The Angels of Van Allen.

“For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”
Psalm 91vs11

One of the most amazing wonders of our world is The Van Allen belt… like a Guardian Angel the Earths Magnetic field shields us from Deadly rays and particles jettisoned from the Sun. Without this Providential defense no life would be possible on Earth.
It is one of the many amazing Phenomena that Atheists simply take for granted as being a ‘happy coincidence’ā€¦ just like life itself.
It is a coincidence of preposterous odds!
Atheism relies upon litereally thousands of such rediculous wagers.
It is not possible to convince such blind and hard hearted fools that there is a God.
No Proof is sufficient.
One can only marvel at their fanaticism, and be disgusted by their claims of rationality and science!
Tim Wikiriwhi.

13 thoughts on “The Angels of Van Allen.”

  1. T V C.
    I used the term ‘Angels’ and that picture to help people visualise God’s Providence.
    The Van Allen belt is just one of countless factors which make the Earth livable.
    The Theist sees this as evidence of Design.
    The Atheist must write it all off as mere Coinsidence upon Coinsidence upon Coinsidence.
    Thus If you assumed I was trying to justify belief in Angels you have are miataken.
    I do believe in Angels, yet not because of the Van Allen belt.
    I hope I have given you something more to think about.
    I await your reply.

  2. hi T. Wikiriwhi,
    i agree that nothing is a hasard.
    the atheist has the right to bleive or not cos we are free for the moment!
    We created not the heaven and the earth and all that is between them in play-coran 21.16
    By the heaven which giveth the returning…

    no puppets without a master šŸ™‚

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