5 thoughts on “The Moon is Not Real”

  1. This is one of the infinite ‘problems’ ‘Naturalist’ Atheists have which dont conveniently fit with Big bang cosmology.
    I talked about these sorts of issues here… http://blog.eternalvigilance.me/2012/03/the-lies-of-atheist-pseudo-science/
    What is truly amazing is that so many people think that Naturalism and Big bang cosmology are virtually facts! That is how big a delusion Atheism has suceeded in propigating against the notion of creationism.

    Another ‘problem’ that comes to mind is the existance of Comets. They ought not exist.
    To attempt to explain away ‘the problem’ the Naturalists postulate a mythical ‘oort cloud’…

  2. What I take from this video is that the moon is no accident. It existance cannot be explained via Cosmic evolutionary theory (Big bang). It defies their theory and thereby repudiates it. God put the Moon there on purpose… just as the Bible says in Genesis.

  3. Disclaimer: I am not saying i endorse the idea that the moon is in fact hollow , or that it’s a Spacecraft. I find the “Bell ringing” Interesting. I say the Moon does present many ‘Problems’ for the theory of Cosmic Evolution.

  4. One of the greatest books I have ever read was Herbert Spencerā€™s ‘First principles’.
    It talks a lot about the way reality functions, and in particular how things in the universe ‘Evolve’ and pass into ‘dissolution’.
    This may be understood as the ongoing processes of Physics/ chemistry…matter/ motion, etc.
    Now Living in his day he postulated the Idea that the creation of the Earth (Itself as opposed to what is on the Earth) could be explained via Natural processes of gravity and centrifugal force, etc believing the Planet to be an oblate spheroid. Yet in his day Nobody had seen the Earth from space, and since then it has been proven that the world is not oblate at all. None the less his descriptions of how the universe functions is still accurate despite the fact that the Universe/ the Earth etc *cannot* be explained via such ‘Naturalistic’ Natural philosophy. Thus the dilemma I find myself in. Of being a Creationist, whom rejects Naturalism, and the theory of evolution, and rejects Big bang cosmology, yet understands the universe is ‘evolving’… changing it’s form… with the passage of time… via naturalistic mechanisms!
    One of my other most favorite Books is Herbert Spencerā€™s ā€˜The Man vs The stateā€™. It is the Individualist/ Libertarian Bible of the 19th century! Both these books are masterpieces and ā€˜Must readsā€™.
    Herbert Spencer ranks as one of the greatest thinkers of all time. (saith I)
    He was an eccentric. A Radical. A self educated Free thinker of the highest order. Passionate about Science. He lived in the Pre-Einstein Newtonian Universe. He would have wet his pants with wonder at Einstein’s free thinking genius.

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