Tim Wikiriwhi is my Co-Pilot

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Tim Wikiriwhi is joining me as co-blogger!

I first met Tim at the 2006 Libertarianz Party Conference. His speech to the conference attendees was unforgettably, pulpit-poundingly passionate! Just like the man himself. A Christian libertarian cat set among the Objectivist pigeons!

Here is how Peter Cresswell live-blogged it.

Tim Wikiriwhi – Keeping the faith

Tim Wikiriwhi, the christian libertarian. T-shirt reads: “Stand fast in the liberty of Christ.” Christ!

This isn’t a game. This is real. People’s lives are being destroyed, but those people will do so little to help remove the shackles that help imprison them. People’s lives are being destroyed, but so many libertarians themselves who KNOW what’s wrong will do so little to do what they know is necessary.

Organising libertarians is still like herding cats. Why? Why so many ‘useless inert nothings’?

Don’t be pessimists; be optimists. Take it seriously. LIVE YOUR CONVICTIONS.

There is no reason and passion dichotomy: if you’re not passionate, then there’s something wrong with your reason.

Why quit? Why quit when the competition is morally bankrupt to their core, and totally absurd. To quit in the face of such small adversaries is cowardice. We have reason and virtue on our side.

Give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Don’t be a quitter. If you are, and you KNOW what the fight is about, you’re shirking what you know needs to be done. God said, the lukewarm will be spewed from my mouth. Don’t be lukewarm.

The socialists aren’t beating us, too many are doing it themselves.

While hundreds of libertarians sit on their arses, the forces of evil are at work. Rust never sleeps. What do you need to wake up?

Being an individualist is no excuse for excluding yourself from activism. An individualist wants to see his values in the world; a christian libertarian who KNOWS that libertarianism can save the poor, the weak and the needy MUST do what he can to make those values real.

Not to attack the enemy is to give them the advantage. Why, when the enemies of civilisation will do everything — even blow themselves up! — will so many libertarians not even support their local Libz candidate?

Libz offers the only real choice between freedom and slavery. Your motivation for activism should be love: love for your fellow man. Individualism need not be anti-altruism.

God bless the Libertarianz.

Welcome, Tim!

4 thoughts on “Tim Wikiriwhi is my Co-Pilot”

  1. The problem I have with the objectivists is their haughty yet self-defined claims of objectivity. If one bothers to read the works of truly great minds, I refer to a small group of physicists, even at the sub-atomic level, unfettered objectivity is far from constant. Physicists of the stature of Bohr, Wheeler and Feynman accepted that quantum physics, the core of each of us and the universe itself, relies for its efficacy on individual perception, tracking and interpretation. A=A as a wave or a particle?

  2. Without objectivity just how did this group determine anything at all? If a thing isn’t what it is then all study and research is redundant….for everything is different tomorrow than today so whats the point?….and how could anything even be?

  3. A must indeed be A, yet it is rarely what we believe it to be! We must contend with reality, yet let us not be so deluded as to believe everything which is real is within the scope of science, or must conform to the bounds of Physical Laws. The power of the mind transcends empirical data. I perceive reality cannot be bound by such a small minded conception as materialism. Reason postulates greater realities… by necessity. Philosophy in the pursuit of ultimate truth is more powerful than science. ‘Evidence’ is a matter of interpretation. If you impose a finite interpretation on experience you do so ‘without evidence’ You are merely trapped in a circular prison of your own device.

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