Cannibal Corpse devours all

Andrew Hansen created “a lounge music arrangement using the actual words to the Cannibal Corpse song, Rancid Amputation.” He separated the lyrics from the music in order to prove a point, viz., that “the lyrics aren’t the problem, it’s the music.”

Hansen is wrong. The music’s not the problem. The lyrics aren’t really the problem, either. It’s the album covers!

I first listened to Cannibal Corpse in 1990, when I purchased their debut album, Eaten Back to Life. I liked it, and purchased their next album, Butchered at Birth, in 1990. I liked it not so much. The album art grossed me out, and with subsequent releases the album art only got more and more gross.

The band’s album art (most often done by Vincent Locke) and its lyrics, which draw heavily on horror fiction and horror films, are highly controversial. At different times, several countries have banned Cannibal Corpse from performing within their borders, or have banned the sale and display of original Cannibal Corpse album covers.

I gave up listening to Cannibal Corpse, until recently.

Currently, my favourite Corpse album is 1998’s Gallery of Suicide. It features current members George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher (vocals) and Pat O’Brien (guitar) and former member Jack Owen (guitar). Over the years, the band has had many line-up changes. The Corpse’s drummer (Paul Mazurkiewicz) and bass player (Alex Webster) are the two remaining original members.

Why do people listen to Cannibal Corpse? Here’s why (from the YouTube comments on the above).

Very nice! some gory bloody violent death metal to ease my ears after a long day of shitty lady gaga forced into my ears

Same here. Had to listen to fuckin Soulja Boi or whatever at school. “Majority rules”…fuckin BULLSHIT! THIS rules! \\m//

Cannibal Corpse—indisputably, one of the greatest death metal bands of all time.

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