Behind the Crooked Cross

Time melts away in this living inferno,
Trapped by a cause that I once understood.
Feeling a sickness building inside of me,
Who will I really have to answer to?

March on through the rivers of red.
Souls drift, they fill the air.
Forced to fight behind
The crooked cross. …

(Is Slayer a Satanic band? Yes or no? You decide! I posted this track because it’s an appropriate follow-up to my previous post. Oh, and Slayer is the greatest heavy metal band of all time.)

4 thoughts on “Behind the Crooked Cross”

  1. “…when in actuality you’re trying to create an image. You’re trying to scare people on purpose.”[104] Araya also denied rumors that Slayer members are Satanists, but they find the subject of Satanism interesting and “we are all on this planet to learn and experience.”[105]
    For me I dont think the question can be answered by a simple yes or no. They may not believe in Satan yet still unwittingly be his minions (Thats how Satan loves to roll… The world is filled with his dupes) Then again The situation can be looked at culturally. They did not materialise out of thin air (or did they?). Thus they are part of the cultural realities of their times This does not help them escape from being dupes of Belzeebub, but does mean they are both a product of and cater for the age in which they live (We live in an Anti-Christian age in which Satan is ‘Cool’… so they are both capitalising on that, and also a victem of… the foolishness of our times). Culturally they may be seen as a backlash to hundreds of years of Anal and repressive orthodox Christianity, and this can be interpreted as meaning they are a product of Puritanical Christianity (as may be true of the entire Anti-christian rebellion of the day). It is Good that we live in times of Religious liberty where such bands can exist without getting burned at the stake, and so in this context they may be seen as an example of living in times of Religious tollerance. Their tallents as musicians are God-given. The question is are they using their God-given tallents as they ought? I would say they are lost souls whom therefore dont realise what they are doing… Satan laughing spreads his wings.

  2. Satan’s unwitting minions? Could be. Could also be God’s unwitting minions! To see what I mean, take a look at the discusssion in the comments here. God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform.

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