Ludovic Boumbas. No Greater Love!

hero  Ludovic Boumbas

When I read the tiny NZ Herald story about Ludovic Boumbas there was no picture… but an account of mighty heroism.
I was not expecting him to be Negroid… yet there he is ^^^^ up there…. or was… for Ludovic died in Paris …deliberately flinging himself between the murderous onslaught of a Satanic terrorist and his companions.

The article reports… “Mr Boumbas’s friends hailed his bravery. One said: ‘Ludo threw himself forward to protect a girl and took the bullet. She was also shot, but she survived. He loved travelling the world and above all he loved people. He was just one of life’s good, good people. He didn’t stand a chance.’

Miss Clement’s manager at Café des Anges, Virgile Grunberg, said after visiting her in hospital: ‘She was on morphine and was in shock. She would barely speak. She felt guilty because Ludovic died for her. She just kept repeating his name again and again.’… Boumbas… Boumbas…

I had to shield my tear as I was sitting at smoko with Colleagues all enjoying their break.

Ludovic proves once again that it is in Humanities darkest hours… that’s when the best of us shine their brightest.

May your reward be in heaven! HERO!

Tim Wikiriwhi.


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