The Perfect Woman?

In my view Britney Speers is a very interesting Woman! She ranks very highly in my books.
She’s a picture of Divine Art!… She has God given Looks and Talent. She’s successful and wealthy.
And buys her man a cool ride!
What a Gal!

Now IMO If she was also a Dispensational King James Bible believing Libertarian Christian… she would almost be the Perfect/ Ideal Woman!

7 thoughts on “The Perfect Woman?”

  1. Her looks come from photoshop, and her voice comes from autotune (notice she never, ever sings live, it’s always lip synched). And she’s a very disturbed girl who’s twice divorced, lost custody of her children, and has been declared legally incompetent by a judge to manage her affairs, so was granted a conservator (guardian). Is this what you consider perfect?

  2. Nancy
    I appreciate your comments.
    This post was not that cereal. 🙂
    I was just romanticizing the idea of a Woman buyin her man a cool motorcycle.
    Yet I feel I need to challange what you have asserted here.
    My mother has been married 3 times and divorced 3 times… yet she is a lovely lady, who would have made the right guy a wonderful, faithful, loving, and hard working wife…. Very low maintenance… and so I don’t think it’s fair to list Britney’s two failed marriages as evidence of anything, except (like my mother) her poor choice in men.
    And lets also contemplate what happens to a caring person who experiences Failed love, and child custody battles. Should we be at all surprised that such devastating trials has resulted in Brittney going off the rails? Isn’t this quite normal? Have you never experienced such trauma yourself?
    This actually tells me Britney is a caring person… and not so fickle or jaded as to be unaffected by such personal catastrophes.
    Britney’s public meltdown fills me with sympathy… not distain.
    She needs good friends.
    She needs guidance.
    I would love to be her friend, and to help her to hold her head up high, and to continue to pursue her dreams of a loving marriage and happy family.
    PS I no longer think Britney is the Ideal… I have discovered Ellie Goulding! 🙂

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