The False Deity Called Evolution.

Kiwi Hottie/ Model Rachel Whitwell.

“When I look at a beautiful Woman I know there is a God!”
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Browsing the NZ Herald yesterday today I noticed an article which claims clinical studies have shown that an infant human beings cry is at such a pitch as to provoke an unusually fast response in Adults.
I found a link to this topic here:

Now I want to use this story to point out a very important observation regarding the interpretation of evidence.
Firstly as a bare observable fact, this mechanism for provoking a ‘Fast response’ is quite extraordinary.
The real dilemma for us is when we attempt to conceptualize how such a relationship could come into being.

At face value this ‘relationship’ appears to have a reasoning underpinning it… It looks like a designed order. Thus by looking at such things , to conclude there must be a Wise God, is perfectly rational.

This is what Richard Dawkins means when he confessed… “biology is the study of complicated things that appear to have been designed for a purpose.”
The Blind Watchmaker, 1996, p. 1.

Yet despite this apparent conclusion the article goes on to say…
“Evolution has decided that it is a good thing for us to look after our young, and there is something in the acoustic properties of babies’ cries that evokes a very basic response that appears to be hardwired in ancient parts of our brains,” said Prof Kringelbach.

Do you notice what happened here.? Out of thin air Prof Kringelbach invokes the strong voodoo spirit the atheists call Evolution! “Evolution Decided”. They accredit This dead and blind watchmaker with benevolence… blessing us with all good things.
It is amazing to read the Divine powers Materialist atheists atribute to their mystic power they call ‘Evolution’.
Books on Evolution written to indoctrinate the sheeple have weird titles like ‘The Miracle of life’!!!???

Atheists want you to abandon your inclinations towards concluding that such amazing relationships as exist between Parents and children are Artworks of a purposeful/ meaningful/ All powerful designer… by accepting their 100% fabricated myth which is contrary to what the facts suggest to the rational and open minded thinker!

The Atheists are trying to Smoke you!
They claim Science is on their side. Indeed they swear Science is their God, yet Like wolves in Sheep’s clothing… They love to pontificate wearing white overcoats (The Religious garb of the Atheist priesthood) …to make fools think they are Holy / absolutely objective / absolute masters of scientific truth… when in fact they are so lost in myth and superstition that they may as well have bones through their noses… The white overcoat has become pseudo religious garb of the atheist priesthood.
And the theory of Evolution is one of the greatest delusions ever believed.

I would like to point out that this article would show far greater scientific integrity if they had simply published the results of their studies… and not put in their biased/unscientific opinion/ explanation of Evolution.
It would read something like this. “ Studies have shown that a Babys cry provokes an unusually swift response from adults” .*FULL STOP*
That’s where the Science in this article finishes!
The spiel on evolution that followed afterwards was an add on Bullshit opinion… a personal faith position of the writer…not science at all!

Design is an observable principle in reality. I am typing this post via many products of Design… Not merely the Keyboard and Hard drive, but my very hands, Eyes, and mind.

This goes to prove my argument I have that The entire theory of evolution could be removed, indeed completely thrown out… without harming any real scientific knowledge!
It is an example of how the perverse theory of evolution is unnecessarily thrown over all data, not because of the conclusions drawn from observation… but to thwart the most obvious rationale that is derived from contemplating the ramifications of the data.

The theory of Evolution is a Giant smoke screen, hiding the most stark of truths!
*There is a God* indeed “ The Fool hath said in his heart there is no God” Psalm 14vs1.

Beauty transcends Language!

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