7 thoughts on “Startling new evidence proves David Bain’s innocence”

  1. Your Joke has actually proven Robin is Guilty!
    Because unlike these furrows on Joe’s Head, the marks on Robins thumbs are best explained as the result of the loading the Magazine!
    They are exactly what you would expect to find on the killers hands… who used that gun!
    Ie there is no ‘natural tendency’ for such lines to appear on Robins thumb… as is the case with Joe’s head!
    Ie it is stupid/ irrational to say the marks on Joe’s head comes from loading a magazine!
    Thus your joke proves just how pig headed you must be to continue to flog the prosecutions Dead horse!
    And Joe has further nailed this home with his finger print evidence!
    The Cops are exposed as shysters! Pants down around their ankles!
    It appears that no amount of evidence will convince some folk!

  2. It appears that no amount of evidence will convince some folk!

    You said it, Tim! If Robin Bain had somehow survived being shot in the left temple he wouldn’t have faced prosecution. There’s not even a mustard seed of evidence against Robin, but there’s a mountain of evidence against David!

  3. Thin red lines that are not parallel, compared to thick grey parallel lines in the examples shown. If that’s the best the defence can come up with….no compo. As I said before, how does David innocently get Stephen’s blood on the upper and lower back and lower front of his t-shirt? Crotch of shorts too. Wait a minute – a grief-stricken David rode Stephen’s corpse like a rodeo bull. Ah yes that explains it!

  4. WAKE UP TIM!!!!!
    The Family – dont support David.
    Friends of the Bains – dont support David and believe he is guilty and all have the same story about the behaviour and actions of David.
    Police, Prison and Legal people involved in the case – believe David is guilty.
    The common theme – people that KNOW /KNEW the Bain family and had interactions with them – same conclusion. DAVID COMMITTED THE CRIME.

    Compare with a man who NEVER met the Bain family, and spoke to David in prison for a limited time and the people on trade me and write on blogs who never met David all believe he is innocent.
    And yet he still gets air time? What is wrong with this picture???????????????

  5. and lets not forget the evidence that shows David did the deed. Where is the evidence Robin did it? How can a 59 yr old man, get up, kill his family, fight with Stephen yet not have any blood on him, kill himself, get back up and wipe his fingerprints off the gun and place the magazine on its side , lie back down and die again, all without emptying his bladder. Tim – I suggest you do yourself a favour and educate yourself – go to http://www.counterpsin.co.nz and make yourself familiar with all the evidence.

  6. melanie u have the intelligence of a fuckin fly

    That’s disrespectful, Seth. To the art of the insult. Go read some Martin Luther.

    and lets not forget the evidence that shows David did the deed.

    You said it, Mel!

    The evidence shows that David did the deed. End of story.

    ‘Tis better to be a fly than fly in the face of the evidence.

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