“History is a set of lies agreed upon.”

Napoleon Bonaparte

The title is a quote from Napoleon Bonaparte… not a man respected for his honesty, yet this statement is pregnant with truth.
I was moved to blog this after watching a Sky TV show about European activities in America that Pre-dates Columbus. Part of the show talked about ‘The Kensington Rune Stone’
‘…. a simple immigrant farmer discovered what seemed to be an ancient stone with “Viking-style” runes inscribed on it in Minnesota, people said he was crazy or lying. But more than 100 years later, additional discoveries have proved the stele was indeed the real McCoy, although left there by Knights Templar of the Middle Ages rather than Thor-worshipping Norsemen.’

‘Expert’ Archaeologists wrote it off as a fraud. Why? Because it did not fit into their ‘Learned’ / accepted notions of American history.
Even after the Stone was forensically examined by a geologist and its veracity deemed credible… Still the ‘Experts’ refused to accept the findings. Why? The geologist was not ‘one of them’ …ie not an archaeologist!

The Runestone. Rejected by ‘Experts’ because it did not fit their delusions.

On the Sky TV show the geologist said “He was very surprised by their attitude…”
I am not at all surprised! Over many years as a self-educating, Free thinker I have come to realize that despite their white overcoats and names that begin with ‘Dr’… or ‘Sir’…and despite the claim that Archaeology is a scientific disipline’… that in reality Archaeologists must rank right up there with Lawyers and Politicians for dishonesty and possession of an absolute incapacity for objective thinking! Time and time again spectacular archaeological discoveries by ordinary people are dismissed or the finders are declared to be fraudsters, by envy ridden ‘Experts’ whose vain theories are threatened with undoing… because of annoying new discoveries…by novices.
So common is this type of prejudiced ‘Knowledge filter’ that this post marks the first of a new category that I will Blog on in the future. My point being that instead of being a source of light so often what sells as Scientific archaeology is absolutely Bogus… absolutely Lies… Absolute Deception. This is most often done because of ideological predudices.
One of the Areas that concern me is how ‘selective’ many archaeologists are with Dating. Eg They habitually write off any Radio carbon dating that does not fit in nicely with their theories…while latching onto any miniscule ‘Particular’ that suits their purpose to do so… Ie They operate from pure pre-conceptions and impose their own opinion upon the data…rather than letting the data speak for itself.
This raise the specter that the Ideal of an impartial and purely objective ‘scientist’ is as mythical a beast as the Centaur.

The Piltdown man Hoax which bolstered the Bogus theory of Evolution and was unanimously accepted by all the ‘Experts’

*That Pseudo-Science is being mass produced and sold to the gullible public as ‘Sacred truth’…and that the public are brainwashed into believing scientists are a society of pure hearted truth seekers, are unquestionably objective, are to be considered the highest authorities in their fields’…when they are in reality nothing of the sort has very serious implications for the Pilgrim in pursuit of truth*
*Knowing this sad reality about the tendency of Man to corrupt the truth ought to make a man skeptical …esp skeptical of the pretentious claims to indifference and objectivity by scientists and ‘experts’!
The honest man will admit he is prejudiced! Ie Bias is the natural condition of Mankind.
When a man admits his bias then you can safely listen to his opinion… knowing that if his story is sloped, you will be able to reason to yourself what side of the truth and to what extreme his deviations are most likely to err …and to make rational allowances and adjustments.
It has been using this method that In the face of a withering storm of accusation, criticism, and so-called historic and scientific ‘facts’ to the contrary… I have been able to maintain my faith in the trustworthiness of The King James Bible, and the veracity of the Christianity.
Indeed even this corrupt tendency towards deception, and incapacity for honest /objective observation and introspection, and the resulting Chaos, lies, and confusion that reigns supreme in the minds of Mankind… vindicates the Biblical conception of Humanity as lost sinners.

My Beautiful 1 year old son Roman. As He grows up he will have to navigate through all the Bullshit that poses at truth. May the Good Lord be his Guide.

I have a 1 year old son named Roman, and by Gods grace I shall live long enough to instill in him the basic principle and wisdom I have learned along my pilgrimage, and this blog post contains one of the most important of them all… “Let God be true, and every man a Liar!” (Rom 3vs 4) ie I will warn him that as he embarks upon his own pilgrimage, that the world is full of lies and deceivers…. Many appearing as ‘Scientists’ and ‘teachers’ whom will ceaselessly attack his Faith in Christ, and faith in the truthfulness and reliability of the Bible…and to be on guard at all times… For Men tend to believe lies they have herd a thousand times than the truth they have herd only once. It is my testimony that The King James Bible stands as an unmovable Rock in the storms of Mankind’s lies and delusion. And that the wise man will build his house upon that rock.

Disclaimer: Please do not assume that My Bible believing position compels me to be ‘a young Earth-er’. The Bible does not set a date for the Creation of the Universe or the Earth. It wii surprise many to hear that Genesis 1 is not the Creation of the Universe, or the Planet Earth, but a restoration of an already pre-existing Earth for Mankind after an unknown length of time when it sat in ‘darkness and void’ after suffering a cataclysmic judgment of God following Lucifer’s Rebellion. The Real Beginning of the Universe is mentioned in the first chapter of the Gospel of John. Thus Noahs flood was the second time the world was flooded in judgement.
Tim Wikiriwhi

1st Timothy 6:20 — “O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called.”

4 thoughts on ““History is a set of lies agreed upon.””

  1. while i respect your opinions, your logic works against your beliefs. The most dishonest people of all time have been in religion. The bible itself has been changed in order to fit mans needs. Religion was created to control people. Luckily people are waking up and soon religion will be a thing of the past. Sure there are good morals but to call science BS and call them delusional and then say I pray to an invisible man in the sky is just hypocritical. But at least we can agree history is a lie, written by who ever is most powerful at the time. This includes religion. Ever wonder why there are so many religions? Because its all the same BS that was never able to be standardized because people in charge then did not have the ability to reach every person.

  2. Ha ha ha Andrew,
    I respect your bullshit beliefs too!
    But seriously I have no arguement against your assertion that there has been mountains of lies spoken in the Name of religion. Thats true.
    I have told lies, and I also know you have told lies too.
    *Mankind is a species of Lying little toads* …which is a fact that supports the Bible.
    I too used to poke fun at belief in ‘The Big old man in the sky’… when I was a young and ignorant man, brainwashed with atheism and Evolution, yet by Gods grace I encountered some Christians who challanged my Atheism and argued well in support of the truthfulness of the scriptures. Today I marvel at how blindly I accepted Atheism, and how nieve a religion it is. I pray God sends some Faithful servant acoss your path and that God removes the scales from your eyes that you may know the truth. The truth will set you free, but *You* must be open minded to recieve it… and have the integrity to follow it whereever it leads.
    Thanks for your Comment.
    Tim W

  3. No, Tim, you don’t respect anything. You come off as pompous and smug as any intellectual elitist atheist. Bottom line is this, we’ve had hundreds of gods and we will have a hundred more, because people have to have answers and when they don’t, they simply make shit up. Hence…”god.”

    To the first poster…we’ll always have religion. Spirituality, believe it or not, is a good thing. Even if many lies are put out for it’s sake. To be completely without it will take you down a road of hopelessness. But that’s still better than instilling the idea of eternal torment in the human psyche, as the abrahamic fear monger/control freaks do. And all for what? Not good or bad behavior, no, you get to heaven or hell depending on if you bend a knee to this sadistic tyrant these people call “god.” You can be a serial killing child molester and if you go to jail and find prison Jesus you go to heaven. But if you’re a good person for the most part but don’t believe, eternal torment.

    I refuse to worship such a god based on principal alone. Even if he does exist, I refuse to accept that. I didn’t ask the fucking asshole to create me, he just went and did it. This god is like the bum who washes your windows at a stoplight and expects money for it. For all this talk of free will, why weren’t we consulted prior to conception? Because I’m not a gambler and I never would have risked it.

  4. Thanks for the compliments Jack! 🙂
    What a wimp!
    You sound like my teenage son who used to cry about having to go out into the world and learn skills so he could get a job and pay rent!
    “I didn’t ask to be born!”
    You comment surely ranks as the most whiny, vapid and spineless critisism I have ever recieved. You think life… in particular a morally accountible, self responcible, and challanging life is ‘a risk not worth talking’?
    Words fail me!
    So you would rather be a dungbeetle in an Elephant turd?

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