4 thoughts on “The Golden Rule”

  1. This rule is afirmed by St Paul as Loving our neighbour as ourselves.
    Interestingly enough it is also the first principle written in the current Fonterra Code of conduct for staff.
    As a Libertarian Christian this it is also one of the scriptures where I find the principle of Equality of Respect … of the rights, liberty, and property of others… Because that is what I hope to receive from others myself.
    This principle also tells me not to oppress my Neighbor… not to lobby the government to destroy his rights… because I don’t want my Neighbor lobbying the State to destroy my rights, etc

  2. Then don’t become a Jew Richard. The Mosaic Law was part of a Nationalistic Covenant. A two way deal whereby The Jews promised to obey God and follow his Laws and receive manifold blessings, or should they break their covenant via disobedience, they would reap punishment. Laws such as circumcision and keeping the Sabbath were to make the Jews distinguishable as the People/ servants of Jehovah… ie make them peculiar. It was a Theocracy, as will be Christ’s Kingdom on Earth, thus Non-Libertarian in the sense that God expects his due. ‘Religious liberty’ as we know it today is only necessary and acceptable because ‘Man is ruling Man’… and God wants us to freely choose to follow Christ. You are free to gather your wood on the Sabbath today under St Pauls gospel of grace because Christ has nailed the Law to his cross, and blotted out the Law. That we are now free from the Law is a dispensational truth, ie we are under a completely different deal to the Jews. We are under Grace, not the Law.

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