If you’ve got nothing nice to say …

… don’t say anything at all.

That was my mother’s advice (and her mother’s before that). It’s good advice.

In a recent comment, my co-blogger Tim had this to say

The Randoids are so foolish as to forget that when Welfareism is overthrown that Fraternal Charity must step up to the plate… That Freedom can only flourish when you have caring communities whom ‘love their neighbors as themselves’… are rich in charitable deeds and good works and have a sense of civic duty. This is the glue of society.

This is a very important point. It’s one reason among many why Christianity does a better job than Objectivism of providing libertarianism with a philosophical and practical underpinning. And it’s on the topic of charity that I found something nice to say about Peter Dunne. Actually, I’ll let Peter speak for himself.

OK, now to flush the Dunney!

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