Dakta Green is Free!

This is great News.
Yet still I hang my head in shame.
I meant to send Dak some $$$ when he was inside, but never did.
Please Forgive me Dak.
Your an Inspiration. A Legend.
Tim Wikiriwhi.

Hero Dakta Green to continue fight against Cannabis Prohibition.

Below are some blog posts I did while you were Banged up Brother.

@#$% you I wont do what you told me!

The Hydra.

Dakta Green

My fellow Blogger and ALCP Candidate 2011 Richard Goode did these ones

A top tax rate of 39 minutes

ALCP holds election AGM and conference

And here is a few General posts we did on the Jihad on Drugs…

Dakta Grower busted by Brian Borland

Society of Hypocrites.

The Child Casualties of the Jihad on Drugs.

Christians For Ending The War on Drugs

Free Schapelle Corby!