Vote 2011: The Freedom Lover’s Guide

Liberty Scott has just posted his New Zealand election 2011 electorate voting guide.

Ah yes, I’ve done the hard work for you, it has taken hours, but I’ve gone through every electorate candidate list. My test is simple, is there someone to positively endorse who is more freedom loving than the status quo? If so, vote for him or her. If not, is there someone positively evil and anti-freedom worthy to oppose, if so vote for whoever will remove him or her. So…

Without further ado, I’ll copy and paste Scott’s endorsements for the Hamilton West and Mana electorates.

Hamilton West – Tim Wikiriwhi – Independent

National’s Tim Macindoe narrowly pushed Labour’s Martin Gallagher out of Parliament. Yet he led Arts Waikato, and seems to be into environmentalism (Sustainable Business Network). He’s not really worth endorsing, even though he is up against the awful Sue Moroney, who wants a subsidised passenger train service to Auckland (that would be slower than a bus), and wants to force “pay equity” and longer compulsory paid parental leave. Moroney is number 10 on the Labour list so is a sure thing, Macindoe is 49 on the National list so may not make it if he loses here, but then that isn’t a real loss for those who believe in less government. Yet there IS a candidate who does passionately believe in freedom and less government. Although he has chosen not to stand for Libertarianz this time, he is still worthy of my support. Vote for a man who has turned his life around, and who is passionate about what he does, and works very hard to get across his message. He is his own man, true to himself through and through, and while you may not always agree with him, he deserves your vote – Vote Tim Wikiriwhi. If he got in, Parliament wouldnt know what’s hit it.

Mana – Richard Goode – Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party

Labour’s Kris Faafoi took this in the by-election last year and Whaleoil revealed the truth absent tactics that were used there. Yet the awful “Pakeha owe Maori loads” public sector consultant Hekia Parata of National is simply vile – from personal experience. Richard Goode, standing for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party is mild mannered and one of the most rational speakers on liberalising drug laws in New Zealand today. He has decided not to stand for Libertarianz this year, but he is still libertarian. Vote for Goode.

Also be sure to check out Scott’s guide to New Zealand election 2011 – party vote options.

Thanks, Scott!

2 thoughts on “Vote 2011: The Freedom Lover’s Guide”

  1. No problem gents, you both deserve it in your own right. As you can see, I am driven by fundamental principles, ones which you both share with me in terms of politics. As far as that goes, it doesn’t matter how we got to the same conclusion about the role of the state, the point is that we did and this election is about standing up for that. We all know there is a strong freezing blast of cold wind from the left against us all, and it will push us all to one side with the final result, but at the end we will all have been true to ourselves. I know you’ll both appreciate every single vote you get as showing there are thinkers and believers in individual sovereignty in your respective electorates, and you gave them an option. It is sad that I identified four electorates where there isn’t even ANYONE worth voting for, not even someone less worse than the encumbent. All the best!

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