Justice must be seen to be done

… it’s corruption that needs to be hidden.

I went to Court today to support a friend. He has a long complicated story – today’s proceedings relate to a defamation case he has against the Police and the Ministry of Social Development. The Police and MSD are trying to stop the defamation case from going ahead and they are trying to ensure that some videotaped evidential interviews are never seen.

I was a couple of minutes late but when I arrived my friend’s parents and his other supporters were all outside the courtroom. They explained to me that the proceedings started with the public there but the judge noticed that someone was taking notes and when the judge found out that it was a reporter the judge declared that the court room needed to be cleared.

This indicates to me that the judge is going to protect the Police and MSD and he doesn’t want to be seen doing wrong.

I hope I am wrong.

3 thoughts on “Justice must be seen to be done”

  1. Update
    The judge has ordered that the defamation case be on hold until after my Friend’s (Johan’s) employment case. This decision is plausible. However, Johan has been working on his employment case for six years or so – made difficult by the obstructive actions of the state.

    The judge did express concern that Johan would have been allowed to see the videotaped evidential interviews if he’d been charged with a crime and that it is only because he has not been charged with anything that is being used to prevent him from seeing the videotaped evidential interviews. (He’s being denied justice because of his innocence).

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