9 thoughts on “Christians Against Masturbation”

  1. This was well done.
    ofcourse in a free society you can form all sorts of quirky voluntary associations… all quite Libertarian really.

  2. This was well done.

    I thought so.

    (As you have said yourself …) I put up these sorts of blog posts to explode the common myth that many lost souls have that Christianity demands its faithful to embrace a prudish (and humourless) world view …

    Having said that, I’m not a Dispensationalist, and I do think that Matthew 5:27-29 applies to us. It is wrong to lust after other men’s wives.

  3. I agree We ought to respect other mens wives. What I am saying however is we need not have a prudish attitude towards ‘Calander Girls’, or pretend we dont find beutiful woman attractive. I guess the ‘Good’ husband ought not post pics of ‘Hot chicks’ onto his blog out of respect for his own wife… The bigest problem with this whole ‘Ill never look at another woaman’ idea is that you would have to go live on a desert Island to escape ‘Sexy models’… they are everywhere!
    When I hooked up with my wife I did not swear “I will never *look* at another Hot chick ever again” … nor do I worry about her watching Brad Pitt movies etc… Even contemplating such a Marrage condition seems absurdly oppressive… and is certianly not essential for Christian Salvation. We are under grace, not this condition of personal Purity which Christ says is essential for believing Jews to enter his Earthly kingdom.
    And as I said earlier…. Im not saint… no example of Christian virtue… Im a very carnal man.

  4. I have to ask… is this video for real? If so i have to side with louis on this one. If we didnt have masturbation then we would have alot more sick people out there trying to fullfill their urges. Or people rushing into marriage and risk an eternity of misery because curiousity overwhelms them or shear desire and urges. Yes i get urges and temptations are bad but without desire we would never.accomplish anything. But history has shown no race, religion,ethnicity, gender has any right to critisize another. Let those without sin cast the first stone… well sadly everyone has sin. Everyone will keep sinning and apologizing for it every week doesnt mean a thing unless you truely want to change.

  5. No, it’s comedy. (Louis C.K. is a comedian.)

    In his book God is Not Great, atheist Christopher Hitchens says that an “irreducible objection” to religious faith is that “it is both the result and the cause of dangerous sexual repression.” He has a point that cannot easily be dismissed.

    But, yes, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone …”

    1. My first is a visceral reaction: I want to throw up and then scream at and strike the blind useful idiots that are leading us down the path to annihilation and to the slavery into which all unfortunates find themselves when the find themselves under the boot of Shariah.America, a nation of laws, will cease to exist once the law of Shariah becomes an acceptable on the same level as laws governed by the US Constitution as it is now written.

  6. 1. There’s a world of difference between admiring beauty and wanking over other women when you’re in a relationship.

    2. The supposedly accepted exception to the above behaviour being only that a man mustn’t lust over another man’s wife is illogical.

    Firstly, how many men doing 1 above enquire as to whether the porn star/woman/model he is lusting over is married? No one.

    So why is your friend’s wife an exception to the lusting behaviour?


    (i) you don’t want your mates lusting over your wife because that will create a tension between you; in which case you have to ask yourself why is that? what is the tension precisely if lusting means so little and you understand it to be both natural and unobjectionable to be carnal?

    (ii) is it because you see your wife as a chattel so to have someone lust after your wife is similar to coveting your neighbour’s oxen? or

    (iii) is it because it makes you feel insecure that your wife might run off with him? or

    (iii) is it because it’s quite simply because you feel its wrong because its disrespectful to you and your relationship?

    If (iii) then why cant you see that lusting after another woman is similarly disrespectful to the man’s female partner/gf or wife? Only more so since he is her world every day and every night.

    Until you can accept your best friend lusting after your wife and wanking to her picture or memory every night (or even while shes there in the room or in front of you even) then your position that lusting after other women when you’re in a relationship is perfectly fine and a harmless activity has no logic to it. Because what you are only saying is so long as it doesn’t affect me then it’s all good.

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