Tim Wikiriwhi: I’m Uriah Heep’s latest Fan…

Uriah Heep once was concidered Deep Purple’s Equals… but not today.
Today they are rarely herd and their members are not known like Ian Gillan, John Lord of Deep Purple.
For years I tried to dig what made Uriah Heep’s Reputation for being the only credible competion Deep Purple faced… yet to no avail.
Every time I listened to them I could not get into the groove.
Well in the last month that has changed.
I’m now a full Uriah Heep Fan and understand why… Only now have my ears become in tune to their wares… and I am quite frankly bewildered as to why it took me so long!
This is just a ruff draft of this post written at 12.32am on a working nite.
I intend to fill this one in with a lot more details…

Tim Wikiwhi…


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