Drill it, Mine It, Sell it! Vote Wikiriwhi!

How Ironic, The National Party actually had some good policy on their Bill boards! Unfortunately they were lies. This Bill board attack is typical Green modus opperandi. They are a bunch of Leninist Cretans whom practice his vile asertion that whatever actions serve ‘the party’ and world revolution… are ‘moral’. This is why they vandalise private property, and were caught throwing fire bombs and practicing ambushes with The Racist criminal Tama Iti.

For the few Hamilton West voters whom actually realise the justice and prudence of ‘Drilling it, Minning it, and selling it’… Vote Libertarian Independent Tim Wikiriwhi. They are exactly the sort of Free-market principles needed to grow our economy, create jobs and resolve our debt crisis. I would also Burn it, legalise it, abolish it, deregulate it, …

2 thoughts on “Drill it, Mine It, Sell it! Vote Wikiriwhi!”

  1. Go Tim you mad bastard. You are a legend. You are so right, we must get rid of socialism and fascism and have a 90% reduction in Government spending or we are going to go bankrupt.
    Best to you both, Mike.

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