Lane Goodwin takes flight.

“At 7:53 pm our sweet Lane gained his Angel wings. Our hearts are broken but God has performed a World Wide Miracle through Lane over the past few weeks. Please continue to pray for our family especially Lane’s little brother Landen.”
Prayers for Lane Goodwin Here:

Lane’s Battle against Cancer was witnessed by thousands of people around the globe.
Thousands of people prayed for his recovery, yet alas… God saw fit to take him home.
He was 13 year old.
Lane’s story makes us appreciate just how vital it is to donate money to finding a cure for this horrible disease which robs children of their chance to have a full life.
His story teaches us just how fragile our Lives are, and that we must never allow pettiness to dominate our existance, but to always appreciate what is important… every day we get to share with our loved ones.
We praise the Lord for Lane’s life, and the valuable lessons his testimony has taught us.
Merciful Lord! I pray you bring peace into his families life… esp little Landen.

Some People may be asking important Questions… How can a Good God exist when there is so much evil in the world? Why do innocent children get sick and Die?
These are very difficult to answer.
Now is not an aprorpriate time for philosophizing.
It is a Time for Lane’s loved one’s to grieve, and celebrate Lanes Life.
When people start seeking explainations I have made some attempt to do just that in a series of Blog posts starting Here:
I believe there is satisfatory explanation.
I also believe their are rational grounds for Faith and Hope, That Death is not the end.
Enough said.

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