Percival JewHating YouGuessedIt. A Kiwi to cosset and blandish and coo at and titter with and nudge, until he let drop some remark, and then the SOLO Bolt Gun. And then a return, as if on a saline-drip, wan, pallid, a humbled simulacra.

    And a few more drips and then radio silence. it is so satisfying to vilify, expunge, exclude and excoriate. It is as good as the gym, and I encourage the remaining denizens to maintain formation around the Leader. Begone all but the faithful. Begone Diana, Ed, Richard, William, Jonathan, Ross, YouGuessedIt, Janet, Janet’s Discovery Institute geekboy friday, bye bye Phil. Goodbye not hello George. No welcome to you, bitch. Swamp dwelling lowlife whore. Goodbye James and kiss my ass, Casey. Ba bye Sciabarra you foul spawn of Kant.

    All in all, I gotta say, the most free and open Objectivist site in the Known Universe. Expanding. Onward. Upward, ever outward, like gas. Low-hanging and as envigorating as Hydrogen Sulfide can be.

    Free. Open. Buzz. Proceed. Clang. Shibboleth check. Barbara Bitch Whore. Buzz. Proceed.

    ALARM. Intruder. Intruder. Exhibit hysteria. Purge. Purge. React. Lash out. Buzz. Clang. Clang. Clong. Boom. Tinkle. Clink. Stumble.

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