Missing Blogger. Fowl play suspected.

Have you seen this Dude lately?

Fears grow for the safety of Radical Blogger ‘Reed’ as he has not returned from a mission looking into Land grabbing and corruption by the Rotorua District Council… a dangerous Terrorist organisation notorious for atrosities and Human rights violations.

“We Fear Reed has really gotten himself in the poo this time” says fellow Blogger Tim Wikiriwhi.
” The Bastards Got Him!”
” Either that or he was assassinated and eaten by a cell of Deadly CIA trained Stealth Chickens.”


Others say Reed… an avid UFO Hunter… may well have been probed, and left wandering about in another dimension.


His few Friends are checking Mental asylums, and Circus sideshows.

His Mom told Eternal Vigilance not to worry. “He’s Probably staggering about naked…tripping on Mushrooms, or Daytura, or something, and chasing Fairy princesses again, or looking for the end of the rainbow.”… She thinks the Police will bring him home eventually.

Please report any sightings.

5 thoughts on “Missing Blogger. Fowl play suspected.”

  1. šŸ™‚

    No fowl involved. šŸ˜‰

    I’ve been busy getting a house ready to rent. It’s a year behind schedule (long story). Lots to do.

    I have a dispute with one house mover – which I’ve had to take to the disputes tribunal. I actually had disputes with two house movers but one dispute is resolved.

    I have been trying to write a full explanation of why Christians should agree with me regarding gay marriage – but it ends up being an explanation of every political view a Christian should have…

    … but then I got distracted by helping an aunty with a dispute she is having (perhaps I should have been posting some of the moral questions raised and commenting on the uselessness of the Police, justice system and government).

    I have been writing lots (too much) just not for the blog. I find I have limited capacity for writing.

    Right now I should be writing a counter offer for the house mover in the hope of settling before the tribunal.

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