4 thoughts on “If God is dead, nothing is permitted”

  1. God has not actualy stopped anyone. It is people who believe God exists who stop people doing what they believe God does not want them to do.

  2. People who don’t believe in God stop people doing what they don’t want them to do. I suppose you could say, they “cut out the middle man”.

  3. God has stopped everybody. He made us Mortal, and appointed a day of Reckoning. All the most evil Megalomaniacs have been brought down by God. Every Good man has endured wickedness knowing life is short and that his temporay suffering for the sake of Good is worth the effort. Indeed urgency is required in doing Good for we know not whether or not see shall live to see another dawn. The Fool sells his soul to the Devil to prolong his life for a few fleeting moments.

  4. Why anything at all exists is the first of all questions.
    Opinions differ, yet this *religious question* will always be with us.
    So God’s existence/ non-existence will always always always remain a central philosophical question.
    Atheists reject God primarily because they perceive God as a hindrance to their own lusts and desires. ie they make out God to be a homophobic party pooping Moral tyrant…ie the atheist seeks license from restrictive moral prohibitions and obligations.
    Thus Atheism is definitely a Religion. It deals with this ultimate religious question and thereby formulates a system of ethics… of license.
    The Atheist Hates the Lord because he cannot stand the idea that he must give account of his life to his Creator

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